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Class Teacher SystemCh42 - Against heaven and earth (1)


When Ren Zhu heard the system’s reward, he was very happy. However, after this moment of happiness, he felt that things might not be so simple. After all, he was still troubled to this day over his sudden departure from the previous world. He could have virtue and prestige for 60 years, but when he reached 60 years old, he immediately dropped dead. Then, did eating all over the world for 70 years mean that he could still live for 70 years before he directly passes to the next world?

Was it 70 years from now or 70 years from when he started eating?! If it’s the former, since he is currently 27, he could at least live to an elderly age of 97 years old. By that time, regardless of how he dies, he would be dying at a ripe old age. It would likely be very beautiful. However, if it’s the latter? Ren Zhu’s mouth twitched. He has started eating since he was born. If his time started counting from then, that meant that he could only live up to 70 years old. This wasn’t very good ah. PnZhT

Thinking of this, in his mind, Ren Zhu asked the system whether he could live to 70 or 97 years old in the end. As a result, it was suddenly like the system was poisoned dumb, not even speaking half a word. Ren Zhu’s mouth twitched and he evilly laughed in his heart. Every time the system was silent and refused to talk, he knew that this wasn’t a good thing.

Whatever the case, this time, he must be prepared.

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In the following year, Chef Yin declared his love and affection for his family’s sweetheart in an extremely high profile manner during the world’s top star chefs conference. A gentleman like jade, he succeeded in turning his sweetheart into his partner, causing the newspapers, media and microblogging sites across the entire world to go crazy. That period was simply earth shattering. The news were all making reports such as ‘The gentleman is like jade, the gentleman is a good husband’, or focusing on the ‘strong union’ between the two of them.

Ren Zhu and Yin Feng’s fans all cried that their family’s idols have finally been married off, while also comforting their own wounded souls. If this had been someone else, they would certainly want to pick out faults and criticise them a bit. However, these two simply didn’t have any faults for them to pick at! Even if they were both men, it’ll be fine if they adopted a little girl, right? Besides, they were both distinguished teachers at Zhenxiu Institute. With so many students, there would absolutely be someone to take care of them in the future. kdrPLM

Even Yin Feng’s parents knew that their son has found such an outstanding young man to accompany him for the rest of his life. Deep down, they also felt quite pleased. After all, in the beginning, they were still worried that their own son would be alone for his entire life.

For the next 30 years, Ren Zhu and Yin Feng would teach a month of classes, while Yin Feng also worked a month as a chef. They would then rest for a month and travel all over the world to eat delicious food.

The fans who followed them on Weibo would see their idols shamelessly expressing their love for each other practically every day—

Ren Zhu would always take a photo of something different. Every day, he would post a picture of either breakfast, lunch or dinner; On the other hand, Yin Feng would use a very serious but helpless tone to express that ‘that dish was once again picked at; how helpless was I to have come across such a picky foodie’. However, everyone felt that he was just showing off.

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Their fans were simply wanting to roar at the skies. Was there anyone more stifling than them?! Every day, forget about stuffing them with dog food, they actually also release gourmet food articles together at morning, noon, night and sometimes very late at night!! Was there anything more hateful than a late night article? Yes, there was. It was that in those articles, they also didn’t forget to feed them dog food!!

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In the 5th year after the conclusion of past events, because Liang Zhi Hao’s behaviour in prison was outstanding and he earnestly studied, his sentence was reduced and he was released ahead of time. On the day he was released from prison, besides his family, all the seventh year students of Zhenxiu Institute at that time also came to greet him. Leading them were Ren Zhu and Yin Feng.

When Liang Zhi Hao apprehensively walked out the prison gates and saw this dense mass of more than a hundred people when he raised his head, he instantly became dazed. j9XKiV

Liang Xiao Xue laughed and cried as she threw herself onto her brother and hugged him. As though this was a signal, his former classmates and same year school mates also laughed and pounced on him. Everyone firmly hugged together and became a big mass!

By the side, Ren Zhu and Yin Feng helplessly shook their heads and laughed. With tears streaming down his face, Father Liang happily took a photo of this scene.

This was a photo that would someday cause people to feel extremely amazed. That was because after 20 years, someone suddenly discovered that amongst the hundred or so people in this photograph, there were actually 13 star chefs and 80 gold chefs!! This was simply a terrifying probability. Both the photo and that seventh year group of Zhenxiu Institute became known as ‘the miracles of justice’.

Then, after 1 year, 3 years and 5 years, Qiu Bo Yuan and the others were respectively released from prison. They didn’t have Liang Zhi Hao’s love for cooking or the will to face a bottomless struggle. Having spent the most beautiful period of life in prison, after they came out, their spirits all became either gloomy or irritable. In short, their lives weren’t smooth sailing. txeBgW

Also, in the year that Liang Zhi Hao was released from prison, Lu Xiao’s health was finally nursed back a considerable amount. Under Ren Zhu’s recommendation, a top rated surgeon from abroad gave a verdict that he could try performing surgery on Lu Xiao’s hands. As for the operation costs, Lu Xiao and Lu Ming paid a portion of it themselves. Ren Zhu and Yin Feng lent them the rest. The two brothers were not the least bit worried that they couldn’t pay back the money. After all, they both possessed the cooking skills that they were so proud of.

Afterwards, the surgeries came one after another, lasting for 3 years. After 3 years, although there was no way for Lu Xiao’s hands to be as flexible as before his accident, if one didn’t look too closely, there was not much difference between his hands and that of an ordinary person. When Lu Xiao walked out of the hospital, he looked at his two hands and then suddenly hugged Ren Zhu, who had come over to wait for his outcome.

Out of reflex, Yin Feng wanted to grab a knife, but was firmly held in place by Lu Ming: “Master! Master! Please don’t ah! My brother is just very touched, that’s all! He really doesn’t have any thoughts on seducing your sweetheart!!”

Chef Yin coldly laughed. You speak as though the person who sent flowers and desserts every day was not your brother. There will certainly be a day when Laozi will grab a knife and cook him. 17nA4K

Ren Zhu’s life seemed beautiful and comfortable, but when he was 59 years old, Chef Yin caught a certain illness where he must take a look at his partner every day, and every three days, he needed to examine his partner’s health. Even if they were lying on the same bed, Yin Feng could only fall asleep if he was holding Ren Zhu’s hand. He thought that he himself had fallen ill, but Ren Zhu knew that this was his trauma from the previous world.

Yin Feng’s illness reached its peak on the day of Ren Zhu’s 60th birthday. He was extremely unyielding and even made Ren Zhu stay in the villa, unable to go anywhere. He also found 3 exceptional doctors to come and accompany him. His behaviour made his two disciples, Lu Ming and Liang Zhi Hao, to not quite understand and feel that it was somewhat excessive. However, Ren Zhu simply waved his hand at them and said: “Just let him be. After today, he’ll be much better. He just loves me too much.”

Lu Ming and Liang Zhi Hao felt that they completely couldn’t understand the love between these two old folks.

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However, things really did turn out to be that miraculous. After Ren Zhu peacefully passed his 60th birthday, Yin Feng’s illness suddenly became a lot better and his behaviour became much calmer. Pulling Ren Zhu’s hand, he said: “This time, we can live together until we’re extremely old and our hairs turn white.” cCgNvU

Ren Zhu smiled: “Right ah. Regardless, I should also be able to live until I’m 70.”

Chef Yin’s solemn face revealed a not so happy expression: “You and I are both in good health. We should at least be able to live until we’re 90.”

Ren Zhu thought, I also hope it can be 90.

Then, when Ren Zhu was 69 years old, he told Yin Feng: “Fortune is as unpredictable as the weather. Every day may bring fortune or calamity. I am very happy in this life. Just in case I die, you must live well ah. Then, we’ll see each other again in our next life.” 84E1FJ

After he said this, he was immediately beaten by Chef Yin.

After that, he once again peacefully passed his 70th birthday. When he was 70 years and 8 months old, he and Yin Feng were taking a stroll down a street when a person suddenly rushed out in front of them. Ren Zhu instinctively thought that it wasn’t good and pushed Yin Feng. A moment later, he felt extreme pain in his stomach.

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In this moment, he heard the sound of the system that hadn’t appeared for a very long time.

[Ding. Host is about to enter the next world. Please be prepared!] raOTdj

Ren Zhu angrily cursed in his heart. He just knew that his life couldn’t be that good! He reached out and firmly grasped the hand of an extremely panicked Yin Feng, saying ‘next life’ these two words. He then directly closed his eyes. But before he sunk into darkness, he seemed to feel that the person who stabbed him with a knife looked extremely familiar.

Then, he felt a series of violent jolts.

Ren Zhu felt it was like he was shuttling back and forth through darkness, but the channel supplied to him was not at all smooth or steady. It was just like it had experienced a tremendous shock. At the same time, he didn’t know if it was an illusion? He kept feeling like he heard an electronic voice amidst all the static.

[… Blame… Eliminate… Log out… Kill… Failed…] 4VRS9s

This all happened within the span of a few seconds. When Ren Zhu opened his eyes again, he had already arrived in his third world.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Ding. This world’s mission: Save the violent abuser. Host, please work hard! The difficulty of this world’s mission has increased. The class teacher system skills have also increased. Host, please properly use them! I believe in you!!]

Ren Zhu: Hehe. He has already adapted to this system’s evasive personality. He should now first recuperate.


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Like a noble gentleman, gentle and beautiful.

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Well, Lu Ming and Liang Zhi Hao are only 10 years younger then Ren Zhu so they should also be considered old haha

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