Class Teacher SystemCh41 - Poison poison poison (17 end)


Ren Zhu saw Chef Yin’s nervous expression that was not the least bit exaggerated and couldn’t help but laugh: “The person who did the kicking was me. Of course I would be careful of my actions. Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

Chef Yin still wasn’t too reassured after hearing these words. Looking like the devil, he first coldly glared at those four trembling youths and then said: “Is this something you need to personally do yourself? Just hand it over to me. I have studied in the kitchen for so many years. Although I don’t have the skills of those powerful martial arts experts, my knife work is still pretty good. For instance, I can cut up a fish and not leave behind a single piece of bone. I can also dismantle all the bones of a chicken. I have even directly held a knife and chopped off a cow’s and a pig’s head before. So, if there’s any heavy or tiring work you need to do, it’s better to let me do it, okay?” Rkis86

When Ren Zhu heard this, he didn’t know whether to smile or keep a straight face. As for the other four people, they suddenly felt like live fish placed on the chopping block, about to be swallowed whole. At this moment, even Wei Hao wasn’t speaking. His entire abdomen was in extreme pain from the kick and was now still numb. Also, when Star Chef Yin turned his head towards them, the expression he used was cold enough to freeze. Even if they considered using their family’s power and influence, there would still be no way to move this top star chef. Wei Hao felt that his future might not be so bright anymore.

At this moment, these four students were clueless to the fact that everything they said had already been recorded. When Ren Zhu indifferently let them leave, they were still thinking in their hearts that they must find back their standing. However, as soon as Huang Xiao and Qiu Bo Yuan thought of the terrible state the most powerful person in their families were in, especially the fact that Huang Xiao’s father was still lying in the hospital’s intensive care unit without any certainty of when he would wake up, Huang Xiao’s expression became terrifyingly dark. His family has already received the news, it was said that the poisoner was someone named Liang Zhi Hao. He decided that he must find a few uncles he was acquainted with to torment this Liang Zhi Hao in prison.

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However, just when the four of them were about to step out of the villa, Ren Zhu suddenly called them and said: “I think you guys should more or less know that the police have already arrested the person who poisoned us back then. But whether you know his name or not, I’m sure you don’t know his family’s relations. I can directly tell you right here. Afterwards, I hope you can go back and carefully think, and then finally do the right thing.”

Huang Xiao and the others frowned, not quite understanding what Ren Zhu meant in the end. In the next second however, the four of them all simultaneously changed their expressions. pdUobu

“Liang Zhi Hao is Liang Xiao Xue’s older brother. I assumed you three should know why he would poison, right?”

Huang Xiao was practically burning with rage. Startled and angry, he roared: “He! He! Is this his way of retaliating against me?! He dares to retaliate against me like this! Couldn’t he have just found us and demanded money as compensation?!”

Ren Zhu coldly laughed: “Use your useless brain to think. If he really did ask you guys for compensation, would you give it? Or are you going to treat this just like Liang Xiao Xue’s case, finding all kinds of reasons and relations to press it down at all costs, then also finding an opportunity to deal with him?”

Both Huang Xiao’s and Wei Hao’s expressions sank, while Qiu Bo Yuan and Zhang Qi turned pale.


“Do you think everyone else in the world is a fool? Or do you think that because your family has wealth and power, you don’t need to take responsibility for doing something wrong? Even if people are divided into the social hierarchy, they would still receive punishment if they did something wrong. This is a fact that hasn’t changed throughout history. So, after you go back, I hope you can carefully think about what you should do before acting .”

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“I really hate these self-righteous bear children. Not only are they bears, they are also evil. In the end, what kind of family environment do they have such that they can enjoy a rich and prosperous life, and also be so selfish and insidious? Since their families have money, they should have taught their children better.”

Ren Zhu said this and then made a final conclusion: “Those idiots. Wealth never survives three generations. I really feel sad for their family’s wealth.” 8lBEdj

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Ren Zhu glanced at him. Yin Feng straightened his face and said: “Don’t worry. Even if I’m buried in riches, I won’t become selfish and insidious. My heart is principled.”

Teacher Ren felt that these words were honestly not that reliable. However, since Yin Feng made a solemn vow, he also couldn’t just face slap him. “Can you guess what they would do next?”

Yin Feng moved his handsome eyebrows, his expression somewhat cold: “Even if it’s the best outcome, I reckon not all of them would hand themselves in.” QHPmA5

Ren Zhu nodded his head. “Right ah. However, as long as one of them surrenders themselves, I won’t take out the recording. After all, it probably can’t count as much evidence. We can only let the police properly investigate this matter.”

Yin Feng nodded. The way they recorded the interrogation couldn’t be considered as honourable or proper.

Afterwards, the development of the case was somewhat disappointing. Even if Ren Zhu already made some preparations in his heart, amongst the four students, only Qiu Bo Yuan had turned himself in to the police and confessed the events that year. This was also a week after Ren Zhu had interrogated them. In this period, Liang Zhi Hao also said his reason for poisoning the others.

Gritting his teeth in rage, Liang Zhi Hao told Ren Zhu that after his sister experienced those events, her mentality started to become abnormal and she became extremely scared of coming in contact with other people. Hearing this, Ren Zhu sighed in his heart and said: “I have already found those four students, and also got hold of a little bit of evidence. You can be a little more relieved.” dHuJpV

In the beginning, Liang Zhi Hao completely didn’t believe that Ren Zhu could find those four and moreover, obtain evidence. After all, their family conditions were all pretty good. Amongst them, Huang Xiao and Wei Hao’s families even had connections with the government. Otherwise, he also wouldn’t go to the extreme and walk down this scheming path —— After he had used all kinds of methods to find out the truth of the past events, he had also gone up to the four families in anger, wanting them to give his sister an explanation. However, he was only met with doors slammed in his face. Huang Xiao and Wei Hao’s families even directly beat him out. To this day, he still remembered the looks on their faces at that time.

Those two people were smugly sitting on their high horse, thinking themselves to be so honourable and powerful. They said to Liang Zhi Hao: “You should stop and recognise what’s good for yourself! We have already given your sister the money she should be given. In any case, as a woman, this was bound to happen. It’s not like your sister wasn’t pleasured by it ah. It’s best that you shut up about this matter. Anyway, with your family condition, don’t even think about standing up for your sister in this lifetime.”

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Starting from then, Liang Zhi Hao made a firm resolution. Regardless of what methods he used, he absolutely couldn’t allow those two to have an easy time!

However, after Ren Zhu took out the recording, the doubt in his heart changed into anger, and then became a kind of gratitude and grievance where there was finally someone helping him and and his sister. As a big youth who was nearly 1.8m tall, the split second he heard the recording, he covered his face with his hands, crying while spilling out curses. He seemed like he wanted to vent out all his grievance and anger from this past year. kJr921

After Liang Zhi Hao finished crying, Ren Zhu finally said: “It will not be long before we see results for this case. If those four receive their due punishment, what will you do?”

Sitting in his position, Liang Zhi Hao raised his head. His eyes still had a few moist tears that weren’t wiped away, but this did not affect him from seeing the affection and expectations in the eyes of the man opposite him. He heard that man say: “Your cooking skills are still the best. Even if you’re delayed because of prison, I think you also have the talent to become a star chef.”

Liang Zhi Hao couldn’t resist tearing up again. Only now was he like a helpless child. Sobbing and sniffling, he stammered: “I, I have poisoned other people. Can I still continue to be a chef?”

Ren Zhu thought about it: “If you continue to work hard and also not give up, I think you should be able to do it.” dmER5b

Liang Zhi Hao firmly nodded his head: “I want to be a good chef. I like cooking very much.” However, he soon gritted his teeth again: “But if those four don’t receive the punishment they deserve because of whatever reason, even if I’m not clean, in this lifetime, I will make them live no better than death!!”

Ren Zhu simply said: “Then, wait for the news.”

In the end, he waited for nearly a month.

Since Qiu Bo Yuan took the initiative to turn himself in, and this matter was also related to Liang Zhi Hao’s poisoning case, the police quickly started to investigate this matter. In this process however, they still ran into all kinds of obstructions from their four families, especially from Wei Hao’s family. His family possessed quite a lot of power. Adding on the fact that Wei Hao was still a minor, in the beginning, they planned to make Wei Hao pretend that he had a mental illness to get away with his crimes. However, this time, his family’s power did not show results. CBjtF

This was because Ren Zhu directly found someone to report on Wei Hao’s father. The report was for the use of his position for personal gain, corruption, as well as accepting bribes. This way, Wei Hao’s father was busy handling his own things. It was hard for him to interfere too much with his son’s situation again. What’s more, the students and teachers of Zhenxiu Institute also found out about this matter. One after another, they expressed that if Liang Xiao Xue couldn’t obtain peace and move on, then they would definitely all petition the government and even seek the influence of the media.

Thus, the case was soon resolved and the court also quickly passed judgement.

Since Huang Xiao, Qiu Bo Yuan, Zhang Qi and Wei Hao were already 14 years old at the time of the incident, their crimes were classified as extremely serious and atrocious. Even if they’re not 18 years old, they still need to carry the responsibility of their crimes. However, because Qiu Bo Yuan had surrendered himself, the court lightened his sentence. So in the end, Huang Xiao and Zhang Qi were sentenced to eight years, Qiu Bo Yuan was sentenced to six years, and Wei Hao, because his actions were particularly vile at that time, was sentenced to a total of ten years in prison.

When Liang Zhi Hao received the verdicts of these four people, tears silently streamed down his face. Facing his worried parents and his equally crying sister, he nevertheless smiled and revealed that gentle and resolute expression Ren Zhu had seen in the beginning. “Dad, mum, Xiao Xue. You need to properly take care of yourselves. You must come and visit me every month. I’ll be staying inside for six years. After six years, I will be a good chef again.” hdgp1M

“I don’t regret at all the things I did. In any case, we finally obtained justice, didn’t we?”

Standing by the side, Ren Zhu heard Liang Zhi Hao’s words and suddenly felt a little sad. The most difficult and also most precious thing in the world, that sometimes nothing could surpass, was the word ‘justice’.

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