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Class Teacher SystemCh40 - Poison poison poison (16)


Seeing Liang Zhi Hao’s current appearance, Ren Zhu found that he was quite unable to correlate him to someone who was a poisoner. Liang Zhi Hao had a smile on his face and didn’t look the least bit panicked or distressed. If Ren Zhu had not personally seen the situation outside their house with his own eyes, he definitely wouldn’t have wanted to help this kind of Liang Zhi Hao.

“Amongst the four of us who were poisoned, which one of us harmed your sister?” 1ukUNO

The instant Liang Zhi Hao heard these words, the smile on his face became stiff. This smile slowly vanished and was replaced with a cold and detached expression. “I don’t know what teacher is talking about. I just hate seeing you teachers and that board member sitting on high stools and thinking you’re above the rest of us. Clearly with my cooking skills, I can already be recommended to Zhenxiu Hall to be a certain star chef’s apprentice. However, you guys were actually still so shameless and demanded money from me. Don’t you know that life is more precious than money? Since you don’t know, then I’ll make you properly understand.”

Liang Zhi Hao sneered and coldly laughed. That appearance looked like he really was angry just because of this point.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, Ren Zhu had opened his ‘class teacher’s detailed perception’ skill.

He could see all the subtle movements and expressions of the youth in front of him. Although these actions and expressions flitted past, in his eyes, they were greatly magnified and slowed down. Thus, he also knew how angry this youth was at this moment, and saw something that was carefully concealed. 5lkyID

Ren Zhu sighed: “Around 11 o’clock this morning, I drove to the front of your house. I initially wanted to ask about your situation and see if the police wrongly accused you. But after I entered your house and saw Xiao Xue, I don’t think the police caught the wrong person. However, you must also have difficulties and hardships you wanted to hide.”

Liang Zhi Hao’s expression instantly became dark and gloomy. Staring at Ren Zhu as though he was going to devour him, only after a long while, he said: “This has nothing to do with you. You think you’re some good person? It’s just that everyone’s fooled by your appearance.”

Once again, Teacher Ren had to shoulder the blame of his predecessor. He helplessly explained: “Can’t you just think that after I experienced a life or death situation, I attained supreme enlightenment? I think my performance for the past two months should be fairly good, right? Also, I don’t remember asking you for money before.”

Liang Zhi Hao sneered: “You wanted 500,000 from Lu Ming. Did you think that I didn’t know?”


Ren Zhu nodded his head: “Then, did you know I returned that 500,000 back to him? After that, I helped him and his brother deal with the people who wanted to snatch their father’s book. I also found Lu Xiao a soup recipe for nourishing his hands.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Liang Zhi Hao simply lowered his eyes and didn’t speak, but Ren Zhu could see his wavering heart. It could be assumed that this child knew Ren Zhu had changed to some extent. However, he and his sister had received so much injustice, causing him to instinctively raise his guard.

“I don’t have much time to talk to you. However, I will use my utmost power to ensure your receive a fair trial. Otherwise, that board member’s family would definitely find people to tidy you up. Also, if you want to tell me about this matter, then I’ll come back after 3 days to visit you again. There’s nothing more to say, after all, this is your own life. However, I think that if your family doesn’t have you, just seeing your father, mother and little sister, there’s absolutely no chance for them to live well. Your sister’s mental state is still quite poor.”

After saying this, Ren Zhu simply left. Liang Zhi Hao looked like he wanted to say something, but still held it back in the end and didn’t speak. acogEO

After walking out, Ren Zhu felt that nothing looked pleasing to his eye. Even if all kinds of aromas wafted over from the roadside food stalls, they still couldn’t comfort his old depressed heart.

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“Did you confirm it’s Liang Zhi Hao?” Yin Feng looked at Ren Zhu. Although he asked this question, his tone revealed that he already knew the answer.

Efc Ite cbvvfv tlr tfjv: “Pa’r pera atja tf’r eckliilcu ab rqfjx jybea atja wjaafg.”

Lfjglcu atlr, Tlc Mfcu gfjmtfv bea jcv qlcmtfv Efc Ite’r cbrf. Qtfc Efc Ite ibbxfv eq jcv uijgfv ja tlw, atf mbgcfgr bo tlr ilqr gjlrfv: “Lf’r cba kliilcu ab rqfjx, yea kf mjc lcnfralujaf jt. Ktfgf’r cb cffv ab ibbx lcab tlr ojwlis’r rlaejalbc. Qf pera cffv ab lcnfralujaf atlcur reggbecvlcu atja ybjgv wfwyfg. Qf rtbeiv yf jyif ab olcv atf gfjrbc lc atf fcv.” Kx0JzN

Ren Zhu thought about it and felt that these words were very reasonable. Hence, he simply threw this matter onto Yin Feng.

Yin Feng’s mouth twitched. He just knew that the end result would be like this. But how come he didn’t feel the least bit surprised? Instead, he felt that this was very familiar.

Chef Yin’s efficiency was very high. In the afternoon of the next day, he came back already holding a stack of materials. Ren Zhu sat in the study, carefully looking through this stack. As expected, he discovered that the board member’s son actually went to the same school as Liang Xiao Xue. Moreover, he was her classmate.

Then, the materials showed that on June 20th last year, Liang Xiao Xue and her class went on a trip to celebrate their admission to senior high school. After they came back, Huang Xiao, that board member’s son, transferred schools. At the same time, there were also 3 other male students in the class from rich and powerful families who transferred. What shocked Ren Zhu was that these three male students had some relations to the other two teachers who were also poisoned. pn3qrC

One was the male teacher’s son, while another was the female teacher’s nephew.

Ren Zhu felt that he really should be glad his own nephew had been beaten by his sister since young so that he wouldn’t cause any trouble. However, he then felt that he was still pretty tragic. Just by extorting Lu Ming of 500,000 yuan, he was included in Liang Zhi Hao’s list of people who deserved to die.

“What do you think?” Yin Feng sat beside him and asked.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ren Zhu sighed: “There’s a good reason, but I can’t agree with it.” xZE 3W

Even if Liang Xiao Xue suffered some big wound because of these four male students, Liang Zhi Hao also shouldn’t directly use poison. “He could have found an opportunity to cover those four students with a sack and then kicked their balls until they’re crippled. This is better than poisoning their parents or relatives. It’s already considered enough just doing this.”

Listening to his sweetheart, Yin Feng initially felt that his words were still very honest and kindhearted, fair and selfless. As a result, he was directly slapped in the face with what he heard afterwards. This, um, at least his sweetheart was very honest and selfless, right?

“Alright, what do you intend to do next?”

Ren Zhu was also a little uncertain: “I hope I can save that child, but I don’t know if I can break down his stubbornness in the end. Anything I say is now useless. It’ll be good if I can make his family or perhaps his sister do something.” 0hyDU8

“But would his sister do it?”

“That is up to me lah. Ai, I am so old. I still need to go teach a big bear child. So exhausting.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yin Feng looked at Ren Zhu, whose appearance was young and full of vitality. He completely couldn’t understand why his family’s sweetheart would pretend that he’s an old man. However, he seemed to have also contracted this illness. “Alright, if you’re an old man then so be it. I’ll accompany you. At least I’m good at fighting and can carry my weight. If it’s really no good, then I can also shout and summon our fans to escort us.”

Ren Zhu directly smiled, because in the past, they also did it like this. NO0dA5

The next day, Ren Zhu found the four students, including Huang Xiao. Their situation were all not very good. To say the least, both Huang Xiao and Qiu Bo Yuan were shrouded in gloom. Seeing their appearance, Ren Zhu also couldn’t help but lament at how formidable Liang Zhi Hao’s revenge was. He had used the simplest method to get the biggest results, striking down three people.

Ren Zhu didn’t invite these four students. It was still Chef Yin who personally set and stated that he wanted to make some new dishes, and hence wanted to invited them for a taste. Only then were they able to be gathered together. It should be mentioned that in this world and environment, being able to be invited to taste a top star chef’s dish was absolutely something worthy to be flaunted for a long time. Hence, without any suspicion, these four students all came.

At this moment, they were sitting inside Ren Zhu’s villa. Chef Yin was currently in the middle of cooking. Facing Ren Zhu, they were all inexplicably cautious. They completely didn’t dare to talk loudly, only daring to quietly discuss things with each other. Their mood was still pretty good, until Ren Zhu started talking.

“Can you guys tell me where you went for a trip on June 20th last year?” KYMwSZ

As soon as he asked this question, the four people who were originally still quietly chatting all felt their hearts fiercely skip a beat. They instantly shut their mouths and raised their heads, looking at Ren Zhu with doubt and alarm.

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Ren Zhu revealed a class teacher’s smile: “Is this question very hard to answer? We have invited you guys for a meal. You only need to answer a few questions. This is indeed quite a good deal ah.”

Huang Xiao saw Ren Zhu’s smile and didn’t feel very good. Hearing his words, he stood up and said: “That, I suddenly remember my family still has an urgent matter to attend to. I won’t be eating. I’ll take my leave first.”

Immediately after he said that, Qiu Bo Yuan nodded: “Right, right. I also need to head back. Uncle Ren, sorry for the inconvenience. I-” wLuhTq

Ren Zhu retracted his smile and a thundering shout descended onto the four students: “Come back and sit down!!”

[Ding! Host has triggered the class teacher’s reprimand (thundering shout) skill: Huang Xiao and the other three -100 intelligence, -50 mental strength. Will act in a state of stupidity.]

Huang Xiao completely didn’t expect he would actually be so scared by this uncle’s thundering shout that he directly sat back in his original position! He didn’t know why he felt that the man before his eyes seemed very terrifying and formidable. His instincts told him that at this moment, it’s best to just obediently follow instructions. Otherwise, the consequence would probably be very horrifying.

However, the outcome of obediently following instructions was also pretty bad. 3pvFkN

Afterwards, they answered all of Ren Zhu’s questions as though they were saying ‘Ask us anything’. Amongst them, Wei Hao’s mental state was the best. There wasn’t anyone in his family who had something happen to them. Liang Zhi Hao hadn’t had the time to take his revenge on him. When Wei Hao said that the four of them r*ped Liang Xiao Xue, his face didn’t have the least bit of remorse or uneasiness. His entire being was completely displaying ‘my family is rich, Liang Xiao Xue should think it’s a blessing that I fancied her’.

He even said the following words: “Anyway, in the end, I gave Liang Xiao Xue money. I gave her 2000 yuan, okay? Tell me uncle, I only need a few hundred yuan to find a prostitute; I gave her 2000, why is she still dissatisfied?”

Looking at this male student’s face, Ren Zhu suddenly felt that it was a pity Liang Zhi Hao didn’t also poison this youngster to death.

Ren Zhu finished recording the entire interrogation. After the interrogation ended, Huang Xiao, Qiu Bo Yuan and Zhang Qi’s expressions were all extremely unsightly. They looked at Ren Zhu as though they were facing some terrifying monster. The previously still arrogant Wei Hao was also aware that the situation had become serious. God knew how much energy his parents had spent in order to bury this matter. His father was currently in the middle of getting a promotion. He absolutely couldn’t let something happen! oG6Tbg

Hence, Wei Hao did something irrational.

He suddenly stood up and reached out to grab Ren Zhu’s collar. His face fierce and insidious, he threatened: “You can’t tell anyone about this! Otherwise, I will find people to dispose of you!!”

However, his hands still hadn’t reached Ren Zhu’s collar when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his stomach. His entire body had been kicked out!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[Ding. You triggered a new skill: the class teacher’s corporal punishment (kick): Wei Hao who has been kicked -250 physical strength, -50 mental strength. Directly entered a state of pain.] 0mvN4K

[Ding ding. Host, please note. This skill is very powerful and can only be used 3 times a day. Also, there is an hour cooling time after each use. It can be upgraded. Forced consecutive use of this skill will have serious consequences. Please be careful.]

Ren Zhu experienced the awesomeness of his kick that was just like Fo Shan's Shadowless Foot. He silently asked: [Can you give an example of the consequences?]

[For example, you may break your leg from the kick.]

Ren Zhu immediately bent down to touch his leg. Then, there was also another person who touched it faster than him, face filled with shock and distress. GFwZ1X

“Does your leg hurt?! That youngster is robust like a bear. How can you not cherish your body this much!”

Huang Xiao, Qiu Bo Yuan and Zhang Qi: “……” Shivering and also fed dog food.

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Wei Hao: I was sent flying! You actually think that that fucking leg is more tragic than me?!


Translator's Note

A place called Fo Shan produced a very powerful martial artist called Huang Fei Hong. Fo Shan Shadowless Foot was his signature move.

Translator's Note

Public display of affection

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