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Blooming RomanceChapter 56


Edited by Erin

Lin Yanchen was especially excited to see his father-in-law this weekend. He pondered over what gift to bring. Although he could afford extremely expensive ones, Chu Xun’s father wouldn’t necessarily like them, it might even scare him. p DAGy

Lin Yanchen asked Chu Xun, “What does your father like?”

Chu Xun mentioned to him: “You don’t need to give anything too expensive. My father normally likes to paint and write calligraphy. Something regarding that is fine. He values intention more.”

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This was actually hard to do. How would one measure intention?

Lin Yanchen went back to work with a worried frown. FLedKh

He didn’t want to be separated from Chu Xun all the time. Even if he could fly around, he could only see him once a week, which was certainly not enough. City Y was also a good place, there would even be an international convention held there next year. He went back to research and made a plan to expand into Y City and set up a branch office. All so he had an excuse to stay in Y City and see Chu Xun every day.

Chu Xun went to work as usual. He was worried. He didn’t know in what manner Lin Yanchen would come.

Chu Xun didn’t think Lin Yanchen had any problems. Everything was good about him. The only thing that might not satisfy his father was that he was too wealthy… Perhaps he would need to be a little older.

Although it was realistic to say it like this, family status and economic strength were inextricably linked. uXAJd1

Before, he had listened to a senior executive who was familiar with him complain tearfully. That man had been married for more than a year. His wife was his childhood sweetheart.Their feelings were deep, and she had resigned from her job to be a housewife. When he got married, he had made a solemn vow and said “I will support you for your entire life.”

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He had said to Chu Xun: “…I feel like I still love her, but she really can’t understand me. I think about how she eats my food and drinks my drinks, goes out to shop and play every day. When I come home, even if she says a ‘you’ve worked hard’ to me, I still can’t help thinking, ‘You don’t know how hard I’vereally worked, those words of yours are just casually and light said’. I can’t help but feel contemptuous of her sometimes.”

Later, he heard that the man cheated and divorced.

When you loved, it truly was love, but people’s hearts would change. Always plan for the worst. The men in the world could do anything for you when they loved you. The only thing they wouldn’t be able to do was to love you forever. JPMEXv

But he and Lin Yanchen were both men. The situation might be different. Anyway, he didn’t want his world to revolve around Lin Yanchen.

He used to live his life around one person wholeheartedly. What was the result?

He must not repeat that mistake.

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Chu Xun: “Ah?”

President Liu said curiously, “Show me your phone.” 5cAVwn

Chu Xun’s screensaver and wallpaper were all pictures of his baby. President Liu looked at them and asked, “Your child is this good looking? Do you have any other pictures?”

Chu Xun… Chu Xun felt a subtle sense of superiority in his heart. He didn’t like taking photos of himself. Except for the pictures of work, they were all pictures and videos of his baby.

After looking, President Liu complained: “Xiao Chu, you are so unkind. Why didn’t you say that your baby was this cute? I also didn’t see you send any pictures in the friends circle.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chu Xun said modestly, “Actually… he was quite ugly when he was just born, but now he actually looks good. ” nk97t5

President Liu said exuberantly, “Take your baby over to my house to play some day. Recently, hairy crabs have come on the market. Your master’s wife cooks them very deliciously.”

Chu Xun agreed.

The next day when Chu Xun arrived at the company, the news that his baby was very beautiful and adorable had already spread.

One by one, they came to see the pictures. ciKEAd

Chu Xun: I didn’t find that Master had such a big mouth before ah…

It was Saturday.

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Teacher Chu got up very early in the morning. As if he was preparing to fight a battle, he valiantly went to the food market to buy ingredients. He had already researched a lot for today’s menu. There were cold dishes, hot dishes, snacks, fruits and drinks to be prepared.

He said to his wife, “This relationship between two men… so this counts as my daughter-in-law coming? Or my daughter’s husband? Son’s husband? Should we give a red envelope? How much should I give? I heard that when Old Li’s daughter-in-law first came they gave a five thousand yuan red envelope. ” lvhHWS

“I thought about it, Jiu Jiu has our family’s surname. He has to be the daughter-in-law…right? Aiyo, I don’t have that much physical cash. Do you have any? Otherwise we’ll have to get money from the bank.”

Chu Xun saw that he was even carving out designs on the radishes. He was speechless: “Dad, you don’t need to do this. It’s good enough to make the usual dishes.”

Teacher Chu’s head did not even turn back and he said stubbornly, “No, you can lose people but not the battle! I must show him my strength! ”

Chu Xun: “…” xWFVNY

Teacher Chu loved to cook. At home, his wife hadn’t entered the kitchen for decades.

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Today, Teacher Chu took out all of his special skills and made Buddha jumping over the wall. He even carved a dragon on the wax gourd!

Chu Xun was shocked. He was really impressed.

Teacher Chu was completely prepared. He just awaited the appointment they had made with Lin Yanchen’s at 5, 6 o’clock. pN5XAa

It was about two in the afternoon.

Chu Xun received Lin Yanchen’s call.

Lin Yanchen found it hard to speak: “I…there was some kind of slip-up with the project my company is working on now. I can’t make it today. I’ve already arrived at the airport, preparing to fly to Paris.”

Chu Xun: “…” rFlWdj

Chu Xun understandingly consoled him: “it’s all right. Work is more important. Let’s change the time. You won’t be free tomorrow either…next weekend? Forget it. Let’s just see based on your schedule? Tell me when you are free.”

Actually, it wasn’t that Chu Xun completely didn’t mind, but what could he do except to understand? Lin Yanchen didn’t not come on purpose. Should he make trouble for nothing? He couldn’t do such a thing.

What’s more, why did Lin Yanchen only call him when he got to the airport? Inevitably there would be a seed of doubt planted in his heart that would not be easily removed, as it brought with it the implication that he had to understand and agree. Chu Xun felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

Lin Yanchen felt sad and ashamed: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” iwq8yu

Chu Xun lied, “I know you didn’t mean it. It doesn’t matter. I understand.”

Lin Yanchen said, “I’ll see if I can hurry back tomorrow…”

Yet Chu Xun said, “Don’t force it. Flying back and forth, you will be very tired. It’s not so urgent. Are you getting on the plane soon? Be safe. You don’t have to worry about my parents. I’ll explain it properly for you. ”

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Lin Yanchen asked, “Are you angry with me? I’m sorry.” TaQSlD

Chu Xun said, “I’m not angry with you.”

That is to say, when Chu Xun told Teacher Chu that his partner would be missing their appointment because of work, Teacher Chu’s face immediately darkened.

After all, this was the first meeting they had arranged for them to meet. He had been nervous for several days. He got up early in the morning and carefully made a big table of dishes, but suddenly he couldn’t come? He could not help doubting the sincerity of the man.

Teacher Chu said angrily, “Then he didn’t know to let us know earlier?” bFZlOu

Chu Xun said: “There was a last minute problem with his work. It’s impossible for him to just abandon his company. Didn’t he call us a few hours in advance?”

Teacher Chu was still angry as before: “Then when was it rescheduled to? It’s him coming to meet the family yet we have to conform to his timing.”

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Chu Xun said, “He is very busy with work… It hasn’t been settled yet. I’ll let you know when it’s decided.”

Teacher Chu said, “He better not stand us up again at that time.” diJ5vw

Chu Xun didn’t dare to guarantee anything. He was not sure whether Lin Yanchen could be on time even if they changed the time.

Lin Yanchen looked down from the window of the plane. There was a sea of lights in the city until it was submerged by clouds.

It was a field of black. AzrXx4

He was very dispirited. Before he even went to Chu Xun’s house, he had already left a bad impression on his father-in-law…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He had to properly purchase a good gift, then go to their door and apologize solemnly.

Translator's Note

a thing on WeChat(?)

Translator's Note

  A fragrant dish often made with seafood like abalone, sea cucumber and shark fin as well as other protein rich meats. It is said to have been so fragrant and tempting a meditating monk–who are usually vegetarian–was willing to jump over a wall to get a taste

Translator's Note

Sign of skill to be able to carve intricate designs onto ingredients like the wax gourd. This gourd has a Chinese dragon carved onto it! OwO

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  1. I dont know if it’s just me but I feel Chen Xun doesnt place LY as much importance as before. I feel like Yanchen is too open and seems to be the one always being the most sincere in this intimate relationship and has to lower himself. I get that he was heart broken and has reservations but he gets upset when LY doesn’t do what we wants. He has so much power over him and decides when they meet or not. Lol sorry I just love LY to bits. He deserves better. He didnt even have time with his kid, this relationship is so unbalanced 🤔

    • I think it’s because he already had bad memories about devoting himself to one person. Maybe this time he wants to be more realistic.

      For Li Yanchen, it’s because he lose Chu Xun once, so he would do his all to make sure Chu Xun never slip away again.. 😶 😶

    • I agree with you. First, Chu Xun ran away, successfully breaking Lin Yanchen’s heart. Now, he wants to retain a degree of independence in their relationship, but gets all offended that in case of emergency Lin Yanchen’s first thought wasn’t about their appointment. Double standards, much? I understand he must be scarred because of his previous lover, but, forgive me, he chose to be with that scum himself, so why does Lin Yanchen, who treats Chu Xun with wholehearted love and respect, have to suffer? This chapter doesn’t leave a pleasant aftertaste…

      Thank you very much for the translation and please forgive my rant – its’ just I don’t find grovelling MLs amusing and hope no novel goes down this route.

      • haha I don’t even CX is hung up on his ex. The reason why he rejected the marriage isn’t because he wants independence, it’s because he doesn’t want to rush a marriage without consulting the parents. He doesn’t want to break the already fragile relationship between LY and his father. Not to mention, they just got reacquainted after years of emotional drama. Gotta sit down and talk it out before anything. As for the cancellation. I mean anyone would be mad if they got cancelled on last minute?? So even if CX is hurt, he is still understanding that they are both working people with heavy responsibilities, especially LY, being he is a head honcho.
        • Although I like LY too but honestly CX has known him for barely 3months and during that time period they barely knew anything formally about each other. Although u blame CX for not giving enough in the relationship it really can’t be helped as he was not the one to fall head over heals for LY (he was just getting over his ‘ex’ at that time). Just like LY shouldnt take blame for his ex u can’t blame him for LY falling for him either. To begin with we might know what LY has gone through but how is CX supposed to know any of that.

  2. ” He had to properly purchase a good gift, then go to their door and apologize solemnly.”

    That wouldn’t quite cut it Xiao Lin. It wasn’t just a bad impression to the parents. It was like you’ve trampled on their good intention although we (readers and Chu Xun) know that it was really due to an unforeseen circumstance. If it’s someone who doesn’t know how deep in love Yanchen is with Chu Xun , there would definitely be doubts with his sincerity and commitment. Although Chu Xun seems to be levelheaded, this kind of calm is like closing off the vulnerabilities in his heart. This should’ve been devastating for both sides. *Sigh*

    The start had me feeling elated and all excited for their meeting but ended up disappointed. The rollercoaster went real high then dived. Steeply.

    It’s a reminder how it is one thing to look at the situation from a logical perspective but it’s another story on how the it made you feel… Prompting people not to have expectations again~

    *Enters contemplative state*

    Thanks for the update! 💕

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    I thought the author would stop trolling us… I underestimated her… XD XD XD


  4. Teacher Chu seems like a hilarious dad XD

    Lin Yanchen has to be prepared to go into a hard battle though, he had accidentally entered the Expert difficulty mode XD

    It would be nice for Chu Xun to have a little bit more confidence both in Xiao Lin’s feelings and their future. Even though there are lots of broken marriage out there, aren’t his parents still in a loving and sweet harmony? (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

    Thank you for the chapter! 💕 💕

  5. Poor LYC…even though we know that this is not an excuse,his first impression is already bad…work hard LYC, we root for you. Thanks for the chapter.

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    He is already losing life cause of his work, I wonder if he’ll also lose life because of his status as a Young Master or will it add him some blood?

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    I mean, i think the father was very supportive recently and he knows how LY feels.