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Blooming RomanceChapter 55


Edited by Erin

They finally met after being separated for such a long time, how could they control themselves? RT0uGz

Lin Yanchen didn’t want to leave at all. Right now, he just wanted to stay by Chu Xun’s side.

This kind of reminiscence was not warm enough, it felt only a ten thousandth of the feeling they had when they were traveling together.

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It was too insipid.

Lin Yanchen sent Chu Xun home, accompanying him on the path for a short while. Chu Xun inadvertently saw Lin Yanchen’s sideburns, it seemed as if there were several white hairs? G5YwMH

The lighting was dim so he couldn’t see clearly. Perhaps it was just a reflection of the light?

Chu Xun heard his voice from not too far away that said, “I’ll send you to here. You go back.”

Lin Yanchen: “…okay. “

He remained in his original place and watched Chu Xun leave. Chu Xun took a step and turned his head back a few times, but in the end he still left. nakKt3

Lin Yanchen always remembered that day when Chu Xun had turned back and thrown himself into his arms. He always thought that maybe Chu Xun might also come back today. He waited for a long time. He waited until it was dark, yet he still didn’t.

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According to plans, he should have gone back to City B, but Lin Yanchen was reluctant to leave. He secretly ran to Chu Xun’s house, looked up, and saw the lights in their house. There were figures passing through behind the curtain. He really wanted to join them.

Since receiving that phone call in the morning, Lin Yanchen felt like he had stepped into a dream. Up until now, his whole being was dazed. 

After seeing Chu Xun, he was even more distracted, not even mentioning that now he was aware of the existence of Jiu Jiu. joGc3X

When Chu Xun left, they were just reigniting their love again, they had even reached the stage of hand holding.

He had thought that Chu Xun was dead, but he was alive.

Not only was he alive, but he also gave birth to a baby whose veins flowed with their blood!

Like a series of bombs had exploded, he was stunned, he still had not reacted until now. 1l5ghF

Lin Yanchen had heard of such things before. He knew some guys who would play with girls, and the latter would go up to their door and demand them to take responsibility when they gave birth to a child.

His situation seemed to be similar. On the contrary, he immediately wanted to be responsible, but Chu Xun wasn’t ready.

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What kind of situation was it now? It seemed like they were carrying out a clandestine love affair…and they even needed to find a secret place to meet.

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Chu Xun was preparing to wash himself and sleep. He lowered his head and sent Lin Yanchen a message: When you get back to the hotel safely, please send me a reply.

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Lin Yanchen, a grown man, how could one lose him, he just found an excuse to talk more. LDy2hY

“Jun Jun… Jun Jun… “

Chu Xun heard his father calling out to him in a low voice. Looking back, he saw teacher Chu peering in from the door and beckoning to him, “Come here, we have something to say to you.”

Chu Xun walked over. His parents were sitting at the table in the living room. There was a folder on the table.

Chu Xun asked, “What is this…”  u8bQ3M

Teacher Chu coughed softly: “Take a look.”

Chu Xun frowned and opened the document. It was a resume of a 38 year old man from a foreign country with an English name, a gentle and refined appearance and a rather beautiful educational background. His annual salary was also clearly written there.

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What was this? Someone looking for a job in his company? This person’s resume was so beautiful, where could he not go.

Teacher Chu: “Look, how is this gentleman?” 32odYh

Chu Xun was practical and realistic: “Very excellent.”

Teacher Chu: “What about his appearance?”

Chu Xun: “Handsome and steady.” When he said that, he felt something was off.

“He is also gay. Think about whether you have any interest in him?” Teacher Chu finally summed up Ra1QiW

Chu Xun: “…”

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Lin Yanchen’s face immediately appeared in his mind. That guy ate so much vinegar,  before they had even started dating, he only took a couple extra glances at that stripper and Xiao Lin had almost exploded.

Chu Xun still hadn’t spoken yet. His father continued.

Teacher Chu continued with the circumstances: “In fact, I looked at several for you, but I think this person has the best qualifications. I’ve also looked at his social media accounts online, he is not the kind who likes to mess around. He had become a foreigner, and in his country, men can marry men… “ wlicLd

Chu Xun didn’t know from which angle he should approach this subject first. He couldn’t help saying, “You were looking for a blind date for me?”

The father who used to regard homosexuality as a great scourge was actually trying to introduce him to men for dating?

Teacher Chu nodded: “Ah, yes, what’s the matter? Sooner or later you will have to find a companion.”

Chu Xun: “Jiu Jiu is still small…” LofDcS

Mr. Chu: “We have to find one while he is still young. Take advantage of when he is young, you can find a good partner, and the child can be raised to be familiar with him.”

Chu Xun didn’t know how to dodge the issue anymore: “I don’t want to go…”

Teacher Chu was not trying to force him, he just did not expect that the person he worked very hard to contact, Chu Xun would reject with only a “I don’t want to go”. Teacher Chu was not very happy: “Why?”

“You unlucky child, when I didn’t let you date men before you had to go ahead and do it. Now I’ve accepted it and found you a companion, but you won’t go. I’m not urging you to make it work. You didn’t even have a look… Do you know how hard it is to find a suitable blind date for you? It’s a hundred times harder than arranging a normal blind date! Your mother and I had to ask a lot of people before we could only find this one… “ tGpofD

Chu Xun was unconvinced, interrupting his father’s words: “This is so inexplicable, I did not have you find one for me, yet you act on your own initiative and still blame me?”

Teacher Chu: “Didn’t I ask you before?”

Chu Xun couldn’t remember that at all: “When did you ask me?”

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Mr. Chu: “The week before the last, I asked you if you would like to find a companion in the future. You said you wanted to.” nTYpGD

Chu Xun vaguely remembered that there seemed to be such a thing, but what he thought at that time was to find Lin Yanchen ah!

Chu Xun simply said: “You misunderstood… I didn’t mean that. “

“Then what do you want?” Teacher Chu asked

Chu Xun thought about it and said tactfully, “I… I only like Jiu Jiu’s father. Jiu Jiu’s other father.” JpBvZz

Mentioning this, Teacher Chu was even angrier: “Then I don’t understand even more. Where is Jiu Jiu’s other father? The child is already this big, yet he didn’t even show his face. How did you two meet each other? “

Chu Xun choked on his words. How did he meet Lin Yanchen? He paid for a male prostitute and met him…

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

How the fuck would that sound if he said that out loud? He thought that when the time came, he would have to discuss with Lin Yanchen to weave a civilized and harmonious story to coax parents on both sides. Otherwise, if they were like, one was buying a prostitute and the other was the prostitute, hearing this wouldn’t it seem that it was not a decent relationship? Which parents in the world would accept that?

Chu Xun thought about it and said, “We… We met when I was traveling. He is a very good person. You will know when you see him later. “ xNtYyX

Teacher Chu: “We can meet him later?”

Chu Xun nodded: “En…”

Teacher Chu became angry: “Since there is contact, then how come when you were pregnant before and when Jiu Jiu was ill he didn’t even come?”

Chu Xun hurriedly explained on behalf of Lin Yanchen, “I couldn’t get in touch before. It’s my fault. He was looking for me. There was a misunderstanding in the middle. He thought I was dead. You really can’t blame him. “ gpw30V

Teacher Chu shook his sleeves while leaving and angrily declared, “Then quickly find a time to bring that person back to show us!”

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They could even have such a misunderstanding. He didn’t sound like a reliable person.

A boyfriend who didn’t want to see his son, when he visited there would definitely be some animosity.

Downstairs, the Lin Yanchen foolishly gazing up at the window suddenly sneezed. 9UH1Rr

He rubbed his nose.

His phone vibrated, Chu Xun had sent a message:

Did you get to the hotel? My father asked for you to come over for a meal if you are free on the weekend.

Teacher Chu thought of something, he turned back and asked Chu Xun, “What’s the name of that man?” xONXTw

Chu Xun felt embarrassed: “…Lin Yanchen.” 

Teacher  Chu felt like it sounded familiar. Looking back, he thought: “Wasn’t that the man on your cell phone in the morning? You even told me he was just an ordinary friend? “

Chu Xun wanted to say something but hesitated, “I was shy…”

Teacher Chu: “My son is shy… My ass!” 1pqXcR

Chu Xun: “…”

Editor Erin: papa chu already doesn’t approve rip

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


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