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You Use a Gun, I Use a BowCh8 - A little interesting.

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Edited by Noks

Soon, another system prompt flashed across Wen Xi’s computer screen. OQom A

[System] Momo knocked down Azure with a headshot with a sniper rifle.

“WTF! Save me AHHHH!”

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Ai Zhe screamed as he landed on the tree, and it was obvious that he was about to be offed by Momo.

Wen Xi quickly adjusted the direction of his landing and even landed directly in front of Ai Zhe, using his body to block Momo’s third shot. eat2nE

[System] Momo shot you with a sniper rifle.

As long as it wasn’t a headshot, the damage was bearable.

“Let’s go! Hide behind the tree!” Wen Xi shouted, as he equipped his bow and shot an arrow in Momo’s direction.

[System] You headshotted Momo with a bow.


As soon as he released this arrow, he desperately swiveled his head around and dodged the other side’s next shot. He succeeded in gaining time for Ai Zhe to climb and hide behind the tree.

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“Holy shit, I’m still alive!” Ai Zhe was excited.

At that moment just now, he almost thought he was going to land as a lootbox.

How could he turn into a lootbox during his first match while carrying a newbie? F2eibx

Wen Xi quickly shifted his perspective to make sure he was safe. He quickly hid behind the tree with Ai Zhe and helped him up.

In SGH, when the health bar dropped below 10%, you would bloodily drop to the ground.

If the player was in a team, they could ask their teammates to help them up, and recover their HP to 10% without consuming any items.

If the player was a lone wolf, he could only use bandages. QAdDlJ

Bandages were one of the most commonly used medical supplies in SGH. A single bandage could allow health to recover by 10% in a short time, pulling the character out of the danger of a red health bar.

In addition, there were two more commonly used medical supplies: first aid kits and medical kits.

First aid kits: allow health to recover by 60% in a short period of time; could not be used with a red health bar.

Medical kits: allow health to recover by 90% in a set period of time; could not be used with a red health bar. UIefPG

In fact, medical kits weren’t much more expensive than first aid kits, but Wen Xi had felt like they took too long to use so hadn’t bought any.

“Bro, you saved my life!” After Ai Zhe was helped up, he immediately used a medical kit, and now he had a full health bar.

Wen Xi could finally turn his attention from Ai Zhe to the enemy from just now.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This ID, Momo, was really kind of familiar. qMnOyJ

It couldn’t be the guy who had killed Ai Zhe yesterday and then had killed him, the one who had taken four heads in just a few minutes?

Wen Xi glanced at the barrage, and indeed, they were all helping him remember yesterday’s massacre…

Wen Xi let out a helpless laugh. “Enemies and lovers are always destined to meet. Died in his hands yesterday and almost fell into his hands today.”

“Ah? What?” Ai Zhe’s tone carried a sense of deep confusion. UzqOJ8

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

……Gj Xf, la’r olcf lo sbe vbc’a gfwfwyfg wf, yea sbe jmaejiis vbc’a fnfc tjnf jc lwqgfrrlbc bo ktb xliifv sbe?

Ugfrewjyis, klacfrrlcu Qfc Wl’r tfiqifrrcfrr, atf yjggjuf fzqijlcfv bcf joafg jcbatfg.

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[God Xi forgive him, Love Pig’s memory is only seven seconds long.]

[Anchor Love Pig has online amnesia.] cVJwdt

[Lololol having amnesia online is okay?]

Qfc Wl vlvc’a xcbk ktfatfg ab ijeut bg mgs yea mbeiv bcis fzqijlc la klat j yla wbgf vfajli. “Glvc’a P rtbba sbe klat akb jggbkr sfrafgvjs? Dea la kjrc’a wf ktb olclrtfv sbe boo, la’r tlw—atf bcf ktb pera tfjvrtbaafv sbe aklmf lc j gbk.”

If it hadn’t been for Ai Zhe’s hard helmet, Momo’s first shot would have sent him to heaven.

“Holy shit, it’s him ah!” Ai Zhe finally recalled him and instantly equipped a sniper rifle. “This revenge can’t be denied! Fuck him!” zLGnYe

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t get too excited.” Wen Xi was afraid that he would rush over with his sniper rifle and use it like a shotgun, bursting bullets out of it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Fortunately, Ai Zhe still counted as a skill-based anchor. He talked very excitedly, but he was very cautious while operating.

He carefully leaned down, letting the scope just peek out of the tree, and looked at the spot where Momo was located just now. He didn’t see anyone, and he immediately realized that the other party had shifted, so he shifted his perspective to look down and indeed found someone under the tree.

However, before he could shoot, the target hid behind the tree. 4yfxX7

Ai Zhe clicked his tongue and could only continue to aim. At the same time, he reported the coordinates to Wen Xi. “He’s in your one o’clock direction, just at the position I’m aiming at, see?”

“I see him.” Wen Xi saw Momo’s shadow at a glance through the binoculars.

Trees could cover his person, but not his shadow.

Momo hid behind the tree for two seconds, and then suddenly went sideways carrying his gun. en0q8Q

Ai Zhe shot at that moment, and there was a “bang!” sound. It was a pity that at the very moment the gunshot rang out, Momo had shrunk his head back behind the tree again, letting Ai Zhe fire into blank space.

Observing the whole process, Wen Xi was dumbstruck with amazement. He thought that both Ai Zhe and Momo were good, they reacted so quickly ah.

However, before Wen Xi could open his mouth, he heard another “bang”, followed by a scream, which came from his side…

[System] Momo knocked down Azure with a headshot with a sniper rifle. dEtXBL


“WTF! Help me up, help me up!” Ai Zhe had almost fallen out of the tree because of the shots just now, and pretty much had to scramble to hide behind the tree.

Wen Xi quickly helped him up.

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The rate at which health was lost became much faster after being knocked down a second time, but it was still within a range where teammates could help them up. If it was the fourth or fifth time you were being knocked down, then you could only use bandages. If you were knocked down for ten times or more, even an immortal couldn’t be saved. cZ7rPU

That was why Wen Xi had only bought five bandages.

However, most players would still buy and prepare a lot of bandages. After all, bandages had a 10% healing effect, they were cheap, and didn’t occupy much space in inventory.

“Tch, this person is strong ah! A headshot with every shot.” Ai Zhe asked after getting helped up and taking medicine, “It’s not a headshot bot ba?”

In fact, before he asked this, many such similar questions had appeared in the barrage. Gg0xAD

This was inevitable.

In shooter games, people who made headshots were either great gods or botters—even professional players couldn’t get headshots every time.

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But Wen Xi had seen the playback and was sure that this person wasn’t a botter.

Some stream followers, who had watched his livestream yesterday, were already explaining the entire thing, but they were obviously weak when compared to Ai Zhe’s fans. YduLxg

Wen Xi could only come out in person. “He’s really not a botter,” he said. “I watched the replay after he killed me yesterday, and his gun had a recoil, and not every shot was a headshot.”

“So it’s like that ah? Holy shit, then we have encountered a real one.” Ai Zhe finished his medicine and equipped his gun again. “Isn’t this a rookie concentration camp match? With his level, he could even go play on overseas server’s high-ranked matches, what kind of mess is he trying to make here ah? What kind of face can I have in front of newbies with him like this? Really…”

Wen Xi froze, and after hearing what Ai Zhe said, he couldn’t help laughing.

Sure enough, there was a reason why this anchor was popular; it couldn’t be just because of his skill. 3iQbuJ

Ai Zhe’s voice was pleasant, he was good at playing in the forest area, he had the memory of a goldfish and a frank sense of humor—these characteristics allowed him to make a very clear impression and made him very memorable.

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After Wen Xi finished laughing, he began to reflect on himself. What were his more distinctive features besides being able to use a bow?

It seemed like… there weren’t any.

He wasn’t frank, nor did he have a humorous side. JmYZHi

Comparing himself in this manner, he suddenly felt a sense of defeat…

Sure enough, comparisons were odious.

At this moment, Ai Zhe started to take aim at Momo again. It seemed that he just gotten started with Momo, needing a life-or-death struggle to take place before he would give up.

And Wen Xi had decided that he wouldn’t stand by idly any more. He reconfirmed Momo’s position with his binoculars and equipped his bow. VnMibE

[God Xi is finally going to go out to fight ma!]

[But even Love Pig couldn’t hit him, how can Wen Xi hit him ah?]

Wen Xi looked at the barrage and saw that all the people who called him God Xi were old fans, while those who were calling him Wen Xi were all new fans who had come from from Ai Zhe’s side.

With Ai Zhe carrying him, the number of viewers in his stream had increased significantly, almost doubling in number. 9M1TSh

However, in order to keep these people, it wasn’t enough for him to just follow Ai Zhe. He had to do something.

Thinking in this way, he climbed a little bit higher up the tree, along its trunk, then raised the angle of his PoV, almost shooting an arrow into the sky.

“What are you doing ma hahahaha!” In Ai Zhe’s vision, the bow in Wen Xi’s hand was almost vertical as it pointed upward. “Did you misfire?”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

But in the next second—— IyeRaT

[System] You knocked down Momo with a headshot with a bow.

“Hahaha… Fuck!” Ai Zhe had still been laughing a second ago, but was then shocked by the system prompt. “Even this is fucking possible?! Bro, 6666 ah!” He said this and climbed down from the tree. “Quickly, quickly, quickly! He fell down! Kill him!”

“Okay!” Wen Xi also hadn’t thought that it would really be possible. He had just wanted to try and see if he could make the arrow fall vertically over the tree to bypass it; he hadn’t thought it would really hit!

Since he was really excited, he jumped directly from the tree and fell to the ground with a bloody “crack” sound. 16v8jY

[System] You received damage due to falling down.

Wen Xi looked at the screen full of [lolololol], utterly speechless.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Ai Zhe said, “… Bro, you don’t need to boast ah. You’ll die if you jump from that height.”

Wen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “En, now I know…” CiVvFq

He said this and without waiting for Ai Zhe to help him up, directly used a bandage.

When Ai Zhe saw that he was using a bandage, he didn’t focus on him anymore. He switched to a shotgun and rushed towards the direction where Momo was located, spraying away bullets the entire way!

What he didn’t expect at this time was that the other side had already used bandages and a medicine kit on himself. After changing his weapon to an assault rifle, Momo got into a gunfight with Ai Zhe.

[System] Azure hit Momo with a shotgun. uYyl0i

[System] Momo knocked down Azure with an assault rifle.

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[System] Momo killed Azure with an assault rifle.

[System] Your teammate Azure has been killed.

Ai Zhe: “…” 4TVpqf

Wen Xi: “…”

Scarily, everything had suddenly gone quiet.

By this time, Wen Xi had also finished applying medicine to himself and had recovered 70% of his health. Upon seeing these system prompts, he didn’t hesitate to aim at Momo’s head and drew his bow to shoot!

Almost at the same time, Momo took out his assault rifle and aimed it at his head. Bang! 5xod0F

[System] Momo killed you with a headshot with an assault rifle.

Just like that, following Ai Zhe’s death, Wen Xi was also killed.

However, at the moment when the screen turned gray, Wen Xi clearly saw his arrow pass through Momo’s head!

He couldn’t understand why Momo wasn’t dead?! KxVCPW

The next second, Ai Zhe sighed and explained, “Such a pity! If you had moved a bit faster, it’d be him who would be dead!”

“Huh?” Wen Xi didn’t understand.

Ai Zhe had to explain a bit more clearly. “SGH is like this, if you die, any injuries you inflicted will be rendered invalid. You hit him, but he didn’t lose any health, which means you were dead by the time he was hit by you. In short—his bullets were faster than your arrows.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“So it’s like that ah…” Wen Xi understood, and then felt a little frustrated. VlrZdj

Discovered another defect of the bow…

What he didn’t know, however, was that on the other side, with his character standing under the tree with a sliver of health left, Momo gradually relaxed his tight grip on his mouse. Then he turned his head and looked at his hands for a while, lost in a daze.

He hadn’t felt this kind of nervousness for a long time.

Wency? Gb2ykV

He looked at the lootbox created by the person he had just killed, and his lips rose unconsciously, displaying a smile of interest.

A little interesting.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Juurensha: Annnnd we finally get some Momo POV! And we’ll start doing weekly releases starting Monday after this! 65dphf

Noks: The ML has officially gained interest in our MC!

Translator's Note

literally fry what fish soup since the term for rookie concentration camp in Chinese is fishbowl

Translator's Note

the wrong Wen, 文 instead of 闻, the one in his streaming username

Translator's Note

so strong/amazing

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