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You Use a Gun, I Use a BowCh9 - If you’re a man then directly face-off against him ah!

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When Ling Shuyi returned to the club after buying six cups of coffee, he saw his captain sitting alone in the training room and laughing. eY12xr

He laughed in a silent and strange way, which caused goosebumps to break out all over Ling Shuyi’s body.

You had to know, a few days ago, their CLM team had repeatedly ranked at the bottom during a training match, which led to the captain accumulating a lot of anger.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Him not blowing up was very good, but now he was actually laughing?

And laughing by himself while sitting in the training room? Nw4HuQ

Ling Shuyi placed the two bags of coffee cups on the coffee table in the hall, picked up one of the cups, walked to the training room, and gently pushed the door open.

He had already tried to lighten his movements, but the captain still became aware of his entrance.

Mo Chen, the leader of the CLM team, instantly cleared his face of all expression and cast two fierce eyes onto his teammate.

“Cough, hello captain…” Ling Shuyi crept over while trembling in fear, placed the coffee in Mo Chen’s hand, and glanced at his computer screen. SGH was actually open on the screen.


And the ID on the left side of the screen was—Momo.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Obviously, it was his side account.

“Why are you playing with a side account right now?” Ling Shuyi didn’t understand.

Mo Chen took off his earphones, heard this question, and lightly responded with three words, “Adjusting my mood.” 3FVaHj

After saying that, he opened his inventory to take out a frag grenade, which he threw at his own feet, killing himself.

Then he clicked again to open the desert battle royale queuing interface, checked “Do not want teammate” in duo mode, and then clicked “Start queuing”.

Ling Shuyi was confused by this set of operations.

He had thought that the captain wanted to quit the game to talk to him, but instead the captain just started playing another match after exploding himself? 9jLH0N

And even playing duo mode?

What’s more, Mo Chen, who had just entered the queuing map, started running around, as if he was looking for someone.

The gears in Ling Shuyi’s brain turned fast, and he vaguely managed to guess something. “Who did you meet in the last match?”

“An interesting person,” Mo Chen answered. 76XEl9

Ling Shuyi wanted to ask again, but from the corner of his eye, he caught sight of the twinkling light in Mo Chen’s eyes, and so he stopped talking.

It had already been a long time since he had seen that look in his captain’s eyes—that of a hunter searching for prey.

Ling Shuyi could only quietly move Mo Chen’s cup of coffee some distance away, to avoid affecting his operations.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After taking another look at his screen, he turned and left the training room. ZYbJfG


Wen Xi had just left the desert island battle royale mode when he was led by Ai Zhe to start another match.

“Go again, go again!” Ai Zhe jumped a few times in place after entering the queuing lobby, looking as if he couldn’t wait to enter the game.

Wen Xi could understand. 7JdXto

The reason Ai Zhe had promised Magic Xi to carry him and accompany him in playing some low-ranked matches was because, in fact, he had his own selfish motives.

He just wanted to show off a wave of operations in the low-ranked matches.

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Yet, the result was that in the very first match, he had been killed without even taking a single kill, which obviously made him very depressed.

“Xi, I think it must be that you didn’t sing the last battle song well.” Ai Zhe began to ‘shift the blame.’ “There are so many songs, but you had to sing Pig Teammate!” ah rA3

Wen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he just obediently took the blame. “My bad, my bad.”

Ai Zhe followed up by saying, “So this time you should sing something a little more passionate!”

Wen Xi said, “Okay,” and was just planning to check songs on his cellphone, to see if any of the other songs he could sing were more passionate. Before he could do anything though, he saw an Asian male character with short black hair run up to him and punch at him twice.

A stream follower? Zzx3dk

Wen Xi was stunned. He looked at the ID of the other party and after seeing the name Momo, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

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“Eh? This person?!” For a moment, Wen Xi even wondered if he had transmigrated. “How can he be here?!”

“Who?” Ai Zhe asked. He stopped his silly chaotic jumping motion and shifted his perspective to Wen Xi. When he saw Momo, he was also surprised. “WTF, how is it him! After killing us, someone else killed him ba? I want to say—well done!”

As he said that, he rushed up to Momo and punched him a few times. dzld8O

However Momo didn’t even look at him, he just stayed in place and kept punching at Wen Xi.

Wen Xi had to symbolically return the two punches. Then he opened the game’s voice-channel and asked, “What are you doing?”

In the queuing lobby, fighting each other wouldn’t cause damage, so punching counted as a way of greeting someone.

He had thought the other side wouldn’t respond, but in the next second, Wen Xi heard his voice, “As expected, you’re a guy.” AEIBav

The other side’s voice was low and heavy, full of magnetism. Wen Xi’s whole body broke out in goosebumps after hearing him.

Wen Xi instinctively adjusted his earphones, turned down the volume of voices in the game, and then responded, “Uh, why?”

“Intuition.” The other side responded with a sudden laugh. His laughter hit Wen Xi’s heart hard, which made him become absent-minded for a bit.

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This person’s voice was very penetrating ahjMUlPh

Qfc Wl vlvc’a xcbk ktja tlr nblmf rbecvfv ilxf ab batfgr. Lf bcis xcfk atja atf nblmfr bo Cl Itf jcv Zbwb tjv atflg lcvlnlveji mtjgjmafglralmr, ktlmt tf gfjiis jvwlgfv.

Lf kjr ralii vlragjmafv ktfc tf tfjgv Zbwb ajix jujlc, “Tbe ifjgcfv qtsrlmr kfii?”

“Ct?” Qfc Wl vlvc’a wjcjuf ab gfjma.

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Until he heard Momo’s next sentence. “You use the bow pretty well, did you study physics?” KgS7Vm


Wen Xi replied, wanting to say that using a bow well had nearly nothing to do with studying physics… Could he calculate anything while shooting?

Obviously not.

He shot arrows by feel. Maybe it was because he had shot too many, and practice makes perfect. So, when the feeling was right in his hands, he basically knew where the arrow would arc to at the moment that he shot it. j5VP78

“You’re very interesting.” Momo then said another sentence. Without waiting for Wen Xi to reply, the game began.

Wen Xi looked at the picture of the plane flying by on the screen. He didn’t return to his senses for a long time. Unless he had heard wrong, what he had just heard was…

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[Congratulations on successfully catching my attention.]

——The barrage slammed out the phrase that Wen Xi had thought he had heard, which made him unsure about whether he should laugh or cry. 7ezS6X

[God Xi, someone is eyeing you!]

[Hahahaha, you’re very interesting. About to die laughing.]

[What kind of domineering president lines are these hhhhh]

“Really, you guys are enough.” Wen Xi stopped the stream followers’ teasing, and finally remembered about singing a battle song. He found a passionate song in his cellphone. “I’ll sing you ‘Burning Life’ ba.” PQdyKC

So, Wen Xi earned a wave of gifts from his stream followers by singing. He then thanked them while jumping down when the plane flew over Area F.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wen Xi, who had already played one match with Ai Zhe, realized that even if Ai Zhe was carrying him, he couldn’t just do nothing, so this time, he didn’t focus only on landing like he had in the previous match. Instead, he shifted his perspective around during the landing process, roughly counting the number of people jumping to Area F. “There are at least 10… maybe 13.”

“Yes, a dozen or so.” Ai Zhe affirmed. “This time, there’s quite a few people jumping to the forest ah. Xi, you follow me. We’ll find a good spot to land and then fuck them all up!”

“Okay!” Wen Xi shifted his perspective to Ai Zhe’s character and sped up his landing, forgetting the fact that Momo was there. cDN4p1

In the end, it was Ai Zhe who first landed on a tree. He then picked up a sniper rifle just after landing and fired several shots at the few people who had not yet landed, pretty much hitting his target with every shot.

[System] Azure knocked down cctw with a headshot with a sniper rifle.

[System] Azure killed cctw with a headshot with a sniper rifle.

[System] Azure shot Babyboll with a sniper rifle. XwMj9Y

[System] Azure knocked down Babyboll with a headshot with a sniper rifle.

[System] Azure killed Babyboll with a sniper rifle.

“66666!” Wen Xi sang the same tune as the barrage, “Love Pig is awesome!”

Ai Zhe let out a “shit” before saying, “Bro, you were the one calling me Love Pig ma? Call me Handsome Zhe, the most handsome skills-based gaming livestream anchor in JJ! Just ask who else is there!” noqZWI

As a result, the barrage was full of lines with the name Blue Wolf, and Wen Xi’s snorts of laughter burst out.

Ai Zhe said, “…This match’s stream followers aren’t any good ah, what Blue Wolf are you messaging about in my stream? My Wolf’s skills are good, but is he as handsome as I am ma?! Does he have as good of a voice as me ma?!”

While talking, he killed another person. “See? This is skills! This is handsome!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

By this time, Wen Xi had also landed. Looking around, he found no targets in the air for him to shoot at. yMZVo

But that was fine, he still remembered pretty much where everyone had landed. He chose one of their most dangerous enemies and shot an arrow at them.

[System] You killed FML with a headshot with an arrow.

Killed with one blow; not mentioning how shocked the barrage was, even Wen Xi was shocked.

Although the power of the bow didn’t lose to that of a sniper rifle, it was still incredible to be able to kill with just one shot. TFso0p

It could only be said that he had been lucky enough to choose a target who was poorer than him and didn’t even have a basic helmet.

“Respect ah bro!” Ai Zhe praised while shifting spots. “I think you can already use that bow like a pro. I’m serious, not flattering, you’re definitely the most accurate with a bow in SGH!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wen Xi changed positions with him. “The main thing is that since the bow has no recoil, it’s easier to control.”

“But the angle of view is very high ba? If it were me, I couldn’t do it. If I were to shoot with a bow, I wouldn’t even know where the arrow would land.” Ai Zhe said. He led Wen Xi to switch to hiding behind another tree, and they had just crouched down when they heard a gunshot. 78HfeQ

[System] Momo headshotted Azure with a sniper rifle.

“Shit!” Ai Zhe was so frightened that he almost fell down from the tree, and hurried to shrink behind the trunk.

When he saw Momo’s ID, he suddenly felt the dread one feels when being stared at by the god of death.

“My level 3 helmet!” He yelled as he gave himself medicine, “This is being done with a perspective bot ba! How else could he see me?” BZzHYO

Wen Xi thought of the replays he had seen and guessed, “Maybe he has been aiming at us for a long time, and was deliberately waiting for you to crouch down and stop shooting.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Demon ah!” Ai Zhe said, then suddenly thought of something, “Xi, you continue to climb up ba, shoot him to death with arrows to avenge me!”

“No, there are too many people who jumped to the forest this match, so it’s not safe to climb too high.” Wen Xi wanted to avenge Ai Zhe, but he didn’t want to become a target of the other enemies in order to kill Momo.

After all, Momo wasn’t their only enemy. 9uy6wb

But Momo was definitely the toughest of all their enemies.

Ai Zhe obviously knew this, but he still tried to encourage Wen Xi, “It’s fine, low-ranked match, everyone’s shooting skills are not so good, and you can’t be killed. Whoever shoots at you, I’ll help you put them to death! As long as you can off Momo, we can easily win this match ba!”

[God Xi, don’t be fooled by him!]

[Shameless anchor, swindling people online.] 9md1nE

[Wow, how shameless! Actually wants our little cutie God Xi to court death! Was him singing that battle song for you worth nothing ma!]

Wen Xi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when reading the barrage, but he also realized that—right ah, he was an anchor, so interesting things happening in the livestream were more important than the success or failure of the match.

Ai Zhe had already encircled him in a scheme, so he should of course… dig into the scheme ah!

So, instead of being persuaded by the barrage, Wen Xi changed his mind and said, “That’s reasonable. As the saying goes, if I don’t go to hell, who will go to hell… Bro, I’m on it!” 2NenvE

He also used the word “bro,” but for some reason, when Ai Zhe yelled it out, it carried a feeling of “Bro, I’m going to throw you into a pit.”

However, when Wen Xi said it, it gave a solemn feeling of “Bro, I’m willing to go through fire and water for you.”

For a time, the barrage was all about Wen Xi being “loyal”.

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And saying that he was “cute”. Q5YpAr

[The tricked Xixi is so cute 0w0]

Wen Xi: ???

There were several kinds of fans. Because of his male god voice, Ai Zhe had harvested a lot of “girlfriend fans” and “wife fans”, all calling him “husband, husband” all day long.

On Wen Xi’s side, his fans went from calling him “God Xi” to “little cutie God Xi” to “Xixi”…. M6lkRg

He deeply felt that a large number of his fans were “Mama fans”.

But right now, Wen Xi didn’t care what kind of fans he had. Since he had actually decided to try, he didn’t plan to return empty-handed.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He climbed up a certain distance on the tree, noticed that no one had shot at him, so he continued to climb further up, until he reached a suitable position, after which he equipped his bow.

Yet, in the end, before he could fire an arrow, someone discovered him. rng N2

[System] Bad apple shot you with a sniper rifle.

Wen Xi quickly reported to Ai Zhe, “I have one at 11 o’clock.”

Ai Zhe replied, “Understood, leave it to me.”

However, before Ai Zhe could fire, a shot rang out from Momo’s position. nmC7qT

Next, a kill prompt appeared in the upper right corner of the screen.

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

[Momo killed Bad apple with a headshot with a sniper rifle. The remaining number of survivors is 93.]

Wen Xi: “Huh?”

Ai Zhe: “Ai?” VB5D G

Wen Xi and Ai Zhe both couldn’t understand what this move was for.

Ordinary matches didn’t keep track of kill counts like professional matches did. In ordinary matches, whoever survived until the end would get more points and gold coins.

So why did Momo need to reveal his position again by taking this kill?

Based on the results, he had ended up saving Wen Xi. mDKMzd

Wen Xi was stunned for a bit but didn’t think too much about it. He just thought that Momo was stealing kills and decisively pulled on his bow and shot an arrow into the skies!

With a “whew—” sound, the slender arrow was launched, leaving a beautiful arc in the air as it fell towards the spot where Momo was, but nothing happened.

Wen Xi clicked his tongue. “Didn’t work, the same trick has no effect on him.”

He had made sure that his arrow would hit the spot where Momo was. Since the arrow didn’t hit, it could only be that Momo had noticed in advance and dodged it. gQC8RY

“Then forget it. Come down ba,” Ai Zhe said.

Wen Xi let out an “en”, ready to climb down, but just as he started to climb down, he was shot again. His armor was completely destroyed, and his health bar was down to only 40%.

[System] Black rose shot you with a sniper rifle.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wen Xi called out, “It’s still in the 11 o’clock direction!” DAOC6a

Ai Zhe replied, “Copy that! Watch me!”

[Momo killed Black rose with a headshot with a sniper rifle. The remaining number of survivors is 92.]

Wen Xi: “…”

Ai Zhe: “…” ihjfta

This time, some people in the barrage felt that something was off.

[Is it just me ma? It feels like Momo is protecting Xixi.]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[I am thinking of Momo’s sentence from before the start of the match again, that ‘you’re very interesting’ one.]

[I smell the sour smell of love?] GH7cv1

Noticing these lines in the barrage, goosebumps rose all over Wen Xi’s body, and he quickly clarified, “No, no, no, it’s just your guys’ delusion! Did you forget how he killed me last time ma! He killed me once yesterday too!”

Just after he said that, without waiting for the barrage to respond, Ai Zhe started up something again. “Do you want to confirm whether or not he’ll kill you? Isn’t that easy? Just rush up to him and make his head explode ah!”

Wen Xi couldn’t laugh or cry. “Then I’ll really be dead!”

“It’s okay, don’t we still have me ma?” Ai Zhe followed up with a flutter, “Am still saying the same thing, as long as you can kill him, we’ll take first place in this match!” dij4q9

No matter how soft and easy Wen Xi was to bully, he still thought that this move wasn’t feasible.

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

He was willing to bet that 99% of the barrage’s guesses were wrong!

Didn’t Momo just kill all those people who wanted to kill him because they had exposed their positions when they shot ba?

En, it must be like that! E2qeHx

So this time, Wen Xi refused to budge. “I won’t, I definitely won’t, even if you kill me, I won’t.”

JJ’s most shameless anchor Ai Zhe began to throw himself completely into acting like a flirt. “Go ma~Xi, quickly go la~, you’re our only hope! You’re the only one who can kill him in this match! Whether or not we take first depends all on you!”

The barrage was a mess of [ooooo~], and Wen Xi also felt speechless towards Ai Zhe’s actions.

So, exactly who was carrying who to fight now ah? 4xnNi9

However, during this conversation, Momo’s position had obviously changed, because there were two more kill notifications in the upper right corner of the screen, and these shots hadn’t originated from the location Momo was in just now.

Suddenly, Wen Xi went on alert. “Love Pig, move, quickly move!”

“I already told you to call me Handsome Zhe…”

As soon as he said that, he was shot in the head. juEP9i

[System] Momo knocked down Azure with a headshot with a sniper rifle.

Ai Zhe yelled, “WHAT THE FUUUUUCKKK! Quickly revive me! Revive me!”

But this time, Wen Xi didn’t know where to reposition Ai Zhe so as to safely revive him.

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Even if he used his body to protect Ai Zhe, he wouldn’t be able to buy him enough time during which he could move to a safe place ah? mdpD7

Thinking like this, Wen Xi decisively threw Ai Zhe down and walked around the tree. “Can’t save you anymore bro!”

“Wtf you…” Ai Zhe only managed to say a few words before Momo finished him off.

[System] Momo killed Azure with a headshot with a sniper rifle.

With this system prompt, Ai Zhe’s screen suddenly turned gray. Gq9ndb

No one in the barrage felt bad for him, it was full of [lolololol].

However, it turned out that Wen Xi’s decision had been correct.

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If he hadn’t slipped away just now, Momo’s headshot might have hit his own head, and then neither he nor Ai Zhe would have been able to get away.

Ai Zhe sighed. x4MY7W

At this point, he could only accept his fate and click “watch the battle” to see how Wen Xi would play now.

In fact, what he wanted to see was how Wen Xi would kill Momo. Unexpectedly, this unlucky guy walked around and around, and when he finally got out of the forest area, he directly went to the adjacent Area C, that is, the city area.

Ai Zhe said, “… Bro, are you a man?! If you’re a man then directly face-off against him ah!”

Wen Xi responded weakly, “Can’t face-off and win ah.” jAt2dM

Ai Zhe replied, “But even if you run for awhile, you can’t run away from him for the whole match ah!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Wen Xi said, “That’s not necessarily true. Maybe someone will kill him for me before the final circle? Last match, didn’t he die right after us?”

Ai Zhe agreed. “You have a real point. I can’t refute it at all?”

Wen Xi laughed. “It’s okay, you can just sing a battle song for me la~” FjgMa


Ai Zhe fell into a depressed state, but the barrage was delighted to see and hear all this.

[Lololololol! Even for you, Love Pig, there comes such a day!]

[Xixi: I have sung two battle songs for you, now it’s your turn!] WDkeUo

[I seriously doubt that Xixi is doing it on purpose now, it’s too much! (Doing beautifully)!]

Wen Xi really wasn’t doing it on purpose, but he was really feeling a bit of schadenfreude right now.

He didn’t expect throwing his teammate into a pit to be such a happy event (no).

“Tch, since you’ve begged me so much, I’ll mercifully satisfy you ba!” Ai Zhe wasn’t actually angry, and he really minimized the game to open some music software to find songs. sBVun7

As he was looking for songs, Wen Xi occupied a favorable position in a building in Area C, stood in front of the window, confirmed the position of his enemies using his binoculars, then fired an arrow out!

The author has something to say:

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Friendly tip: The song names involved in the article are all plagiarized! 2vUSjX

Juurensha: Well, Momo seems like a fun ML so far! And I’m glad Wen Xi’s livestream viewers are so friendly.

Noks: Momo is already protecting the stupid cute Xixi… Ahhh! I love the barrage in this series, their thoughts and mine align perfectly!!! Hehe…


Translator's Note

literally move the pot

Translator's Note

literally, the stove fire is green–perfection in one’s studies

Translator's Note

even if beaten to death, he won’t go

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