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When an Alien is Bound to a World Saving SystemCh22.1 - Zombie world and concurrent task (14.1)


This chapter is 3 times as long as normal so I’m splitting it. (Sad cuz the fun is in the other 2 parts)

The dozen Chang Feng and Yun Cheng ability users looked in alarm at the bloodthirsty monster that had drastically changed in temperament, not at all convinced by the black-haired youth’s words. xXRVtF

“It didn’t attack me after chasing me inside. It just circled around me.”

The black-haired youth could only explain to everyone as he stroked the little alien’s head:

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“I guess it must have been hungry and sensed that I was carrying food, so that’s why it was always chasing after me. When I gave it a piece of meat, I found that it was pretty obedient. Perhaps it’s a mutant dog?”

Everyone stared at the black-haired youth and didn’t say anything. They all silently thought in their hearts: No matter how you look at it, it is not a dog! cghVBr

At wit’s end, a certain alien could only resort to his ultimate move. He patted the little alien’s head and said:

“Come, Zai Zai, be good! Roll over for the uncles and aunties to see!”

Then, the little black monster actually abandoned the chunk of beef it was gnawing on. It laid down on the spot and obediently rolled over before getting up and affectionately rubbing against the youth’s trousers, proudly looking at the spectators.

“It really is obedient!” Fond of small animals, Zhao Shu Xuan was the first to surrender. She eagerly looked at the little alien, seeming like she also wanted to go up and touch it.


“But when it was tearing through the zombies before, it wasn’t so…… gentle.” Sun Ya Nan still looked fearfully at the little monster that the youth had named ‘Zai Zai’.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When the little alien heard this, its sharp fangs nibbling on the piece of meat slowed down.

“It must have wanted to protect us.” The black-haired youth guessed. “When we were at the Riverside base, if the mutant beast hadn’t suddenly appeared, then we wouldn’t have been able to escape alive. And also this time at the pharmacy. It tore through so many zombies and yet it didn’t harm a single human.”

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“Wljb Tl, sbe mjc’a yf atlcxlcu bo yglculcu la klat er ab Tec Jtfcu, gluta?” Jte Rjc jrxfv.

“You really want to bring this little guy back to our Yun Cheng?” The few Yun Cheng ability users also asked with uncertainty.

“I agree with Xiao Yi.” Xu Yun Cheng stated, his tone unquestionable. “If not for the mutant beast, then the zombies would have already bitten us to death many times over! Can anyone guarantee that on our way to Yun Cheng, we won’t encounter another zombie tide? Instead of being suspicious of a mutant beast who’s always trying to protect us, it’s better if we rely on it as our life-saving support and get to Yun Cheng base as soon as possible. Of course, after we safety arrive at Yun Cheng, if they don’t let us bring the mutant beast into the base, then we can let it go. This won’t violate any of the rules.”

Xun Yun Cheng’s words were fair and reasonable. Adding on his reputation and prestige, everyone reluctantly agreed. bJcgOK

Thus, the black-haired youth took out a red leather collar from his space and put it around the little alien’s neck, leading it along on a leash as they walked out of the warehouse. The courageous Chu Nan, Chen Da Yong and Xu Yun Cheng sat in a Jeep together with the black-haired youth who was holding a little monster. The group then continued to travel towards Yun Cheng base.

On the way, the simple-minded Chen Da Yong boldly touched the little alien’s glossy back under the black-haired youth’s encouragement. Receiving an intimate arch from the little alien as it rubbed against his hand, he was convinced that it really was a mutant dog.

After playing with it for a while, he also asked the black-haired youth for a chunk of raw beef. He broke the meat into pieces and fed it to the little alien one by one.

After a few hours of driving, the highway they were on gradually became busier. They would frequently come across other ability users travelling in either direction. Ten minutes later, an extremely large city appeared within everyone’s sight. W2E3af

Unlike the Riverside base, Yun Cheng’s city wall was entirely made of concrete and looked quite spectacular. The several hundred metre area surrounding the city wall was also thoroughly cleared, leaving only a vast expanse of vacant land. Directly facing the highway, there were two city gates not far from each other, one big and one small.

“The big city gate is where the residents of Yun Cheng go in and out. You only need to get your ID card checked to go in.”

A Yun Cheng ability user explained to everyone through the walkie-talkie:

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“The small city gate is where new ability users can get registered. Non ability users live two kilometres to the west in another base. It is a little bigger than this base since there are a lot more ordinary people.” GMgAI1

Hearing this, the Chang Feng members still felt a little nervous. Firstly, they didn’t know whether Wu Yi’s baby could go in with them. Secondly, they were worried that the black-haired youth’s ‘Zai Zai’ would cause panic in Yun Cheng.

Arriving at the entrance, the four Yun Cheng ability users thanked the Chang Feng base members before entering the big gate into the city. Everyone them got off the cars and headed to the small gate to register.

Walking within their group, the black-haired youth pulled along the little black alien as they approached the city gate.

The guards of Yun Cheng base were just like soldiers. They wore dark green uniforms and patrolled above the city walls in pairs. Like the Riverside base, the small gate also had an ability detector, but because only new ability users needed to register, there weren’t that many people waiting in line. The few ability users in front of them pass through the detector gate and were issued ID cards by the guards standing on either side. They then entered the city walls. TrdUmW

Holding his baby daughter, Wu Yi rushed to the front and anxiously asked: “My daughter is not an ability user, but she is only one month old. Can she……”

Being on duty here all year round, the guard immediately sensed his worry and replied with a smile: “Generally, ordinary children and the elderly can enter the East city with their ability user relatives. You don’t need to worry.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Letting out a big sigh of relief, Wu Yi carried his daughter through the detector gate. The guard in charge of registering issued him a plastic card with his name, ability level and city access serial number printed on it.

Then, the guard that was still smiling casually turned his head, his gaze sweeping past the little alien beside the black-haired youth…… uzdvPT

“Oh my God! What the hell is that thing?!”

The guard was greatly alarmed and subconsciously condensed several fireballs within his hands! The other guard also vigilantly raised his machine gun.

“This is an Alaskan malamute I raised. He mutated after the apocalypse, but he is still as obedient as before. He has never bitten people.”

Seeing the guard’s expression that was completely saying ‘you must be joking’, the black-haired youth hurriedly added: QJwpNd

“I also don’t know why he doesn’t look like a dog anymore……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

With no better option, the other Chang Feng members nodded in agreement.

However, it was clear that Yun Cheng’s guards were not as easy to deceive as Chen Da Yong. The two of them still did not put away the fire balls and machine gun in their hands. They vigilantly looked at the little alien and said:

“It looks too different from a dog. However, it does look very similar to the mutant beasts wreaking havoc around the world this morning!” PcuYrd

“Zai Zai, come here, bow!” The black-haired youth directly patted the little alien’s head and commanded.

The little monster complied and lifted its front paws together, making three bows towards everyone. Then, it proudly circled around its master like a puppy asking for praise.

“Er……” The two guards felt a little troubled. The little alien really didn’t look like it would cause any harm to people.

“I’ll go inform our captain.” The guard holding the machine gun turned around and jogged away. cYfMNt

A few minutes later, he brought back a solemn looking middle aged ability user. This captain was about to issue an attack order the instant he saw the little alien, but after the little alien bowed and rolled over, he was immediately subdued. He could only go back into the city and take this matter up with the superiors.

Ten minutes later, the middle aged guard captain came back gasping for breath. Behind him was a scholarly young man about 27 or 28 years old. After the guards and the residents saw this person, they all started to whisper in surprise and dread.

After the guard captain brought this person over, he respectfully bowed his head and stood to the side, making way for the centre. After the young man approached the Chang Feng base members, he glanced at the collar of the little alien and he said:

“I am Yun Cheng’s deputy city lord Tang Shen. This is clearly one of the mutant beasts who attacked the zombies this morning. Who brought it in?” zMSpNo

The black-haired youth was about to speak, but Xu Yun Cheng, who had been silently standing within their group, suddenly cut in:

“This is a large dog we raised before the apocalypse. If it is a mutant beast, then how could it learn to bow and roll over? Our Chang Feng base has travelled nearly 10,000 kilometres to come to Yun Cheng. It can’t be that you won’t let a dozen of us enter the city because of this weird looking dog, right?!” Xu Yun Cheng said as he walked out of the crowd.

When Tang Shen saw Xu Yun Cheng, he hesitated for a moment before waving his hand: “Since it’s like that, then you guys can come in! However, this ‘dog’ is not allowed to run all over the place, let alone be off the leash. If it harms someone, then Yun Cheng will definitely investigate it to the end! I still have things to do; you guys can continue to register.” He then turned around and left.

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Thus, everyone in Chang Feng, including the baby daughter and the little monster, was brought into Yun Cheng. Although the detector seemed to have a fault and couldn’t detect the black-haired youth’s ability, after pulled a bag of rice out of thin air and put it away again, he was still able to smoothly obtain his ID card. On it was written Xiao Yi; first level space ability user; city access serial number 455290. dqIX96

Under the guidance of the surrounding crowd, the Chang Feng members along with the little alien were led to Yun Cheng’s exchange market. They used 50 kilograms of old rice to exchange for 50 blue tickets. Then, they went to a newly built brick house and spent 16 tickets to rent the right to use 8 bedrooms for a week. When everyone was busy sorting things out, the neighbours on the same floor came to greet them one after another, but they were then so startled by the little alien’s horrifying appearance that they almost jumped out of the window……

Translator's Note

Means young animal

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