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When an Alien is Bound to a World Saving SystemCh21 - Zombie world (13)


“Ki-kill it?” Sun Ya Nan couldn’t quite believe what she just heard.

“Yes! Kill it.” The ‘black-haired youth’ coldly said. “But this plan needs someone to act as bait. Since I proposed this plan, then I’ll be the bait!” pxGjFm

“Don’t be a fool!” Chu Nan cut in as he drove. “We have so many attack type ability users here; why would we make a space ability user like you go and lure the mutant beast? However, I do approve of your plan. Blindly escaping is not a solution. Only by killing that monster can we avoid trouble later on!”

“Right! The mutant beast must be killed, but the bait needs to be one of us attack ability users.” A Yun Cheng ability user also objected to the ‘youth’ being the bait.

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“The reason why a bait is called a bait is because it must be able to lure the monster!” The ‘black-haired youth’ smiled. “When I had just regained consciousness on the second floor of the pharmacy, I saw the mutant beast running around inside the room. Did it pounce towards any of you? Also, when you guys escaped down the earth slide to the cars, that monster was completely focused on biting the zombies! However, as soon as I went down, it rushed over towards me. Afterwards, the mutant beast slammed into Da Yong’s chest, but instead of biting him, it turned around and ran away. If we let one of you act as bait, then the mutant beast most likely wouldn’t follow you into a building.”

“Er……” The other ability users in the car didn’t know how to refute this. JVxub7

The ‘black-haired youth’ directly took the walkie-talkie and explained his plan to Xu Yun Cheng who was sitting in the other Jeep. He then added:

“Although I am only a space ability user, but even if we send out an attack ability user to lure the mutant beast, they would also be instant-killed if it catches up. Compared with a third level ability user shooting fireballs at it, it might even be more useful if I take a lump of cold meat from my space and throw it over. Also, our plan is for everyone to wait in ambush inside a building while one person lures the mutant beast into the trap. The person acting as bait can just find a room to hide in and wouldn’t need to be in direct contact with the mutant beast!”

Then, I can directly bypass the trap and run inside a room to swap places with the body double! I’ll then make the body double take the shape of the mutant beast and control it to flee out the window. En, this is perfect! A certain alien thought with satisfaction.

After Xu Yun Cheng finished listening through the walkie-talkie, he contemplated for a moment before accepting the ‘black-haired youth’s’ proposal. Thus, under Xu Yun Cheng’s lead, the group sped towards the city and started to look for a suitable place to set a trap.


Having run a marathon following the cars in the distance, a certain alien finally slowed down and pretended to have lost track of them in order to catch his breath.

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The cars drove around the city for half an hour. Xu Yun Cheng wasn’t satisfied with any of the administrative offices, hospitals, libraries and other buildings they had passed by. The ‘black-haired youth’ was also impatiently waiting for this nit-picky leader to make a decision. If they continue to waste time, what should he do if the black strand loses contact again?!

Finally, when they passed by an automotive parts factory warehouse, Xu Yun Cheng indicated the cars to slow down. After circling around the single story cement building and looking at its structure, he then announced to everyone through the walkie-talkie:

“This is the most optimal location for an ambush. There’s only one entrance, the walls are thick and there are no windows. If we can successfully lure the mutant beast inside and trap it, then it definitely wouldn’t be able to escape! Stop the cars by those trees. All earth, metal and wood ability users, follow me! Move fast! Everyone else is in charge of keeping an eye on the surroundings!” 039IMo

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Ktf ‘yijmx-tjlgfv sbeat’: “……”

P’w vbcf obg! Ktfgf jgf jmaejiis cb klcvbkr! Cr atf qfgrbc ktb qgbqbrfv atlr qijc ab xlii wsrfio, P vbc’a tjnf jcs ugbecvr ab bqqbrf atlr!

Lfcmf, atf ‘yijmx-tjlgfv sbeat’ mbeiv bcis kjamt tfiqifrris jr tlr afjwwjafr uba boo atf mjg.

Qe Tl, We Tec Jtfcu, jcv Tec Jtfcu’r akb kbbv jcv fjgat jylilas erfgr gertfv lcab atf kjgftberf. Qlatlc 5 wlceafr, j vffq klvf tbif kjr veu lc atf ibyys gluta lcrlvf atf fcagjcmf. Ktf yjrf bo atf qla kjr oliifv klat wfaji jcv kbbvfc rqlxfr glrlcu tjio j wfagf tlut…… kr2KMn

After completing this big trap that occupied the floor of the entire lobby, Xu Yun Cheng repeatedly told ‘Xiao Yi’:

“I will form a small earth bridge over this pit. When the time comes, don’t be nervous and just run straight over it. Then, find a storeroom to hide in and lock the door. Leave the rest to us!”

“Xiao Yi, don’t be afraid. We won’t let that mutant beast escape the trap alive!” Wu Yi cut in.

The ‘black-haired youth’: “……” I’m now even more scared. What should I do? BeEZQ8

Hiding and resting in a residential building beside the warehouse, a certain alien patted his own porcelain-like head after hearing their plan. He tearfully cried aloud:

“Why do I feel like I just dug my own grave?! Is my lack of black strands causing my IQ to degrade?”

However, he still scuttled onto the main street, acting as though he had just rushed over as he ran towards the automotive parts warehouse.

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System 2d14 couldn’t see the situation over on the ‘black-haired youth’s’ side and hence asked in confusion: [Lord Host! What are you talking about? Where are we going now?] HI2KRX

A certain alien: “Don’t be scared! I’m just taking you along to go commit suicide……”

System 2d14: [Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!]


“Everyone, hide in the cars. The monster is coming!” Chen Da Yong immediately shouted upon seeing the figure of a certain alien approaching in the distance. dPJxKA

A dozen ability users rushed into the cars and lowered their bodies to hide, cautiously watching the situation outside the windows.

Sure enough, a certain alien didn’t even spare a glance at everyone hiding in the cars and directly charged towards the ‘black-haired youth’.

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Seeing this, the ‘black-haired youth’ turned around and fled into the warehouse lobby, steadily passing over the earth bridge and escaping into the corridor. As soon as the ‘youth’ crossed over, Xu Yun Cheng controlled the small earth bridge to crumble into pieces, leaving only a deep pit full of spikes waiting for the mutant beast to arrive!

Having already calculated his steps, a certain alien dashed all the way to the entrance of the warehouse. Instead of slowing down and running back, he suddenly accelerated and leapt into the pit! GlAOdj

Seeing the approaching spikes, System 2d14 was so scared that its soul left its body: [Save me!! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!]

However, instead of landing on the spikes below, a certain alien directly jumped to the side of the pit and dug his sharp claws into the earth wall. In a flash, he ran a semi-circular arc and arrived at the other side of the pit. Leaping out with ease, he then ran into the corridor and continued to chase after the ‘black-haired youth’!

“Shit!” After seeing this scene, everyone quickly rushed out of the cars and chased after them! They saw the ‘black-haired youth’ and that extremely dangerous mutant beast run into a storeroom one after another. The door seemed to have been pushed by that monster, slamming shut with a bang!

Everyone hurried across the earth bridge set up by Xu Yun Cheng and then dashed towards the storeroom! D3wtgx

Inside the room, a certain alien directly restored his humanoid appearance. He then took out a lump of black strands of his space and placed it on his body, turning it into an entire set of clothes. At this moment, everyone’s anxious shouts could already be heard through the door:

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“How did this door lock itself?!” They pounded fiercely on the door.

The black-haired youth looked worriedly at the body double in front of him. If I directly convert it into black strands and put it into my space, then it would seem like the mutant beast just vanished from the room! How am I supposed to explain to everyone where the beast went?

How about I turn it into an alien corpse? I can tell everyone that after running inside, this mutant beast suddenly fell to the ground and died. Hah, would anyone believe that? Also, this is too much of a waste! I can even count the number of strands I have remaining…… 0mcepx

A certain alien was now caught up in his fear of making a decision again. Hesitating until the door was about to be smashed open, he finally calmed his heart and controlled the ‘black-haired youth’ to change into a lump of black strands before transforming it into a lively little alien.

Chen Da Yong finally smashed open the door and rushed into the room with determination!

The other ability users also followed suit and swarmed in! They must take back their teammate Xiao Yi from that bloodthirsty monster, even if it’s just Xiao Yi’s remains!

Just at this moment! JEecNk

“Don’t attack it!!!”

The black-haired youth shouted, subduing everyone who was about to wildly attack the mutant beast. Maintaining all kinds of strange combat positions, the abilities users stared dumbstruck at the mutant beast that was now acting cute and lovable, eating a small piece of beef beside the youth!

“It, it……” Standing at the very front, Chen Da Yong pointed at the little alien and stammered.

The youth reached out towards the mutant beast that was revealing a sharp set of fangs. In everyone’s look of alarm, he patted its head. BJaUwZ

Then, the little alien looked up at the black-haired youth and shut its mouth. It intimately rubbed its head against the youth’s hand.

The youth took this opportunity to scratch the little monster’s black exoskeleton chin. He then raised his head and looked at everyone whose eyes were about to fall out of their sockets:

“This…… I seem to have a natural affinity with animals?”

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Xiao Yi: Hurhur, what affinity? I’m just playing with myself. 90bLmh

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