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  • ming yao’s real cute! love his enthusiasm, hope he gets the boy

  • if the little ghosts’ unfulfilled wishes are really just about being cared for and raised well by decent adults i’m going to cry

  • poor ghost…may she rest in peace

  • sorry your parents didn’t hug you enough or whatever

  • what i’m saying is that it matters specifically because she isn’t important to the story. what’s the point of her being a transmigrator? the author already hinted in the beginning that something big happened with Xiao Chen’s character to change his personality, and GXS’s character isn’t so much a hint about transmigration as a rock to the face. it’s jarring and unsubtle and, again, detracts from the emotional impact by suddenly portraying XS as just some hacky B-movie villain. maybe later chapters will bring her back and justify this in some way, but for now it just reads like poor narrative construction.
  • well, for one, by that logic anyone who plays VR horror/gore games is also a psychopath, so i wouldn’t be so hasty to make that call. it does bear repeating that none of this is real for GXS, and therefore none of these “people,” nor their pain, is actually real. she’s taking part in an interactive movie, and when it’s over she’ll go home having just had a good time. other contributing factors are her knowledge that all these people have contributed in varying degrees of deliberate malice to the suffering and death of (an)other(s) (Xu Sheng is not likely to have been an isolated case), putting them firmly in Asshole Victim territory (to use a TVTropes term), and that this sense of distance from events is also an understandable defense mechanism for the human brain to engage in so as not to go crazy.

    for another, intent and action do have to be separated. what concrete actions did she take that were indefensible? the only thing she did really was open the box under coercion to save herself (and if she had refused, XS would have found someone else or just done it himself), and even then that didn’t directly hurt anyone, just set the stage for the others to tear each other apart. even in regard to her intent, she thought she “wouldn’t have minded helping” Xu Sheng to kill someone, which (a) isn’t the same thing as even actively wanting out and kill, and (b) puts her on the side of “justice” in the world of this story.i guess i have more stake in defending GXS than most, because she reminds me of a friend of mine who is very kind and feels really deeply, but is also a horror fanatic because it gives her a huge sense of catharsis to see those confrontations of terror and pain. this is a lot like how i imagine she would react in this situation, and the thought of an outside observer labeling her worthy of death for it upsets me.

  • if there’s a scene where RQK tries to lift CLG and just tips over i will choke, please let it happen

  • to be clear, this is sarcasm

  • ” Although Liu Xu came from a poor family, because her appearance was outstanding, she had never suffered since she was young. Later on, when she entered the entertainment industry, with her beauty and sensibility, she was like a fish in water.”

    100% faithful and realistic depiction of how life goes for beautiful girls with no money or backing lol

  • sucks what happened to GXH, since she didn’t actually do anything particularly wrong 🙁 her glee over watching a suicide was disturbing, but she’s a horror fanatic who knows she’s in a story, and it isn’t like she did anything to contribute to the death. in fact i’m not really sure what GXH’s role is in all this; the fact that she’s been transported into the world of the story seems irrelevant to the main storyline of Xu Sheng’s revenge and detracts from its emotional impact by telling the reader that none of these people are real -even in the context of the story’s own universe-. if these characters aren’t “real,” but the only one who -is- “real” has already exited the scene, then where does that leave the reader?

    especially considering how short her stay is.