The Wulin Alliance’s Private Records [Audio Drama]

The Wulin Alliance’s Private Records [Audio Drama] 武林盟私密记

Author: 林言 (Lin Yan)
Total Chapters: 5
Genre: Audio Drama, Completed, Cultivation, Harem, No Plot
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Translators: Eve. Editors: Amelea


(by Eve)

Cheng Mo is the Wulin Alliance’s Chief. His cultivation is the Jieyang Arts. It has a fatal weakness—if he ingests the blood of a man, he will enter a blood contract with that man and be that man’s slave. His body will be completely in the control of that man. Furthermore, he has to nourish the Gu inside his body (that awakens once the blood contract activates) or else he’ll die. How to nourish it you ask? SEX. The man’s semen gives him plenty of yang energy hehehe. The story starts with him accidentally swallowing his good friend Zi Xiao’s blood. Then they do the deed and they try to find a way to get rid of it. Along the way, he ends up drinking the blood of 3 more men. Shu Changhua, the charismatic and flirty demonic sect leader; Hui Ji, the rough and domineering criminal who Cheng Mo called Gege in the past; and Qin Fangchuan, the young tsundere doctor.

Character Introduction

Cheng Mo – MC / Shou (VA: Lee)
A warm and gentle youth, son of a high official.
Chief of the Wulin Alliance, 0.4-0.5, appearance of a 20 year old, always the shou. Studies under Old man Qingsong, his martial arts are unmatched, high prestige amongst the martial arts circles, representative of the righteous sects, gentle and courteous, can be said to be a modest gentleman. Practices the Jie Yang Style. “Blood contract that inverts ying and yang, thereby making him completely submit to another’s control”. In order to help suck out Zi Xiao’s poison, he inadvertently swallowed some of his blood, thus establishing a blood contract. Plagued by the Gu’s poison, things get out of hand. Successively contracts with Shu Changhua, Hui Ji, and Qin Fangchuan, surrenders his body to each of them. In order to get rid of the Gu’s poison, he is tossed about in bed by the men.

Zi Xiao – gong 1 (VA: Jing Xiang, Shei Yi)
Dignified, cold gong with facial paralysis.
Sect Leader of the Yunyang Shandao Sect, somewhat 0.6, appears 20 years old, first gong, righteous sect. Originally good friends with Cheng Mo, within the martial arts circles, he has high prestige and his abilities are unsurpassed, he is cold and has facial paralysis, however, beneath the surface, he is unrestrained as he does whatever he wants, he follows an egocentric motto in his heart. He is the first person to trigger a blood contract with Cheng Mo. In order to help Cheng Mo undo the blood contract, he has sex with him, all whilst finding a solution the whole way. Both and he and Cheng Mo hold each other as the person that they feel most affection for.

Shu Changhua – gong 2 (VA: Nan Gong, Xi Ye)
Two-faced evildoer. A handsome gong who loves deeply.
Sect Leader of the southwest demonic sect, Shuiyue. Appearance of a 20 year old. Gong number 2. Sometimes acts good, sometimes acts bad, defends the Demonic Path even though he knows it’s wrong. When his disciple Yun Xiang lures Cheng Mo and they meet for the first time, they enter a blood contract, and he has a tattoo of an insect as proof of the contract. Loves to tease Cheng Mo, calls himself his “husband”, hard to tell if he’s sincere, appears to be fake but is truly genuine with regards to his feelings.

Hui Ji Gege – gong 3 (VA: Xuan Yuan, Jing Ri)
A confident and easy-going, bold and unrestrained gong. Also nefarious and controlling.
Former Shaolin disciple. Cheng Mo’s childhood friend, regarded as brothers. Later, for the sake of revenge, he secretly practiced the Shaolin’s forbidden Brahmin Killing Arts, and beheaded the Four Great Families of Jiangnan. He was imprisoned in the cave below the cliff of Song Mountain. In a chance encounter, he saves Cheng Mo, who was dangling on the cliff because he had been dropped by a careless Yun Xiang. He borrows Cheng Mo’s Jieyang arts to break the chain restraining him, and he escapes from punishment. He has sex with Cheng Mo and they establish a blood contract. His personality is both righteous and evil at the same time. He does not like to be restrained. He is a devil in the eyes of cultivators. In Cheng Mo’s memories, he is his “Gege”.

Qin Fangchuan – gong 4 (VA: Wu Qingyou)
Shu Changhua’s shidi, a god-level doctor. His personality is cold and gloomy, sensitive, and doesn’t trust anyone else. Since Cheng Mo’s blood can help alleviate the poison within his own body, he plans to rape Cheng Mo. Later, he gradually develops feelings for Cheng Mo.


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Translator's Note

lit. Sun Cutting

Translator's Note

A county in Wanzhou suburbs of North Chonqing

Translator's Note

lit. Mountain Pass

Translator's Note

A class of priests, teachers, and protectors of sacred learning across generations.

Translator's Note

Junior apprentice brother.

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  1. It looks good~~ im kinda tempted to read..
    But why NP? Nah, IT’S 5P! Just whyyy?!

    I just started to accept reading LEW again few days ago.. and now this sounds promising…
    Would there be more np novel comin up in the future? Cuz i really need to adjust my mind and heart first

    • I still haven’t accepted reading LEW yet lol but I might read it soon. This is my first one with more than one ML. Depending on how this goes, I just might read it.
      So, is LEW very good? I’d like an opinion

    • Some of us just want smut, and this one has a lot of it.

      With the recent… censorship from the government, new / ongoing novels will probably be 100% g-rated, so we have to look for smut elsewhere…. 🙁

  2. Geh, the development was at lightning speed! Faster than the whole introductory journey to the Wulin Conference! chinhands Looking forward to new…developments.

  3. None of the videos are working for me even the ones in Google drive. Is anyone having the same problem? What should I do?

  4. Wow. I didn’t think you would have this one here. It’s actually one of my favorite audio dramas and novels. XD

    SPOILER ALERT FOR BELOWOh and correction: Hui Ji didn’t save Cheng Mo from being dropped by a careless Yun Xiang. He was saved by him when he was a child and that’s how they came to be brothers. The time with Yun Xiang was when he tried to save Yun Xiang from committing suicide by jumping off the cliff and they both fell. The he found the cave Hui Ji was in and yeah. The smut happens XD At least that’s what the audio drama did. In the novel it’s not Yun Xiang but someone else. Either way it’s about what happened.

    • In the novel, it was another girl that tried comitting suicide and Cheng Mo jumped after her to save her. She is also a member of Shu Chang Hua’s Sect. While the girl was unconscious, Cheng Mo looked around in the cave and found Hui Ji all chained up. How could he have saved them on the cliff if he’s chained up? Cheng Mo was the one who accidentally broke the chain that restrained Hui Ji while forcing sex on him, that meant it was Cheng Mo who saved Hui Ji. The Audio Drama actually changed or excluded a good amount of the original story. Originally, there were a bit more smutt. But it’s fun to listen to the Audio Drama – I love Lee’s voice.. I read the Vietnamese and Chinese version. At the end of the novel, there are 4 more additional stories, 3 are about Cheng Mo and Zi Xiao first time meeting and 1 was a spoof chapter about Qin Fang Chun. So far there are no English version :(((
      • Actually…I need to make one thing more clear on whar I’ve written. It was Cheng Mo who’ve accidentally saved Hui Ji. During the struggle between them in the cave, Cheng Mo’s and Hui Ji’s core power clashed, it was so powerul that it broke the strong chains that restrained Hui Ji. That’s how the evil monk got free!!

        • Typos on my last comment. The word “Whar” is “what”. “Powerul” is “powerful”. I enjoyed this review and characters introduction very much. I’ve been looking for an English novel version of this story or reviews of this story and I’m glad to have found this page. Thank you very much! ♡♡

  5. Hi! I’ve picked this novel up, just a heads up. It’s going to be on Foxaholic 18 if anyone want’s to read it 🙂

  6. Hello, Eve-sama. It was my first time listening (more on reading) an audio drama and I never thought that I would enjoy it this much! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

    Thank you for the translation team for making an English version!