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This World Has Gone CrazyCh41.1 - School Starts (Part 1)


Qi Le tried to change to several different topics but he still didn’t get anything useful from Zhong Ruiyuan. However, from the conversation earlier, he didn’t believe that he was normal and observed two seconds of silence in his heart for the idiot doctor.

Ye Shuichuan had a job to do so he left after drinking a glass of wine. But before he did, he didn’t forget to pull his little brother and reminded him in a low voice, “I remember that Gu Bai had someone that he really liked. Pay attention, don’t let him rob you of him. Oh, that’s right, have you done it?” hqm fr

In fact, that’s… Qi Le pursed his lips. “No.”

“You guys are already together. Why not?” Ye Shuichuan patiently educated him, “You should do it ah. There are videos on your computer. Learn more and try to take the initiative. Get Gu Bai to like you more. He’s more reliable than Ning Xiao, so it’s better you stay with him from now on.”

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Take the fucking initiative?! Laozi has been taken advantage of by him so many times. If I really took the initiative, I would definitely be eaten at once, okay! Qi Le nodded silently with black lines all over his face. “Go do your job.”

“Mmm, keep up the good work.” Ye Shuichuan let him go, shared a lingering kiss with Zhong Ruiyuan, got up and left. Ahtf4k

Gu Bai leaned in and hugged his wife. “What did he say?”

“Nothing much. His main point was that you used to have someone you really liked so he asked me to be careful.”

Gu Bai muttered an “Mmm” and kissed him with a smile, asking in a low voice, “He didn’t say anything else?”

Qi Le looked at him suspiciously with his head tilted to one side. “Did he talk to you too? When? When I pulled the idiot doctor away earlier?”


“No.” Gu Bai laughed, “I just think that since he actually stuffed a bottle of lubricant and condoms in my hand last time, there’s no way he only said that.”

“…” Qi Le said, “You’re really smart, aren’t you? So don’t ask when you already know, thank you. Besides, we’re on probation and can’t do that sort of thing, get it?”

Gu Bai sighed ruefully inside but his expression remained the same.

Seeing that he didn’t refute, Qi Le thought that he agreed with what he said. He patted his arm happily and was about to say a few more words when Zhong Ruiyuan suddenly said deviously, “Who cares about a probation period? I didn’t know my wife in the beginning but we did it anyways.” wag3c2

Qi Le reminded him, “…Ge was drugged at the time, okay? He bumped into you by mistake, or else you wouldn’t have succeeded.”

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“It doesn’t matter, the important thing is that I managed to eat him clean,” Zhong Ruiyuan looked at Gu Bai. “Do it, just do it. After you’ve done it, you’ll advance from probation period to a full-fledged boyfriend.”

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Qi Le, “……”

Qi Le got up, huffing and puffing angrily and wanted to leave. He decided he would stay away from these people in the future. Zhong Ruiyuan stopped him, “Don’t leave so early. What time is it only? Let’s keep chatting. If you leave, I’ll be all alone. How pitiful would I be?”

Qi Le squinted his eyes at him. “Don’t you have a lot of friends? Let them accompany you.” FwLkjH

Zhong Ruiyuan shook his head. “Actually, I don’t have many friends. I only have a few that I can talk to.”

Qi Le thought to himself that he was right. There were still more normal people than crazy people in this world. He pursed his lips, “It’s good enough to have those few friends. Go look for them. Oh, I remember you have Lu Yanbin. Call him instead.”

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“He should be busy watching movies right now. He doesn’t have the time.”

Qi Le was silent for a moment, “…Horror movies?” uMdzOq

“Mmm, so that the person named Yi Hang can throw himself into his arms. We gave him this idea. So I think he should…” Zhong Ruiyuan paused slightly, seemed to think of something, took out his cell phone and called. “Don’t leave yet. I’ll call him and ask.”


Lu Yanbin was indeed watching a movie. A certain idiot was shivering on the sofa. He looked pitiful, as if he would rush into his arms at any time. Right when things were about to get heated, he received the call and naturally, he refused to go. He glanced at the screen, “The movie is almost over. Apparently, the last few scenes are very frightening. I don’t want to waste this opportunity. If it’s not urgent, then wait for a while… Mmm, ok. I’ll bring a bottle. I’m hanging up.” He put down his cellphone. Seeing that the person beside him was rubbing his eyes, he stretched out his hand and pulled those disobedient hands down. He coaxed patiently, “Be good. Hug me if you’re afraid.”

“…No, I can’t see clearly,” Yi Hang warble on. Then, he felt around casually and pulled out a pair of glasses. He leaned slightly, lowered his head and put it on, and looked at the screen. “It’s much better now. Let’s keep watching.” WGnbp8

Lu Yanbin nodded and turned his eyes back to the screen. At this moment, the picture began to enter a terrifying scene. He was ready to be hugged. He waited and waited but got no response. He turned to look at Yi Hang. His glasses were so wide that he couldn’t see his eyes at all from this angle. He couldn’t help leaning over and found that his eyes were really open. He stared at it for two seconds, took off the glasses decisively, and then saw a pair of fake eyes stuck onto the lenses.

Lu Yanbin, “……”

Yi Hang moved his eyelids, slowly opening them. He instantly smiled at the sight of someone. “Oh, there you are. What a coincidence he… hehe…”

Lu Yanbin, “……” E14oOc

Yi Hang slowly shrank into the sofa and explained the current situation. “This is a prop used for sleeping in class. I bought it during the day.”

Lu Yanbin nodded, not angry at all but he went back to click the mouse. “Then watch that part again. You’ll definitely jump into my arms.”

Yi Hang couldn’t stand it anymore. He went over to stop him and was about to lose his mind. “Da ge, let’s watch another movie ah. I’ll let you hold me while we’re watching the movie, okay?”

Lu Yanbin thought about it and calmly said, “Will you also let me hug you to sleep?” Igb7qf

Yi Hang, “…”

“So let’s just keep watching this.”

Yi Hang cried, “Ge, go and ask your friends. Just forget it. Use a different method ah, ah, ahhh.”

“Well, if you don’t like this, I’ll switch to something else,” Lu Yanbin rubbed his head and then turned his head towards the screen. “Come, let’s finish this first.” Pt5HBD

“No!” Yi Hang cried, “Since we’ve decided to switch to something else, I won’t watch!”

Lu Yanbin thought for a moment and nodded. “Sure, come and give me a kiss then.”

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Yi Hang thought to himself, God knows how many kisses he had received! Who cared about this anymore?! He leaned over to kiss him, then looked at him expectantly like a silly goose. “Is this okay?”

Lu Yanbin didn’t expect him to be so compliant and was shocked. But he quickly regained his senses, pushed him onto the sofa, pinched his chin and kissed him. His tongue snaked its way in, tangling with Yi Hang’s. He didn’t let go until the both of them had difficulty breathing. He wiped his lips with his thumb and whispered, “I’m going out for a bit. If you’re sleepy, then sleep early.” XS RdT

Yi Hang nested on the sofa, taking a breather. Seeing Lu Yanbin turn off the computer and get up to leave, he hurried over to pull him back. He said in horror, “It’s night now. Don’t leave me alone in the apartment. I’ll go with you and give some valuable advice to your friends at the same time.”

Lu Yanbin didn’t answer, but stared straight at him.

Yi Hang shrank backwards but didn’t let go. “……What’s the matter?”

“They said that we would become more and more inseparable,” Lu Yanbin said calmly. “They were right.” iMtNxz

Yi Hang, “…”

“It’s okay. Since you don’t like watching movies, I’ll switch to something else,” Lu Yanbin rubbed his head. “Anyway, the results are apparent in less than a month.”

Yi Hang, “…”

Lu Yanbin grabbed his hand, went downstairs together and drove off. He quickly arrived at the bar. Before Qi Le left, he was surprised to see a certain idiot. “You’re here as well?” SXyQm7

Yi Hang froze and immediately rushed over excitedly. “My darling, I finally get to see you again ah, ah, ahhh!!!”

Gu Bai quickly took his wife into his arms, watched a certain person plunge into the sofa and said coldly, “He’s mine. Please don’t hug him in the future.”

Yi Hang rubbed his head in bewilderment, turned around and sat down. He looked at them and asked, “You’re… together?”

Qi Le twisted his body to find a comfortable position. “Mmm.” aRmQIk

Yi Hang’s eyes lit up. “Your chrysanthemum is gone ah!”

“Not yet,” Qi Le looked at him calmly. “But I can say that if that day really comes, maybe I’ll be willing.”

Yi Hang, “=口=”


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    Thank you for the chapter! 💕

  2. Qi le score 1 to yihang haha,but im so curious about yi hang story,how lu yanbin love him so much,he was his previous ex right?

    • I think LYB said before that the original YH embezzled money from him and ran away. However, got into an accident, then got possessed by Yi Hang. The reason whu LYB is hang up to YH is because -i think, LYB asked his friends for ideas on how to revenge to the original offender (like he always does, ask advice from his abnormal friends 😂😂😂😂😂), then unexpectedly received dog blood advices from them (LYB mentiones to YH that YH should repay him – LYB, through his – YH, body because of his offense). Then, the six conditions happened and LYB made YH chose.