This World Has Gone CrazyCh40.2 - Confirmed (Part 2)


The day passed quickly. Qi Le felt that his brain was swollen from all the studying and he wished he could gobble up all these books. Gu Bai looked at him and said, “Take a rest if you’re tired.”

“It’s okay, there’s still a lot to study…” Qi Le rubbed his face and was ready to go again. But at this moment, he heard his cellphone ring. He looked at it and found that it was Ye Shuichuan so he pressed the answer button. “Hello, ge.” ECmb7R

“It’s brother-in-law.” Zhong Ruiyuan asked happily, “Are you free? Come out for a drink. Your friend is here too.”

Qi Le was suspicious, “Which friend?”

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“The one who said he needs love last time,” Zhong Ruiyuan said with a smile, “My friend met him last night and was quite satisfied. He’s coming to have a drink tonight to get to know each other. We’ll be at the bar that your older brother works at. Are you coming?”

Qi Le was surprised. “Are they on a blind date?” KMuEFY

“Not really, they confirmed their relationship yesterday.”

After only one meeting, they’ve confirmed their relationship… Qi Le’s face was full of black lines. He asked hopelessly, “Did my friend decide on it first?”

“Yes. Are you coming?”

After struggling for a moment, Qi Le couldn’t resist his curiosity and nodded. “I’ll drop by to take a look and then leave.”


“Sure, up to you.”

Qi Le hung up the call and got up to leave. Gu Bai looked at him, “Where are you going?”

“To the bar. I’ll come back immediately. You don’t have to send me there.”

“I don’t have anything on anyways. I’ll go with you.” Gu Bai said, pulling him out the door in a good mood. “I’ll also declare ownership at the same time.” eUobH1

Qi Le, “……”


The both of them soon arrived at the bar. Shen Shu and the others sat at the bar as usual and were surprised to see them. Although they were always together, they didn’t look as close before. Now, everyone could tell they were a pair as long as they had eyes. Ning Xiao sat on the sofa silently watching them. Before this, he felt that there wasn’t anything between the two. After all, Gu Bai’s look had always been very indifferent, but today it was different. There was a hint of a smile in his eyes. It was obvious that he had finally caught Qi Le. Ning Xiao’s gaze suddenly turned cold. He knew that if he went up to him now it would only be self-defeating. So, he finished the drink on the table, got up and left.

Ye Shuichuan was greeting his boyfriend and his friend. When he saw them coming, his eyes lit up instantly. He stepped forward and drew Qi Le aside. “Xiaoyuan, you guys are together?” dpJz7f

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Qi Le nodded, “We are.”

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Qi Le pursed his lips, ignored them, his eyes sweeping across. Besides his brother-in-law and the hot-blooded doctor, there was another man, who didn’t look older than 30, sitting on the sofa. He appeared very gentle. On the bridge of his tall, fine nose was a pair of glasses. The eyes behind those lenses were long and narrow, beautiful and bewitching. His gaze was calm and collected with a sense of tranquility. Just by looking at him… he seemed quite normal.

He shed tears inside. Damn it, judging by these people’s appearance alone, they all looked normal too ah.

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The hot-blooded doctor was very happy to see him. He quickly got up and went over. “Great, you’re here.”

Qi Le drew him aside and whispered, “What’s wrong with him?” 8huLae

“I also want to ask you that. Don’t you know?”

“I don’t.” Qi Le asked, “What did you talk about when you met yesterday? Why did he agree so easily? “

“He didn’t speak much,” the doctor said. “He made me wear something on my head, took a look, said a few words, and then left.”

“…” Qi Le’s mouth couldn’t help twitching. “What was it?” xSksJe

“A pair of cat ears.”

Qi Le, “……”

“Don’t look at him like that,” said the doctor in a hushed voice. “I asked him and he said that he wasn’t into SM. So far, I haven’t seen anything unusual about him. He isn’t lying, is he?”

“Are you stupid? What’s the point in him lying?” Qi Le said in a low voice after taking a look behind him. “It’s still not too late to regret. Let’s go now. Don’t put yourself in this situation for that disturbing cause. It’s too much of a tragedy.” XYz6M8

“No, this isn’t the most tragic part. The tragedy is that I’m actually straight.”

Qi Le, “……”

“But it doesn’t matter,” the doctor solemnly. “If he really isn’t normal, I’ll make him normal. Then, it’ll be alright. “

Qi Le, “……” gYEnkv

As soon as the doctor finished speaking, he went back to sit down. Qi Le struggled for a moment before going over and taking a seat as well. Gu Bai was already sitting down and chatting with them. Seeing him come over, he got him to sit beside him and pulled him into his arms. Qi Le looked at the situation in surprise. “You know him?”

“Mmm, we’ve met a few times before.”

Qi Le was silent and suddenly remembered that Gu Bai had met Lu Yanbin several times before as well. But he had been with Erquan for so many years, he should be normal ah!

Gu Bai glanced at him, “What’s wrong?” yWsADH

Qi Le forced himself to calm down. “Are you friends with my brother-in-law?”

“No, I only got to know him recently.”

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Qi Le was relieved. As to why he met those two, he could ask later. He observed quietly and saw the man ask the doctor, “Shall we go get a room?”

Qi Le, “……” pEC819

The doctor froze then took out a small notebook to write on and looked at him. “We just met.”

“Mmm, I’m quite satisfied with your looks. Do you want to see if we have sexual chemistry? Shall we go?”

“Too impatient,” the doctor scribbled. “We should take it slow and first see if our personalities are compatible or not. Then, we can consider other things.”

He nodded and chatted with him. After a while, he asked again, “Shall we get a room?” ilt0f2

“This isn’t right,” the doctor advised patiently. “I said that we should take it slow. Plus, indulging too much in that will only hurt the body. You have to do it in moderation, get it?”

“It’s been more than a year since I’ve had sex,” the man said lightly. “I’m more selective.”

The doctor scribbled some more, chatted with him and asked several questions. He still thought that the man was rather normal.

Then, the man took a sip of his drink and asked again, “Shall we get a room?” rBgThE

The doctor looked at his small notebook, then at the man, and finally gritted his teeth. “Let’s go.”

Qi Le almost spit out his drink. He quickly pulled a certain someone to the corner. “Are you crazy?!”

“I just want to know if his sexual preferences are normal or not.”

“You don’t have to do this!” Qi Le stared at him suspiciously, thinking to himself, was this person also a nutjob? 6kdGa9

“Don’t worry, it’ll be alright,” the doctor leaned over and pulled out a small self-defense electric baton from his pocket, grinning triumphantly. “See what this is?”

Qi Le, “……”

Fuck! Was he really a doctor?!

The doctor patted him on the shoulder and went back to the man. Seeing that he held out his hand, the doctor calmly stretched out and offered his hand to him, the two affectionately walking out of the bar hand in hand. Qi Le silently looked at the door and glanced at Zhong Ruiyuan. “Brother-in-law, that friend of yours… is there anything weird about him?” E4Pnsy

“No, he’s normal.”

Laozi doesn’t believe you... Qi Le looked at him again. “Does he have any special hobbies? How is his character?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Are you afraid that your friend will be bullied? Don’t worry,”Zhong Ruiyuan comforted gleefully. “I’ve always had a good impression towards this friend, and he has a strong family background and good skills. If anyone bullies your friend, he will certainly not stand by idly.”

Qi Le responded after a moment’s pause, “……Good skills?” SODv3b

“Well, he’s Sanda master, very strong… What’s the matter?”

“…” Qi Le recalled that idiot doctor’s phone number had long been thrown away by him so he couldn’t contact him either. He clutched his fragile heart, “It’s… it’s okay…” He paused slightly, “Is he a rich second generation or official second generation? If he’s so amazing, why does he need your help to introduce someone to him?”

“He said that he wanted to settle down and asked me to look out. In fact, there are a lot of people who like him. He dated a few people before, but in the end, they ran away without any rhyme or reason. He doesn’t know why as well.”

Qi Le, “……” l1IZ7O



P.S. We finally meet my favorite couple :blobrofl: Also, don’t hate me for missing a few updates! I’ve been juggling work and looking after my grandma in the evening. She’s recuperating in the hospital now after her surgery so I finally got some extra free time today to update.


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