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The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh27 - Foundation Establishment


The big tiger stood in front of the bed and bared his teeth silently at the approaching Mo Tianliao. This shidi was too daring! He wanted to sexually harass Master! Did he want to die?!

Mo Tianliao came to his senses with a start and retracted his outstretched hand. He quietly looked at the beauty on the bed, his hand slowly clenched into a fist inside his sleeve, veins gradually bulging. Then he opened his hand as if nothing had happened, turned and left, dragging the big tiger out with him. Cq8who

The soul Condensing Sansang enveloped the soul, during which time the damaged soul was hard to control. This could cause several days of sleep.

Recalling the jade slips about heaven grade spiritual fruit, Mo Tianliao looked down. Difficult to control?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

During the days when Master was “in seclusion”, Mo Tianliao did not disturb him any more, he concentrated on practising in the rear mountains.

He cut down some fragrant fruit trees, bent and perforated them with his wood powers, then used his fire powers to burn the wood from the inside out in order to extract the most flavour. He caught a spiritual mountain goat, slaughtered it, skinned it and roasted it over the fire. qLpt9d

Spiritual mountain goats spent their time jumping all over the mountains and only ate spiritual grass. Their meat was delicious and they didn’t have a foul smell. The tender meat was covered with a layer of fat, which roasted and melted in the fire, dripping. The wood crackled merrily.

Mo Tianliao slowly brushed a layer of sauce over the meat while looking at the white goat horn in his hand. He pulled out a small carving knife and slowly carved out a beautiful face, its features picturesque, thin lips gently pursed, with a pair of narrowed eyes. The carving knife paused at an eyelid, he didn’t know whether the cold, not yet carved eyes would be black as ink or light as Liuli crystal.

“Oh, shidi. Barbecue, yay!” A warm voice sounded from behind, pulling Mo Tianliao back from his fugue.

Meng Hu had been practising not far away. The smell of roasted meat had distracted him again and again. It had been really impossible for him to train so he had to come and look for whatever it was that was triggering his internal demons. He found his little shidi sitting by the fire and staring blankly.

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“Da-shixiong,” Mo Tianliao put away the horn and raised his head up to greet him.

“Nice workmanship,” said Meng Hu. He came over and sat down next to Mo Tianliao on the stone, watching the dripping roasting meat. “It seems that you have been earnestly practising Master’s techniques.”

“Da-shixiong also practised this?” Mo Tianliao turned to look at him, remembering that his shizhi had said that da-shixiong had also learned to cut down and burn trees when he started. iKmoEW

Meng Hu gave a dry cough. “I have a pure fire root. When Master asked me to burn things for practice, I thought that since I was already making a fire, I might as well cook something to eat…”

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The more he said, the lower his voice became. When he had been cooking food in the rear mountains every day, Master had come to find him and he was forced to send portions of food to Master daily. He said it was in order to test his progress. He guessed that Master had found it a good cultivation method and decided to just directly order shidi to use barbecue to cultivate.

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“Oh, shidi, don’t be so polite. I’m not Master, so you don’t need to do that.” Meng Hu looked at the delicate pieces of meat and felt they were not even enough to fill the gap between his teeth. KI6l2M

Mo Tianliao ignored him, wrapped the meat with the leaves, put them aside and handed the knife to his da-shixiong. The meaning was very clear: that was not for you, if you want to eat then cut it yourself.

“…” Zfcu Le qegrfv tlr ilqr, gfrlucfvis ugjyyfv atf xclof, mea boo j ubja ifu, jcv bcmf tbivlcu la, yfujc ab ucjk bc la.

Mo Tianliao ate a few pieces of golden-brown meat, then looked at da-shixiong, whose mouth was covered in grease. He asked, pretending nonchalance, “Shixiong, how did Master’s soul get hurt?”

“Hm?” Meng Hu raised his head from the goat leg, blinked, swallowed the meat in his mouth and wiped his greasy lips with a hand. “I don’t know, when I entered the sect, Master’s soul was already damaged. The Sect Leader has found all kinds of heavenly materials and earthly treasures  for Master, but he can’t be cured.” sqWSAm

Da-shixiong lowered his head, feeling very depressed.

Shixiong eat slowly, I’ll go take some meat to Master.” Mo Tianliao stood up and patted da-shixiong on the head. “If shixiong has any free time, can he come to the rear mountains to give me some fighting advice?”

“Of course.” Meng Hu nodded, instructing his shidi was his duty. “Wait for me here at this time tomorrow.”

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Mo Tianliao walked away and Meng Hu continued chomping on the goat leg for a while. Then he finally reacted. Shidi patted him on the head just now! This was a blatant show of disrespect for shixiong! He took another bite. He’ll have to teach shidi a good lesson tomorrow. YBTKt0

Mo Tianliao carried the roasted goat meat to Qingning Palace. When he saw his beautiful Master sitting in the courtyard in the sun, his long hair was ink black again.

Mo Tianliao feigned ignorance. He sat down beside the rocking chair with a smile and opened up the leaves. The palm of his hand was always hot with fire qi. The goat meat was still warm and crispy.

“I roasted some goat, Master please have a taste,” Mo Tianliao said softly, passing the food to Qingtong.

Qingtong narrowed his beautiful eyes slightly and looked at the high-quality meat. He frowned faintly, “This excellency has already started fasting, I will not eat this.”

Mo Tianliao smiled and did not say anything. He pulled out a handful of Liuli marbles, ” I practised carving the other day, I hope Master won’t dislike them.”

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“What do you mean by this?” Long fingers extended, but they paused just as they met the glittering and translucent beads. Who gave their Master Liuli marbles?

“I don’t mean anything by it. They are nice, but I don’t know who to give them to.” Mo Tianliao fiddled with the beads in his hand for a while, one slipped from his fingers. The round glass marble immediately rolled around the small bamboo pavilion, making a delicate ping-ping-ping sound. EQrB0C

Qingtong’s slender hands gripped the cloth covering his legs, his cold beautiful eyes looked away, the sound made by the Liuli bead made his grip tighten. Mo Tianliao’s heart ached with longing when he saw him like this. He got up and picked up the marble, wiped it clean and put it into Qingtong’s hands together with the rest.

“I should go practise,” Mo Tianliao said nothing else, got up and left.

Once he was gone, Qingtong slowly opened his hand, the crystal-clear beads rolled in his palm, he stretched out a slender finger to play with them for a moment, then pursed his lips. “This excellency does not like gamey meat such as goat…”

The next day, Meng Hu was waiting for Mo Tianliao, ready to teach his shidi a good lesson. ilLhaX

“I heard that shixiong is good with the broadsword,” Mo Tianliao said, looking at his da-shixiong, who was cracking his knuckles. “Recently, even though my spiritual force has been growing smoothly, there is no one to practice fighting with.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“No problem, I will suppress my cultivation level to be the same as yours,” Meng Hu said, immediately and cheerfully restraining himself to the Qi Refining stage. He abandoned his sword and picked up a common, magic weapon grade, tiger-head sword. “You have progressed again in the few days we haven’t seen each other.”

Mo Tianliao raised his eyebrows, his shixiong did not seem surprised at his rapid growth. He lowered his eyes and took out a wooden sword.

Shidi, I picked an ordinary magic weapon for your sake, what’s with the wooden sword?” Meng Hu was immediately displeased. In his opinion, his weak shidi would be thoroughly beaten down by him. 8vSCFV

Mo Tianliao didn’t speak. He wielded his sword in a direct attack.

“Oh-ho!” Meng Hu was surprised and hurriedly turned sideways to dodge. The angle of the sword was very sharp, it almost stabbed him through the armpit. He didn’t dare to be careless any more.

In his last life, Mo Tianliao’s spirit root was ordinary. In addition to spending vast amounts of lingshi in order to increase his spiritual force, he trained day and night. Whether it was magic or swordsmanship, it was all easy for him. Also, before he became famous he had followed that old bastard and learned all kinds of dirty tricks from him.

The wooden blade, imbued with fire qi, stabbed past and just when it was blocked a thorny vine erupted from its tip, heading straight towards Meng Hu’s eye. Meng Hu looked up and evaded. Without missing a beat, he grabbed hold of the vine and a fire dragon formed at his fingertips setting it on fire. ROpvMm

Mo Tianliao resolutely gave up the burning vine, spun and snapped his fingers at the same time. A tiny firesnake formed instantly and went straight to Meng Hu’s crotch.

“Ow!” His crotch on fire, Meng Hu jumped three chi high, rolled on the floor, absorbed the fire into the palm of his hand and threw it back.

Mo Tianliao used his wooden blade to catch the flames, the cyan woodfire roared joyfully at the edge of his sword.

“You are way too devious!” Meng Hu got up, he was panting with rage. kCFdLT

“In a fight to the death, is it really necessary to have manners?” Mo Tianliao ignored him and let the woodfire consume his wooden blade.

Meng Hu, who had unexpectedly lost a fight against his shidi, felt very ashamed. The following day he dragged Mo Tianliao for another round. The result was another loss.

The determined da-shixiong became bolder with every fight. Every day he would drag Mo Tianliao for another round. He gradually started to last longer, but he still shouted angrily at Mo Tianliao for his constant dirty moves. Mo Tianliao told him to only suppress himself to the Foundation Establishment stage, yet they still barely ended up with a draw.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

During the training with da-shixiong, Mo Tianliao gradually learned how to handle his divine tree body and also mastered some common fighting moves from his previous life, rapidly advancing his cultivation. Finally, on a sunny morning, he attained Foundation Establishment. odkxu1

Foundation Establishment was the first true step on the road of cultivation. Achieving a solid Foundation Establishment would lead to small-scale astronomical phenomena.

Originally, that early morning had been sunny and windy, suddenly dark clouds gathered, both a cyan beam and a red beam appeared then twisted into a winding ray of light which rose abruptly from the small courtyard near Qingning Palace, reached the sky, then disappeared.

Unedited, please point out any mistakes :blobaww:

Poor Big Fatty. Setting fire to shixiong’s crotch, Mo Tianliao is really merciless :googlefire::blobfearful: 4XDN6J

On the other hand, Big wet chest kept asking for more so I guess  the theory about him being an M came true :blobcheeky:

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

Or sheep, I guess. It’s the same character so it’s ambiguous but goat seemed more likely.

Translator's Note

Internal Demons (心魔 xīnmó) – literally translates as “Heart Devils”. Rather than standard demons or devils, these are a practitioner’s negative emotions and other mental barriers which hinder their training/cultivation. Internal Demons, in some cases, can even attack the practitioner from the inside, and failure to adequately resist them may result in Qi Deviation.
lzy 2B

From: https://immortalmountain.wordpress.com/glossary/wuxia-xianxia-xuanhuan-terms/#cultivation

Translator's Note

天材地宝 (tiān cái dì bǎo) is a common phrase used in cultivation novels, referring to the items used to increase lifespan, treat illnesses, improve a certain ability, etc. after being taken

Translator's Note

辟谷 bìgǔ, is a Daoist fasting technique associated with achieving xian “transcendence; immortality”. hnVrko

More info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bigu_(grain_avoidance)

Translator's Note

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