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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh12 - I’ll Make a Little Skirt For You


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

Under these circumstances, his husband was inadequately clothed, sprawled on the bed asking him about species. No matter how Tang Wan looked at it, the atmosphere was ambiguous! Tang Wan felt like his feet had been nailed to the ground. He couldn’t move. LyhfjK

“What are you scared of? Are you afraid that I will eat you?” Zong He slowly, and carefully questioned him, looking at Tang Wan’s panicked expression. He wasn’t in a rush. He had already known Tang Wan’s nature, which was too soft and wasn’t sufficient. Without being forced, he wouldn’t emerge from his hard protective shell. But too hard wasn’t good either, it would only make him more defensive and mistrustful.

Zong He saw Tang Wan’s unnatural face, so he knew that if he pushed any harder, Tang Wan would be annoyed. He indifferently smiled. “I’m not in good health yet. You don’t have to worry that I’ll fulfill my obligations towards you right now.”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Wan breathed a sigh of relief. Then say it earlier ba. This resolute manner had frightened him!

“What do you want to discuss about species?” Tang Wan slowly walked towards the bedside and sat at the end of the bed, keeping a safe distance away. 31OV82

Zong He was happy. “Why are you afraid of me?”

Tang Wan awkwardly laughed, and scooted forward until he neared Zong He’s waist, “Not afraid.”

The next second, the other party had seized his hand. Tang Wan’s breath shuddered and stiffened for a split second, but he didn’t shake off his hand. “What do you want to talk to me about? Talk ba.”

From being like a teasing cat to suddenly becoming so serious, Zong He was helpless. This person, creating trouble out of nothing!


Zong He told him solemnly, “Da Zhuang isn’t a cat. He’s a tiger.”

“……pfftt!” Tang Wan couldn’t resist laughing at the Marshal’s serious explanation. Saying it so gravely, did Da Zhuang feel too wronged, or could his uncle not stand it anymore? “Da Zhuang complained to you?”

Zong He nodded.

Tang Wan smiled and asked, “How did he tell you? Did he miao?” Wo1K2N

Zong He pinched Tang Wan’s fingertips. “Miao?”

Tang Wan chuckled, “It’s the small kitten complaining, miao miao miao.”

Zong He laughed. “Your miao sounds better than his.”

Tang Wan pouted. He had deliberately told him to miao like a cat, was his heart black? TUkDAj

Zong He smiled and patted the interior of the bed, closed in by his body, indicating that Tang Wan should go to bed. “He’s a tiger, he can’t call out like a cat.”

Tang Wan had no choice but to climb over Zong He, how could this person be stuck in this position every time?! He had just climbed over when his waist was tightly pulled in. Tang Wan was stunned, and Zong He’s head immediately rested on his shoulder. He glanced back nervously, looking at the person draped behind him. How was he the same as Da Zhuang, so sticky once they were in bed?

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Zong He was still stubborn. “Tiger, not cat.”

“Cigluta, jigluta, tf’r j alufg, cba j mja. P’ii ilrafc ab sbe.” Kjcu Qjc agfjafv atf batfg ilxf j ylu mja, ktlif tf kjcafv ab milwy bea. Lf lcfzqilmjyis ofia ilxf tf kjr yflcu qgfrrfv vbkc ys Gj Itejcu. Ktf offilcu bo yflcu ecjyif ab mgjki bea kjr nfgs ecmbwobgajyif! xncddZ

“Just sleep like this. Don’t move.” The voice in his ear was lazy, but didn’t leave any room for argument.

Tang Wan quickly settled down and lifted his hands. After several tentative explorations, he finally placed the palms of his hands in Zong He’s hair. He combed his fingers through gently, like coaxing a big cat. “Sleep, ba. Goodnight.”

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Zong He chuckled, turned off the lights, and gently kissed Tang Wan’s chin. “Goodnight.”

Tang Wan blushed and tucked his head into Zong He’s shoulder. Please be a little less honest! 01D86d

— — — —

Early in the morning, Tang Wan crouched beside the fish pond and fed the koi.

Zong He stood behind him, indifferently looking at the ugly fish without appetite. He didn’t understand why Tang Wan liked these kinds of furless, ugly creatures.

Tang Wan watched the fish scramble for food. “These fish have a long life span and are said to live for hundreds of years.” GjeBhQ

Zong He couldn’t hide the disdain in his eyes, but still said seriously, “When we grow old, if you still like them, you can take care of them in their old age. ”

It was hard to imagine that when they were already this ugly as babies, how ugly they would be when they grew up. Their colors weren’t the same, but a swirl of colors. The Marshal, who was very critical towards the colors of animal’s coats, was extremely disgusted.

Tang Wan didn’t turn around. He raised his eyebrows, dipped his hand into the pond and gently tapped at the surface of the water. A group of fish crowded around the hand in an instant. “You mean we can grow old together?”

“Why not?” Zong He approached him, stopping only a step away. His tall figure blocked the sunshine and shrouded Tang Wan’s whole figure in shadow. “Do you still want to divorce me?” SZIvUK

Tang Wan raised his head and saw the seriousness in the other’s eyes at a glance. The sunshine behind him was warm, and Tang Wan squinted slightly under the brilliant sunlight. He felt that the other’s golden eyes were like a blazing inferno, with enough power to melt his soul. Tang Wan pursed his lips and smiled. “Okay, I’ll trust you.” He stretched out his hands. “Pull me up.”

Zong He was perplexed. This time, Tang Wan didn’t keep his distance?

Tang Wan urged, “Hurry, my feet are numb.”

Zong He raised his eyebrows, grabbed Tang Wan’s outstretched hands, and pulled him up. He watched Tang Wan bounce around, stamping his feet. The corner of his mouth curved slightly upwards. He reached out and poked Tang Wan a little. Tang Wan stood at the edge of the pool; his feet were still numb and were startled by the poke. He reflexively grabbed onto Zong He’s arm and pulled himself up. Zong He put his arms around Tang Wan’s waist and nodded, pleased. “En.” 27t bq

“What ‘en’?! What does ‘en’ mean?!” Tang Wan was incensed and smacked Zong He. Only after his fit of rage passed, he noticed that the atmosphere wasn’t quite right.

Zong He bowed his head and kissed the man in his arms, who dared to be stunned. He had said that they would live out their old age together, so he shouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

This time, Tang Wan mercilessly slapped Zong He on the back, red-faced and indignant. “There are still people here, pay attention to what you’re doing!”

Zong He looked around. Where were the people? His ears worked well enough. Xjy6v2

Tang Wan pressed his hands against his forehead. He was focusing on the wrong thing! He shouldn’t act like a rogue when he was married!

In the afternoon, Zong He went to receive treatment again. Tang Wan wanted to follow, but he felt too embarrassed. He asked Lin Bo and determined that nothing was wrong, so he went back to their room to sleep.

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He could sleep more than the average person, but he didn’t know why.

In the evening, Tang Wan, who had slept enough, released Jin Xiao Pang and went to the fish pond with him, hoping that he could see its expression when it couldn’t catch a fish. RiTqbM

Jin Xiao Pang gave him a lot of face, not at all like Da Zhuang’s lofty indifference. The chubby cat circled around the fish pond excitedly after it saw a fish. It tentatively clawed at the fish, trying to catch one. But it didn’t like water. When it touched the water, it pulled back quickly, shook its paw twice, licked it clean, and stretched its claws out.

Tang Wan was amused by its actions. He took pictures with his terminal and uploaded it to his Weibo: Cat with fish and water.

Jin Xiao Pang couldn’t catch a fish and anxiously whined, occasionally whining like a child who couldn’t get a toy. Tang Wan laughed and picked it up, giving it dried meat to eat and praised, “This is a real cat! Cats have to meow!”

In a crabapple tree not far away, a black and gold fuzzy dumpling solemnly stared at Tang Wan, who was with Jin Xiao Pang, with frigid eyes. onbZjl

Tang Wan felt the back of his head prickle, as if being pricked by something. He subconsciously looked back, instantly staring into a pair of golden eyes. Tang Wan was startled by the look, and he quickly put Jin Xiao Pang away, saying flatteringly, “Da Zhuang has returned, quickly come down! Daddy embraces!”

With a cold snort, the kitten jumped down from the tree, thumping the grass. The grass was tossed askew and a pit was formed.

Tang Wan ran over, laughing, and held his darling, holding him up high ~

Zong He’s eyes fell on Tang Wan’s chest. The cat’s eyes narrowed slightly, pupils turning into slits. There was a gold cat hair! 8s6brY

Tang Wan quickly patted himself, grabbed Da Zhuang, rubbed his face, and smiled. Against this look, it was difficult to remain angry.

Having coaxed the possessive, ill-tempered, and wayward kitten, Tang Wan held him. They strolled through the garden, discussing pleasantly, “Da Zhuang, Daddy needs to talk to you about a serious matter.”

Zong He silently looked at his paws, the 1051st ‘daddy’!

Tang Wan continued, “The next time I broadcast live, I want you to be a part of the action.” WAaEOR

Zong He pressed his paws against Tang Wan’s forehead. Don’t even think about it! He wouldn’t do such a shameful thing!

Tang Wan cackled, “I’m going to prepare a few pieces of fabric and make you a new set of clothes.”

Zong He immediately had a bad feeling.

Tang Wan jogged back to his room with the kitten in his arms. He took out a piece of cloth decorated with pink flowers from the express box and showed it to Zong He. “I’ll make you a pair of flower-patterned pants and a pink flower bib, so you won’t get dirty when you eat later.” 3qXkew

Zong He: ! ! !

After dinner, Tang Wan found that the pink flower cloth he had prepared had disappeared. Tang Wan suspiciously looked at the dozing cat lying on the windowsill. “Da Zhuang, could it be that you didn’t like the color, so you took it and buried it?”

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The cat lying on the windowsill remained motionless.

Tang Wan had no choice. “I was just teasing, it was for Jin Xiao Pang. You should find it for me as soon as possible!” 9ZiyRa

Only then did Zong He open his eyes, looking at Tang Wan without much trust.

Tang Wan raised his hands. “I swear.”

Zong He jumped off the windowsill and headed towards the garbage can in the corner. He tapped the garbage can with his paw, indicating that he had tossed it here, and if Tang Wan wanted it, he could retrieve it himself.

When Tang Wan opened the garbage can, the cloth was already dirty and useless. He stared at the kitten for a moment, looked into his beautiful, big eyes, and sighed. “You win. Who let you grow up to become so good-looking?” yMZAze

The heartbroken Daddy Tang took out the cloth. There was another red one inside, and he quietly muttered, “If this was made into red pants……”

Zong He’s eyes showed even more disgust. A cat dressed like a bullfighter, wouldn’t it burn the eyes? In order to protect himself from Tang Wan’s sudden change of mind to put him in the red pants, Da Zhuang was quickly ‘taken away by his family’. The Marshal who had ‘just’ finished his treatment left the treatment room.

Tang Wan still lamented. He still wanted Da Zhuang to wear the red pants. With Da Zhuang’s level of appearance, his handsomeness would surely soar to the heavens!

Tang Wan held Jin Xiao Pang, showing him off to Zong He, “Look, isn’t it cute? This fur color looks very good!” iS2TZs

The Marshal calmly told him, ”We can’t be born with this kind of color. But it could be possible for it to be like Da Zhuang’s.”

Tang Wan’s eyes brightened. He laughed and said mischievously, “I’ve never seen what your original form looks like.”

Zong He proudly declared, “A thousand times bigger than Da Zhuang.”

Tang Wan thought about the size, then glanced at the other. “Are you kidding? How big is a thousand times? Like a giant or Godzilla?” wW1Scp

Zong He laughed and replied, “Yes, I was just teasing you.”

Tang Wan fumed and glared at him out of the corner of his eye, “Do you have nothing better to do?!”

Zong He cupped Tang Wan’s cheeks, turning his head back around. “I’ll show you when we go to bed.”

Tang Wan’s heart thudded. Originally, there was nothing. How could he feel so ambiguous from what the other party said? Should he look forward to it? Or should he pretend to be blind? e9ETkt

This couple is always going to bed, but no papapa scene
(´_`。) *sniff*

This chapter was also just plain adorable ~

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