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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh11 - Who Wears Their Clothes Properly When They Sleep?

  • Translator: Callis
    Editor: Walker

Seeing that Da Zhuang had no objection, Tang Wan happily picked him up and smiled, walking into the bathroom. Cats didn’t like water; in the past, when he bathed him, Da Zhuang was extremely reluctant. This time, when he mentioned that they would bathe together, the cub didn’t object.

Did he fear that if he didn’t obey, then he wouldn’t like him? QzcIKF

Tang Wan laughed. This was the benefit of buying Jin Xiao Pang, that Da Zhuang had a feeling of impending crisis.

Tang Wan held Da Zhuang in one hand and began to pour water into the bathtub with the other. He gauged the weight in his hand and laughed, “Da Zhuang, did you grow a little? You sunk a little.” The cat in his arms remained motionless. Tang Wan rubbed against his head and assured him, “You’ve become chubbier.”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zong He: “……”

Tang Wan placed his baby beside the tub and touched his legs. “Chubbier.” L0QbOE

He touched the cat’s belly. “A lot of meat.”

He touched the cat’s butt again. “Really a lot of meat.”

Chubby, three consecutive strikes! Zong He’s tail covered his chest. He was strong, not fat!

Feeling that Tang Wan’s hands touched his waist again, Zong He glared at Tang Wan angrily. You still aren’t stopping?!


Tang Wan was amused and joked, “You’re a little troublemaking child, and your fur hasn’t even fully grown. The more you’re like this, the more I want to smack you.”

Zong He bared his teeth. At this moment, he had a strong urge to shift into a tiger. However, after considering the consequences of his transformation, Zong He held back, only using his paw to swat at Tang Wan’s outstretched hand. This person, digging for trouble! Didn’t even know what he was doing!

Seeing that Da Zhuang was really angry, Tang Wan didn’t dare to tease him anymore. Otherwise, the child would hide, then he wouldn’t be able to find him. He began to take off his clothes and prepared to take a bath.

Tang Wan was thin, with a small frame, but his joints didn’t protrude. In modern people’s words, he was a skinny beauty. 3KV4Jg

Zong He glanced over. He stiffly turned his face away, ears tinted red. Suddenly, he began to regret. Why did he promise to bathe together? Looking for trouble again! It was him who didn’t know what he was doing!

He couldn’t help turning his head again. Zong He raised his ears in dissatisfaction. He was too thin, didn’t eat enough meat! You wouldn’t learn well from those little stars in the entertainment industry!

The Marshal believed that it was better for a wife to be chubby. When he took him out, then people would know that he doted on his wife. If he was so thin at a glance, then it would be like those fat elders and their partners who didn’t eat well.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

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Zong He’s two paws were pressed on Tang Wan’s chest. His paw pads seemed as though they had been scalded, and he felt like he didn’t know where to place them.

“Are you so afraid of water?” Tang Wan rubbed and rubbed the belly of his beloved baby. It felt inconvenient to bathe like this. He bent his legs and dropped Da Zhuang, belly up and falling with his four limbs in the air. “I’ll wash your belly, your fur is just too long. Fortunately, β Ursae Minoris is spring all year around. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to stand the summer.”

Tang Wan turned his head and looked at the shelf next to him. They had run out of Da Zhuang’s bath wash. “You have to make do with your cousin’s, both of you are the same species. They should both be hair-conserving bath wash.”

Zong He’s face was solemn. No, that was for human use. He didn’t like bathing in his original form. 8ir5Ut

Tang Wan squeezed out some bath wash, working it into a lather with his hands, and even washed the kitten’s paws.

Throughout, Zong He looked at Tang Wan with a guarded gaze. He could only wash the upper body, not the lower!

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Pfftt ~ Look at you like this!” Tang Wan pinched his baby’s cheeks. “Who wants to wash your butt? Treating you like this is no different from how your relatives would, you still glare at me? Then wash yourself!”

Seeing that the cub on his leg hadn’t moved, Tang Wan suddenly blinked and approached him curiously. “Do you beastmen go to the bathroom and wipe your butt? I know kittens lick themselves.” ieyEoj

Zong He jumped up in a split second. In a bad mood, he smacked the water, nauseated! Who shits and doesn’t wipe his ass?! Who eats his own shit?! What kind of mistaken assumption was this?!

Not only did he fail to recognize species, but his cognitive deviation had also reached sub-human levels. After the Marshal finished raging, he lost all of his strength. He tucked his head into Tang Wan’s shoulder. He had accepted his fate. He couldn’t be upset with Tang Wan, it would just anger him to death. So, he could only spoil him.

He still hadn’t washed his butt. When Tang Wan snuck a peek, there was still a hint of disgust in the cub’s eyes. He took him out and blow-dried him, then smoothed and brushed out his fur. He tossed Da Zhuang onto the bed, then pounced and took him into his arms. “Sleep! Don’t face me with your butt!”

Zong He: “……” VvGIBl

— — — —

During the night, there was a heated discussion about ‘cats’ all over the internet. Jin Xiao Pang’s video click-through rate had exceeded tens of billions. In the past, there had also been meng pets running on the ground and flying through the sky. Tang Wan’s live broadcast had hosted quite a lot. Now, the kitten had smashed onto the scene. It had conquered the hearts of countless people on Earth, and had conquered the people of the future again. In addition, it was an extinct species, and even renowned scholars wanted to study its habits.

What’s more, they wanted to find Tang Wan to buy the cat in his hands.

However, Tang Wan’s identity remained a mystery that no one could uncover, even as the audience discussed it. He didn’t have any identifying information on the internet. TbIKfp

Now, people were even more curious. What was his identity, and what was he hiding it for? If he had the ability to broadcast live, then he should have the ability to appear ah!

As for the person involved, Tang Wan indulged himself in cats and couldn’t extricate himself. That morning, the sunshine was perfect. Tang Wan was holding Da Zhuang in his arms, sitting on the bamboo chair in the garden. He placed Da Zhuang on the table and gentled brushed the kitten’s long fur. Long-haired cats weren’t good in this aspect. Their fur knotted too easily and it had to be brushed regularly. They should be brushed several times a day to keep their look top-notch.

After brushing, Tang Wan held the kitten’s face. He stroked the kitten’s ears, looked into his golden eyes, and boasted enthusiastically, “Your appearance’s level is too high, your eyes are pretty, your nose is adorable, your mouth is cute, your ears are lovely, all the bones in your body are beautiful, and your fur looks even better!”

Zong He’s ears twitched, and he turned his head to look away. His ears were tinged red. This babbling mouth! Everyday, he was fed with this soup of infatuation and after that, he still wanted to divorce him! Intolerable! b7ZKgi

Lin Bo placed tea and snacks onto the table and looked at the couple’s warm, harmonious atmosphere. He touched his beard in relief. “Fūrén likes the young master so much. He’ll have a cub with the Marshal later. If the child takes after the Marshal, they would surely be the same, and would even have the same fur color.”

Tang Wan didn’t know how to respond. It was too early to talk about children. Sure enough, the elders liked to put all of their energy into children.

Zong He looked at his own fur. Tang Wan noticed that his tail flicked twice. He couldn’t bear to touch his tail. This fur color was really beautiful, if he had a son like Da Zhuang……Tang Wan covered his face with his hands, he was thinking too far!

Bored, he poked Da Zhuang’s belly and received a frigid look from the kitten in exchange. Tang Wan held his chin in one hand and got close to the other, asking curiously, “Da Zhuang, when you go home and your relatives ask what you learned from Uncle, you still can’t call out, can you? ‘Miao’ for me.” Rb1PEY

The kitten twisted and turned his back to Tang Wan, leaving him with only the butt and a furry tail.

Tang Wan pulled the unruly cub back and continued, “You don’t even know how to knead for milk, are you really a milk cat?”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Wan grasped the kitten’s two front paws, pulled him into his arms, pressed the paws into his shoulders, and kneaded, kneaded, and kneaded, “Do you know now?”

Still, it was written all over the kitten’s face……it would be a long story. NRbS9V

Tang Wan’s heart was weary, he was afraid that the child was dumb. Though he tried to teach him, the cub couldn’t learn the things that the other members of his species already knew.

Lin Bo reminded him with a smile, “Fūrén, he is a tiger, not a cat. What tiger calls out ‘miao miao’?”

“Then, he could call out ‘baa baa’?” Tang Wan remembered a video he had seen, where the baby tiger had cried out like a sheep. That cute star he liked had ‘baa baa’-ed.

Zong He grimaced. When on earth could this fool distinguish species?! k53IHY

“I’ll make you a good meal, deal? ‘Miao’ once with me.”

“Small paws step ~”

“I want to give you a small braid.”

“The fur on your tail is long, do you want me to tie a bow on it?” rdzIUA

“No, the bow must be on the neck, like a bow tie.”

Listening to Tang Wan continuously whispering in his ear, he had no choice but to climb onto Tang Wan’s chest, placed his head onto his shoulder, and went to sleep.

When Tang Wan saw him like this, he couldn’t bear to tease him anymore. He leaned back in his chair and let the kitten in his arms sleep more comfortably. He logged onto the Personal Information Center; his account already had a million star coins. He excitedly rubbed Da Zhuang. Lucky cat ah ~ Rub twice a day everyday to make a fortune! Then, he turned on the system. After the cat debuted online, the popularity level in the system increased sharply. The system had unlocked amphibians, frogs, and turtles. There were also aquatic vertebrates, carp, koi, and the like. Tang Wan’s face was full of disgust, go away! No fur, what kind of pets were these? They could only be food!

Tang Wan looked at it indifferently for a while. After he calmed down, he disregarded it. He would buy and raise a few koi. SwIMJp

“Lin Bo, do we have a fish tank in the house?”

Lin Bo laughed as he pruned the flower bushes nearby, “No tank, is a fish pond okay?”

Tang Wan was interested. He tilted his head and asked, “How big is the fish pond?”

Lin Bo slowly replied, “There are big and small ones. In this garden, there’s a small one 40 square meters large. There’s a big fountain in the yard where you can also raise fish. There’s also a river behind the hill. If you want to, you can raise sharks there too.” ALhywY

Tang Wan stood up with a light smile. “The little fish pond in the garden is fine. I want to raise some koi fish.”

“Koi fish? The extinct one?”

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden (dot) com

“Yes, it can bring people money, happiness, and good luck. If we keep a few at home, it would add a vigorous atmosphere.”

In the very same day, the fish pond was cleaned and filled with water. The filters were also opened and switched on. MWFH4d

In the evening, Tang Wan bought quite a few baby koi and put them in the water. He placed Da Zhuang next to the water, encouraging him, “Cats that don’t know how to catch a fish aren’t good cats, go! Pounce! Don’t be afraid!”

Zong He: “……”

About the question of his species, they must have a serious talk!

That night, the Marshal finally emerged from the ‘treatment room’ and laid on the bed, half-clothed. He hooked his finger at his partner and said earnestly, “Come here, let’s talk about species.” LdfDc1

Tang Wan ground his teeth, coldly saying, “Put your clothes on properly, then we’ll talk!”

Zong He raised his eyebrows, “Who wears their clothes properly when they sleep?”

Tang Wan: “……”

You’re right, I’m speechless. XSaFvg

But! How can we talk like this?! This could only be flirting!

Zong He: Draw me like one of your French girls _(:3」∠)_
Tang Wan: (*゚д゚*)ドキドキ

Tang Tang, he’s offering himself to you on a silver platter… please… take him


Translator's Note

Strong in ‘Zhuang’, as in “Da Zhuang’

Translator's Note

Him, as in Zong He

Translator's Note

When kittens knead their mother’s stomachs to stimulate milk production

Translator's Note

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