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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh74 - Provincial Competition – Elemental Dancer 3


translator: xiin
editor: kara

Two blades sliced across and interrupted the spell once again! kvhLaA

After being approached by an assassin, having them use techniques in order to continuously interrupt spells was every mage’s nightmare!

It had to be a technique, because all of the system’s interrupt skills had a long cooldown, and only techniques could be released without a cooldown.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Moreover, this was a very difficult technique to classify. It was usually described as ‘melee attack accuracy’, because it was very difficult to continuously and accurately hit a mage’s vocal cords during the course of an ever-changing situation––if they could achieve continuous spell interruption, then the melee attack accuracy could be said to have reached a point where the contestant could attack wherever they wanted with precision. (In traditional online games, this melee attack accuracy was basically equal to having a critical hit rate of 100%.)

Commensurate with its difficulty, the benefits of such accuracy were also unlimited–– 16Hmno

Especially in the face of mages!

There were two well-known ways for mage contestants to resist ‘spell interruption’ or break through the technique: first, use instant-cast spells that only required a single syllable; second, use the highly difficult technique ‘skill reconstruction’ and instantly change the spell to release a different spell with a weaker effect.

Out of all the mages across the nation, Geng Chen was undoubtedly one of the top masters of the ‘spell reconstruction’ technique! J4HEmS

When her eye of the storm was interrupted this time, her health had already been dropped to 30% by Odin! Basically, she’d be done for after another attack while Odin’s health volume was still very healthy!

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However, her expression didn’t change. In the blink of an eye, she formed a new spell: shadow of the wind!

The effect of this spell blew the enemies around her outwards with a gust of powerful wind.

Male commentator: “An extremely beautiful counterattack! I dare to say that as soon as Geng Chen saw Odin’s shadow jump, she was already prepared to be interrupted and took advantage of this to use a wind-blowing skill. Don’t forget their positioning at the time––” rDFRAJ

––They were both standing under the ginkgo tree on the edge of the cliff.

When Tyron appeared behind her with his shadow jump, he had the cliff to his back.

Geng Chen’s improvised wind-blowing spell aimed at shooting him down.

Female commentator: Ah, contestant Odin has been blown away! However, I feel like he still has something up his sleeve!!” ynW8iR

Instead of saying that Tyron had been hit by a spell and fell off the cliff, it was better to say that Tyron had also prepared to leap back with his two blades crossed in front of him.

His clothing fluttered in the wind, his hood covering his cold, dark golden eyes as his figure disappeared into the dark fissure.

The fissure was long and narrow. It was about two and a half meters wide, but it was so deep that the bottom couldn’t be seen. aVKvkj

Everyone could see that after Odin fell off the cliff, Geng Chen immediately ceased her eye of the storm and once again regained the advantage of flight.

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At this time, the female commentator said, “Odin seems to have no plans of coming up for the time being! Will Geng Chen chase him inside? Should she chase? Would it be a good or bad thing for her?”

Zjif mbwwfcajabg: “Xfcfgjiis rqfjxlcu, atf jvnjcajufr bo vblcu rb beakflut atf vlrjvnjcajufr!”

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Cr rbbc jr tf rjlv atlr, atfs kjamtfv jr Xfcu Jtfc gfifjrfv j rtlfiv rqfii jcv atfc oifk lcab atf mgjmx. mActau

Ktf vlgfmabg lwwfvljafis obiibkfv atfw klat atf mjwfgj jcv aegcfv bc atf cluta iluta wbvf.

Ktlr jiibkfv atf jevlfcmf jcv mbwwfcajabgr ab rff atf rlaejalbc mifjgis: Qlatlc atf vffq, vjgx olrregf, atf akb mbcafrajcar kfgf cb wbgf atjc afc wfafgr jqjga. Lbkfnfg, atfs vlvc’a lwwfvljafis cbalmf atf batfg qfgrbc’r qgfrfcmf.

At this time, the male commentator explained, “They are both close-combat players. There was originally no need for Geng Chen to pull apart. In this kind of narrow space, Odin’s advantage is that he’s gained a place to launch himself and gain leverage. Geng Chen’s advantage is that her wide-ranged magic will become more powerful––Odin will have no room to dodge her spells. This is fatal for a squishy assassin!” JNBoVy

Female commentator: “So, based on your words, was it a mistake for Odin to choose to continue the fight in the fissure?”


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The two commentators didn’t get to finish speaking, because the two players in the fissure had begun to face off!

It could be seen from the director’s camera that Odin had already gotten into place and was waiting to ambush from a certain position when Geng Chen flew into the fissure. He’d been waiting for Geng Chen to come within his range of attack. gd 4f6

However, Geng Chen was a contestant from the National Championships and was very experienced, so the first spell she used when she was at the entrance of the fissure was: echo!

This was originally a very small spell that only provided three waves of sound in order to detect the surroundings within ten meters. However, it would rebound continuously within the narrow space, and in some specific situations, it could be amazingly useful!

This time, it was due to the feedback from the sound waves that echoed off the cliff face that allowed Geng Chen to discover Tyron’s location in advance.

In the moment that he was exposed, the two players burst out and attacked at the same time, and an exchange of attacks at very close quarters took place. fungCv

Male commentator: “Ah! Odin’s ambush this time wasn’t a good idea! It’s obvious that he’d been discovered, but he still insisted on going up to fight. When an elemental dancer is prepared in advance, he will be at a big disadvantage when it comes to an exchange in health!”

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Everyone could see that Odin’s health had dropped to 60% after this exchange.

After that, he paused for a moment on the cliff face, then dropped down again, going deeper into another fissure.

The female commentator found it very incredible. She couldn’t quite believe that Lord Four had fallen to a disadvantage and immediately demanded, “Is he baiting her? Is he trying to lure the enemy in?” g8Ytsm

Male commentator: “What are you thinking!? He didn’t even have time to set up anything in a lower area, which is why Geng Chen didn’t even hesitate for a second and immediately chased after him. Otherwise, she would have never gone in. If Odin finishes setting up his traps, it will become a bloody slaughter arena for Geng Chen!”

Female commentator: “I still stand by the guess that he’s trying to lure the enemy in!”

Male commentator: “Geng Chen definitely has a chance to launch a counterattack! The narrow space, in addition to her ability to fly, has already changed the balance of the match!”

Audience: We love listening to the commentators’ catfight the most! ENpcnI


Geng Chen’s assumptions were the same as the male commentator’s. She didn’t hesitate at all to chase after her enemy.

The further down they went, the narrower the space became. After dropping nearly 50 meters, there was now only about a one meter gap between the cliff faces of both sides.

It was in this place that the two contestants broke out into fierce fighting once again! 0A5OJs

This time, Geng Chen’s first attack was the last one on her combo list: nine days of thunder––

She summoned a thunderbolt to attack her current position. The range was very limited, but it could cause huge damage and paralyze the enemy at the same time!

In this narrow space, this kind of aimed spell couldn’t be avoided at all.

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The male commentator yelled, “The ultimate move is coming! It’s going for your life!” PU1XxJ

The shout echoed in the microphone, and everyone saw a flash of light!

The female commentator yelled, “The War God’s flash!” Ahahahahaha, she’d prepared for this for so long! And, finally, she had a chance to shout it out!

The female commentator’s voice was twice as loud as that of the male commentator! At this moment, everyone heard this yell, and for some inexplicable reason, many people had goosebumps––

This was because in the field, Odin’s flash was incomparably brilliant. Even the deepest darkness couldn’t prevent its light from piercing through everything! 0dH Fz

It wasn’t just a flash but a flash that interrupted the enemy’s spell while it took place!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was to the point where even Geng Chen was stunned for a moment after her spell was interrupted––she couldn’t have predicted that Odin would be able to make an attack with such high accuracy during the instant when he was using such a terrifyingly fast movement technique!

Female commentator: “What kind of accuracy is this!? This is the accuracy level of being able to hit a seagull in the air from a supersonic plane, okay?!!!” IpSxFD

In contrast to her words, what was taking place in the field was incredibly fast!

After the flash interrupted her spell, Geng Chen immediately reconstructed another lightning spell.

This also displayed an amazing reaction speed and technical level, but unfortunately––

There wasn’t enough time! QVEGPL

When faced with a second flash, even the reconstruction time of 0.5 seconds was too long!

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This was because in such a small space, Tyron could borrow force from the opposing cliff walls on both sides. In the blink of an eye, he was able to execute flash at a speed faster than any previous flash he’d launched before!

After passing his enemy, he landed on the opposite cliff in the blink of an eye and started the next flash––

With this kind of speed, even if someone could release flash continuously without making mistakes, they would still be unable to respond to the rapid changes in space and direction. This kind of continuous execution of flash was a simultaneous test of the body’s speed, reaction ability, and thinking. 7xOvPg

It was very difficult, to the point where it was almost impossible to imagine. This wasn’t a skill that beginners of Bluebell could master. Even in its thousands of years of history, only a mere two or three master assassins had been able to do it several times!

It was too beautiful, breathtakingly beautiful.

The glow in the audience’s retinas from the previous flash hadn’t yet faded when the next one overwrote all traces that had been left behind.

It was like the ever-changing light of a rainbow that was trapped between two opposing mirrors, caught in countless real and virtual mirrors. The way it refracted and flickered with every jump seemed to be the very definition of optical aesthetic. 3cHVCX

The combination of such a high difficulty with aesthetic beauty was perfectly portrayed in this brilliant continuous flash!

The game finally ended in a series of flashes.

System verdict: Contestant Odin wins, score 1:0. EyRszt

Even when the arena closed, and Tyron let himself fall deeper into the fissure after putting away his blades just before being transmitted back to the stage, many people were still immersed in the beautiful scene that had just taken place.

Only in darkness could one truly feel the beauty of light.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The female commentator sighed, “Oh, that was so amazing that I’m floating! I’ve completely forgotten what I was talking about earlier?” zBWUTu

Male commentator: “You… you were just saying that you thought he was luring the enemy in deeper.”

Female commentator: “You said just now that Geng Chen could counterattack! The winds had changed! You also said that Odin made a mistake when he deliberately entered the narrow terrain! Tell me, was it a mistake?”


Audience: The commentators are fighting again! OvO We’re small spectators just eating melon seeds on the bench! 9STFdu


However, the male commentator didn’t continue the fight.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He went silent for two seconds, then slapped himself on the side of his face twice. The clear sound of slapping came out through the microphone.

Female commentator: “… You’re so self-aware that I feel no sense of achievement!” t ezuB

The male commentator covered his face, “You shouldn’t be too proud and complacent!”

Of course, the female commentator was proud!! As a host who didn’t come from a professional e-sports background, she would lose nine and a half times out of ten whenever she made a prediction while commentating on a match. However, this time––

Hahahahaha, it was no longer the case!

She wanted to concentrate on being a loyal War God supporter so that those who didn’t believe in her God would have no way out! 01HOFr


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