Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh58 - Entertainment Competition???


translator: xiin
editor: kara

Victor immediately went back out to the real world. 0wMnme

Pei Rong’s body was still in the medical storehouse. Tyron used holographic projection technology in order to meet with Victor in real life.

Victor had brought with him everything that was necessary, along with a rolled up blanket. He dragged a huge suitcase with one hand and smiled as he said, “May I move the sofa? I can lie here and watch my male god as I fall asleep every day, hehehe…”

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Tyron didn’t know what exactly had Victor so excited, but this child had always been good at finding happiness out of nowhere, so he let him do as he liked.

Victor’s inner thoughts: His life goal to be a field snail man was already half-fulfilled, hehehehe! After male god finishes his operation, I can stick around at his house and refuse to leave. Then, I can become a field snail man who has lost his virginity, hehehehe… GDTNPg

While they waited for the Chaoyang-Phoenix United First General Hospital’s medical ship, the organizer of the Earth District’s A-League also sent Tyron two emails:

The first one was to congratulate him on his victory and also provide him with the qualifications to participate in the Star Provincial Individuals Competition.

The second was to invite him to play in the postseason entertainment competition.


The entertainment competition was a regular event in the A-League, and it was usually held in the time between the district competition and the provincial competition. Many contestants would compete together in a round of team entertainment matches.

The rules for the team competition were chosen by the audience, and the players involved also considered it as a reward for the audience’s support (it was also a huge event for obtaining fans).

There were still over ten days before the medical team arrived, so it was completely alright to participate in this kind of entertainment competition. FVvlyX

Victor thought about it and asked, “Do you want to participate? It’s quite interesting, and it’s easy to attract fans this way.”

Tyron pondered for a moment, then picked up the information to look at the rules. He didn’t notice anything special.

However, Victor was particularly excited––the kind of excited that children get when they had prepared a prank and were nervously waiting for their victim to appear.

This made Tyron realize that something was off. He asked, “Is there anything special about the entertainment competition?” IyHgev

Victor rubbed his hands and said, “It’s just participating in a team competition, and the fighting is a little more peaceful, more like sparring and learning from each other. Winning or losing isn’t important. Players can also see the public screen and interact with the audience during the matches.”

Tyron thought about it and felt that this wasn’t a big deal.

Victor tentatively encouraged him further, “In any case, there’s nothing happening recently, so just give it a try? Generally, 90% of all contestants will agree to go if they’re nominated. Additionally, the doctor also recommended enjoying a bit of entertainment in order to adjust your mood before the operation.”

Victor’s gaze looked proper, but Tyron felt that he was acting a little coquettish and spoiled. z8VWNj

The master assassin stared at Victor for a while, inwardly amused by his sneaky, tentative behavior. He teased him deliberately, “Mhm. I’ll think about it.”

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Over the next hour, Victor really went in circles around him, doing all sorts of things to curry favor while worrying about getting seen through. Only, his invisible tail seemed to be wagging constantly.

Tyron was his usual self as he accepted Victor’s attentiveness, calmly drinking his tea. He spoke leisurely, “Are you less busy now? You have time to watch the entertainment competition?” yTYlOX

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Tyron thought about it again and said, “Director Li seems to want me to participate in the entertainment competition. In that case, do you know how much my appearance fee is?”

Nlmabg kjr nfgs ojwliljg klat atlr reypfma. “Pcmbwqifaf jeatbglhjalbc lr jybea 200,000 qfg wjamt, mbwqifaf jeatbglhjalbc lr 500,000 qfg wjamt. Cr obg qbra-ujwf jeatbglhjalbc…”

After he was finished, he found Tyron looking at him. 5vfLKz

Victor offered carefully, “Director Li will pay for you to go up on stage, is that alright?”

“You smiled at me three seconds ago. That covered the entire cost,” Tyron said.

Instantly, Director Li’s mind was flying in all directions as he giggled foolishly!

Tyron smiled at the scene. c jyJp

However, after Victor finished giggling foolishly, he once again showed a shrewd look, “Hehehe, male god, don’t you owe me now?! How about you give me a smile in return?”

Tyron: “……” How come this child was getting worse and worse, hm?

The two of them exchanged glances, and Victor covered his face in embarrassment. “Stop looking at me. All of my bullying skills were learned from you. Male god, will you please give me a smile?”

Tyron silently drank another sip of tea, thinking to himself: He was getting bolder and bolder. 3oAyD8

After that, he set down his cup and pulled Victor over for a kiss.

Victor immediately lost his mind and completely forgot about everything that had just happened!


The news came out the next day: The Individual Competition champion Lord Four had finally agreed to participate in the entertainment competition! H 98Gp

The audience was suddenly full of excitement. They were afraid that a moment of carelessness would result in their War God running away, so they swiftly ran off to vote, confirming his place as one of the twelve players in the entertainment competition.

By the end of the evening, the first round of voting was over. The 12 contestants who were selected were all quite famous: Other than Tyron, there were six other professional players, including Flower Blower and Tower; out of the remaining positions, four were well-known live stream anchors, and an individual expert who didn’t participate in official competitions.

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The second round of voting was to determine the rules of the competition. Everyone was united in their thoughts: Make trouble! They must stir up trouble! If they didn’t do it now, when else would they have the opportunity to play around with their War God?!

Therefore, after they purposely ‘made trouble’, the rules for the entertainment competition were finally set: Slaughter mode, friendly fire allowed (players can injure teammates), random allocation of professions. TE0ycw

Tyron: “……”

Victor: “Hehehehehe…”

Was this why Victor had encouraged him to participate?


Random allocation of professions meant that whenever a contestant entered a match, they would be randomly assigned a different profession.

When Tyron actually transferred into the server where the entertainment competition was held, he discovered: This entertainment match had definitely made some behind-the-scenes arrangements.

Because he had been ‘randomly’ assigned to a particular profession––

Priest. DuwzL

Indeed, a priest.

The white-clad angel who saved lives and helped the wounded was a squishy profession whose biggest weakness was assassins.

Tyron stood at the starting point, holding a staff and wearing a high-necked dignified priest’s robe.

Tyron: “……” 0aJWX6

Players were able to see the public screen during entertainment matches. At this moment, when Tyron pulled up the translucent display screen, he could see the comments on the public screen scrolling constantly. He didn’t know if Victor was a part of it or not.

“Hahahaha, this is something we love to see and hear. Everyone should be excited, celebrate and share the news!”

“Hehehehe, vengeance has a way of rebounding back, and the heavens won’t let anyone off! War God killed ten thousand healers, and now it’s finally his turn to be a healer himself!”

“Male god looks just as handsome in robes. When will he take off his mask? Licking, licking, licking!” SKchxX

“An iceberg killing god suddenly changed to become a cool brother healer, this ticks all my boxes ahhhhhhhh, I feel that Lord Four is also very suitable for selfcest…”


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Of the other five people who were on the same team as Tyron, only one of them was an acquaintance: Flower Blower.

Flower Blower had been randomly assigned to a tank-type profession. He held a hammer in his left hand and a shield in his right hand, and his face was full of confusion as he beat blindly on his own shield. VgfolM

Tyron: “……”

Flower Blower: “…. Oh, little squishy healer, I’ll protect you!”

Tyron raised his staff and knocked it against Flower Blower. The latter suddenly lost 1 health point.

Friendly fire mode had actually been turned on for this entertainment match. X8IUDB

Tyron finished with his experiment and retrieved his staff. “I’ll kill you if you speak any more nonsense.” He still hadn’t settled the matter of Flower Blower snatching away his mask with him yet.

Flower Blower: “……” As a crispy healer, you need a tank’s protection, hey! Don’t force yourself to be brave, Lord Four! Be careful of your own illustrious reputation!

Flower Blower held up his shield and started dawdling, wanting to head over.

Tyron took in the situation at a glance, and Flower Blower immediately reverted back to seriousness, acting well-behaved as he stood back. ICxsS6

The public screen was already filled with dizzying laughter, “Hahahahahah, Flower, why are you so scared?”

“Stop holding back, I’m telling you! You’re now a tank and he’s a healer, you’re more of a man ♂ than he is!”

“Flower Blower, you’re so shameless! Stay away from my male god, hmph!”


Then, when the countdown ended, the teams from both sides slowly, leisurely, came out to face each other.

Tyron’s side was the Red Team. The lineup consisted of a tank, two support players, and three damage dealers.

Tank Flower Blower (original profession ranger), priest Odin (original profession assassin). The second support player was an architect, number 1 DPS was a launcher, number 2 was a swordsman, and number three was a blood mage.

On the public screen, a commentator, who had been selected by the crowd, was already introducing the scene: “Alright, as we can see, the Red Team’s tank is very agile, jumping up and down while holding his shield hahahaha… The architect is also very stable, and it’s obvious that they were originally a tank; even though they are now playing a squishy profession, they still have the intention to charge in fiercely––” w4uKZY

The commentary had only just reached this point when both teams met in the middle of the map!

As a support class, the architect from the Red Team led the charge, waving a small iron hammer as he rushed up. At the same time, he shouted subconsciously, “Gogogo! Brothers, follow me!”

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The Red Team’s architect ended up flat on the ground in a single second! W5y23x

His corpse was covered in arrows from the Blue Team. The scene was so horrible that nobody could bear to look at it!

Commentator: “My god, hahahahaha Red Team sacrificed one of their teammates right off the bat! Our War God, wait no, our priest, no, our War God priest didn’t even heal him at all!”

Tyron: “……” This seemed to be referring to him?


The master assassin had never been a priest before.

In their world, only those who had firm beliefs could become a priest and could use holy magic. As a non-believer, Tyron had never performed holy magic before.

He opened up the skill list and ruminated for a long time over the extended list of skills.

At the same time, the commentator was shouting, “66666 What kind of tank does the Red Team have? Flower Blower jumped back at the speed of light, retreating from the frontlines completely and exposing everyone in the rear to the enemy’s vision!” ExC49r

Flower Blower held up his shield and jumped backwards, landing just behind Tyron.

The blood mage, who had just ducked behind his shield in order to launch an attack, died immediately. He died so quickly that he was filled with everlasting regret, stopping just short of spraying out a mouthful of blood on the flap of Flower Blower’s clothes.

Flower Blower: “Sorry, er, I, I, I, didn’t come to my senses. I wronged you, it’s my fault!”


At this moment, there was only one swordsman left in the front lines. His original profession was that of a warlock, and so, he would only wield his knife chaotically during close combat fights. At this moment, he charged forth and started waving his sword about at random.

Commentator: “Ohhhhh, this divine sword technique! Whether or not he’ll be able to hit the other side is based on providence! Hahahaha, he landed a hit, landed another hit, his luck is pretty good lalala! Oh no, his sword is stuck in the wall!”

As soon as the commentator finished speaking, Tyron tried to use a skill and gave the swordsman a bit of his health back.

However, this swordsman had no idea how to play a melee profession and died of some unknown AOE (wide range of attack) damage in the next second. GsxpKE

Tyron: Expressionless.jpg

The crowd of onlookers: “Hahahahaha, it seems so awkward no matter how we look!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“War God gave him a mouthful of poisonous milk. I’m dying of laughter 233333”


Translator's Note

field snail man – slang based off a chinese folktale about a snail girl. a field snail man wants to have an idyllic life with his lover, taking care of him at home, kind of like a housewife (househusband)

Translator's Note

Director Li – referencing Victor, his last name is Li

Translator's Note

poisonous milk – ‘milk’ is a term for ‘heal’ in chinese slang. poisonous milk usually means some sort of heal/praise that has the opposite effect

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