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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh108 - Provincial Competition – Paladin 2


translator: xiin
editor: kara

At this critical juncture, Forgetting Worries used the holy gun to support his center of gravity, his movements quick and powerful. Then, he took advantage of this force to move to the side. brhBXK

However, this short interval of time was already enough for Odin’s short sword, Song of Triumph, to send out a joyful sound––

“Six-hit combo!” The female commentator cried out, “Forgetting Worries’s health is down to 70%, but in comparison, Odin’s health volume practically didn’t move!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The combo ended with Forgetting Worries’s escape.

One second was enough time for him to flap his newly acquired wings and escape from his unstable center of gravity into the sky. NcdC2K

While he was still in flight, Odin caught up with a beat of his feathered wings. The audience could intuitively see the difference in their aerial ability just from their start-up speeds––

“Odin’s too fast!” The male commentator couldn’t help but exclaim, “Calling him the number one angel of the league wouldn’t be wrong. Forgetting Worries is in the air, but it’s more of a passive escape and can even be considered a blunder. It’s obvious that Odin is more dominant in aerial combat, and it can even make up for the innate profession restraint completely…”

In fact, Odin’s ability to use wings had even alerted some experts who studied human flight dynamics. They regarded these portions of Odin’s videos as precious materials for research and felt that it was a new direction for bioflight . After putting together a large amount of real materials, including Odin, they had already made some scientific and technological improvements in aircrafts. This series was named the ‘Clear God’ series and would very soon catch up to the Phoenix Empire’s ‘Saint’ series. It had also become the two new major directions for research at this time.

However, this kind of matter was too specialized for the e-sports circle to understand. For the time being, there hasn’t been much coverage on this matter.


So far, Odin’s most dazzling and attractive aspects were related to the battlefield.

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The male commentator hadn’t spoken wrongly. If Odin on the ground was already like a dangerous, poisonous snake, then he was an angel of death who dominated the game when he was in the air.

Forgetting Worries was already a very good player who was flexible enough in mid-air to create teaching videos. However, when compared with Odin, he could only be called ‘clumsy’. wWsD7R

At first, they were like two shining aircrafts that chased each other in mid-air, leaving long and graceful tracks in their wake. During this process, the two streaks of light pulled together and drew apart, withdrawing immediately after an exchange of attacks and coming back together again.

But soon, Odin’s speed surpassed Forgetting Worries’s, and he even managed to complete an instantaneous turn during high-speed flight––at a sharp angle of almost 30 degrees, which was beyond the understanding of everyone present––

This turn made Forgetting Worries, who was caught unprepared, to suffer the most severe hit he’d had since the start of the match!

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Odin landed a four-hit combo in an instant, during which Song of Triumph’s singing took away 15% of his health over three hits, and Deep Silence launched a deadly hidden strike, taking away 11% of Forgetting Worries’s life! oB0Lve

Ccv, tf kjrc’a vbcf. Lf obiibkfv la eq klat j klcu jaajmx.

Mbgufaalcu Qbgglfr’r oiluta qjat kjr joofmafv, jcv tf kjr ecjyif ab mbcagbi atf vlgfmalbc bo tlr ojii, yea Yvlc kjr jyif ab qgfvlma ktfgf tf kbeiv ub.

Yvlc’r cfza jaajmx mjwf ogbw atf abq vbkc!

Song of Triumph and Deep Silence crossed together, suppressing the holy gun that Forgetting Worries had lifted up to intercept and defend. Then, Odin’s wings flapped, creating a powerful impact that directly assisted Forgetting Worries’s fall! LJGfdt

The speed of the fall became faster and faster to the point where they became dazzling streaks of light like the glow of an angel as they fell from the sky onto the Peng’s back.

This fall was extremely short, and the tension from falling from such a high altitude forced their adrenaline to soar. The excessive tension even caused a physiological reaction, and everything seemed to flash across Forgetting Worries’s eyes like a silent film that shifted from frame to frame––

Forgetting Worries tried to use his wings three times in a row and reverse the disadvantage, but it was useless.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This was because the angel of death was still holding tightly to his throat. He could even see the flash from his golden eyes before his own gaze turned completely white! fgKkM5


“Too strong! This round of attacks is too strong!” The female commentator yelled, “My god! Forgetting Worries has lost another 36% of his health, and he’s now at a dangerous 8%!”

The atmosphere on the scene was so tense at this moment that the audience was afraid to even breathe too loudly.

Nobody left comments on the public screen; nobody dared to move their eyes even the slightest bit, and even the words from the commentators seemed to turn into meaningless roars. tB8ORM

The male commentator was also yelling, “This impact is too strong, and Odin also lost 9% of his health. This isn’t important, but he also has to realign himself…”

It didn’t take long for Odin to recover. He got up immediately after the fall and attacked Forgetting Worries like a flash of light.

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However, at this moment, Forgetting Worries held up his holy gun, and a heavenly glow enveloped him completely––

“He used ‘Brightness’! Forgetting Worries finally used his ultimate move, Brightness, at this critical moment!” The female commentator shouted, “After two rounds of fierce fighting, Forgetting Worries has gained 80 points of faith value. This heal––” z7VIdB

“This heal directly gave him back 60% of his health!” The male commentator made a visual estimation.

There was a burst of hysterical screams from the audience; some were shocked or incredulous, and there were also those who finally took a breath after holding it for so long from nervousness.

Although Forgetting Worries was a steady player, who dealt well against pressure, and choosing to use up all of his accumulated faith value in a heal was something that many people had expected and even predicted––when he had really recovered over half his health on the field, it was still a shocking, stunning scene.


There were no fierce conflicts in the next exchange of attacks. It could be said that Odin had cut Forgetting Worries’s health back down to 55% while his own health also slowly reached 88%.

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The two commentators finally took a proper breath and said, “Unfortunately, the paladin’s most obnoxious trait is their ability to fight on and on. They can fight, and they can also heal. If they use their faith value to attack, it can almost match up to the DPS from attack professions, and if they use it to heal, it turns them into a very tough tank. This is very difficult for assassins to deal with…”

“If Forgetting Worries hadn’t used that heal, Odin would have already won. Now, he has only obtained a single advantage point. This is very important, because if he can pull the gap in points apart by three, he’ll be in a practically invincible position. At worst, he’ll simply need to fight another match before determining his position in first place.”

At this time, the two contestants also understood the situation. Bp83hd

After returning onto the Peng’s back, the two pairs of wings both disappeared on time as the 7-second timer ran out.

Forgetting Worries was trying to adjust his state. Odin’s eyes narrowed slightly at this moment, and it seemed as though he was thinking up a strategy that could deal with his opponent.

There were basically three ways for paladins to obtain faith value: First, they would gain 5 points when they were attacked. Second, they could use some abilities to gain 5 to 10 points. Third, there was a relatively slow accumulation of faith over the passage of time.

Because they’d exchanged around two rounds of tentative attacks at the start, Forgetting Worries had had enough time to accumulate 80 points of faith value that allowed him to recover 60% of his health in one go. qQW5Ni

From this point, it was clear how much the paladin profession restrained assassins.

The basic attack power of a dual-wielding assassin wasn’t very high. They basically relied on an ultra-high attack speed to achieve combos and used the damage awarded by the combos to play out explosive damage. However… with a combo, it would increase the number of times a paladin was hit. Wasn’t that simply giving them more faith value?

The male commentator sighed and concluded, “Ah, it’s a very difficult fight.”


Regardless of how the commentators speculated, the situation in the game was still moving forward.

At this time, it had already passed the 20th second and was heading towards the 30th. Based on the current level of progress, it would be very difficult to obtain the time advantage point.

Suddenly, there was a small series of screams from the audience. This call was quite different from the previous one and was full of the dreamy atmosphere of female fans, changing directly from “Ahh––” to “Waow––”.

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This was because Odin had taken off his cloak again. Beneath his cloak were two layers of buckled leather armor, a storage pouch, breeches, and boots. The tactical belt around his waist perfectly outlined his lean and powerful torso––then, he tossed away the tactical belt. wyYrba

Although it wasn’t intentional, the act of removing his belt in and of itself was very sexy, sparking another series of wolf cries from the fans.

Even Forgetting Worries took a step back as he watched.

––Of course, his reason was different from the audience’s! The reason Forgetting Worries had stepped back was because he could feel that Odin’s aura had gotten stronger, and he felt a bigger sense of crisis.

This was the second time that Odin had taken off his cloak on the court. No matter what, it was a very difficult thing to give up a piece of equipment on a high-level battlefield. What’s more, it was Odin who had done this. FnpTB1

Forgetting Worries already had a bit of a conjecture in his mind, and it was soon confirmed––

After Odin had lightened his burden by removing his cloak, his speed had increased in this high-altitude environment with a lot of wind resistance!

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He’d already been incredibly fast. After he continued to speed up, he had become so fast that flashes of light seemed to shoot out directly without any starting actions. It was almost as though he’d always been standing in front of Forgetting Worries right from the start, and nobody knew how he’d gotten there.


A small burst of chill arrived first, and Forgetting Worries was caught by surprise!

He didn’t hesitate to infuse his holy gun with a small amount of faith value, hoping to use his previous skill and at least retreat to a distance of 0.5 to 1.5 meters away, which was the most suitable range for his long weapon.

However, he failed.

Because Odin’s first swing of his sword also used a skill, and it was an elusive technique. 6n4YDm

This sword attack seemed to be as fast as usual, seeming to threaten Forgetting Worries’s forehead in an instant, but in fact, it was slow––so slow that it changed from a forehand attack to a backhand. And, this backhanded counterattack landed accurately against Forgetting Worries’s gun!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

At this moment, Forgetting Worries, the commentators, and the audience only heard the sound of Song of Triumph colliding with the long weapon.


The audience could only hear one sound, but Forgetting Worries’s pupils contracted. What he’d heard was three successive hits–– dHhfY0

In this short, brief moment in time, Song of Triumph had attacked three times in a row. Each time, Song of Triumph had managed to hit the tip of his gun, perfectly resisting the impact of the long gun!


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