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The King's GameCh68 - [Black Suits XII]


When he was a kid, he could still say that the other didn’t mean to leave a wet mark. Now he had this moist feeling on his cheek, so Gu Huai had to make a helpless expression.

‘How old are you”, Gu Huai unconsciously uttered this sentence with a mature voice. After that, he touched his cheek which was kissed by his ChuChu with his fingertip. jd6YFo

He committed the crime but didn’t want to repent. The boy, who was quite tall, slightly bowed his head, seriously answered the question, “in three years, I’ll be eighteen.

Then he would be an adult. When he was a child, his cognition of adding a wet mark to him was to express closeness. Now that he had grown up, Shen Sui actually had some different ideas about his action.

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Make a mark to add a mark to your favorite and most important treasure. He could confirm his ownership without making a sound.

However, there was only one ‘other’ here. Apart from the youth next to him, Shen Sui clearly remembered that he never did that to anyone else in his childhood, even his relatives. mIxliu

Gu Huai chuckled a little when he heard the his serious reply, but at this age, he couldn’t let him repeat what he did as a young child.

When Gu Huai felt his face and touched the wet mark, he saw the boy who was taller than him, suddenly narrow his eyes and said in a low voice, “The day after tomorrow is Ah Huai’s birthday.”

When Gu Huai heard this, he suddenly realized that he was busy transferring to another school just after military training in Yujing No.1 middle school. His schedule was too tight, so he forgot about it.

“Give me rabbits this year?” Since the age of six, once a year, Gu Huai had received nine plush rabbit dolls. If he did it again this year, he’ll have collected ten. When he came to Fujing, he packed them in his luggage.


He was also very careful in selecting rabbits for his Ah Huai. Every year, he chose a different brand. Each rabbit had a different appearance and shape. The only thing that Gu Huai didn’t understand was why the other was so persistent about the rabbit.

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Shen Sui nodded his head and lowered his voice. He had prepared the gift in advance last month. Now he mentioned the birthday to say something else, “Ah Huai and I can go to the playground.”

Gu Huai quickly agreed. His birthday happened to be the weekend. Anyway, he had nothing else to do. It was good to spend a birthday with him.

The Shen family sent people to carry and review Gu Huai’s luggage, but the servants who were sent to the family’s suites were empty handed when they went and empty handed when they came back. SaZOI2

Because the luggage they were supposed to carry were carried by a group of ferocious looking black suits.

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“Tbecu wjrafg’r ylgatvjs lr mbwlcu rbbc. Qtja jgf sbe ulnlcu Zj Zljc? Ofa wf tjnf j gfofgfcmf.” Coafg fcafglcu atf nliij bo Vtfc ojwlis, atf yijmx relar ktb jmmbwqjclfv Xe Lejl ab Meplcu uba boo atf yer.

The rest of the way, they continued to struggle with this matter which worried them. tuWOYX

Asked about it, Wu Quan, who had a long face, didn’t hide it. He reached for his mobile phone to bring out a picture and put it where his brothers could see it. “Here.”

Liu Cheng, who was walking beside him, felt his chin after he saw the jewel in the picture, which was shaped like a ball and polished to a round shape, and said with a surprised expression, “is this the one at the black market auction last month? I remember that the price was very high. You are so stingy, you are not willing to give up. ”

“Shut up, I don’t think you are dumb”, Wu Quan stared at his brother who didn’t know how to speak well.

Liu Cheng, after being stared at by the other knew there was a reason for the other party’s stinginess. pzZWTR

They entered the family separately, and they had different priorities. He joined several years earlier than the other, and he had become the right hand man of Gu Ye for a long time. When it came to Wu Quan, he was picked up by Gu Ye when he was about to die.

At that time, he was beside him, and he was still the person in charge. He was still young, almost in his early twenties. The most difficult time for the other was when he was so poor that he nearly starved to death on the streets.

Since he was picked up by Mr. Gu. He began to work hard, and since then, he had been very persistent about money.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Money could buy life. At least he didn’t have to worry about starvation. Liu Cheng could understand his stinginess. Anyone who nearly starved to death on the street because of poverty would have this mentality after picking up. qEn7Dg

But thinking of it as a birthday gift for his young master. Liu Cheng was not surprised. When he spoke again, he said, “ball, I think the young master will like it.”

The black suits around him nodded at the same time. They couldn’t say why. It was their inexplicable intuition that this kind of round and smooth gadget like a glass ball would appeal to their young master.

They got ready to get similar gifts. They thought about it one after another, and they almost finalized the plan.

The luggage was sent directly to the room. Gu Huai opened the door and saw his uncles in black suits. He smiled to thank them. lhZeQF

In the face of their young master, a group of ferocious black suits took out the smiles they had practiced in the mirror and tried to show their amiable image in front of him. It was because they had been part of the underworld for a long time. It was hard to get rid of their grumpiness. But they didn’t want to kill their young master.

Their young master was a good child they had seen grow up. No other child could match him.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

One of the suitcases was filled with rabbit dolls. Gu Huai took a look at the cat plush doll next to the pillow and simply let the nine rabbits accompany it. Fortunately, the bed was very big, and there were still a lot of vacancies after two people laid down.

Before going to bed at night, Gu Huai harassed his system, “System, the time limit of clearance in this world is really not wrong?” Klp4Qb

In the past 100 years, the world was just an ordinary modern world. Compared with the first futuristic world, the time limit for clearance was too broad. In the modern world, longevity meant that he didn’t need to go to sleep suddenly, which could be regarded as the end of his life in this world.

Although going through these 15 years, Gu Huai also felt the difficulty to clear this world.

Now it was only 15%, which came from the relationship with his family members.

From this point, Gu Huai had realized that his family may not be very simple, but he had not been able to get any relevant information from observation in recent years. People in his family lived a normal life every day. If there was any difference between them, it may be a comparison. cpej7N

More money?

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There were many enterprises in their family, not to the extent of commercial giants, but it was still possible to make profits without lacking of money.

“The system is never wrong”, In response to this sentence, the system expressed a positive meaning, and after a long time, it added in a cold voice, “the clearance time limit of the world may not be used up.”

This sentence didn’t sound wrong, but when it listened to Gu Huai, it gave him a hint. If he died in advance, the time limit for customs clearance would not be used up. F0TsBf

Understanding the fuzzy expression of the system, Gu Huai turned into a side lying position, and responded with a low hum.

Even if there was any dangerous situation in the future, it was useless for him to worry about it without any relevant information at present. It was better to go straight ahead.

The light in the room had been turned off. Gu Huai was falling asleep fast in this dark environment. Soon, he breathing slowly and lying on his side.

After Gu Huai’s breathing became light and smooth, Shen Sui, who was lying next to him, began to move. 0EU62q

He turned over the boy who had fallen asleep and let him lean on him.

“Chirp”,His voice was low and light. Shen Sui approached and pecked his cheek. This time, it was normal. He didn’t leave a wet mark intentionally. He did it only a few days ago, so he didn’t have to repeat it frequently.

Gu Huai’s transfer day was Thursday, and another day at school would be the end of the week. On Saturday, he and his Ah Huai agreed to go to the playground.

In the early morning, he received the rabbit doll from the other as usual, as well as various gifts from his uncles in black suits. RW KOn

When he and Zhu Ma arrived at the playground, Gu Huai saw two familiar faces waving at them. They were his two classmates at the back table.

“Boss has no experience with amusement parks, so we two came to help. Oh, happy birthday”, Chuxin smiled, his tone was also very light.

“Thank you”, Gu Huai smiled at him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Several people met near the entrance of the amusement park and checked in soon after chatting. a hZ79

It was common to go to the amusement park during birthdays with Zhu Ma and new friends. What Gu Huai didn’t expect was that there would be an evil event in the place they chose.


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