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The King's GameCh69 - [Black Suits XIII]


Because considering Gu Huai could quickly get to know his friends in Fujing, Shen Sui invited the others to his birthday. Of course, it was true that he was not familiar with the playground.

After a group of black suits gave the gifts to their young master, they didn’t really stay in Shen’s house, but also followed them to the playground. However, this was a covert mission, and the former was not allowed to find out in the process. 5wQ2aM

Similar situations had existed for more than ten years, including Gu Huai’s school days. There would also be Gu Shou personnel near the school.

To prevent any man-made accidents, they strictly guarded against them.

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They didn’t feel at ease, so they built a protective circle, but all the people in the family didn’t let the child in the circle know about it. Not only were their actions hidden, but also their mouths were shut tight .

Black suit workers were not all big men, but there were also women who were tall. However, compared with the number of men in the team, they were not often seen by Gu Huai. ZBWsdq

“How is the young master, is he having a good time?”.In a high-rise building in the amusement park, a companion who was holding a telescope next to him asked aloud.

This companions were just a few women in the team.

When she heard the voice, she put down the military telescope on her hand and nodded silently.

Obviously, there were only 20 black suits that came to Fujing with Gu Huai, but in fact, there were more than that. There was always a small army of more than 100 people, whose daily task was to protect their young master.


Four teenagers in normal clothes were walking to the queue area of ​​the roller coaster, being observed by the telescope. But when they got closer, they saw too many people waiting around, so they talked about whether to change their plans first .

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“Let’s go to VR haunted house. It’s fun. It’s the most famous facility in this amusement park.” Chu Xin covered his face with a wicked smile.

He wasn’t lying. It was really a very famous project in the playground. However, there were not many people who dared to play. Recently, it was said on Weibo that someone was scared to tears while in the haunted house, leaving a deep psychological shadow after the event.

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It was just the weekend holiday period  As the most famous large amusement park in Fujing, xingle world was filled with people today. The exciting rides were even crowded for a while.

Several people stopped at a relatively empty corner near the queue of ​​the roller coaster. After Chu Xin finished his proposal, all three of them set their gazes on Gu Huai and waited for him to make a decision.

It was his birthday. Of course they had to go along with his preferences. 6fPznd

The haunted house of VR was not far from here. Gu Huai nodded, but just as he was about to say ‘OK’, there was a scream filled with fear close to them.

The sharp sound was like a switch, which made the people who were still chatting with their friends and waiting in line immediately follow the turmoil, and more screams and shouts were also heard immediately. There were children’s cries mixed in and the scene was very chaotic for a while.

“No.” Looking at the people with daunting knives around the entrance, Chu Xin face suddenly turned pale, and his heart pounded uncontrollably.

Such a scene, not to mention that he was just a junior high school student who hadn’t experienced much of the world, even the adults around him, were filled with panic now. k6DHN4

There was an incident recently of someone being stabbed in a certain place, which most people had only heard in the news. They had no psychological preparation to experience this kind of situation one day. In addition, in the past, the number of offenders in the news reports were only a few people in small numbers. The situation with dozens of people in front of them was really hopeless, especially as these people blocked several exits.

Obviously, this was an organized and planned event.

The weekend had the largest inflow of people in the amusement park, while the specific location was the roller coaster, one of the main attractions.

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“Come back to mother-” the child was frightened and ran to another place. A young mother hurried after him. n3y El

While the child was running, he was crying. He didn’t look at the road very much and he bumped into Gu Huai.

If the exits were not blocked, the scene would have been the crowd running towards the exit in panic.

However, after the people holding knives blocked all exits, the people in the area could only gather together, for fear that they would become the first target to be attacked.

Gu Huai didn’t let the child who hit him continue to run. He squatted down to hold him, the young woman who had just been a mother for a short time nodded gratefully to Gu Huai, and then quickly picked up the the child in her arms. g10C7

The waiting area on the roller coaster was so large that people were in a hurry to retreat in panic, but they would soon be in a situation where they couldn’t retreat.

“We don’t have to explain it here today No, there are more people on our side than them. There’s a chance to fight together …” With the crowd together, Chu Xin’s voice at this time was not peaceful and stable and filled with tremors.

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In other words, in the face of dozens of machetes, who dared to rush forward in such a barehanded situation? They were afraid that they would be stabbed by random knives. Especially in this atmosphere of collective panic, the people’s will to resist were weak, not to mention together.

“The man at the front has a gun in his hand”, Shaoyang said in a small voice. oYarfq

When he was squeezed, Gu Huai felt that his wrist was caught by Shen Sui. He pulled him behind without saying a word, but he was in front of him.

“Will protect Ah Huai.” Shen Sui’s voice was still steady. As he spoke, he tightened his clasped wrist a little more.

The waiting area of ​​the roller coaster was in a state of emergency, and the black suit staff who followed their young master to the playground followed the emergency protocol at the moment when the situation happened.

“Are the eighth, fourth and the seventh, and their men close?” Liu Cheng’s face was cold, with obvious violence on it, as were the other two beside him. tuZdTh

“The leader has a gun in his hand, and the rest have knives.” The female member with the telescope frowned, and after a while suddenly said, “The man with the gun…”

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From the top of the high-rise building to the waiting area of ​​the roller coaster, the shooting range was just right. It’s not difficult for Yin Qiu to kill someone.

Liu Cheng threw the cigarette he was biting on the ground and stomped on it hard twice. “This can only be considered as the last resort. Give me the telescope.”

They cared for their family member to be good people who abided by the law. They couldn’t do anything against the law unless they had to. The only way to do this was to make sure that their young master is safe. AxyPWj

Liu Cheng saw the arrangement of the waiting area of ​​the roller coaster through the transparent window. He looked at a chandelier over there and said, “I’ll listen to you later, Yin Qiu. You take that chandelier down, and others will come in and handle the situation when they are distracted. ”

The security personnel in the area near the roller coaster had been taken down, so the people in the waiting area were forced to the inner wall.

These people with knives were ready to pick their first target. But at this time, the huge noise of a heavy object falling suddenly rang.

“Boom-” 75mytw

Things that happened suddenly would always attract attention.

The loud sound of the chandelier falling surprised everyone on the scene, and they all turned their eyes to the falling chandelier. At this time, a group of people wearing black suits broke into the entrance quickly.

Most of the people holding knives in it were only hit three or two times, while the only one holding a gun had been knocked down on the ground at that time, and he was holding a gun with the same shape as the one he had held. The black suit standing behind him said slowly, “don’t move. I’m old now, and my hand is not stable.”

“Uncle” All of them were from his family. Gu Huai was a little shocked this time and didn’t respond. Wasn’t it just 20 people who came to the capital with him? But he also knew that that was clearly not the point of the problem. udrV4y

“Uncle” He heard the voice of the youth nearby. Chu Xin, who was a little confused about the current situation, was even more confused now. If he thought right, his brother was shouting at those people in black suits over there.

What were the identities of the mysterious men??

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    Thanks for the chapter! A mess taken care of so efficiently with the most reduced weapon usage, imagine if cops had even a bit of that training, would something like what recently happened in the US to those innocent people still have happened? Probably a lot less often…