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The King's GameCh10 - [Black Knight X]


There were many ethnic groups in the Zergs, among which, the Tak zergs were well known by the humans, because the Zerg soldiers were very fierce and they were often more difficult to deal with than other Zergs.

“Did you steal this energy crystal from the place they guarded it…?” Before saying this, Hammer had grabbed his wrist and put the boy behind him, basically shielding him. MGcYad

The reason why Hammer asked this question was because he found that the Tak Zergs were in a state of irritation and stared at the energy crystal in his hand with fierce bloodthirsty eyes. Especially when he shoved the young zerg behind him to show protection, the vertical pupils of the Tak Zerg flashed violently.

The sense of honor of a soldier was really a troublesome thing, the blonde officer had a headache thinking about it. Although he had just told his comrade that he had no time to look after other people, he could not control his subconscious actions in the face of danger.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

If the young man behind him was left here, they would probably be able to escape easily, but Hammer could not harden his heart to the fact that the other party would be surrounded by these Tak Zergs and torn into pieces.

The hisses of the zergs were sharpened by anger, and the Tak Zergs advanced at an extremely rapid rate, within seconds they were close to the two humans they had locked in their sights. V65OL2

“It’s better for you to let me go soon…” Without answering the other party’s last question, Gu Huai started struggling.

There was no need to check their emotions at all. Gu Huai knew that the Tak Zergs, who saw him as their cub, had gone wild. Even if he established a link to comfort them, it may not work unless the person who held his wrist released him.

Gu Huai was clearly struggling, but the human officers who were maintaining a defensive barrier did not understand, “Don’t move around!”

Just as he finished this sentence in a stern tone, the Tak Zergs, who were approaching him, suddenly opened their mouth and hissed angrily.


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The leader waved his lower forearm and cut down several tall and sturdy Tamu trees next to him, then the Tak zergs surrounded them.

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The defense barrier was built with his power to buy time for him and his companions. With the roar of the approaching swarm, the blonde officer was stunned. IKOuSa

He remembered that the Tak Zerg did not have the habit of hissing and threatening before attacking. According to the fighting instinct of the lower-class Zergs, they fought immediately when they saw that the enemy was catching up to them, it was as if the zergs were worrying about something…

Their young king was dragged behind by the enemy, which made the Tak Zerg, who had surrounded the two humans, dare not attack easily, but were temporarily deadlocked and searching for a chance.

Obviously, as a writer, Gu Huai’s strength was not as powerful as a specially trained soldier. Now he could only stick out his head from the back so his Zergs could see him, so that they would not be so angry.

“Shen, is it ready?” Keeping a high degree of vigilance, Hammer asked his companion. Although they didn’t know why the Zergs that surrounded them were slow to attack, it was a good situation for them. jy1UC4


Hearing this reply, Hammer directly carried the black-haired youth behind him on his back. When he heard the space crack open, he jumped into the open space without hesitation.

Completion of space transfer —

“Cough…” Fortunately, when they arrived another strange place, there were no Zergs around for the time being, their faces were somewhat pale. TuFMVQ

In case of an incomplete recovery of ability, he had been reluctant to transfer two people with his power. Teleporting three people with him was a bit too heavy.

They couldn’t run from the Tak Zergs. It was impossible to fight with a group of Zergs without military weapons. Space Transfer was the only way for them to escape.

“We are safe for now.” Before putting the young man on his back down, Hammer watched the surroundings, then raised his hand and touched his chin. “Shen, if only your space transfer distance could be longer, it would be better to send us directly back to earth.”

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The chances of a successful escape from the planet were so slim that they had to find out where the planet’s Airport was, grab a single Zerg soldier and snatch the machine. mxelo

The difficulty of this task was a nightmare, let alone for an ordinary person with no ability.

Gu Huai, who was suddenly carried on a back and then teleported to a strange place, was stunned. In the last second, he was thinking about how to mediate the situation. In the next second, they were gone. They didn’t give him any reaction time at all.

The Tak Zergs left in place almost instantly went into a crazy, rage filled panic, the most important treasure they cared for was stolen in front of them, which was unacceptable in any case.

Unlike the King, who could build emotional links, ordinary Zergs could also spread their intended messages to a certain extent through sound waves. 25sVvJ

“Bang-!” In the conference room of the Military Department Building, the long-serving black stone table was instantly crushed into powder.

“Blockade the whole territory.” A very short order, the Silver-haired Zerg sitting on the throne had stood up before giving the order, with no expression on his beautiful face, his golden vertical pupils was extremely dilated and filled with rage.

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There was no objection from the high-ranking Zergs in the conference room, and the other three Legion leaders who came from the other planets also accepted the order in silence.

Planet, open the highest level of alert mode. tACO2v

“…” Not unfamiliar with this alarm, the two officers who had just breathed a sigh of relief after reaching a safe environment instantly stiffened.

What happened that this kind of alert mode was used because a few prisoners were missing?

It was totally impossible to understand this unconventional behavior. Even if they had thought about their plan calmly before, the two officers were now confused.

Looks like they had to stay on this planet… ZuPRdH

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Hi guys, i will be changing my translation schedule from Wednesday and Friday to Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 😏, starting next week.   Hope you’ve liked the novel so far. Have a nice day ❤.


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