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Sweet, Although ShortCh6 - I Love You, I Love You, I Love You


Translated by potats

Edited by Amaris qInpLB

Zhuang Ze’s heart trembled. He didn’t wish to hear about Zhou Yunchen’s emotional past or Zhou Yunchen’s infatuation with others.

Zhou Yunchen revealed everything instead. He leaned back on the bedside as he put his arms on his eyes, preventing the light from coming in, “I’m envious of Luo Huiyan, envious of her being liked by you. I chased her on purpose so that you would give up.”

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Zhou Yunchen paused for a moment before he said in a self-mocking tone, “Sorry, I have fallen in love with you.”

Zhuang Ze was dumbfounded. He opened his eyes wide and thought he might be dreaming. kh7fHo


Zhou Yunchen didn’t look at him. He just stood up and said some words filled with despair with a dejected voice, “I don’t know why I like you, we’re clearly boys…… It’s hideous, right? But it’s just like what you said, I simply like you, no reason.”

When Zhou Yunchen opened the door, Zhuang Ze suddenly snapped out of it.

The darkness penetrated in from outside. As Zhou Yunchen took a step out, it was as if he was engulfed by it. WX7o1Y

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Zhou Yunchen was startled. He looked at Zhuang Ze’s fair-skinned hand and said softly, “Don’t do things that would make me misunderstand.” kr72FQ

Zhuang Ze’s voice seemed entrapped by a pair of pliers that he really couldn’t make any sound.

Zhou Yunchen smiled and said slowly, “You see, even I was able to confess. Since you’ve liked her, now go ahead and tell her. Be a man.”

Zhuang Ze embraced him tightly. He was finally able to retrieve his voice and said, “I like you.”


Zhou Yunchen was unable to move at all, disbelief was filling his eyes. But soon he frowned and said, “Don’t tease me.”

“I don’t like her, I……” Zhou Yunchen turned around and stared at Zhuang Ze intently. Zhuang Ze opened his mouth and said in a loud voice, “I don’t like her, the one I like is him!”

Miraculously, Zhou Yunchen understood what Zhuang Ze meant.


Zhuang Ze raised his head and looked at Zhou Yunchen with passionate eyes heavily filled with the love he couldn’t conceal anymore.

Zhou Yunchen’s heart thumped loudly. It was as if he was standing in front of a thick fog, not knowing whether it was a bottomless chasm or a smooth road ahead.

Zhou Yunchen hesitated for a moment before he stepped out. Then, he kissed Zhuang Ze, waiting to fall into the weightlessness.

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Zhuang Ze embraced him tightly and returned the kiss awkwardly. fFQN87

Zhou Yunchen didn’t fall, he felt like he was moving with the calm serenity of a God, as if he had arrived at heaven.

Zhou Yunchen kissed Zhuang Ze furiously, confirming it over and over again with tired, messy, liquor-smelling kisses.

Zhuang Ze teared up silently, yet he still held Zhou Yunchen’s waist.

The two of them loved each other within the darkness as if the next second was going to be the end of the world. tuYEr


Zhou Yunchen nibbled Zhuang Ze’s ear and said repeatedly, “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

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Zhuang Ze didn’t know how to embrace him tighter, how to tell him the love overflowing all over his chest.

Zhou Yunchen moved Zhuang Ze’s hands away and saw his eyes. DVxYLu

This was the most beautiful view he had ever seen.

In fact, Zhou Yunchen had been taken away from the first sight.

Since that time, he had fallen.

He had fallen into Zhuang Ze’s gaze. 36GUOa

But he had always thought Zhuang Ze was looking at someone else.

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And now, these eyes belong to him.


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  1. Wahhhhh!!!! It happened they got together I could cry! No wait I’m crying. (=ඔ ヘ ඔ=)

    Wah get better soon potats. It’s okay if you don’t reply health is first.

  2. Ah, the silly hearts of boys.

    It’s all a misunderstanding after all.

    Thank goodness.

    Thanks for the update ❤️

    Hope you’ll get healthy soon, Potats!

    Have a good rest.

  3. Silly boys! It’s good that you guys won’t have a misunderstanding anymore

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