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Surprise! The Supposed Talent Show Was Actually–?!Ch45.2 - Special Training


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Outside the Crosson base. of9FL0

The suspension car took the trainees towards the company headquarters.


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Wu Jin was just about to stuff the snoring, sleeping rabbit into the cup holder in the vehicle when he discovered that in merely a month’s time, Brother Rabbit had already become one size bigger. He was soft, and would stick out a little bit when stuffed inside.

Wu Jin quickly pulled Brother Rabbit back out and set him on his leg. Pi43Xv


In the front seat, White Moonlight Battle Team’s manager smiled as he looked at Wu Jin, his gaze satisfied.

Back when the company had been signing contracts, he had been the one who had overridden everyone’s objections and signed the crazily off-target Wu Jin as a trainee. It had proved to be one of the most correct employment decisions of the season for White Moonlight.


“I’ve watched all of Little Witch’s competitions.” The manager interrupted Caesar’s chatter, “Not bad, there’s hope for your debut.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wu Jin’s eyes curved up as he lifted up his proud little head.


After getting out of the car, the three teammates picked up their luggage and rushed into the company. The manager dropped behind and suddenly whispered–– nHGCb

“Little Witch.”


Wu Jin blinked.

Manager: “I also watched the group performance interview just now. Speaking of which, our company doesn’t prohibit trainees from entering relationships.” kRrMxt


Wu Jin was at a loss, “Ah…”

The manager patted him on the shoulder and encouraged him, “Even in the battle team, there are also many players who are married to fans and have obtained marriage licenses. Little Witch, your work visa will expire in a year. Although it can be renewed, marriage is a good option if you want to obtain your Federal citizenship ahead of time.”


Wu Jin: “…!!!”


It was ten o’clock at night, but the White Moonlight building that should have been empty was bathed in light.

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The battle team’s luggage was piled up in one place. There were six regular members and two reserve members, and they had just gotten off the starship half an hour ago. It was obvious that they hadn’t yet gotten over the time difference. 84Mmqo


The company’s canteen was full of delicious dishes that had specially been prepared as a late night meal for the team.

Wu Jin made a full turn, but couldn’t find the figure of White Moonlight’s Captain Lin Jue. On the other side, Caesar was already on his way to get himself a plate of food.


The second floor of the canteen.

Lin Jue, who was dressed in a White Moonlight team uniform, was talking to the vice-captain. He nodded slightly when he saw the manager coming their way.

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Most of the time, Lin Jue looked solemn and didn’t show much on his face. Nm8YSd

The manager pointed downstairs, “That’s Wu Jin.” He also handed over several evaluation reports.


The first report was the results of the shooting test during the trainee recruitment, followed by his data during the evaluation match, the first elimination match, position assessment, and the second elimination match.

The person in charge of each report was different. There were reports from White Moonlight’s examiner, and also from Blood Pigeon. VjHPMU


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The target of each evaluation was Wu Jin.

The last few sheets had been brought back from the Crosson Show just now. The key performance indicators had all improved significantly over time.


White Moonlight’s Captain Lin Jue looked through a few sheets, “Are there recordings?”

The manager nodded and turned on the projector.


A group of professional players all gathered together. This was a recording of Wu Jin having a gunfight with the moths during the second elimination match. 9wlVry


1 minute 32 seconds.

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Lin Jue pressed pause. “See the problem?”


Ktf nlmf-mjqajlc vlvc’a wjxf j rbecv. Lf xcfk atja Olc Aef kjr jrxlcu atf akb gfrfgnf qijsfgr.


“Llr vscjwlm ajgufa jmmegjms lrc’a ubbv fcbeut…” Ycf qfgrbc rqbxf lc j qbcvfglcu abcf.

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Olc Aef ogbkcfv, jcv tf aegcfv ab ibbx ja jcbatfg wjc. 04bKi


Ktf batfg wjc tfrlajafv rilutais, “Llr rtbbalcu lr pfgxs, bg lc batfg kbgvr––atfgf vbfrc’a rffw ab yf jcs vfrlgf ab oluta.”

Lin Jue showed a satisfied expression.


The manager to one side chuckled. Wu Jin really didn’t have any desire to fight. During the elimination matches, from beginning to end, he would only shoot as a last resort.

In survival shows, winning through intelligence was a viable method, but a qualified survival show contestant had to be fearless and able to enter the right state of mind at any time, treating the gun as an extension of their own body.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


“He can’t get into the right state.” Lin Jue commented, “It’s been one month, too slow.” zTuv2d


There was sudden silence all around.

Wu Jin’s progress was obvious to almost everyone, and Lin Jue’s demands seemed a bit too excessive.

The manager sighed. copkR2


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White Moonlight lost game after game in the Star League, and they had worn the hat of ‘Tigers in local fights, mice in foreign fights’ for a full four seasons. Lin Jue’s mentality was also beginning to falter.


Vice-captain Chen Xiran laughed lightly and tried to mediate, “Don’t demand so much. It’s enough for a support position. Has Little Witch ever done a personality evaluation?” kZ0Awy

The personality evaluation, full name Survival Show Contestant MTBIS Personality Tendency Evaluation, was another important criteria to be considered when contestants wanted to enter the industry.


Survival show contestants would encounter unforeseen mental and physical pressure during their career and spend most of their time in never-ending training. Their ability to deal with pressure and to take initiative were some of the most important factors that would determine how far they could go.

Wu Jin was very obviously a contestant who ‘observed in secret’. TbQcyr

According to Chen Xiran’s estimation, it was likely that his personality rating was between C and D.


Among the White Moonlight trainees, Caesar was a rare S-level personality assessment case. His nerves were tough, he had a strong ability to bear pressure, would simply go up and fight if he wasn’t convinced, then forget about it immediately once it was over. He could go up and charge at a senior contestant with an assault rifle after just one week of training.


For a moment, everyone’s focus was on the battle team manager.

The manager opened his mouth, “This is what I wanted to bring up. Little Witch’s personality evaluation is unlike any of the other trainees we’ve accepted in the past.”


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He spread out a report. m0wodd

Open-mindedness S, stability S, extroversion E.


From the perspective of the personality evaluation alone, he didn’t seem like a survival show contestant at all. He was more like an artist––and his extroversion level was very low. Even amongst a group of people who weren’t survival show contestants, extroversion E only accounted for 5% of the population.

For a successful survival show contestant, the passion, desire to fight, and aggression that were represented by extroversion were all crucial qualities. HWx3Jg


The manager continued, “Little Witch’s enthusiasm for the competition is there, and he has no problem interacting with other trainees. In theory, he shouldn’t have such a low rating. I think it’s because of one thing––”

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“Little Witch is too well-behaved.”


Vice-captain Chen Xiran was stunned, and even Captain Lin Jue couldn’t quite react to this.


The manager gave a wry laugh, “I also can’t pick out another adjective. It should be related to his personal experiences growing up. From the psychological standpoint, it’s likely that Little Witch was born in a peaceful area, and the level of technology he was exposed to wasn’t high. Additionally, his family might not have been a happy one, so he is more inclined to trust, and show altruism, compliance, empathy, and a lack of impulsiveness in interpersonal relationships.”


There was another stretch of silence.

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The manager stilled for a moment, then realized that even combining all the contestants present might not create a person who could understand what he’d just said.


He beckoned, then said something to Secretary Qu who was standing to the side. Secretary Qu nodded and went downstairs. iM58IJ

Manager: “We’ll do a demonstration.”


In the cafeteria, the four trainees from the Crosson Show had all picked up plates and were lining up to obtain their meal.

Secretary Qu smiled as she stopped Wu Jin and pointed to the fries on his plate, “Little Witch, our company stipulates that potato products must be kept separate from ketchup. French fries can’t be dipped in sauce.” IBhfFV


Wu Jin blinked blankly, “Rea… really…”

Secretary Qu nodded solemnly.


Wu Jin immediately put down the ketchup and went back to his seat with his unadulterated fries.


Second floor.

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White Moonlight Battle Team members: “……” WQHZeM


The manager coughed lightly, “Let’s make a comparison.” He then gestured to Secretary Qu again.

Secretary Qu went over to Caesar, “Caesar, our company’s new rule is that potato products must be kept separate from ketchup…”

Caesar’s eyes grew into the size of saucers, “Are you kidding? No way!” MP3Hri

Then, he squeezed enough ketchup onto his plate to fill it up completely.


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White Moonlight Battle Team members: “……”

The manager spread his hands, “The difference between an extroversion S and E.” SxYRbr


A long time later, Lin Jue finally spoke up, “So?”

The manager laughed lightly, “Little Witch is a good seedling. I don’t think the company is willing to give him up either. It’s hard to change a player’s character with normal training, but there’s one––”


Lin Jue made a sound of acknowledgement, “When life and death are at stake, during training where there is no life-saving capsule. You’re talking about special training?”

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The manager nodded. “Of course, I will ask for Little Witch’s consent.”


There was only one place in the entire Azure Star Region that offered this kind of special training for survival show contestants. ZFbc3x

Even if there was no life-saving capsule, the casualty rate was still below 0.05%.

Of course, the players who were sent in didn’t know this ahead of time––the fear would serve to inspire greater potential.


The training was also extremely expensive. BwMtTC


Lin Jue finally nodded after a long delay. “Yes. Let him attend the special training, provided that he renews an S contract with the company.”

The manager finally showed a smile.


He thought more deeply than Lin Jue did. Not only did Wu Jin have talent, but he also had commercial value that many survival show contestants didn’t have. The special training was expensive, but the S-class contract would tie Wu Jin to White Moonlight for the first three years after his debut.


“Have a good rest.” The manager collected the materials, “Everyone is tired tonight. Sleep, and then we’ll go over the matches tomorrow.”

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Lin Jue nodded. 56A3p7


One hour later, Wu Jin was called into White Moonlight’s top level office.

A brand new contract was placed in front of him, in which his treatment and training level were significantly better.


To the manager’s surprise, Wu Jin signed it very quickly.


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“Is Little Witch not afraid of being eaten up by the company?” The manager laughed and asked.

Wu Jin hurriedly shook his head, “I finished reading the contract…” yeWcus

Compared with the artist contract that he’d signed before he had transmigrated over, the benefits that White Moonlight provided were already very generous.


“Not afraid of having to train hard?”

Wu Jin’s eyes brightened, “No! Also… the competitions are very fun…” 7aV5Yu


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The manager patted him on the shoulder.

Outside, Secretary Qu smiled broadly as she gave Wu Jin a box of french fries with ketchup, then rubbed his head, “I’m sorry, I was joking just now.”


Wu Jin’s small curls bounced up, “It’s okay, it’s okay…”


Secretary Qu was delighted as she took her hand back, then handed him a card, “Your training card. You have to complete the biological verification within ten minutes. Don’t lose it.”

She then added, “It’s very precious! The training premises aren’t located in the company. A car will come for you tomorrow at noon, and you’ll be going together with Zoe. The training will take place over five days, and you’ll be back just in time for the Crosson Show to begin again. Oh, and one more thing.” pkHCuj


Secretary Qu beckoned for Wu Jin to check his terminal and blinked emphatically, “Your first month’s salary. Don’t try to be economical when you’re training––after all, it’s a money-squandering den.”

Wu Jin opened up his terminal, and then his eyes opened wide––


White Moonlight trainee salary: 8000 credits.

Champagne auction: 120,000 credits.

Crosson Show endorsement fee: 40,000 credits.

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…… 1aEvIr


There were a total of seven or eight densely packed entries.


Wu Jin reached the end, then took a deep breath. w9idSW


Tax deduction: 67,332 credits.

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Due: 173,423 credits.


Wu Jin: “!!! 170 thousand!!”

Secretary Qu grinned broadly and let him go. She was too embarrassed to tell Wu Jin that White Moonlight paid countless times more than that as salary to transfer players…


Wu Jin cuddled the rabbit and walked dazedly back to his room. It seemed that the corridor was crowded with happy soap bubbles full of credits! DbAuCf

After entering the bedroom, Wu Jin pounced onto the bed and rubbed the rabbit’s fur vigorously, “Brother Rabbit! We’re finally rich!!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com


After petting the rabbit, Wu Jin flipped over on the bed and spread out bonelessly as he tried to calculate how to use his new assets.

170,000 credits––the majority of it still came from the champagne auction by big brother, so he had to gift him back! He also needed to buy better feed for Brother Rabbit, souvenirs for the other trainees and Secretary Qu when he came back from special training, and training equipment… 8Anefg


Wu Jin’s eyes moved towards the training card he’d just received.

It was dark all over, and made of some unknown material.

According to Secretary Qu, several months of income wasn’t worth as much as this card. LUepsO


Wu Jin flipped the card to look at the back.

All of a sudden, his eyes widened in surprise.


A line of gilded text was engraved on the card.

––”Extreme gun training. Training duration: 5 days. Training intensity: A+.”

––”Training location: Azure Cosmos, Floating City.”

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Juurensha: Betting that WS will take over special training for Little Witch.
xiin: Little Witch gets paid~

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! I kind of wonder how his current contract compares to his original entertainment contract before he time travelled. I hear Asian entertainment contracts can be absolutely brutal…

    • I don’t know about China, but Japanese ones don’t seem like much fun. We worked with quite a few bands from Japan at our local Anime convention over the years and the restrictions are insane. The poor guys basically had no human rights. They were a product being shown off by the entertainment company and they expected you to treat them that way. No photos unless it was a scheduled photo shoot, don’t talk to them nor would they let them talk to us, No sightseeing. No shopping for souvenirs. Nothing. Most of the managers kept them under tight leashes.

      Basically, Airport, hotel, gig, hotel, airport, even if this was their first time in the US. I mean, some of them were a little more laid back, letting them go to McDonalds or some such, but most were like that. And these weren’t exactly highly popular bands we were inviting.

      • that’s insane… White Moonlight isn’t cruel to their people in this novel, though. The details of the contracts aren’t mentioned much at all.

        • Wow… I’ve seen some details about South Korean contracts with the several K-pop suicides in the last year, where their companies pretty much treat them like slaves, but that’s nasty. If Wu Jin’s original contract was like that, then the new contract probably looks awesome to him…

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