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The Scum Shou's Survival GuideChapter 82


Upon hearing this, everyone looked at Ye Ming in astonishment. When the shock finally wore off, they chorused respectfully, “Yes, my Lord.”

When they looked at Ye Ming again, their gazes were filled with envy. This was evidently the Lord’s new favorite! Only, they weren’t sure how strong he was… RNydl1

Han Sha almost ground her teeth to bits. Her strength had suffered greatly, and her status in the Devil’s Palace had also gone down drastically. How could she get by now?

This man looked cold and unsullied, and yet he had the ability to stir people up—he’d even coaxed the Lord into spoiling him so!

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Zong Jun only wanted to show Ye Ming’s face to everyone so that they would know he was now his head envoy. When he was done speaking, he got up and left.

Ye Ming quickly hurried after Zong Jun to leave with him, his manner deferential. To him, apart from Zong Jun, no one else was worth a second glance. ohBiJ0


So Ye Ming began living this life: in the daytime, he was a subordinate, and at night, he was a bed partner. There was no need to mention how comfortably he was living.

He was also quite idle. Zong Jun didn’t seem to have any intention of sending him off to handle any affairs. He probably just wanted to give him a more appropriate status for him to stay by his side, and evidently found it more suitable for him to be head envoy than to be his exclusive property, locked up in the rear palace.

[888: It’s been so many days and Zong Jun’s blackening value hasn’t lowered at all.]


[Ye Ming: I actually feel like we’ve begun living like an old married couple…]

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[888: …]

[Ye Ming: To tell the truth, if I didn’t have to eliminate the blackening value, there would really be no need for torment. Xiao Jun’s a romantic. Cultivators have a different kind of dedication; after I treated him that way, he only wants to bind me to his side…Typically, if someone tried to kill a demonic cultivator, that demonic cultivator would at least retaliate by flaying them, picking out their bones, smelting their soul, and forcing them to experience a life worse than death. But he’s only using the flesh to punish me. Shy.jpg]

[888: So why are you treating him like this then?] uhaJHi

[Ye Ming: …]

[888 used four combo attacks: Left speechless? Too embarrassed to say anything? Feeling ashamed? Feeling remorseful?]

[Ye Ming: I’m not doing it on purpose QAQ] His current tears were formed from the water that had leaked into his brain in the past.

[888: Hehe.] This remorseless spicy chicken. y2n3wC

[Ye Ming: Ai, I really want to stay and keep him company like this, but for the sake of your experience points, ge, for the sake of your system evaluation, I can only do my best to eliminate his blackening value…It’s about time to find an opportunity to recover my memories.]

[888: For my sake?]

[Ye Ming: Yeah, this is all for you! In any case, we’ve been partners for so many worlds now, ge, and you’ve taken care of me the entire time. How could I bear to let you lose out on so much and feel so sad because of me? So I’m doing my missions earnestly, am I not?]

[888: Say it’s for me again, I dare you.] Iv3DbR

[Ye Ming: …]

[Ye Ming: I meant it’s for us (∩_∩)o~]

[888: Get lost.]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

One day, Ye Ming woke up in bed, as usual. He slowly opened his black eyes, in which emerged a deep adoration as he gazed at Zong Jun. He spoke in a clear, cool, and slightly hoarse voice, “Master.” saNRZI

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Zong Jun stroked Ye Ming’s eyebrows. Suddenly, he said indifferently, “Bring some people with you and go to the Fengming Sect. Kill them all. Don’t spare a single one.” His tone was light as a feather, as if he were talking about an inconsequential matter, and not one of life or death.

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Ktlr kjr tlr olgra alwf mjggslcu bea j ajrx obg Ibcu Aec. Zjrafg wera tbiv tlw lc tlut gfujgv lo tf kjr fcageralcu remt jc lwqbgajca ajrx ab tlw…Snfc atbeut tf kjr gfiemajca ab ifjnf Zjrafg, tf wera vb j ubbv pby bc atlr ajrx. Lf jyrbieafis mbeiv cba vlrjqqblca Zjrafg.

The Fengming Sect was one of the Xuanguang Sect’s subsidiary sects. It was a typical sect of the righteous path. Originally, Han Sha was supposed to destroy it. She had received orders to destroy three of the Xuanguang Sect’s subsidiary sects, but after destroying only two, she had returned to kill Ye Ming and was subsequently dismissed. So this task now became his responsibility. XwhLo6

Ye Ming put on his mask and arrived at the antechamber. The demonic cultivators waiting there had already received their orders to accompany Ye Ming to eliminate the Fengming Sect.

Though Zong Jun’s orders could not be disobeyed, each of these demonic cultivators were devious and sly. If Ye Ming was strong, they would follow him and reap the benefits. But if he was a fool that only knew how to climb into beds, then they certainly would not put their lives on the line for him. When the time came, they would save their own hides first. After all, the Fengming Sect was close to the Xuanguang Sect, so this was going to be very dangerous.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They set off with Ye Ming. On the surface, they were respectful, but internally, they each had their own thoughts.

But Ye Ming didn’t mind them at all. He just said coldly, “Since you’re coming with me to carry out a task for Master, you must do your utmost. If I find out that you’ve slacked off, I won’t be the one to blame if my sword is merciless.” 6kXudQ

The demonic cultivators hurriedly said, “Please rest assured, Yu Hun daren. We will definitely do our utmost!”

Despite what they said aloud, their eyes flashed with disdain. They didn’t know whether this Yu Hun was strong, but he sure spoke as if he were. As soon as he opened his mouth, he went on about how merciless his sword would be. Well, they weren’t sure who would actually be sorting whom out when the time really came.

Amongst demonic cultivators, the strong were always the most respected. Those who only knew how to talk big were not.

Ye Ming didn’t spare them a second glance. He opened his mouth and spat out his flying sword, which grew to the length of a person. Then he got onto his sword and took to the skies. BzM Ra

The Devil’s Palace was quite far away from the Fengming Sect. It took Ye Ming a good half a day’s time just to fly out of the demonic domain. Then it took another day to arrive at Kuiyu. This Fengming Sect was situated in one of Kuiyu’s towns. Though it was a small sect, it was quite powerful in the region and had hundreds of members. In the eyes of the ordinary folk who did not possess spiritual roots, they were all like transcended, otherworldly immortals.

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Ye Ming and his party of demonic cultivators arrived at this small town. Immediately, dark clouds covered the sky and yin energy gathered dense as they began to appear. The common people were extremely frightened upon seeing this and fled in all directions.

There were many among the party of demonic cultivators who were fierce and bloodthirsty, and there was no shortage of those who took people’s blood and lives to use for their own cultivation. At the sight of the common folk, they began to laugh uproariously, and their gazes grew greedy. A hulking demonic cultivator, as tall as two men and who wore a bronze mask, grabbed a woman who hadn’t managed to escape. With a large hand, he lifted her up as easily as if he were lifting a chick. His mouth gaped open in horrifying laughter.

When the woman saw how frightening this demonic cultivator was, she screamed, tears and snot streaming down her face. UGF4LW

But the spectating demonic cultivators only clapped and laughed. As if they were watching a comedy, they said, “Tong San, your appetite’s always enormous. Already you can’t wait any longer. You can’t even let these commoners go. When we get to the Fengming Sect, their cultivators will taste much better.”

Tong San’s eyes shone with greed. He wasn’t listening at this point. He only thought that this woman looked very delicious. He opened his mouth, ready to bite down, when he suddenly felt a cold sensation on his neck. Something felt off—he couldn’t close his mouth.

He reached a hand up to his throat. Suddenly, his eyes widened in alarm. His head rolled on the ground, and his hands went lax too.

Tong San felt his vision spin. He looked at the woman’s fearful expression, and their eyes met. A moment later, there wasn’t a whisper to be heard anymore. 9 hKFy

All was quiet. Slowly, everyone turned to look at Ye Ming.

Ye Ming, dressed in all white, looked striking and illustrious. His silver mask gleamed coldly under the overcast skies. His black eyes were devoid of emotion. He made a beckoning motion, and his green spirit sword returned to his hand. He spoke coldly and clearly, “He was wasting time.”

These words sounded as light as a feather, but it instilled fear in the cultivators’ hearts and made them fall silent. When they looked at Ye Ming now, it was with foreboding.

Though Tong San couldn’t be considered a very powerful master, he definitely wasn’t weak, either. His copper skin and iron bones were especially hard to deal with, but Ye Ming had quietly taken away his life with a single strike of the sword, cutting through that copper skin and those iron bones as easily as if they were tofu. What kind of divine weapon was this? And what kind of terrifying spiritual force did he possess? K6pw 0

There were plenty of people among them that could kill Tong San, but there were none who could have done it like this.

This head demonic envoy was actually a formidable sword cultivator! Strangely, they had never heard of such a master before.

Behind his mask, Ye Ming’s black eyes swept indifferently over the crowd. “Master’s orders were for us not to leave a single member of the Fengming Sect alive. Yet you all, in order to slaughter commoners, have disobeyed his orders. How unseemly. If the task isn’t completed, I’ll kill you all before Master could even bother to do it himself.”

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“Please forgive us, daren. We will absolutely obey. We will head to that Fengming Sect right away,” one of the demonic cultivators immediately said, wry. swF0G7

The way it had always been for these demonic cultivators was that wherever they went, they brought bloodbath. They wouldn’t spare even a chicken or a dog. No one was ever as single-mindedly focused on the mission as Ye Ming was…But with Tong San’s example, none of them dared defy him. They just figured they could come back and kill these commoners after taking care of the Fengming Sect. They probably wouldn’t be able to run very far, anyway.

This newly appointed head envoy had a powerful cultivation base, he was vicious and merciless, and he also had the Lord’s generous favor. He absolutely must not be offended. Each of them were quick to adjust their helm to the changing winds, and they began to treat Ye Ming with respect and flattery.

Ye Ming’s eyes were ice-cold. He turned around and walked ahead, his white sleeves fluttering in the strong wind. He was enveloped in an austere, somber air.

From the moment the demonic cultivators arrived, the Fengming Sect had known. They immediately sought help from the Xuanguang Sect, then promptly activated the protective array around the mountain. At this point, anyone who scattered and ran would only die. It would be better to defend their sect to the death. When the people from the Xuanguang Sect arrived, they might still be saved! oGk5SJ

Ye Ming and the others arrived at the Fengming Sect. He wielded his spirit sword and forcefully struck the Fengming Sect’s protective array, which caused a violent noise. The other demonic cultivators also drew their spiritual weapons, one after another, and began attacking furiously. A very short time later, that protective array was on the verge of collapse.

The Fengming Sect’s sect leader was standing inside of the large array. He spat out blood. He was in charge of manipulating the array, but in this short span of time, he was already nearly out of strength.

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The elders assisting him to the side were also deathly pale. They’d already sent a request for help to the Xuanguang Sect, but would they come in time?

At the moment, inside of the Fengming Sect were not only their own sect members, but also some of the commoners who had fled from the previous chaos to seek refuge with them. They were all anxious and fearful. If they couldn’t defend themselves, it would be difficult to escape this evil today. WUlkgB

Ostensibly, Ye Ming appeared to be earnestly attacking with his flying sword, but on the inside, he was absentmindedly chatting with 888. This mask was really great—it even saved him some of the effort of acting.

[Ye Ming: Why haven’t the Xuangong Sect people come yet? If they still don’t come, I’m really gonna eradicate this sect.]

[888: You’re averse to eradicating a sect?]

[Ye Ming: It’d be fine if I were killing bad guys, but these are a bunch of nice women, children, and old or sickly people. It’s a little hard to go through with killing them…] HaNqkf

[888: …]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

[888: They’re almost here. Delay a little longer.]

[Ye Ming: Oh right, who’s coming?]

[888: Your luck’s not bad. Mu Yuanqing’s coming.] uMkcHs

Ye Ming was actually a little bit shocked this time. Was his luck really so good?

The reason he was delaying until the Xuanguang Sect’s people arrived was because he hoped he could then find an opportunity to reveal his identity and plant a seed of foreshadowing for his later memory recovery. But he’d already been dead for three thousand years, so it definitely wouldn’t be easy to run into old acquaintances. But Mu Yuanqing was precisely one of his old acquaintances.

When Ye Ming was in the Xuanguang Sect, he was the sect leader Yuan Ming shangren’s personal disciple. Yuan Ming shangren was like both a teacher and a father to him, and they were very close. Mu Yuanqing was Yuan Ming shangren’s youngest disciple, Ye Ming’s true shidi. The two of them couldn’t possibly be closer. Oh…and he knew that Mu Yuanqing was secretly in love with him.

Well, c’est la vie. It was a struggle to be loved by everyone. sAERBw

Ye Ming halfheartedly attacked the array, a little bit absent-minded.

Luckily, everyone else was doing their best, and sparks were flying everywhere, so he wasn’t very conspicuous.

Mu Yuanqing led a group of Xuanguang Sect disciples back from Beilin. Just when they nearly reached the Xuanguang Sect, they suddenly received a summons. As it turned out, one of the Xuanguang Sect’s subsidiary sects, Fengming, was under attack by demonic cultivators. He was closest to them, so he promptly accepted orders to head in their direction to provide assistance.

Ye Ming could see that the Fengming Sect could barely hold on any longer. That curtain of light was as thin as a cicada’s wing; it could rupture any moment now. Finally, 888 alerted him that Mu Yuanqing had arrived, and he finally sighed in relief. 1nJORV

In the next moment, the curtain of light suddenly shattered like glass.

None of the Fengming Sect disciples feared death. Their eyes were red. Even if they died today, they would drag those damned demonic cultivators down with them!

They shielded the commoners behind them and rushed forth to attack, armed with their spirit weapons!

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High up in the sky, Ye Ming’s white robes were spotless, and they fluttered in the freezing wind. As he stood in the midst of those fierce, ugly demonic cultivators, he, in contrast, seemed like an immortal banished from the heavens. UdIRA9

But although this person seemed like an immortal rather than a devil, he only brought people fear, because he was the most terrifying among all the demonic cultivators. The green glow of his sword revolved around him, merciless, never missing its target.

The demonic cultivators let out devilish laughter as they ruthlessly fought with them head on.

The Fengming Sect was being pushed back, little by little, and suffered serious casualties. Just then, a group of cultivators finally arrived on their swords, all in the same uniform. They wore golden robes with dark golden ties fastened around their waists, and their hair was secured in gold crowns. They seemed grand and majestic, with an imposing righteousness!

They were led by a handsome, graceful man, with canted, sword-like brows, a tall, straight nose, and a chilly expression on his face. With a wave of his hand, a bright silver light flashed before him, and with one strike, he severed the heads of three demonic cultivators! Z ngzY

When the demonic cultivators saw the arrival of these people, their expressions changed dramatically. How had these Xuanguang Sect disciples arrived so quickly? And the one leading them…wasn’t that the first of the Xuanguang Seven, Mu Yuanqing?!

Mu Yuanqing was currently the strongest of the younger generation of Xuanguang Sect disciples. His reputation was not inferior to that of Bai Qianhong from three thousand years ago. He definitely wasn’t someone they could deal with!

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Ye Ming also saw their arrival. He raised his head, his gaze apathetic. Coldly, he said, “Continue!” Then, he waved his sleeve, and his flying sword glowed green as it flew to obstruct Mu Yuanqing, blocking him outside!

Ye Ming knew this man was likely one of the Xuanguang Sect’s most powerful. Those demonic cultivators were no match for him, so he must obstruct him himself. Only, what surprised him was that after this person caught sight of him, his expression suddenly shifted dramatically. He only defended and never attacked, allowing Ye Ming to thrash him until he was utterly miserable! YkLdc7

Ye Ming found it strange. Why wasn’t this person attacking him? And why was he wearing that expression…?

But his orders were to eradicate the Fengming Sect. Anyone who tried to stop him was his enemy, and he wouldn’t spare a single one! Immediately, his expression hardened, and he stopped caring about whether or not Mu Yuanqing was purposefully throwing the fight. He mercilessly thrust his sword at him!

Mu Yuanqing saw that the sword was just about to reach him, and finally curbed his awe. The expression in his eyes was shocked, pained, and complicated.

He stared dumbly at the person in front of him. This person…Even if he was wearing a mask, how could Mu Yuanqing not recognize him? A3t5Br

And…the Cangxuan sword…

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But shixiong was dead. What was going on? Why had he come back to life? Why didn’t he remember Mu Yuanqing? Why…would he become one of that horrible monster’s underlings?

Mu Yuanqing’s heart was welling up with all kinds of emotions, but he didn’t have the time to dwell on them at the moment.

He abruptly spat out a mouthful of blood, which splattered onto his flying sword. The sword’s glow immediately brightened intensely, and it struck Ye Ming’s. Then he suddenly rushed forward, tackling Ye Ming and holding onto him as they rolled to the ground. 5OVSkh

Furious, Ye Ming slammed his palm against Mu Yuanqing’s chest and reached out a hand, summoning his flying sword to take his life. But he saw the way the man in front of him held onto him tenaciously, refusing to let go. His eyes seemed to contain some indescribable, complicated emotions, and immeasurable grief and joy intermingled in them as he gazed deeply at him.

Mu Yuanqing opened his mouth. His gaze was unfathomable and his voice was raspy. “Shixiong, do you really want to kill me?”

Ye Ming suddenly froze.

Of course he wanted to kill him. Anyone who got in his way must die! But why was it…that in the split second that he looked into the eyes of the person in front of him, as he gazed at the sincere emotions in those eyes, he suddenly heard a voice deep inside of him speak up? 5C3ozU

Don’t kill him. You’ll regret it.

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Translator's Note

Figuratively: the very foundation of one’s body and soul. Cultivation usually requires some minimum level of innate talent, so someone with bad luck or a poor bodily constitution may find it impossible to even take the first step. In some novels, the quality of a person’s Spiritual Root can be tested to determine if they have the talent needed to cultivate. Rare individuals may even have special Spiritual Roots which allow them to cultivate quickly or grant them other benefits. (From wuxiaworld.com)

Translator's Note

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