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What Should I Do if the School Bully is Interested in MeCh76 - You Guys Fucking Beat Him Up!


Toward evening, the twilight was warm but it couldn’t dispel the chill from the youth’s body.

With both hands in his pockets, He Cheng Ming walked on the street with a frosty expression. by2Ba8

According to the messages from the private detective, Gao Sheng was currently working as an apprentice in a private car repair shop. There was also free family background information attached. Gao Sheng’s only grandmother had passed away half a month ago.

Meaning the reason as to why Gao Sheng had become so daring was that his relative was dead.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There was indifference in He Cheng Ming’s eyes. His determination to break the boy’s legs was still entirely unmoved. Since he had done it, he had to bear the consequences. Otherwise, wouldn’t it mean that he was very easily bullied?!

The corner at the end of the street soon led to the dirty garage. ynva89

Gao Sheng was very thin and wearing a racerback tank top. He was squatting beside a Chery QQ attaching screws while cursing, “Damn it, exploiting me. So fucking little money for working ten hours a day — sooner or later, I’ll leave this dump!”

After that, he gripped the handle, pressing again and again, finally attaching the last screw.

He was so tired that he sat on the ground and wiped his sweaty forehead with a hand, leaving a black mark.

After he escaped from molesting Meng Yao Yao, he came to this repair shop as an apprentice. It was eighty yuan a day and the food and accommodation were acceptable. Anyway, it was better to stay first then to have nowhere to settle down.


When he thought of the moment he had almost raped Meng Yao Yao, Gao Sheng was both fearful and reflective at the same time.

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At that time, he had been muddled in the brain by his lower body and didn’t know how it had started. The more she struggled, the most excited he was. Like a pervert, he had a strange pleasure and wanted to use brute force to conquer the person in front of him.

If not for the meddlesome woman who suddenly appeared, he surely would have done Meng Yao Yao!

He had already planned it out at that time. After he was done with her, he would buy a bus ticket and leave since he was alone. Wherever he went, that would be home and there would be no other burden. How refreshing. O2DpeY

Gao Sheng picked up the water next to him and lifted his head for a drink. From the corner of his eye, he saw the beautiful woman who came to pick up the car. She was wearing hot pants and a camisole crop top, drawing his eyes straight to her.

After she drove away, he came back to his senses and said nastily, “So fucking sexy!”

Gao Sheng stood up and stretched. A familiar person walked into his line of sight. His legs suddenly softened and he quickly supported himself on the Chery QQ beside him.

He Cheng Ming had a cold look in his eyes. In his hand, he was dragging an abandoned iron bar which he had just picked up from the roadside. He approached step by step and his expression seemed to be saying: You. Are. Dead. Dlrs1j

Gao Sheng’s heart thumped and he looked behind. It was a wall and there was no way out.

There was a shadow in his heart toward He Cheng Ming. Before he was beaten, his internal organs seemed to start aching and he immediately uttered to stop him, “Wait a moment, Ming Ge. Ming Ge, I was wrong. Please forgive me, Ming Ge.”

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Xjb Vtfcu fcvegfv atf lcreia jcv mgjkifv bnfg ab xbkabk. Qtlif xbkabklcu jcv mgslcu, tf rjlv, “Zlcu Xf, P gfjiis xcbk atja P kjr kgbcu. P kbc’a vjgf ab vb la jujlc. Uifjrf yf wfgmloei jcv obgulnf wf atlr alwf.”

He Cheng Ming sneered, his palm pressed against the iron bar, and leaned over to look at him. “Forgive you? So I came here today for a joyride?” Gao Sheng kowtowed desperately, his face low and full of unrestrained hostility but he gritted his teeth, telling himself to bear it once more.

“Don’t worry, I only want a leg of yours.”

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Accompanying the words, Gao Sheng caught sight of the iron bar beside him leaving the ground. He was suddenly very flustered. Not caring whether he was able to beat him, he took up the wrench and waved it at the person in front of him. VSeQHO

He Cheng Ming dodged quickly, then let the iron bar fall onto his back with a heavy thud.

Gao Sheng’s face twisted with pain and he fell against the car, triggering the car alarm which immediately started ringing. Taking advantage of He Cheng Ming’s frown, he threw the wrench at him and ran.

There were many cars here. Twisting and turning, Gao Sheng quickly lost him and hid in a garbage can in the back alley of the garage.

His heart thumped violently. Gao Sheng hid for three hours before he dared to come out. Seeing that He Cheng Ming had left, he was relieved. Then he cursed, “Damn it, not even giving any way to survive? Okay, if you want me to die, I’ll drag you to die together with me!” Md2H7d

Instead of returning to the garage, he went out for a meal.

The wrench that he had thrown at He Cheng Ming earlier had hit the car behind him. The repairs for that car would cost at least ten thousand yuan. If he went back now, he would die!

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When it was night, it gradually grew darker.

Gao Sheng sneaked back. This time, he pried open the door of the finance department and took away tens of thousands of yuan from inside. oqOV0C

Before he left, he looked at the security camera in the corner and arrogantly raised his middle finger at it.

He had decided to use this money to look for some thugs, beat He Cheng Ming up violently, then buy a train ticket to somewhere and leave.

Damn it, he would make the other boy kneel and beg him for mercy!

Gao Sheng thought firmly, his eyes almost shooting fire. kKusVI

He knew many people in the community and they were all idle youths. With flattering words and some money, they were very willing to do this with him.

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After all, it was only beating someone up. As long as they didn’t beat the person up until they were crippled or dead, they would be in the police station for a few days at most, then be quickly released. It was of no consequence to them. After all, it was a place they were in often.

The next morning, a group of people were squatting on a street not far away from the campus.

When He Cheng Ming alighted, someone stepped up immediately, reaching out to push his shoulder but he twisted his body to avoid it. trZFyw

The youth let out a “yo” sound and there was surprise in his eyes which looked him up and down. “This boy is quite arrogant.” He Cheng Ming ignored him and took a step to leave but his path was again blocked by the other boy.

The youth let out a disgusting laugh. “Didn’t you want to get even with Gao Sheng? I know where he is.”

He Cheng Ming’s lips lifted slightly and he looked at him coldly, spitting out, “Get lost.”

He was in a very bad mood today. Last night, that dog, Gao Sheng had run from him and wasted two hours of his time. But, how far could he run? No matter how far he ran, he would be able to find him. There was no need to worry. gcWYNA

But the youth was impatient. His task was to bring him over. If he couldn’t do even this, he would really be embarrassed.

So he started to use his fists on He Cheng Ming, wanting to beat him up until he became humble, then force him there. He didn’t expect that the other boy was, just as he appeared, not to be trifled with. He hadn’t been able to hit him before his own hands were pinned down.

“Oh, hey, it hurts. Bro, big bro, be gentle.” The youth asked for mercy.

He Cheng Ming lifted a long leg and kicked him hard in the stomach. The youth was kicked aside and fell flat onto his face. 2TbJOs

This action wasn’t small and attracted the attention of many students in the area.

The young man held his waist as he stood back up. He was embarrassed and immediately muttered, “What’re you looking at? Looking for a beating?!” With that, he raised his fists and scared away a few students.

He Cheng Ming passed him and heard him shout, “Are you fucking afraid to go?”

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Seeing his steps falter, the youth felt that there was a chance, so he said fiercely, “If you’re afraid to die, just say so. Daddy wouldn’t laugh at you haha…” B3hYrf

Before he could finish, He Cheng Ming threw his schoolbag and hit him in the face.

The young man staggered back two steps from the force of gravity and was about to start scolding when he saw the other boy come over. He turned and ran while provoking him, “If you have the guts, then come. See if Daddy wouldn’t beat you up until you’re looking for your teeth on the ground!”

His tone was very arrogant.

He Cheng Ming picked up his schoolbag. He saw Lin Jiang who had just gotten out of a private car and threw it to him. “Help me bring it to class.” Lin Jiang was puzzled. “Ming Ge, where are you going? Class is starting soon!” “Help me to ask for leave.” 4kc1tS

He Cheng Ming rolled up his sleeves as he walked and rotated his neck. He hadn’t exercised his muscles for a long time.

Of course, he knew that the boy was deliberately luring him over. He had originally felt that it wasn’t urgent and wanted to let that son of a bitch be free for another two days. But since he was eager to die, he wasn’t to blame for the impoliteness.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After crossing the street, the road became secluded.

What caught his eye was a row of five or six youths lined up in a row with cigarettes in their mouths, blowing out smoke and staring at him. VRL3YD

He Cheng Ming scanned them and didn’t see Gao Sheng.

One of the youths asked in a low voice, “Bro, should we still wait for Sheng Ge? Why don’t we start first?” Another replied, “Let’s wait a while.”

They had only received half of the money. What if Gao Sheng didn’t keep his promise and run off? They would even have provided a free beating.

After a short while, Gao Sheng came back. He had bought the ticket and was ready to leave immediately after beating him up! 24djmV

Seeing He Cheng Ming, a malicious smile appeared on Gao Sheng’s face and he sneered, “Ming Ge, I’m sure you didn’t expect that I would dare to appear in front of you.”

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When he finished, he gave the leader a meaningful look. Five or six of them stood up immediately and surrounded He Cheng Ming.

“Yes, it was unexpected.” He Cheng Ming said an indifferent expression on his face without any trace of fear.

“Damn it.” Gao Sheng was most annoyed by this expression. He waved a hand and several youths rushed in. 2qhkrg

An extendable steel rod was taken out and used to impolitely greet the tall youth. The youth was nimble and immediately kicked it away quickly and ruthlessly, stunning the few who were nearby to see it.

He Cheng Ming squatted down and took the steel rod that he had kicked away from the other boy, his eyes becoming icy.

“You guys fucking beat him up!” Gao Sheng was worrying helplessly from the sidelines.

The youths hadn’t hesitated to take the money. If all of them tried their best, no matter how well the other boy could fight, he couldn’t do one against six! JMGnAF

But gradually, they realised that something was wrong and became timid.

All the other boy had to do was catch one and hit the target accurately and ruthlessly until they couldn’t move.

How could there be such a thing?!

The youths took one look at the brothers spitting blood on the ground, and swallowed, then retreated. No one wanted to be the next one. ykw2t

He Cheng Ming also had a wound on his face but was now in a frenzy and approaching them one step at a time.

After a mutual stare-off, the youths threw down their extendable steels rods and ran. Damn it, their lives were more important!

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