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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh161.1 - Going Home


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

Zhou Ji deliberately attacked Shi Li with his words and continued, “It was because of Xiong Ye that you could become famous in your last life. Unexpectedly, you weren’t satisfied and did stupid things one after another after going through your rebirth and coming back again.” 3pmTfx

Shi Li was lying down on the ground, but Zhou Ji was standing up.

Zhou Ji stood at the door, and the golden light from the setting sun seeming to cover Zhou Ji with a golden glow.

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Seeing Zhou Ji like this, Shi Li suddenly spoke and said, “Is it you that sent me back? You fell for Xiong Ye and sent me back here so that I could do all these stupid things…”

After saying that, Shi Li spat up a mouthful of blood. Xzm6Ly

Zhou Ji: “……”

Zhou Ji didn’t expect that Shi Li would think of something like this.

This was impossible. Not only did he not have that kind of ability, but if what Shi Li had told him was true, in Shi Li’s previous life, he also wouldn’t have been the type of person to fall for someone who already had someone else in his heart.

However, having Shi Li believe this worked out for him. 5JxnqT

He must be full of regret now, and then in a little while, he would die mired in regret…

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Zhou Ji actually felt a little pity for Shi Li.

Shi Li was indeed full of regret. As long as he had stayed together with Xiong Ye, he would definitely have been able to become a Beast King smoothly, but he had split up with Xiong Ye!

In fact, his previous life hadn’t been as bad as he’d really thought it was… Although the Big Bear Tribe was destroyed by the Giant Tiger Tribe, and they’d wandered around for a long time without a home, after he and Xiong Ye had become stronger, their life had gotten better and better. N58djt

Xiong Ye had always been good to him, and had even given him the position of tribal chief. Although Xiong Ye was stronger than he was, he always showed him respect when they were outside with others.

Xiong Ye didn’t allow him to be with others, but Xiong Ye himself had also never looked for anyone else.

Xiong Ye was a person that even the Beast God liked. Why hadn’t he liked him more?

The more Shi Li thought about it, the more he regretted. While he was still in a trance, he could feel that something had shattered within his body. JrFUjp

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He’d used his spiritual powers to keep an eye on Xiong Ye while he spoke to Shi Li. YsEhmj

There were some utensils and instruments in the temple. At first, Xiong Ye had idly looked around at them, but later on, he had started looking at the statue. He even muttered, “It doesn’t look like him at all.”

That statue was nothing but a piece of stone carved into a vague human shape. Of course it didn’t look like him at all!

Zhou Ji carried the plums with him and went inside. He said to Xiong Ye, “Do you want plums?”

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“Yes!” Xiong Ye said, then grew a little doubtful, “Aren’t plums only available two months later?” MLVGYx

“I can make them grow faster.” Zhou Ji explained.

Xiong Ye immediately thought of how Zhou Ji was the Beast God. It was probably a very simple matter for Zhou Ji to make plums grow faster, right?

“Zhou Ji, you’re so amazing.” Xiong Ye said. He suddenly felt that he was a little worse in comparison.

Compared to Zhou Ji, did he come across as too useless? 8mi6FK

Xiong Ye was still worried when he heard Zhou Ji ask him, “Xiong Ye, if Shi Li hadn’t suddenly changed his mind and was willing to become mates with you and was very good to you, would you have stayed with him the whole time?”

Xiong Ye felt that Zhou Ji didn’t seem very happy when he asked this… He knew what kind of answer would make Zhou Ji happy, but after thinking about it, he still chose to tell the truth in the end, “Probably.”

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Zhou Ji, “If he stopped liking you later on and became like how he is now, would you split up with him?”

“I always believed back then that mates couldn’t be separated for a lifetime.” Xiong Ye said. 6y7j08

Zhou Ji asked, “Would you still like him?”

Xiong Ye was very certain, “No.”

After listening to Shi Li’s words from earlier, Zhou Ji had been very unhappy. When he came back and asked Xiong Ye, Xiong Ye’s first few answers had also left him even unhappier.

Fortunately, Xiong Ye still said something in the end that had made him happy just then. C6bW0p

Xiong Ye was indeed like that. If others didn’t like him anymore, he wouldn’t like them anymore either.

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Therefore, in the later parts of Shi Li’s previous life, after he no longer liked Xiong Ye, Xiong Ye certainly wouldn’t have liked him anymore either. He had probably only stayed together with him out of a sense of duty.

Zhou Ji went up and hugged Xiong Ye, first giving him a kiss on the mouth before moving down to kiss his neck.

Xiong Ye was ticklish and couldn’t stand it. He quickly covered his neck with his hand, but as a result, Zhou Ji had another move to use… M7ELBw

Xiong Ye was shocked and wanted to divert Zhou Ji’s attention. “Zhou Ji, why did you suddenly ask those things?”

He already knew that the people of the Beast God Temple had tried to catch Zhou Ji, and that Shi Li had instigated it. Regardless of whether it was him or the Big Bear Tribe, they all hadn’t done anything to harm him, but Shi Li had tried to harm them instead… He felt that death was too good for Shi Li.

Only, how long ago were those things between him and Shi Li? Zhou Ji seemed to be jealous again right now?

“I am jealous.” Zhou Ji said. He kissed him again, and as they kissed, he led Xiong Ye to the corner of the bed and set him down… ewJ3oG

Xiong Ye: “……”

In the end, Xiong Ye didn’t stop him and was eaten clean from head to toe by a certain someone.

There should be many things for Zhou Ji to attend to outside. Why was he free enough to be doing this? And as for being jealous… Zhou Ji was simply finding an excuse to do this and that to him, right?

However… any difficulty that he’d previously felt about adapting to Zhou Ji’s change in identity was now completely gone––Zhou Ji was still the same Zhou Ji. gdVoha

As soon as Xiong Ye relaxed, he fell into a trance.

Zhou Ji felt good and refreshed, and then felt that his previous behavior had been a little unreasonable. He was a little embarrassed as he helped Xiong Ye massage his waist As he continued to massage, his movements became a little irregular, but then he discovered that Xiong Ye had fallen asleep long ago.

Zhou Ji: “……” The night was long, but he was in no mood to sleep.

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The Beast God Sacrifice that had been held that day was completely ruined. Ysdgl4

The afternoon had originally been allocated for the youth in the tribes to hold their mating ceremonies, but Zhou Ji the ‘Beast God’ had appeared out of thin air, and these people ultimately hadn’t been able to hold their mating ceremonies.

However, even if that was the case, nobody dared to complain. Instead, the gazes of people looking toward the Beast God Temple held even more awe.

Some matters would become more and more outrageous when they were spoken about.

At the start, those people who had been at the scene to watch as Zhou Ji dealt with those Beast Kings had faithfully described what they’d seen. At most, they would only add a little bit of embellishment to surprise the audience a bit more, but slowly and gradually, they started to exaggerate the story. N5gTtG

That night, the people gathered together in the market were already saying, “The Beast God is very powerful. He only used one swipe of his trunk to kill all the Beast Kings!”

“The Beast God flattened the mountain with one foot!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“If he wanted to kill us, it might only require one breath.”

…… Vy2Kld

These people all talked like this, and even those who’d seen Zhou Ji’s battle with their own eyes didn’t feel like there was any problem with these words.

The Beast God probably hadn’t done those things before because he didn’t need to. He would definitely be able to do so if he’d wanted to!

The Beast God became an invincible existence in these people’s words, and then after that… those who had originally had their Beast Kings beaten down by Zhou Ji, or those who had previously spoken ill of Zhou Ji, even started to feel grateful towards Zhou Ji.

Their Beast King had been disrespectful towards the Beast God, but the Beast God didn’t blame them for it… The Beast God was really benevolent! a1lrhK

While the people outside were immersed in the thought that the Beast God was benevolent, those Beast Kings who had woken up also felt that way.

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They had thought that they were about to die, but they didn’t end up dying… Zhou Ji was really benevolent!

When they learned that Zhou Ji was actually the Beast God…

“So it turned out that he was a Beast God. He’s really too powerful!” nZi4BO

“That Shi Li was too hateful. He tricked us into trying to deal with the Beast God!”

“He’s a Beast God. Of course he would know how to allow others to cultivate into Beast Kings…”


Those Beast Kings who had escaped from death were now all full of fear toward Zhou Ji and had no thoughts about resisting him at all. Since that was the case… if Zhou Ji claimed to be the Beast God, then he was the Beast God! EG rZc

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