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Stone Age Husband Raising JournalCh160 - Previous Life and Present Life


translator: xiin
editors: apricot & juurensha

In fact, there were some people who didn’t believe that Zhou Ji was the Beast God even now. IQmTKq

At least, the high level Beast Warriors who had been protecting the High Priest were reluctant to believe it.

They had followed the High Priest’s orders and caught Zhou Ji. Yet as a result, the High Priest was now kneeling on the ground and addressing Zhou Ji as the Beast God?

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Then, what had they done earlier?

However, even if they didn’t believe it, what could they do? wo5vYh

Zhou Ji was so powerful, and they couldn’t beat him!

Since that was the case… they would just believe that he was the Beast God!

“Beast God, please forgive us for our offense…” A large group of people ended up kneeling on the ground.

Zhou Ji simply accepted this matter as truth and proceeded from there, “Greedy people need to be punished, but the Beast God will not punish the innocent.” CuWBkf

As for how exactly to deal with these people… he would clarify the specifics of the situation first and then talk about it later.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The question now was… how were those Beast Kings doing? He didn’t know if they were dead, or…

“Merciful Beast God, I repent, I am your faithful servant, willing to kneel at your feet and kiss your toes…” The High Priest continued.

Zhou Ji: “……” Toe kissing was unnecessary. 6kGjXq

Zhou Ji paid the High Priest no attention and instead looked over at the high level Beast Warriors. “Bring those Beast Kings over here.”

The high level Beast Warriors of the Beast God Temple went over to ‘bring back’ those Beast Kings as soon as Zhou Ji’s words came out.

At this time, the Rhinoceros Beast King and Hai Feng had just returned with Zhou Ji’s and Xiong Ye’s clothing.

Previously, Zhou Ji hadn’t liked to do things himself or show off his strength because he was worried about getting into trouble. dlpPdc

But now… he had already caused such big trouble and even beaten up the Beast Kings. What was there to be scared of?

The plants on the ground suddenly shot up crazily, blocking Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji from view so that the people around them could no longer see them. After the plants blocked the view, Zhou Ji directly changed back into his human form.

Xiong Ye was still in a daze and sat there staring blankly around. Such a big bear sitting there in a stupor looked a bit silly.

Xiong Ye’s brain was a little chaotic at the moment. uQZCw5

How had Zhou Ji become the Beast God?

At the beginning, Zhou Ji had suddenly become the Beast God’s messenger, and he’d been able to accept that just fine. Zhou Ji was so amazing, and he felt that it was normal for Zhou Ji to be the Beast God’s messenger.

Later, when Zhou Ji became a Beast King, he’d also been able to accept it. As the Beast God’s messenger, why couldn’t he become a Beast King?

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But now, Zhou Ji had actually become the Beast God. GdbsEk

The huge brown bear had no thoughts left in his head at this time, and his entire person felt hollowed out.

He’d grown up listening to legends about the Beast God and had always worshipped the Beast God. Now… the Beast God was his mate?

He slept with the Beast God every day?

Not long ago, he was even stroking the Beast God! y9Qkv

“Xiong Ye.” Zhou Ji called out to him. Seeing Xiong Ye’s appearance, he could basically guess what Xiong Ye was thinking.

Obviously, Xiong Ye had received a shock because of his identity. In fact, he was also shocked…

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“Hm?” Xiong Ye made a sound to show he’d heard.

Zhou Ji prompted, “Change back.” WVF7pD

Xiong Ye subconsciously changed back into human form when he heard Zhou Ji’s words, and then he was hugged and kissed by Zhou Ji.

Xiong Ye thought that he would explode from awkwardness. There were so many people outside, but the person holding him now was the Beast God!

How come he felt like… there was something wrong with that?

“Focus.” Zhou Ji kissed him again. nJOw30

This kiss was deeper, leaving Xiong Ye no room to think.

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When the kiss finally ended, Zhou Ji wanted to make out with Xiong Ye again, but it was obviously not the right time…

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Wlbcu Tf tjv bglulcjiis ralii yffc j ilaaif ecfjrs. Rbk atja tf tfjgv Itbe Al rjs atja, tf ribkis mjiwfv vbkc. 2VUY A

Ktfc, tf gfjilhfv atja atfs kfgf ybat cjxfv, jcv atfgf kjr j ijguf ugbeq bo qfbqif kjlalcu bearlvf.

His face was a little hot, and he didn’t know where to put his hands and feet. Xiong Ye turned around and hurriedly began to dress.

Zhou Ji couldn’t help but laugh when he saw this.

Zhou Ji had originally made himself a vest and shorts, but they had been torn apart when he turned into his animal form. Now, he could only put on the robe that he’d had the foresight to take off beforehand. CvmG4M

As for Xiong Ye… Xiong Ye had originally worn an animal hide skirt beneath his robe. Now, his robe was wrecked, but the animal hide skirt was still intact, so he simply wore his animal hide skirt.

The two of them tidied up their clothing before stepping out of the ‘grass hollow’.

There were still a large number of people kneeling outside. Zhou Ji had already calmed down, but Xiong Ye hadn’t gotten used it yet.

Zhou Ji held Xiong Ye’s hand. UlgwuT

Xiong Ye felt a lot more relaxed once Zhou Ji held his hand.

Regardless of whether Zhou Ji was a Beast God or not, he had nothing to fear as long as Zhou Ji didn’t let him go.

Xiong Ye stood up straight and glanced around, having regained some of his presence.

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By the time the two of them stepped out, the Beast Kings had already been brought back. xtdoKU

Out of the six Beast Kings, two had died, and the other four were all unconscious. The crystal cores in their bodies had cracked, and there were also severe injuries on their bodies. They weren’t far from death.

To be fair, these Beast Kings weren’t guilty enough to deserve death, and Zhou Ji could understand their choice. However, when they’d stood on opposing sides and these people had wanted to kill him, he couldn’t just choose not to fight back…

The High Priest saw how miserable these Beast Kings were and trembled all over. He didn’t dare to move from where he was on his knees on the ground.

Although several of them were still alive, it was clear that they wouldn’t be able to live based on their current situation… Six Beast Kings would all end up dying at this rate, and they had no ability to resist Zhou Ji. 1iubv2

The High Priest was afraid, but the old priest had already become a fanatical Beast God follower, “Lord Beast God, these people actually tried to hurt you and must be broken into countless pieces!”

The people of the tribes that had Beast Kings were all full of despair when they heard the old priest’s words, but Zhou Ji said, “That’s not necessary.”

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After Zhou Ji finished speaking, he roughly helped the four people who were still alive with some brief healing, then ordered, “Settle them somewhere, and have them come find me when they’re better.”

After seeing how the four Beast King’s breathing had stabilized after Zhou Ji had simply touched them, no matter whether it was people of the Beast God Temple or ordinary beastmen of the various tribes, nobody could doubt Zhou Ji’s identity any more. Ddm3kr

Zhou Ji could heal people who were on the brink of death so casually… this was absolutely something that only the Beast God could do!

Zhou Ji… really was the Beast God!

“Oh, right, find me a place to rest.” Zhou Ji then said. He didn’t want to stay in this place the whole time!

As soon as Zhou Ji’s voice fell, the High Priest and the old priest both vied to invite Zhou Ji back to the Beast God Temple. Zhou Ji didn’t refuse and followed them back to the Beast God Temple. A2nkOg

The best house in the Beast God Temple was the place that was dedicated to housing the Beast God statue for worship. The High Priest and old priest both invited Zhou Ji to stay there.

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This was really the best house Zhou Ji had seen in this era.

The entire house was made of stone. The ground was paved with stone, and the structure looked very sturdy. The only thing was that the statue of the Beast God in the middle was nothing but a rough human shape and looked particularly ugly.

After glancing at this Beast God statue, Zhou Ji suddenly turned and asked, “How did you know that I’m the Beast God?” dbstDN

The High Priest didn’t speak, but the old priest rushed to tell him of the legend.

Zhou Ji: “……”

Zhou Ji felt that some of these so-called legends regarding the Beast God were probably based on some facts, like the detail that the Beast God’s animal form could change size at will.

There may have been someone like him in the history of beastmen, a powerhouse whose crystal core had become black. A powerhouse like that would certainly be able to change their animal form to become bigger and smaller. Wl1RNF

Perhaps, that powerhouse who had long been forgotten in history was the basis for the stories regarding the Beast God.

As for how plants would bloom and so on when the Beast God appeared… this kind of myth was generally used to make the Beast God seem more beautiful and should have been made up casually.

“The legends don’t tell you what my animal form is?” Zhou Ji asked.

“Beast God up above, the legends don’t say.” The old priest replied. “Of course, you would definitely be different from others.” 5DmHjy

The powerhouses of the Beastman Continent all had different animal forms, and the animal forms of their children weren’t necessarily the same as theirs. It was probably because that was the case that there was no mention of the Beast God’s animal form in the legends.

After all, if they allocated an animal form to the Beast God, it would certainly make those with other animal forms dissatisfied.

That was bad enough, but even those whose animal form was the same as the Beast God might not have children with the same animal form!

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So, after a strange combination of circumstances, he’d actually become a Beast God just like that… LCwyte

After Zhou Ji understood how it had happened, he asked people to get some tables and chairs, then for them to make some food to eat.

He was a little hunger after fighting, and as for Xiong Ye… Xiong Ye had gone off to watch the ceremony after eating only a little bit of food in the morning and hadn’t had anything since. He was definitely hungry by now.

The High Priest and the old priest bowed to Zhou Ji, then retreated slowly to arrange for food.

While Xiong Ye and Zhou Ji were recovering and eating in the Beast God Temple, countless people outside the Beast God Temple were discussing the Beast God. YX7FQx

“I didn’t think that the Big Bear Tribe’s tribal chief’s mate would be the Beast God!”

“No wonder the tribal chief of the Big Bear Tribe could become a Beast King at such a young age.”

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“I heard that Hai Feng of the Big Bear Tribe is also a Beast King…”

“The Big Bear Tribe is really powerful. It would be great if I could join them.” Ed1BOr

“Don’t even think about it. Only people who are Beast Kings like the Rhinoceros Beast King can join the Big Bear Tribe, right?”


Of course, while some people were envying the Big Bear Tribe, others were worried. It was especially the case for those whose Beast Kings had been killed or wounded in the previous fight.

These tribes that had Beast Kings in their tribes had been very arrogant and hadn’t taken the small tribes seriously, but now, they were living with their tails between their legs and didn’t dare to use their superior status to bully the weak. koV0eq

At the same time, there were countless people running over trying to get to know the Big Bear Tribe.

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The Rhinoceros Beast King had some foresight, and when he saw this happen, he closed off the place that the Big Bear Tribe was staying in and allowed nobody from outside to enter.

After that, he looked at Hai Feng with a complicated gaze, “I didn’t think that Zhou Ji would be the Beast God…”

Hai Feng agreed, “I didn’t expect it either… I’m so stupid. Really, If I’d known he was the Beast God earlier, how could I have chosen to go and fight him?” If he hadn’t tried to fight Zhou Ji back then and had instead sent him some good things, perhaps his relationship with Zhou Ji would be particularly good now! bhDpwk

In fact, even Xiong Qi and the others hadn’t expected Zhou Ji to be the Beast God. “We just thought that he was the Beast God’s messenger. We didn’t think that he would actually be the Beast God…”

“No wonder Zhou Ji knows so many things and is so strong!”

“I said long ago that Zhou Ji was different from other people. It turned out that he was the Beast God!”

…… VpjoEC

Everyone took turns talking about Zhou Ji and also mentioned Xiong Ye, “Xiong Ye is so lucky! At the start, Zhou Ji didn’t even have a place to live. I thought he was a bit of a fool to pick up Zhou Ji and take him home, but unexpectedly…”

The Rhinoceros Beast King was stunned when he heard this, “Zhou Ji had nowhere to live?”

Some of the people from the Big Bear Tribe felt awkward and replied, “Yes… He didn’t go hunting back then and always slept when he was told to go out gathering. Our tribal chief… our previous tribal chief told him to move out so his cave could be given to someone else…”

The Rhinoceros Beast King couldn’t help but ask, “Is that tribal chief still alright?” TAX7o3

“He’s alright. He went on to become a priest.” The person from the Big Bear Tribe said.

The Rhinoceros Beast King sighed and said, “Zhou Ji… really has a good temper!”

The people of the Big Bear Tribe all nodded when they heard this.

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They also felt that Zhou Ji’s temper was very good! LdjpNe

Hai Feng even added, “Although he goes a little crazy when he fights, his temper is really good…” Back then, if he’d been the one to win, perhaps Zhou Ji would already be dead.

Well, he was overthinking it. He couldn’t win against Zhou Ji at all…

Everyone over in the Big Bear Tribe’s side talked for a long time and finally reached the conclusion––Zhou Ji was a good person!

By that time, Zhou Ji and Xiong Ye had finished eating. waPjdA

After eating and drinking their fill, Zhou Ji looked at Xiong Ye and said, “Xiong Ye, rest here for a while. I’m going out for a bit.”

Xiong Ye agreed immediately, “Alright.”

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Zhou Ji smiled at Xiong Ye, then went outside and asked, “Where’s Shi Li?”

He had told people to bring Shi Li back. Now… was the time to go back and see him. elRhq6

If he waited any longer, Shi Li would die, and he wouldn’t be able to ask him anything.

Shi Li had been placed in a small room not far away, and he was still unconscious when Zhou Ji arrived.

It was very dark in the small room. Zhou Ji ordered the people who were following behind him to leave before opening the door.

The sunlight shone through the door, illuminating Shi Li’s face. Zhou Ji discovered that when this person didn’t speak, he was actually quite attractive. NmeyWQ

After determining that nobody was around through his spiritual powers, Zhou Ji called out, “Shi Li.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As he called out, he injected Shi Li with a bit of energy. Shi Li opened his eyes in confusion, but when he saw Zhou Ji, his expression immediately turned crazy. He jumped up and attempted to attack Zhou Ji.

Zhou Ji easily used his energy to suppress him.

“You’re not the Beast God. You’re not!” Shi Li struggled, but he didn’t have much strength left now. EOr0eg

“You rebirthed and lived again, didn’t you?” Zhou Ji asked.

“How did you know?” Shi Li’s pupils contracted in surprise.

“So, what did you encounter before your rebirth?” Zhou Ji used his spiritual powers to pressure him.

Zhou Ji didn’t like using his spiritual powers to control others, but he did it anyway in this moment. Brb3Im

Shi Li wasn’t a person with a firm will and fell under his control almost immediately. After that, he told Zhou Ji everything.

Zhou Ji asked him about a lot of things, and his heart felt very stifled after listening to them.

Although there were many things Shi Li didn’t know, Zhou Ji could also speculate about the things he had encountered in his previous life based on the things Shi Li did know.

In their previous life, Shi Li and Xiong Ye hadn’t broken up, so he certainly wouldn’t have come to like Xiong Ye or even have interacted with Xiong Ye much. SRlTIO

Without a mate, he wouldn’t have wanted the Beast God Fruit.

However, it was normal for him to wander around and discover the fruit.

It was even more reasonable for him to have encountered Xiang Tian there.

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And then… Xiang Tian should have noticed that he was different and taken him away? ivoV73

And based on his personality, he would indeed follow Xiang Tian to leave.

According to Shi Li, he was no longer living in the cave at that time, and Xiang Tian was a Beast King with the well off Elephant Tribe as backing. He hadn’t become mates with Xiong Ye and certainly wouldn’t care about the Big Bear Tribe. It was very natural for him to follow Xiang Tian.

To go to the Elephant Tribe and be able to enjoy a better life was much better than staying in the Big Bear Tribe and live a hard life.

As for Xiang Tian’s death afterwards… aZgHF2

If Xiang Tian had been a good person, he would definitely have been willing to help Xiang Tian. But if there were problems with Xiang Tian, he also wouldn’t have stepped in to help him.

Later on… he guessed that because of some sort of incident, he was discovered by the people of the Beast God Temple and had finally become the ‘Beast God’.

Read more BL at chrysanthemumgarden.com

As for Xiong Ye and Shi Li’s cultivation method, it must have been something he’d given them. As for why it was carved out in the cave, that was probably because he hadn’t had the patience to slowly teach them how to do it.

Basing his guesses off his own personality and matching it up with some things that had already happened up until now in the current life, Zhou Ji had already figured out most of it. And after he finished guessing… Zhou Ji found Shi Li even less pleasing to the eyes. 5IfjBc

Before Shi Li rebirthed, he had been mates with Xiong Ye for an entire lifetime!

Zhou Ji had the urge to smash Shi Li into the dirt.

But doing that would only cause Shi Li to feel a moment of pain and wasn’t impactful enough…

Zhou Ji took back his spiritual powers. DWbgto

Shi Li woke up completely unaware that he had been under control just now. He glared angrily at Zhou Ji.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zhou Ji said, “I didn’t expect that you would mess things up more and more despite having rebirthed.”

Shi Li was stunned.

Zhou Ji continued, “In your previous life, if it hadn’t been for Xiong Ye, you wouldn’t have had the chance to obtain your cultivation method and become a Beast King. All of your achievements back then were due to Xiong Ye.” uBMcF8

Shi Li might be pretentious, but in fact, he was actually nothing at all.

Juurensha: …so wait, ZJ transmigrated over in the previous life too? Or was that original ZJ?
xiin: it probably makes more sense to think of them as parallel worlds. in both ‘timelines’, ZJ transmigrated over, while the Shi Li from parallel world 1 ‘rebirthed’ into parallel world 2… and there’s a parallel world 3 that’s covered in the extras~



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