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Reborn into A Slash GameCh25 - Something is Amiss!


Suo Fei knitted his eyebrows. They didn’t actually save his life. Instead, it was Aryan who tried to prevent them from getting injured several times.

In fact, Suo Fei had some doubts. Mauer City was bordering the Knuhl Forest, but because of this, Mauer City has had a protection barrier since ancient times used to protect the residents from the invasion of ferocious beasts. QnC5df

They had not stepped out of Mauer City’s boundary so how could they come across a fifth-grade ferocious beast? That’s right. After Suo Fei received the beast core, he determined that it was a fifth-grade ferocious beast. Furthermore, because of the incident in the cave, most of the ferocious beasts in the forest could recognize Samael and Suo Fei. It had only been a day or two. It’s highly unlikely that they would attack them after that right?

When he conveyed these thoughts to Samael yesterday, Samael disclosed to him that it was a tamed ferocious beast.

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Speaking of which, Suo Fei also remembered that the fifth-grade ferocious beast’s eyes were bloodshot and out of focus. It was obviously provoked by something and had completely lost its mind. In Yalance’s setting, this crazy attitude would only occur if the relationship between owner and pet was forcibly severed.

Someone was actually willing to abandon a high-grade ferocious beast. Tsk tsk, such a squanderer. dUuHt5

This was evidently not an accident, but a premeditated attack!

But, who was it directed against?

Only the three of them were implicated, so it must be one of them.

Suo Fei was deep in thought. When they came to Mauer City, He and Samael didn’t interact with others, let alone offend anyone. Then, was Aryan the target of this incident?


Perhaps this was the case. Aryan was one of the leaders of the Humans, the ruler of Mauer City which was a major city. It was likely that he had offended quite a lot of people. It was not impossible that there will always be someone wanting to kill him.

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Suo Fei’s thoughts had always been confined to his impression of Aryan when he cleared his route in the game. He had always believed that this little shou was a cinnamon roll. Not once had he reflected that if he was truly a cinnamon roll, how could he possibly climb to his position? Especially in the Human race, where the population is numerous and highly competitive.

He blindly worried about Aryan’s safety, entangled with the urge to warn him. However, he had yet to speak when Samael stopped.

He held Suo Fei’s hand, lightly squeezing it to divert Suo Fei’s attention to himself. Then, he looked at Aryan and said, “Okay.” UWAPfJ

This was in response to Aryan’s invitation.

Aryan’s eyes lit up. He looked very happy as he said, “I have already instructed my people earlier so it has already been properly prepared. Follow me.”

Therefore, Suo Fei held hands with Samael all the way to the dining hall.

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When they entered the restaurant, Suo Fei finally felt Aryan’s sincerity.

He truly spent all his hard-earned savings. A long table that was no less than eight meters long was completely filled. Even if we disregard the taste of the food, the gold and silver tablewares were enough to render people motionless.

Even the corners of the white tablecloth were beaded with pearls. It was immensely extravagant.

Suo Fei’s swallowed hard as his mouth watered. He suddenly wanted to ask, ‘Can we not eat?’ Just move these things ah… His interspatial bag still has a lot of space. Enough to fit all these glittering gold! DaT6c

This idea only crossed his mind. Suo Fei was not a poor wretch any more. How could he do such a degrading thing?

Even after taking their seats, Aryan was still ardently expressing his gratitude.

Suo Fei was listening quietly for a while when he suddenly remembered something. So, he interrupted Aryan’s words halfway through and abruptly said, “Let’s eat later.”

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Suo Fei’s tone was terse when he said this, stunning Aryan. His body went slightly stiff. zsewPX

At this time, Samael who was sitting next to Suo Fei looked to him and asked, “Why?”

Suo Fei looked at Samael and was immediately filled with confidence. He planned his words before he spoke again, “The meat of the fifth-grade ferocious beast seems really good. After all, we had worked together to kill it. Since this is a celebratory feast, we might as well try how it tastes.”

He said all this to Samael, but Aryan was also present. Naturally, he heard him clearly so he hastened to refuse, “You have already accepted it. Don’t trouble yourself. Today, let’s just try Mauer City’s specialty.”

Suo Fei pursed his lips into silence. Samael glanced at him and asked, “You want to eat it?” 16Gx8R

Suo Fei nodded with all his might. Although that beast meat is not as good as the Frostflame Beast, given its grade, it should definitely be delicious.

Samael turned to Aryan and said, “Sorry to trouble you.”

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Aryan was stunned and finally turned his gaze to Suo Fei. He looked narrowly at the elf in front of him. To be honest, he knew who the person was. He was the Young Master of the Evans family, the elf who was well known for being a good-for-nothing. He was a Pureblood elf, but he did not manifest any oracle. In other words, he did not inherit the unique special ability of the Elves.

Even so, he was still much loved because of his noble background. Because of the protection of his parents, he had lived a happy and comfortable life since childhood. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he’s a moon surrounded by a myriad of stars. Following the fall of the Holy Tree, all of these were shattered. From being the moon high up in the clouds, he fell and turned to dust. tMaUyk

Even so, why is it that there’s still someone sticking up for him? Manzy Argoux did. Even now, the devil in front of him is siding him. This person… What’s so great about him? He’s incompetent and cowardly. He’s also timid and weak. Apart from his impressive bloodline, what else did he have? Without the help of these people, can he survive? Can he comfortably lay down conditions? Can he…

When the unbearable past was about to rush through him, Aryan quickly interrupted his own thoughts. He did his best to fight down his anger, adjusting his mood in an instant. He consented to Suo Fei, “Well then, I’ll instruct the kitchen to prepare it.”

“No need,” Suo Fei interrupted him again.

A flicker of impatience crossed Aryan’s eyes. He couldn’t fathom what the elf, who had been spoiled since childhood, was up to. 6wRZzS

Suo Fei looked at Samael and explained, “It’ll be faster if I do it.”

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“You’ll do it?” Samael asked to which Suo Fei nodded in response.

Aryan stopped him at once, saying, “That won’t do. You’re a guest. How could I let a guest cook? And besides, I still want to show my gratitude to you two…”

Suo Fei hurriedly waved his hands and insisted, “It’s no trouble. I’m fast.” In fact, when he was tidying up his interspatial bag last night, he purposely slotted in the beast core of the Frostflame Beast into the meat of the fifth-grade ferocious beast. It had already been roasted until it was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, its aroma tantalising. If it wasn’t, he would also not insist on taking it out to eat. Doi2a8

When the beast appeared out of nowhere, Aryan risked his life to protect them. Although he lacked the ability, his intention was clear. That was why Suo Fei wanted to share the beast meat. Moreover, after eating the Frostflame Beast that was roasted using the beast core, Suo Fei felt burning hot inside. The little cub was also as hot as a little fireball for a whole day. Hot. Therefore, he surmised that the fire-type elements in the beast core ran into the beast meat with some kind of buff. Aryan was a fire-class mage so it would definitely be beneficial if he consumed it.

But how can he explain this to Aryan… Too complicated, I’m crying. It’s too challenging.

He was silent for a while before he eventually said, “Just bring me to the kitchen.” Laozi only needs a knife and a few plates, that’s it. If the cooked meat was cut using the Asura Blade, it might cry…

His tone was unyielding, which made Aryan resentful in his heart. His hatred towards Suo Fei reached new heights. He couldn’t lose his temper now, so he could only personally lead them to the kitchen. owb49Q

The way Suo Fei handled the knife was bold and rough. The meat was cut into huge chunks. It was fat but not greasy so he thought that eating more would be beneficial to the body. Therefore, he generously cut three platefuls of meat.

Finally, he wanted to personally bring it over, but Aryan stopped him. Aryan told him that the servants could do it. Suo Fei thought that even if he wanted to show his good intentions, he should be more conscientious of being a guest so he stopped insisting.

When the three of them were returning to the dining hall, Aryan exchanged a glance with his personal maid.

The maid was standing with her hands at her side before she held the plates of beast meat. She took out a thumb-sized bottle and poured three drops of blue-black liquid on top. XwH8BL

After tossing about, they were finally about to eat. Aryan sat at the centre of the table, looking on coldly.

Suo Fei enthusiastically boasted about the beast meat to Samael. Samael was the first to take a bite. He nodded and praised, “It’s delicious.” Suo Fei was filled with joy and ate a few pieces himself. Then, he remembered Aryan and signaled him to eat.

Aryan waved his hands in refusal, “I’m vegetarian. I’ve never eaten meat.”

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Suo Fei was stunned. Aryan is a vegetarian? It cannot be ah. He clearly remembered when he was conquering Aryan, beautiful fur and delicious food can madly increase his favorability. Rrw1XF

This ‘delicious food’ was not restricted to vegetarian food. He clearly ate both meat and vegetables, so why is he vegetarian now?

Did he remember wrongly? Suo Fei frowned and thought carefully. Impossible. He didn’t remember it wrongly. Because when he came to this world, he thought about all the minute details of the game countless times. If he wasn’t afraid that writing it on paper would cause trouble later on, he would have already written it down.

So, he didn’t remember it wrongly. That meant that Aryan was lying.

Why would he lie? kdlTIu

He looked up at Aryan. He saw his lips hook up at the corner and disgust flashed through his green eyes.

Something is amiss!

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The next moment, Suo Fei understood. His limbs became stiff and it rapidly spread to the rest of his body.

He hastily looked at Samael. The pair of purple eyes were dark and downcast. 2YSK0k


The author has something to say: Okay. It’s time for Suo Fei to get a reality check!

T/N: Edited out the April Fool’s chapter since it’s alr over 😀


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