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Reborn into A Slash GameCh24 - Achievement Unlocked: Friends with the Ultimate Gong

The author has something to say: 【Smut ahead. You’ve been forewarned. If you don’t like it, please skip.】
edit: pls click this to read the NSFW scene.

His sultry whisper pleased the man. He lowered his head, exposing his face. He had dark skin and boorish features. What was even more interesting was that there were two tusks sticking out his mouth, bringing out a fierce and savage air. However, at that moment, his bell-like eyes blazed with blatant lust.

Balnor lifted Aryan up with one hand and directly placed him on his arm. The height was just right for Balnor to thirstily lick the pink dots on the youth’s chest. The wet chiffon clung tightly to his skin which made the pink protrusions all the more eye-catching. WvNHw7

Aryan didn’t show the slightest resistance. He knew the preferences of the person in front of him very well. He moaned faintly as he stuck out his chest even more, bringing it closer to the other person’s lips.

Balnor licked harder, faster. The desire in his brown eyes heightened until it became unbearable. He impatiently tugged the youth’s waist closer and forced his legs apart, wanting to wrap them around his waist.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Aryan was startled. He didn’t expect that Balnor would be so impulsive. His hard-on scared him to death so Aryan hurriedly tried to stop him, earning a look of dissatisfaction from the troll who was on top of him. He immediately softened his tone, “No hurries. Let me help you.”

Balnor understood what he meant at once so he loosened his grip. Aryan deftly jumped off and stood in front of Balnor. Due to their height difference, Aryan who was already standing upright only reached up to the troll’s waist. However, this only made the scene more sensual. nwk249

Aryan looked up and sweetly smiled at Balnor. He began unbuttoning Balnor at his waist. The clothes of the troll were uncomplicated. As soon as it was unbuttoned, something huge sprang out.

Although he had already seen it many times, it still gave out a strong visual impact. His eyes quivered for a moment before he gently touched the scorching, hard-rock thing. It was a stark contrast to his fair and slightly cold hands.

Balnor growled in comfort. Aryan lowered his head, cleverly running his tongue along its outline. Balnor felt the veins on his dick bulge with excitement, as if it was about to explode.

In the end, he was unable to restrain himself so he grabbed Aryan’s head and shoved his dick into his mouth. However, it was truly too disproportionate so only the head could fit. Aryan’s mouth was tight and narrow, making him madly want to slam hard and come inside his mouth. However, he also wanted to hold it in to relish in ecstasy. swAF37

The next moment, the soft tongue teased his tip, hitting it like a drum, while the pair of soft, tiny hands stroked the shaft more swiftly. The faster and faster Aryan stroked, the higher and higher he climbed. The urge became harder and harder to bear until he finally reached the peak of pleasure and he thoroughly spurted out his hot load.

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The cum spurted all over Aryan’s white, tender skin.

After Balnor recovered from his orgasm, he looked at Aryan and saw white fluid dripping from the corner of his red lips. He immediately felt distressed so he held Aryan in his arms, wanting to clumsily wipe it off him.

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The Trolls have long and thick fingers so he had to use his pinky finger to slowly open it up. Then, he slid his fingers in and out of Aryan. Although his actions were still cruel and impatient, it could already be considered as considerate for a Troll.

Aryan wasn’t used to such fingering. The troll’s rough finger glided against his delicate flesh which made him feel itchy to the core. He knew in his mind that he should dislike this feeling but his body was enjoying every minute of it. The once limp place was gradually aroused. His fair and delicate cheeks were flushed red and his green eyes misted with desire.

The fingers had already increased to two. He could hear the fingers sloshing with each thrust in and out of him. Aryan gripped onto the troll’s clothes as he moaned louder and louder. He screamed wildly, “Balnor, I want it. Give it to me. Quickly give it to me…” L u97n

Hearing this, the troll couldn’t endure any longer. He grasped Aryan’s bottoms in one hand and his waist on the other. He squeezed his massive member into Aryan’s small, delicate red hole.

Even though he was overcome by emotions, Aryan’s face still paled as the disproportionate member filled him to the brim. However, Balnor couldn’t care any less, only reveling in the feeling of his member ruthlessly entering Aryan’s soft and tight flesh.

Aryan convulsed in pain, but he was powerless to resist. He groaned softly, crying for mercy over and over, but even so, he didn’t shed a drop of tear.

With eyes wide open, he felt the violent vibrations underneath him which felt as if his entire being was being torn apart. It was dreadfully painful but pleasure rose deep within him from the pain. His green eyes were once again tinged with lust. zVmD12

Under the powerful thrusts, he let himself go and moaned out, “Stronger… Harder.”

Balnor’s eyes had already turned bloodshot crimson long before he noticed the smell of blood. When he finally found out that Aryan was injured, his remaining sense of reason told him that he had to slow down, but he couldn’t. Aryan wanted him, he wanted him harder.

The troll’s sense of reason completely disappeared and he continued thrusting madly. His big hand no longer stayed on one place but was already kneading the fair skin of the person in front of him all over, impetuously bruising it green and purple. These colours stimulated him like a red flag to a bull, making him crazier.

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He kept on coming until the very end. At some point, he didn’t know when, Aryan had already lost consciousness. When Balnor finally woke up, he saw the livid purple bruises on Aryan’s body and the messy mixture of blood and murky white cum leaking from his rear. His bell-like eyes flashed with remorse. ziS4ah

When Balnor finally woke up, he saw the livid purple bruises on Aryan’s body and the messy mixture of blood and murky white liquid leaking from his rear. His bell-like eyes flashed with remorse.

Smacking himself with his big hands, he hurriedly carried Aryan into the bathroom. He had never served anyone before and they had different body physique, so he simply didn’t know how to handle the slim and delicate body in front of him. It was truly too weak. It seemed like it would break if he exerted even a little bit of strength.

But… he couldn’t call people in so Balnor had to clumsily and cautiously clean the body before applying the medicine. 4g5bBS

When he finally placed Aryan on the bed, Balnor was already dripping in sweat after tossing about for a long time.

He took a final glance at Aryan and was about to leave when he felt his clothes being tugged.

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Aryan opened his eyes. He was fully exhausted but he forced himself to speak, “Balnor, come here.”

Aryan spoke in a quiet voice but the troll heard it clearly so Balnor went over. MAp1Wm

The troll’s eyes glinted, itching to ask a question.

Aryan then asked, “You… would you give me anything?”

His voice was weak and his green eyes glistened with tears. Balnor immediately responded, “I’ll give you. I’ll give you anything you want.”

When he heard this, Aryan smiled in relief and closed his eyes. His body was riddled with pain but he was clear-headed. Lrwg2Q

No one could give him what he really wanted.

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So, he will strive for it himself. As long as he could get the Divine Artifact, as long as he could inherit that heaven-defying power, he would not depend on anyone anymore. No one would dare to laugh at him anymore. If he could really have that irrefutable power that could make anyone submit, he could let all those disgusting races go to hell. He could……

Mauer… big brother will avenge you.


Suo Fei was in great spirits. Although his cheat ability was god-like in pulling aggro, he luckily found out about it early, therefore the risks would be greatly reduced. Moreover, because of this, he had changed his prejudice against Samael and unlocked the wonderful achievement of ‘Being Friends with the Ultimate Gong’.

Suo Fei had been living with his grandmother since young. Even though his parents had passed away early, they still left a considerable amount of wealth for them. Although it guaranteed the affluence of the pair of grandmother and grandchild, it also drew the attention of those who covet such wealth. All of their close and distant relatives from far and wide showed up, probing them one after another.

At that time, Suo Fei was still young so he could not determine who was genuine and who was fake. When his grandmother was not at home, facing the amiable smiles of all his ‘relatives’, he easily listened to their words. Thus, he got deceived and abducted to a faraway place.

His grandmother eventually found him back, but they lost a large sum of money. Since then, his grandmother repeatedly warned him: no matter what others say, don’t acknowledge them and don’t respond to anything. That event completely frightened Suo Fei so those words were deeply etched in his mind. He would be a small chatterbox in front of his grandmother but when in front of strangers, his mouth would be tightly shut and he would refuse to say a word. Kq8gi3

When he grew up and was finally able to distinguish between true and false, he had already developed the habit. He would talk incessantly towards people he’s familiar with but he could not even utter a simple greeting towards strangers.

Because of his disposition, he had lived for more than twenty years and yet he only had one person that could be called a friend.

Then, his grandma passed away. His only friend had also migrated to the US hence Suo Fei became alone. Since then, he also turned into a recluse.

Being a homebody further boosted the arrogance of sociophobia-kun. Apart from video-calling with a certain someone from the US to chat about random stuff, he thoroughly had no other opportunities to speak. 0LiHlt

And now, he inexplicably transmigrated into this world where there’s no computer, internet, and his small room where he had hermetically sealed himself off. Although his life was in danger from time to time, he was no longer locked up in his room.

Moreover, it seemed like he was about to gain the second friend he ever had.

Having reached this conjecture, he immediately felt his blood racing. He turned to Samael and earnestly vowed, “Rest assured. You can entrust all your major and minor injuries to me.” The more loyal he is, the manlier he would be!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Samael was startled for a moment before he threw a faint smile and softly said, “Okay.” 6R4GSY

Oh my, Suo Fei blushed in embarrassment. I say, with your good looks, please don’t smile so randomly. This is a foul. A foul, you know!

The next day, it was almost lunch when the busy Aryan showed up in front of them.

Aryan wore a pale blue, long robe. He wrapped himself so tightly that even his collar was turned up, tightly held in place by an exquisite, tiny clasp.

Although not even an inch of skin was exposed, it was still highly fashionable. Furthermore, the tightness made him appear taller. Bc4sjd

He was still the same refreshing blond boy, warmly inviting them to eat as thanks for saving his life yesterday.

T/N: when the side character has smut earlier than the main couple :blobcry:

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

It was mentioned in ch1 that he lived in a studio apartment (单间).

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