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Reborn into A Slash GameCh26 - I Can’t Kill You?


Here’s a bonus chapter thanks to Mello’s ko-fis on 03/08 :blobaww:

Poison! t95dJc

Moreover, it’s toxicity was not negligible. Suo Fei had eaten the meat of the Ten-Coloured Cockatrice. Although he was not as resistant to poison as Samael, he was definitely immune to at least hundreds of types of poisons.

It should be known that he could stay safe and sound even against the Knuhl Forest’s incurable miasma. From this, it could be seen just how awesome this beast was.

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But now, he could feel the poison rapidly spread throughout his body. It was like he was being sedated. He couldn’t move even a fraction of an inch.

However, it was only for a brief few seconds. Then, the poison resistance in his blood kicked in. The poison was slowly eliminated and he gradually regained control of his body. zTry5J

Suo Fei’s body had this kind of response, so most probably, Samael’s poison had also been eliminated.

The toxicity was strong, but they gained something from it. If the toxicity was too weak, they might not even feel anything and them being resistant to all kinds of poisons would be discovered. But now, it served as a warning to them hence they could beat Aryan at his own game.

Suo Fei remained perfectly still, holding onto the knife and fork on the table.

Aryan’s brisk voice rang out after a long silence, “Why aren’t you eating? If you dislike the fatty beast meat, you might as well try the vegetarian dishes of Mauer City. It tastes pretty good.”


His voice was calm, not the slightest bit different from usual.

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Suo Fei kept silent. He maintained his act, but his eyes were riveted on Aryan. If he still didn’t understand what’s happening at this point, then he could only be a fool!

But, why? Why did Aryan want to poison them?

Faced with Suo Fei’s sharp gaze, it was as if Aryan was completely unaware. Aryan tidily put down his knife and fork. Then, he picked up the napkin near him and slowly wiped his fingers. xDPXOh

His movements were graceful and delicate, following the rules of etiquette, like a noble who had lived his whole life in opulence.

He placed his napkin down and stood up. His long robe reached right to the ground. The gorgeous cuffs and hems were adorned with gems and intricate laces. It was not convenient to move around, but he had long been used to such clothes.

He walked towards Samael at a relaxed pace. He bent slightly forward and, somewhat amused, poked Samael using his white and slender fingers. Then, he naively laughed, “Can’t move?”

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Samael was not bothered by his laments. He ignored Aryan’s body that was almost sticking to his arms and asked in a flat voice, “The fifth-grade ferocious beast from before was something you arranged?”

Although it was a question, his tone was full of certainty.

Aryan was startled, but he indifferently answered, “That’s right.” iD46tR

Samael continued on to say, “You are a fire-type Archmage on the surface, but in fact, you’re actually a Beast-tamer.”

At these words, the smile on Aryan’s face became somewhat stiff. That was the ace up his sleeve, his hidden greatest power. Except those very close to him, no one knew about it. He squinted his eyes. His voice no longer contained the briskness of a youth, but was low and slightly hoarse, “How did you find out?”

Samael’s voice was steady and smooth, “Fifth-grade ferocious beasts are high-grade beasts so they possess intelligence. Although they’re aggressive and vicious, they wouldn’t attack people indiscriminately. The ferocious beast that day had plunged into madness, and the most simple and practical way to induce this state is to forcibly terminate the contractual connection with it. So, it’s your tamed beast. ”

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Aryan pursed his lips, casting off his facade of being a young and inexperienced youth. His eyes squinted with a glint of fierceness in them, “I am one of the leaders of the human race. It wouldn’t be surprising for there to be a high-tier tamer under me. Why are you certain that it was me?” DBJirf

“Because you only trust yourself.”

Aryan’s pupils constricted.

Samael continued on, “You like exquisite fur, but you never wear fur-trimmed outfits. Because all those furs were used to learn taming.”

“You built Mauer City on the periphery of the Knuhl Forest to suit your own ends. It also helped you cover your identity as a Beast-tamer.” AwoJBb

“This is a really crazy and selfish move, isn’t it?”

Everything that Samael said was spot-on. Aryan couldn’t help but straighten up. He was clearly looking down at the demon youth from his high position, but at this moment, he felt that he was the one being seen through.

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Striving to purge out this feeling from his body, Aryan didn’t want to waste any more time. He looked at the small dagger at Samael’s waist. He quickly reached out his hand, seized the dagger, and held it in his hand.

Suo Fei, who had always been watching on the sidelines, was completely stunned. kP31t7

Samael’s inference entered his ears without missing a single word, and immediately felt a sense of enlightenment.

He had doubts regarding the ferocious beast incident but didn’t think much of it. From beginning to end, all of it was Aryan’s doing? Suo Fei stared at the human in front of him.

The naive appearance had long disappeared and the eyes were slightly narrowed. The once clear eyes became bottomless green pools. His mouth was turned down at the corners, making no attempt to conceal the sinisterness therein.

Where is the soft and adorable first little shou he knew? f3kIWS

Suo Fei tried to recall everything he knew about Aryan. From head to toe, there was no resemblance at all between him and the human in front of him. In the game, Aryan had attached himself to Samael from the get-go. He was loving, thoughtful, considerate and absurdly good-natured.

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Wait a minute. Suo Fei suddenly realised, this is not a game anymore! Manzy Argoux could change, so why can’t Aryan?

Or rather, neither of them had changed. It was just that he was looking at them from a different perspective so the one he saw was different.

Everyone has many faces. All along, he had been thinking in only one direction. qlRAGD

Thinking about it carefully, although Aryan had always kept a youthful appearance, he was no less than five hundred years old. Moreover, he was one of the three leaders of the Human race. From what he remembered, the game had not revealed Aryan’s life experiences. However, he knew that Aryan had not inherited the City Lord position from his family. Instead, he single-handedly founded Mauer City!

Such a character like him, how could he be as naive as he seemed to be?

Thinking this way, Suo Fei suddenly felt that the game had dug a pit for him. He blindly relied on his walkthrough and held a preconceived impression of others. He seemed like a prophet who knew a lot about the future, but at the same time, he had been misled all along.

If Aryan’s true colours had not been exposed today, then he would surely be like an idiot being strung along in circles. F*ck conquering this little shou ah! Compared to this old minx, thinking of a way to survive is of paramount importance! ipkh3j

The Asura Blade had been taken away but Samael remained motionless. However, his tone was filled with ridicule, “Is this what you consider as meticulous acting?

Aryan tightly held onto the dagger, inexplicably feeling nervous. The next moment, his eyes widened as his nervousness escalated into fear. It was a hot summer day but chills shivered down his spine.

The demon youth in front of him stood up and slowly turned around, his gaze falling upon him.

His pair of purple eyes were amazingly beautiful, but it was full of darkness as if it could swallow up all the light. NdK tl

His gaze was not that of a hunter looking at its prey. Instead, he stared at Aryan as if he was already looking at a dead man.

Aryan looked as white as a sheet. His hands lost strength, causing the dagger he was holding to slide out of his hand.

The Asura Blade did not clatter to the ground. As if it had life, it flew into Samael’s hand and greedily sucked the demon’s blood.

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Whirring sounds of contentment, the blade was like a living beast of prey. With its appetite satiated, it indolently exposed its aggressive and dangerous appearance. 9deKLg

Samael held the sword with one hand. The Asura Blade was pitch-black, its side slightly flashing with the lustre of crimson blood.

“This is what you wanted, isn’t it?”

Aryan stepped back in fright. He didn’t know why the poison wasn’t working, but the sight before him made him feel an unprecedented sense of death.

“You⁠—You can’t kill me.” dn9STU

“Can’t kill you?” Samael laughed, “Then, should I wait for you to come and kill me?”

“N-no, I won’t….” he uttered. Aryan felt wan and weak. The demon before his eyes wouldn’t let him get away with what he had done.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

No, no way. He can’t die here!

Aryan drew back step by step, knocking over a heavy wooden chair. He then saw Suo Fei who was sitting quietly at the side. It was as if he saw the last life-saving straw he could grasp. QM3zhS

He looked at Suo Fei and shouted, “Don’t kill me. I will bring you to see Vixanne Evans!”

Hearing Vixanne’s name, Suo Fei’s eyes constricted. He stared at Aryan. I will not attack unless I am attacked. Although it did n’t feel good to watch a ‘human’ die in front of him, he wouldn’t stop Samael’s action.

Having reached this point, they would be risking their own lives to let go of Aryan.

“I don’t need you to.” qeQ7C6

Aryan froze. He didn’t expect Suo Fei’s downright refusal. No, he couldn’t let go of this opportunity. Almost as an afterthought, he blurted out, “Manzy Argoux had been lying to you! He wouldn’t bring you to see Vixanne Evans!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The author has something to say: The best part has just begun.

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Translator's Note

人不犯我,我不犯人。A quote by Mao Zedong.

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