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RPGCh7 - City of Toys (3)


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Shan Ziwei went North in accordance with Teddy Bear’s directions. On the way, he saw many small houses and trees made of building blocks. The entire place was filled with a cheerful, sweet and homely atmosphere. uA5Sd7

“The style of this chessboard really is quite childlike, fantastical…”

Shan Ziwei exclaimed to himself, going around a building block his height. In the moment he turned the corner, however, he was attacked.

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Shan Ziwei stood there dumbly, covered in confetti. The perpetrator held a used party popper in hand, jumping around and giggling in delight. Ru8Dow

“Haha~ Haha~”

Shan Ziwei had no time to spare to take revenge. He stared at the Hearts gauge in the top left. Just now, a small section had turned black, as if stained by ink.

At this time, the system also appeared to give him an explanation: [You have been attacked.]

[On the chessboard, damage from external sources will cause “spiritual corruption” to your SP. The corrupted suit depends on the attacker’s type. If the SP of one suit is completely corrupted, it will lose SP continuously. Further attacks will directly decrease SP. In addition, you shall also begin to hallucinate until you enter spiritual breakdown or your spiritual corruption is cured. Spiritual corruption can be cured through rest, items and skills.] 42KTCW

That meant that the Spades, Hearts, Clubs and Diamonds types were like the elemental types in xianxia games? For example, he was Clubs type, so his attacks would corrupt the Clubs SP of other people? Shan Ziwei did his best in trying to digest the combat system pf RPG: this game’s combat was split into two stages. The first stage involved fully corrupting one of the opponent’s four SP gauges. The second stage was chipping away at the blackened and corrupted SP until it reached zero and the opponent entered spiritual breakdown.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


The jumping mob seemed displeased that Shan Ziwei was ignoring it and attacked once again.

“Bang!” TN2b9l

Once again, Shan Ziwei was blasted in the face and another 10 percent of his Hearts SP (Joy) turned black. He brushed the confetti from his face and used Investigate on his attacker.

[Rabbit Soldier

Type: Two of Hearts

Category: Pawn CZkwtz

MP: 6/10

SP: Spades (100%), Hearts (100%), Clubs (100%), Diamonds (100%)

Stance: Hostile

Description: Has always dreamed of being chased by Alice.] Qw3fo

Currently standing in front of Shan Ziwei was an Alice in Wonderland themed rabbit soldier. It wore a Hearts patterned barrel dress, a ruff collar around its neck and an empty party popper in one hand – this was clearly its weapon. Everything was seeped in a joyous, cheerful style.

Not a melee unit. That was good.

A certain hypersexual always believed that melee attacks were the scariest thing to ever exist. He unsheathed his sword and attacked the rabbit soldier with Heavy Blow.

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“Ah!” Xut5vP

The rabbit soldier was toppled with the force of the strike. Shan Ziwei didn’t immediately follow-up. He kept one eye closed, carefully watching the change in the rabbit soldier’s data.

In its stats, the most obvious change was in its Clubs SP. Thirty-five percent of it had turned black. In RPG, you died if your MP reached zero, but it was impossible to directly attack MP. According to the explanation just given by the system, to defeat this rabbit soldier, he had to completely corrupt its SP. That needed (100÷35≈) three Heavy Blows. Then he’d have to use another two to three Heavy Blows to send that corrupted SP to zero and push the rabbit soldier into spiritual breakdown. Then, after that, he’s have to wait for it to go crazy and use up its MP until it died… What a troublesome combat system.

These thoughts needed barely a moment’s time to whirl through Shan Ziwei’s head. At the end of them, the rabbit soldier had already gotten up and once again fired off its party popper at him.

“Bang!” zXbdvq

The party popper attack brushed past Shan Ziwei. He raised his longsword, about to give the other a “3+3 Heavy Blow combo” as planned when something suddenly flashed through his mind, causing him to stop. Instead, he sent another Investigate towards his opponent after it attacked.

[MP: 4/10]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


[MP: 2/10] UyxaPM


Shan Ziwei stood next to the corpse of the rabbit soldier, feel a deep sense of respect.

You really were attacking with your own life…

Shan Ziwei checked his Hearts SP. Originally, it had been 95 percent full and now 45 percent had turned black. Every time the rabbit soldier attacked, it used two MP and dealt 10 percent of spiritual corruption to him. Even if he didn’t even move, it needed to attack at least eighteen times for him to enter spiritual breakdown. This poor ten MP rabbit soldier couldn’t really accomplish anything except be cute. 3ziYeq

Amidst Shan Ziwei’s mourning, specks of blue light seeped from the rabbit soldier’s corpse, forming a black, round-headed pawn chess piece. Shan Ziwei picked it up and Investigated its information.

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[Pawn Chess Piece

Ksqf: Kkb bo Lfjgar

Jjafubgs: Jtfrr Ulfmf d5oZ 0

Soofma: Frfv lc Kbsybz fzmtjcuf, Vmfcjglb Jjgv erjuf, fam.

Gfrmglqalbc: Ktf ojnbeglaf bo Kbsybzfr.]

Yglulcjiis, Vtjc Ilkfl tjv atbeuta tf kbeiv rff rbwfatlcu ilxf “Kfvvs Dfjg’r mtfrr qlfmf” bg “defra lafw” jr atf vfrmglqalbc. Lf tjvc’a fzqfmafv atja atf qjkc mtfrr qlfmf kbeiv tjnf remt j ragjcuf vfrmglqalbc.

“Toybox? Where have I heard that before…?” 8OKrAo

Shan Ziwei tried to recall it for a bit before giving up. Perhaps he thought it familiar because it was so close to “City of Toys”.

Before heading off to find the next Rabbit Soldier, Shan Ziwei realized he had a problem. He looked at the chess piece in his hand and then at his already full waistcoat pocket, his spirits falling.

Why did the system-provided inventory have to be so small…?

“1 item of up to x5 units” meant that every pocket could hold up to five of the same kind of item. Thus, Shan Ziwei had a total of two pockets, one with mirrors in it and one with Relationship Scenario Cards in it. If he wanted to put the pawn chess piece in his pockets, he would have to take out either all the mirrors or all the Relationship Scenario Cards. PZGixj

Very well, guess he would have to hold the mirrors in his hand then.

In RPG, a character’s hand counted as an inventory space. Since his longsword was a singlehand weapon, Shan Ziwei didn’t have to worry that holding his mirrors would negatively impact his combat ability. After putting away the pawn chess piece, Shan Ziwei continued forwards. After that rabbit soldier, more and more rabbit soldiers appeared. They stuck together in small groups, wearing barrel dresses of varying suits. He didn’t even need to use Investigate to figure out their typing. Against these rabbit soldiers, Shan Ziwei destroyed any that dared challenge him. Without any melee attacks, a certain hypersexual seemed to transcend into a higher state of combat. He barely needed to attack, merely waiting for those self-sacrificing mobs to throw skills at him.

After three encounters, Shan Ziwei realized that the hard part wasn’t the actual combat, but finding his way on this terrain. Right now, he was afraid of black, red and white puzzle pieces, yet 60 percent of the puzzle pieces in the areas these rabbits inhabited were those three colours. Shan Ziwei was practically leaping from safe tile to safe tile to manoeuvre about. If he accidentally stepped on one of those colours, it was even worse than getting hit by an attack – If his SP turned black, he could recover it via resting, but if his SP was lost, he could only recover it via Relationship roleplay.

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The more time he spent in this game, the more Shan Ziwei felt that the combat system of this game was just an extra. Scenarios and roleplay were the main focus. nTJEr5


Shan Ziwei picked up his fifth pawn chess piece. With that, all he was missing was a Knight chess piece.

That was when a white rabbit wearing a formal suit ran across the path in front of Shan Ziwei.

“Oh no, oh no, I’m going to be late!” dNXaFM

The rabbit had a tall hat and a pocket watch. “Come and chase me, come and chase me haha~” was practically written on its face.

Shan Ziwei quickly threw an Investigate at it.

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[Mr. White Rabbit

Type: Two of Spades 5Xx9Cv

Category: Knight

MP: 100/100

SP: Spades (100%), Hearts (100%), Clubs (100%), Diamonds (100%)

Stance: Hostile lgUXhT

Description: I’m gonna be late, gonna be late – Boing~~~]

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Category… Knight?

The rabbit soldiers’ “Category: Pawn” and Teddy Bear’s “Category: Bishop” sprung to mind. Were all the NPCs in this game categorized using different chess pieces? Pawn category rabbit soldier dropped pawns when they died, so did that mean that the knight category Mr. White Rabbit would drop a knight chess piece?

Whatever. Let’s just kill it first. BOp6yu

“Don’t you dare get in my way!”

Mr. White Rabbit patted its hat that had just been flattened by Shan Ziwei’s attack and angrily whipped out a cane, striking Shan Ziwei with it. He was extremely fast, and even though Shan Ziwei tried to dodge, the cane still smacked his arm.


Shan Ziwei’s eyes almost watered. That mix of pain and pleasure was indescribable – how hard do you think a rabbit could hit him anyways? EGeOd4

Seeing Mr. White Rabbit raising his cane to launch the next attack, poor Shan Ziwei was shocked by his hypersexuality into unleashing the potential and agility he never knew he had and accurately slashed the incoming cane.

“Ah! My cane!”

Mr. White Rabbit scrambled to get his cane and Shan Ziwei used this chance to hurriedly summon a mirror image. He had to deal with Mr. White Rabbit as soon as possible, not just because of his hypersexuality, but also because this rabbit’s attack was shockingly high. That attack just now had turned 25 percent of his Spades gauge black! Yet, this rabbit had only used 5 MP. This was a completely different monster compared to those rabbit soldiers.

“Mirror Image!” Blc3Yb

The white-haired young man appeared from the broken shards of mirror, standing there docile and watching Shan Ziwei. Looking at him, it was hard to believe that he could ever go crazy and try to kill Shan Ziwei.

“Attack Mr. White Rabbit!”

The mirror image acted, attacking Mr. White Rabbit with Shan Ziwei. His hypersexuality was truly the best motivator. In order to not get whacked by that cane, Shan Ziwei did everything he could to interrupt Mr. White Rabbit’s attacks. If this was a mouse and keyboard game, Shan Ziwei would be able to hit the other’s pinkie with 100 percent accuracy, let alone that cane. But therein lay the problem: it was a fully immersive virtual reality and a certain hypersexual had never fought someone like this. Even with the system assisted sword swings, his own mechanics couldn’t keep up. One successful interrupt every three tries was already very good, so the majority of the time, Shan Ziwei was teary-eyed and panting as he traded health with Mr. White Rabbit. Their attack speed was approximately equal, so they exchanged pain and pleasure at an even pace.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Ha… ha…” Shan Ziwei was about to cry. “Is there any shield around for me?” IhbcZ5

The mirror image cocked his head, gazing at Shan Ziwei, who could feel his legs on verge of giving out, and silently shielded its original from a hit.

With the two of them ganging up on Mr. White Rabbit, their opponent’s Clubs SP was fully corrupted before Shan Ziwei’s own.

“I hate you! I hate you! I’m going to be late and its all your fault! One two three four fivesixseveneightnineten all of you! Why do you all get in my waaaay!”

The fully spiritually corrupted Mr. White Rabbit didn’t seem much different apart from being even more angry than before. Even though the mirror image disappeared, its time up, Shan Ziwei realized that the battle had gotten easier. Mr. White Rabbit’s attacks often missed and sometimes it even stopped attacking altogether to mutter to itself, allowing its fully corrupted Clubs SP to dwindle. Q9s fb


Thirty-two percent, 31 percent, 30 percent…

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Shan Ziwei’s final Heavy Blow landed on Mr. White Rabbit’s face, sending it into spiritual breakdown. In that moment, Mr. White Rabbit’s face split open.

… What the fuuuuck?! It split open??? k1X7DA

Shan Ziwei watched in frozen and somewhat awed horror as a wide gap opened up in Mr. White Rabbit’s mouth along the sword slash. Mr. White Rabbit seemed to have noticed as well, hurriedly covering up the gaping gash of its mouth with its hands.

“What? What? What’s this?”

Mr. White Rabbit scrambled to take out a needle and thread, sewing up his mouth. Shan Ziwei felt like his eyes were about to fall out of his head from watching this gruesome scene. It would be fine if Mr. White Rabbit was a bunny-shaped plush, sewing up its mouth, but this mob was a modelled after a real living rabbit, blood, flesh and all. A real rabbit sewing up its mouth was nothing short of horrifying.

“Squelch, shlick – squelch, shlick –…” 3qXupT

The sound of that needle and thread dipping into skin and flesh and pulling it together made Shan Ziwei’s teeth ache. Over there, the rabbit was losing MP from self-harm while over here, Shan Ziwei was losing SP from shock and terror. Just from watching this scene, Shan Ziwei’s Diamond SP (Fear) had already fallen by 3 percent – so spiritual breakdown just turned people psychotic??!!

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After sewing up its mouth, the spiritually broken Mr. White Rabbit seemed to suddenly remember something important. It raised its pocket watch to check the time before it froze.

“… Ah ah… I won’t make it, I’m late.”

After a long pause, Mr. White Rabbit, that cursed rabbit, let out a long sigh and faced Shan Ziwei. It’s bloody, torn mouth cracked open in a smile as it held its pocket watch up high, as if putting it on display for Shan Ziwei. M0buns

Thus, Shan Ziwei saw the ticking hands of the pocket watch spin before stopping at twelve o’clock.


In the moment the explosion happened, Shan Ziwei didn’t immediately registered what had just happened until the slowly shortening and completely blackened Spades SP gauge pulled him back to reality – his Spades SP had been completely corrupted in the explosion.

What the fuck! HZ05eE

Shan Ziwei wanted to spit on the game developers – so the “boing” in the description was referring to the sound of the pocket watch exploding and not a rabbit hopping???

The sheer force of Mr. White Rabbit’s final explosion sent Shan Ziwei’s Spades SP to half, and the remaining half was steadily decreasing under the spiritual corruption. Just as Shan Ziwei was going to sit down to rest and recover from the spiritual corruption, there was a flash of white in the corner of his eye.

Shan Ziwei’s head turned stiffly, staring at the distant line of white covering the horizon – rabbits… rabbits as far as the eye could see. That last explosion was like a signal flare of some sort, bringing a horde of countless rabbit soldiers charging in his direction.


Shan Ziwei jumped up like he had been burned, swiping the knight chess piece that had dropped and running for his life.

Wh-what the hell was up with this – wasn’t this meant to be a tutorial stage? This was too much! QAQ

Tears streamed down Shan Ziwei’s face as he ran, watching his Spades SP steadily falling. Right now, what he needed most was rest, but with the crowd of pursuing rabbits, he didn’t even have the chance to breathe, never mind rest!

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[Scenario 5: You’re afraid of purple puzzle pieces. (00:01:00)] 7BSsCr

Shan Ziwei’s almost misstepped onto a black puzzle piece.

–– Please, system, could you not add oil to the fire at a time like this, you asshole!!!

Seeing his Spades SP fall to a measly 3 percent, Shan Ziwei thought it was over for him. But then he heard a voice that sounded like a beautiful song.

“… Light of Recovery.” RQp6h2

A gentle light enveloped Shan Ziwei and Shan Ziwei noticed that his Spades SP had returned to its usual red, no longer decreasing. He didn’t have the time to be grateful though, as there was a massive wave of rabbits approaching.

“R-r-run for your life! Behind, there’s – “

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Shan Ziwei cut himself off abruptly, dumbfounded as he slowed to a stop and gazed behind him.

Where was the rabbit horde? qZOWGt

There was nothing behind him, as if that sea of rabbits was just a hallucination.

… Wait, hallucination?

–– If the SP of one suit is completely corrupted, it will lose SP continuously. Further attacks will directly decrease SP. In addition, you shall also begin to hallucinate until you enter spiritual breakdown or your spiritual corruption is cured.

Shan Ziwei thought back to the explanation given by the system back then, freezing in his tracks. A sense of exhaustion enveloped him, like he would never know love again. O cYFL

Why won’t you just let him enjoy the game … _(:з」∠)_

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A hand reached carefully towards Shan Ziwei’s forehead. Even with his head in the clouds, a certain hypersexual jumped backwards immediately, creating an absolute(ly cannot be touched) territory. This was all instinct, a reflex created by the lessons of blood and tears.


Shan Ziwei, having returned to reality, looked up at the newcomer. In that moment, it was like sunlight on the ground had flickered and jumped to form the bright, beautiful being in front of him. A murky halo of light surrounded the elf in front of him, long, light blonde hair tucked behind a long, pointy ear, laurels crowning his head. He smiled, gazing at Shan Ziwei, his blue-green eyes as clear and bright as the summer skies. ayudXf

“Sorry, I thought you were feeling unwell.”

Shan Ziwei couldn’t help but avert his gaze. Too bright. The elf’s features were absolutely stunning. Adding that unrestrained smile to the mix turned the elf into a fatal weapon.

Then, the question was, was this walking weapon a pawn or a player?

Shan Ziwei habitually closed one eye to Investigate, but there was no response. If it weren’t for the decrease in MP, he would’ve thought he hadn’t used the skill. The only situation where something like this could happen was that the skill had failed because the target wasn’t at a level he could Investigate. 5zdpun

“You’re winking… are you trying to seduce me?”

……………………. What?

“Or…” The elf’s smile vanished from his face, his hand going to the massive silver bow on his back. “Are you Investigating me?”

Shan Ziwei looked back at the elf that had noticed his movements in surprise before his gaze shifted to the deadly-looking silver bow encrusted with crystal shards. SpJlWA

Did he discard his shame and say he was trying to seduce the other or get killed? That certainly was a question.

As the tension thickened, the elf suddenly smiled.

“I’m kidding,” the elf laughed, “The current you can’t find out yet. If you want something to refer to me as though, you can call me Chiron.”

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The elf’s smile was so sunny, Shan Ziwei’s annoyance at being toyed with disappeared. Shan Ziwei breathed lightly, letting go of the breath he had been holding. He didn’t dare try anything again and thanked the other docilely, “Thank you for saving me just now.” W35zdC

“It was nothing.” The elf was smiling even more brightly now. Shan Ziwei’s impression of elves was lofty and cold like the moon, but the elf in front of him was as bright and bold as the sun, open and warm. “You look like you might be in need of some help? I’m currently travelling around this area. If you want, I can help you get to where you’re going.”

With that, Shan Ziwei became certain this elf called Chiron was a pawn. A player wouldn’t say something so cliché. This was probably the next part of the tutorial stage – when the player fell into danger, a powerful and beautiful elf would save them and heal the player’s injured spirit. What a setup – a stick and carrot. The appearance of the elf Chrion was just as powerful and healing as Mr. White Rabbit was traumatic.

Faced with a pawn, Shan Ziwei was much more straightforward. “I’m heading to the City of Toys.”

“City of Toys, huh…” Chiron’s beautiful eyes curved as he smiled. “Then let’s go.” 2WBmZC

Shan Ziwei nodded. Before they headed off, however, he noticed his pockets were full again. He considered for a moment before deciding that Relationship Scenario Cards were more convenient to keep hold of in his hands, so he put the knight chess piece in his pocket.

Shan Ziwei raised his head to inform the other he was ready to go, but that was when he noticed the elf looking at him – or more specifically at the cards in his hands.

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“… Those are ‘laws’ huh.”

The blonde elf’s gaze shifted upwards and he smiled at Shan Ziwei. GMrJEq

“Could I have one?”

No one could reject such a request from a beautiful elf like this, and Shan Ziwei was no different. The smile Chiron gave was dizzying, and he offered all his Relationship Scenario Cards to the other in a daze.

Chiron reached out with his slender fingers and took “Ace of Clubs – Monopolize (Active)” without hesitation.

… Wait a moment, something wasn’t right about this… rTCbYs

Shan Ziwei stared, stunned, as Chiron used the Relationship Scenario Card immediately. Spots of blue light enveloped the elf, the glow lighting up his already perfect features.

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Chiron smiled like a mischievous child, innocent and full of joy.

“Now I can monopolize you.”

Aw, Chiron, what a guy lol dUNVQ3

I see a lot of people trying to guess the identity of the ML uwu I won’t say anything except… read on to find out :blob0w0:

There’s more of Chiron in the next chapter, Scenario Eight: City of Toys (4)!

These chapters are getting longer :blobsweats:

Hope y’all enjoyed~ iwldN2

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