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RPGCh6 - City of Toys (2)


Editor: Izrate :blobcheeky:

The two identical, white-haired young men stood opposite each other like two sides of a mirror, their hands linked. t7QvAB

Dan Ziwei shivered and took a deep breath, suppressing his racing heartbeat as his eyes lit up.

Great! As expected in games, the lower body parts were merely decorative.

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After a momentary flash of joy, a certain hypersexual then descended back into the pit of despair. While the game developers weren’t shameless enough to recreate that kind of bodily function, and even though there was no physical evidence, the feelings were all experienced intimately. Even when faced with “himself”, he could feel the arcing threads of pleasure from the contact running through his nerves, settling across his entire body and making his heart itch.

“Haaaah…” 1VGhX0

Dan Ziwei took steady, measured breaths. For this degree of contact, he could suppress the rest of his reactions, as long as that hardest to control, most shameful reaction was gone. If it were like this, other people would only find him a bit weird, not take him for a pervert. Thus, what he had to do now was find his endurance limit.

Holding hands was fine. That meant he should go a step further.

A certain hypersexual stifled his embarrassment as he ordered the mirror image, “Hug me tight.”

The white-haired young man blinked his lead-coloured eyes and opened his arms wide, completely enveloping his original body in an inseparable embrace without a sliver of space between them. Their white hair mingled, so intimately becoming one. 1Xo84I

For a moment, Dan Ziwei’s consciousness blanked. He couldn’t remember how long it had been since he had been hugged by someone like this. Even though it was just a game NPC, he could feel that gentle human warmth flooding him.

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And then, a certain hypersexual who had overestimated his own limits ended up in a tragic situation.


This moment of courage cost Dan Ziwei dearly. pQPwef

“L-let go, hurry and let go!!!”

Dan Ziwei took a few steps backwards and suddenly squatted down, burying his face in his knees. His ears were bright red under his white locks.

Goddamn it, he had gotten so excited his Hearts SP (Joy) had taken a hit! QAQ

Dan Ziwei could feel his entire body trembling with arousal. As he had no way of letting it out, that sweet, sweet pleasure was locked inside his body, wreaking havoc everywhere. It felt like even his hair was tingling. 3ANTV8

Sob, why did someone as upstanding and principled as him have to have such an indecent body…

Just as Dan Ziwei was crying to himself with his head bowed, he felt something ruffle his hair, as if someone had patted his head.

Dan Ziwei looked up. No one was there. Even the mirror image had disappeared due to its summon timer ending.

It was probably just the wind. Evyrdx

[Scenario 3: You’re afraid of red puzzle pieces. (00:01:00)]

That was when the system gave him his third scenario. Dan Ziwei scrambled away from the red puzzle piece under his feet. From the looks of it, the system was prepared to go through all the colours one after the other. If that happened, then he’d eventually be afraid of red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and even black and white puzzle pieces, and he wouldn’t even have a place to stand. This game was clearly made to encourage players to reach their goal as soon as possible – with every Scenario that system gave over time, it would be harder and harder to survive on the chessboard. Dan Ziwei felt his scalp going numb at the thought of tens of System Scenarios all descending upon him at once.

There was no point in delaying. Let’s hurry up and get to the City of Toys.

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Dan Ziwei shoved the remaining mirrors into the pocket of his waistcoat. After a moment of rest, he headed west in accordance with the signpost. XCpxMN

This place was bright and almost dreamlike. Every now and then, bubbles would float by. Coupled with the sweet creamy aroma and the constant cheerful singing, it was as if he had entered a dreamland. It made his heart melt.

Dan Ziwei’s childhood was like any other boy’s, filled with toys, mischief and noise. Before his hypersexuality made itself known, he had been active in all different kinds of groups, so full of energy that he couldn’t use it all up. It was a typical choleric temperament. However, ever since his hypersexuality emerged, Dan Ziwei’s life was turned upside-down. He stopped going to places with a lot of people and his personality grew strange – he wanted friends of his own, but because he was afraid of being seen as a pervert, he didn’t dare to approach anyone. The one time he gathered his courage to try and pursue someone, it ended before it even began.

–– Omg, that guy’s “excited”? What the hell? Gross!

Dan Ziwei shook his head to escape those memories. Currently, he was already close enough to see the City of Toys in the distance, a place built with colourful building blocks. However, he was unable to take a single step further, for between Dan Ziwei and the City of Toys lay an area filled with black and red puzzle pieces. SGx 6P

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[Scenario 1: You’re afraid of black puzzle pieces.]

[Scenario 3: You’re afraid of red puzzle pieces.]

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Dan Ziwei took out a pokeball… uh, mirror… from his pocket: I choose you, mirror image! gsnd8t

A mirror image identical to Dan Ziwei once again made its appearance. Dan Ziwei thought to himself with delight: if he couldn’t touch it, it didn’t mean that his mirror image couldn’t. He could have his mirror image carry him on his back the entire way. It wasn’t like there was anyone else around. Even if he got off his mirror image’s back looking out of it, it wouldn’t matter.

Following Dan Ziwei’s orders, the mirror image took one step forwards and stepped onto the red and black puzzle pieces. It instantly lost SP from the same gauge he had.

… Okay then, it seemed that the mirror image had inherited his Scenarios as well.

Dan Ziwei didn’t call back the mirror image, instead, he had it continue to run. He wanted to see how far it could run. If possible, he’d have one mirror image carry him as far as possible and then run the last section himself, like a relay. XWtQ6e

At around a fifth of the way over, his mirror image’s Diamond SP fell to zero. At that moment, the mirror image stopped like someone had pressed a pause button. It didn’t react even when Dan Ziwei tried to give it orders.

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So this was Spiritual Breakdown?

Just as Dan Ziwei thought that his mirror image was going to die just like that, the white-haired young man standing on the black and red puzzle pieces turned around and revealed a pair of blood red eyes.

His mirror image gave him a smile that was as terrifying as his eyes and began to stalk towards him. 93vs0j

“You want me to leave you?”

H-h-his mirror image was talking!

“That won’t do, that won’t do at all, I refuse to leave you.”

“I can’t live without you.” GgWIfn

Dan Ziwei stepped back instinctively. The other’s aura was too strong; he could practically see black miasma leaking from his mirror image!


Dan Ziwei’s retreating step seemed to flick a switch in the other white-haired young man, sending him into an uncontrollable rage. The white-haired young man charged furiously at Dan Ziwei, a dangerous glint in his red eyes.

“If I open a hole in our stomachs and tie our intestines together, then we won’t ever be separated then, will we?” Ujm4Ct

What the fuuuuuck!!!

Dan Ziwei immediately turned and ran for it.

Mommy, he was being chased by a crazy man! Even worse, this crazy man was wearing his face!!!

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He was going to have nightmares about this! He was definitely going to have nightmares about this!!! 7ofvGC

Dan Ziwei enlarged the summons’ tab, but then realized with a sinking heart there was no “dismiss” option! Luckily, his mirror image only had half the MP he had, so the mirror image’s MP hit zero first from vigorous exercise.

Dan Ziwei watched his mirror image disperse into blue light, panting, and gave up on the idea of using his mirror image as canon fodder to cross the puzzle pieces. In fact, it would be a long time before he used the Mirror Image skill again. A certain hypersexual had truly had a taste of what kind of assholes the game developers were.

That wasn’t spiritual breakdown, that was a fucking madman! =皿=

Dan Ziwei stumbled back to the red and black puzzle piece area, gazing at the far-off City of Toys in despair. Though he had only left for a few minutes, that experience was sure to leave a mental scar. wGefKv

There must be another way of getting through this.

Dan Ziwei sat down to recover his MP for a bit. When his MP was full again, he began following the edge of the red and black area in a big circle around the City of Toys. After around ten minutes of walking, Dan Ziwei finally found the first and only “living creature” he had seen except himself (and his mirror image).

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It was a teddy bear holding a bunch of balloons in its hand, squatting there and looking at something on the ground.

[You have encountered a “pawn”.] The system immediately sprang out to explain: [Pawns are characters that are not under the control of players. After they die, they will drop their respective chess piece. A pawn’s stance on a player can be categorized as “friendly”, “neutral” or “hostile”. You may interact with neutral and friendly pawns.] cVx go

So that meant that “pawns” were NPCs controlled by the computer?

Dan Ziwei carefully approached the teddy bear. He couldn’t be sure if the cute, fluffy stuffed toy would suddenly attack him or not. After getting close enough, Dan Ziwei closed his left eye and used Investigate.

[Teddy Bear

Type: ? 1e6ohd

Category: ?

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MP: ?

SP: ?

Stance: Neutral Hd84Xn

Description: A pawn that likes to make friends.]

The question marks given by Investigate had Dan Ziwei’s flight response flaring up, but when he saw the stance and description, he let out a breath of relief.

Sensing Dan Ziwei’s approach, the teddy bear raised its furry head.

“Rawr~ hello.” bAonqm

“H-hello…” This was the first time Dan Ziwei spoke face to face with a game character. It was said that NPCs in these fully immersive games all acted according to their behavioural blueprints. If the player said a certain keyword or did a certain action, they would be able to trigger story progression for the NPC. Dan Ziwei didn’t have any experience, so he directly asked, “Do you have anything you need me to do?”

“Rawr~ You’re willing to help me?” Hearing Dan Ziwei’s question, the teddy bear stood up happily, “I lost a few chessmen. Could you help me find them rawr? In return, teddy will give you these balloons rawr~ Teddy’s balloons are really awesome, they’ll take you into the sky~”

Touched, Dan Ziwei felt tears welling up. So it was finally heading in the direction of a traditional RPG – getting quests from NPCs, fighting mobs and then getting a key item to progress further in the story from said NPC. How kind!

“Leave it to me!” 6zKrlk

“Rawr~ You truly are a great person! Teddy likes being friends with good people rawr~”

The teddy bear gave Dan Ziwei a stack of “you’re a good person” cards… quite literally. Dan Ziwei stared at the playing cards on the teddy bear’s paw, feeling an inexplicable sense of foreboding.

[You have obtained special Scenario Cards – Relationship Scenario Cards. On the chessboard, you may use Relationship Scenario Cards to alter your relationship to other people from your side. You may roleplay the corresponding relationship to recover your desired type of SP (Note: this is the only way to recover SP).]

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

… So, that meant the already cramped and limited Personal Scenario column had to allocate some space to Relationship Scenarios now? RdFb3p

Dan Ziwei thought to himself as he took the Relationship Scenario Cards from the teddy bear. After reading them, a certain hypersexual could feel his expression crumbling.

[Ace of Spades – Friendship

Category: Active Relationship

Effect: When you help them, restore 10 percent of your Spades SP. sKpMN8

Description: You’re my friend. I’m happy to help you.]

[Ace of Hearts – Love

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Category: Active Relationship

Effect: When you express love for them, restore 10 percent of your Hearts SP. pi Xc7

Description: I like you, I like you so, so, so much.]

[Ace of Clubs – Monopolize

Category: Active Relationship

Effect: When you express possessiveness for them, restore 10 percent of your Clubs SP. j5EzRv

Description: You’re mine. I won’t let anyone else have you.]

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

[Ace of Diamonds – Monopolize

Category: Passive Relationship

Effect: When they express possessiveness for you, restore 10 percent of your Diamonds SP. PSNlbm

Description: I’m yours, only yours.]

Did this game have no decency! Dan Ziwei was so close to throwing these cards onto the ground in rage. Apart from the first one, the rest were all perverted as hell!


Dan Ziwei suppressed the urge to rip these cards into shreds and looked back at the teddy bear that was staring at him with wide eyes. This time, Investigate gave him more detailed information instead of a bunch of question marks, probably because their friendship had increased. 7R5vyo

[Teddy Bear

Type: Two of Clubs

Category: Bishop

MP: 2000/2000 RZO9d0

SP: Spades (100%), Hearts (100%), Clubs (90%), Diamonds (100%)

Stance: Friendly

Relationship: Friendship (Passive)

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Description: A pawn that likes to make friends.] yg1ZN

Twenty times his MP! Dan Ziwei was stunned and kind of terrified. That meant that this cute stuffed toy that looked like it could be pushed over easily was basically equal to twenty of him! Thankfully, he didn’t have to fight the other, Dan Ziwei thought to himself. Then he noticed that there was some new information under “stance” – relationship, the teddy bear’s relationship with him was currently “Friendship (Passive)”.

It was clear that at this point he should probably use his “Ace of Spades – Friendship (Active)” card. According to the card effect, if he completed the quest he had been given (= helping the teddy bear), he could recover Spades SP.

Thus, Dan Ziwei whipped out the “Ace of Spades – Friendship (Active)” card and used it under the shining black eyes of the teddy bear.

[Scenario 8: You’re friends with Teddy Bear.] MHDNfK

“So happy! Teddy has another new friend rawr~” The teddy bear spun in a circle with joy and gave Dan Ziwei the box it had been looking at before. “Here, for you, Teddy’s lost six chessmen – rawr, you can look for them in the North.”

Inside the box, there were ten black chess pieces. Dan Ziwei recalled that for both white and black, there were typically sixteen pieces on either side. He looked over them and realized that the set was missing a knight and five pawns.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I’ll go and look now.”

“I’ll be waiting rawr~” msDWgz

Dan Ziwei shoved the rest of his Relationship Scenario Cards into his pocket and the teddy bear saw him off as he begun his new journey.

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Next up, Scenario Seven: City of Toys (3)


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