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Parenting In Full Bloom! The Former Villainous Noble Son Who Found His Love NestChapter 31


Author: aji (あじ)
Translator: sleepingjay

Originally, spirits were existences that were much closer with us. dPctAI

However, now they no longer appeared frequently. It was said that as civilisation grew, people who could hear the words of the spirits and see the form of the spirits decreased, but nobody knew the actual truth.

There were also people who questioned whether spirits had ever even existed, but I believed that they still existed.

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Why? Because I happened to have seen their figures from time to time.

I was aware that it was cringeworthy to claim this. But, I was certain of their existence. P3fesG

I couldn’t exchange words with them, so when I first saw the tiny and soft beads of light floating around me, I had wondered if they were some insects or apparitions.

After learning that they were spirits, I was surprised.

Since then, I was able to borrow their help by giving a few strands of my hair.

Mainly, I just asked them to look after the medicinal field, but the very few people who knew of this called my actions sacrilegious. YnGiBS

Even if it was said to be sacrilegious, the spirits themselves didn’t mind it, so it should be fine.

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Thanks to them, not only was the medicinal field less of a handful, but the plants also turned into top quality medicinal ingredients.

Even Seth had wondered doubtfully, “I thought it’d be more of a hassle, but it doesn’t look like that, huh~”

That was all thanks to the spirits who lived near the forest. rAqt9J

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After coming out of the forest on a whim, those spirits came to me and silently cajoled me into giving them wages in exchange for watching over my field.

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Ktf tjlg mbcajlcfv j ijguf jwbeca bo wjulm. P xcfk atf rqlglar ilxfv la, rb P ugfk ws tjlg bea.

Pc atf rewwfg, atf tfja kbeiv yfmbwf ecyfjgjyif jcv P bmmjrlbcjiis kjcafv ab mea ws tjlg, yea P kjr jyif ab mbcalcef yfjglcu klat la ktfc P rjk atf rqlglar vgloalcu jgbecv ws olfiv. IEcP B

I had been looking into spirit magic to the best of my ability, but right now the amount of people who had seen spirits were very few.

Due to this, materials on spirit magic were precious and priceless, and hence completely out of a commoner’s reach. These materials were usually part of some rich man’s or noble’s collection.

If I had more knowledge on spirits or spirit magic, maybe I could teach Guy, but…… Right now, doing that wasn’t in my power.

Guy was still whining until now. While I was comforting and hugging him tightly, Cyril trotted over from the direction of the residence. 46DhzX


“What is it?”


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Cyril stood in front of me, his face visibly twisted and about to cry. ctsmoM

Guy too, noticed Cyril. As expected, he stopped whining and looked up in concern.

“Hwere, hurts, it hurts.”

Without hesitation, Cyril pushed out his tail.

Grasping it with a very Cyril-like softness, he asked me to look at the fluffy tail tip. ceEIy7

Looking closely, I saw that the tip of the tail was inflamed, and blood had welled up.

“Oh, this must be painful. I’ll heal it right away, so don’t cry, hmm?”

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“Rweally? You’ll make the pain fly away?”

“I will. Would you like to sing the Magic Song?” 7rfsQE


Many kids, weak with pain, would cry due to shock. Even if the wound had been treated with healing magic for a long time, some kids would still feel lingering pain.

So for these kids, we would sing “The Magic Song” together with them while the healing was ongoing, and they would easily stop crying.

It was magic indeed! Magic was wonderful! UwjQH3

It was a spell that could silent noisy kids, and it wasn’t particularly complicated either.

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“Pain, pain, fwy away to sky!”

“Pain, pain, fly away to the sky.”

“Smiiiile, smile, hellow!” QTs5Mz

“Smile, smile, hello.”

Singing after Cyril, I repeated the lines.

While singing, I cast healing magic on him. The blood stopped and the swelling also went down.

However, because it was always sucked and gnawed on, the chafed part had lost some hair…… Well, it would grow back soon enough. Probably. PwI7SN

“Now, the final part. Who worked hard, who’s a good boy?”

“Cyril, is good boy!”

Cyril shouted hooray with both hands up, laughing. I made sparkling beads of light rain over him with magic. and Cyril squealed happily at being surrounded by the floating light orbs.

“Good, good, Cyril put up with it well, didn’t you? Because Cyril sang the Magic Song with me, I was also able to use magic well.” SBY8z3

“Rweally? Cyril did great?”

“Cyril was amazing~ Cyril is such a good boy.”


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Thoroughly cheered up, Cyril chased after his tail round and round in circles. Perhaps relieved at seeing Cyril recovering his spirits, Guy also started chasing tails together with his brother. oIsEqj

Ah, that Magic Song was really the best thing ever.

Watching those two, I chuckled to myself.

Author’s note:

And then, the Commander Jill who was watching that Lilius…… Clutching his chest, he asked himself, “What is this pain?”
Do your best, low EQ blockhead! Don’t lose, you 35-years-old man! orcY1d

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