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Perfect DestinyCh89 - New Years Festival


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: Misogi, TempestDemon

The Saint’s Knight and Demon King [7] tQlKS1

Angel was in the course of reciting the inheritance of light oath.

The golden power of light gradually wrapped her body. It was very gentle, just like the one that wrapped Chen Liguo previously——Matched with her blonde hair and green eyes, the divine power seemed even more incomparably holy.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Angel recited the oath quicker and quicker and then bent down to pick up the pope’s staff. Her entire body was enveloped by the light and others could only see a halo but Chen Liguo could see Angel in the halo clearly.

Her expression was very cold. Not a single trace of devotion to God could be seen, all that filled her eyes was indifference. 8i1Vbg

He even found a bit of irony in her eyes——She seemed to have no care for the people who revered her.

Chen Liguo’s heart sank.

The demon stood beside him and smiled softly. He was more sensitive to the negative emotions presented in human beings. He said, “A pope who does not believe in the Light God, how interesting.”

Chen Liguo ignored the devil. He found that the more the holy light enveloped her, the colder her expression became. GeJwjm

Yes, it should be cold.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Angel had deceived god. Her heart was not the least bit devout, and she was even brimming with doubts and contempt for the so-called god. Today, she inherited the Pope’s scepter to see if that so-called god would know what she was thinking.

Although every one had told her before she arrived at the altar that she needed to be devout otherwise she would be obliterated by god, Angel intended on gambling with her life.

She wanted to gamble on if this god existed or not, whether god could know what she was thinking at this very moment. d3yNS8

However, the answer given to Angel was obvious——This god did not exist at all. Angel felt the holy light pour into her body but her heart was completely cold.

Seven years have gone by since the previous pope was taken away by the demons.

The people were forgetful. After seven years they seemed to have forgotten the pope who had sacrificed himself for them, trading himself for the peace of the continent.

Angel’s talent was amazing. Thus, everyone’s attitude towards her went from their original disdain to awe. However, instead of making Angel feel happy, it made her even angrier. qQuWyl

She wanted to do just one thing now, become strong enough, then go to the demons and get her pope back.

The inheritance ceremony went very smoothly.

However, Chen Liguo’s heart grew worried. After the ceremony, he saw Angel walk away without turning around, the scepter in hand.

The demon pressed down on Chen Liguo’s shoulder and softly asked him how he felt. EvgBwZ

It was like Chen Liguo’s heart was submerged in ice water. He looked at the demon, without replying.

“This Angel, actually has the gift to become a demon.” The demon said. “Intelligent, stubborn, indifferent to everything around her…… ah, a pope suited to being a demon, how interesting.”

Chen Liguo was expressionless.

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“My darling.” The demon said, “Do you want to meet your Angel?” ayYk6G

Chen Liguo was a little hesitant. He did not know whether it would be a good or a bad thing for him to see Angel now. It would be good if he could let Angel put down her intentions of revenge but he was afraid of the demon deliberately stimulating her once they met……

The corner of the demon’s mouth curled up. He said, “Since you can’t make a decision, I’ll help you decide.” He supported Chen Liguo shoulder and brought him into his arms.

Chen Liguo wanted to struggle but he didn’t want the people around them to notice, so he could only grit his teeth and endure as the demon dragged him to the church.

Through a carriage, Angel arrived at the church first. vPzf1

She wore a holy robe and held the scepter, her expression ice-cold.

Someone was congratulating her, saying that a grand ceremony had been prepared for Her Majesty the Pope……

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Angel glanced at him and suddenly asked, “Celebration ceremony? How is my celebration ceremony compared to the previous pope’s?”

That person thought that Angel was competing with the previous pope in her heart and laughed, “How could the previous pope’s hasty celebration even count as a celebration? You are the youngest and greatest pope in history, your celebration ceremony, is naturally unable to be matched by the previous pope’s.” WXKFSl

“Is that so.” Angel smiled insipidly.

That person nodded hastily, even thinking that Angel would reward him.

“Withdraw.” However, Angel did not say anything but slightly opened her mouth. “Do not appear before me anymore.”

That person became dumbfounded. 1UO lV

Angel said, “If I see you again, I will kill you myself.”

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The man hadn’t expected things to develop in this way at all. He stared blankly and then faintly recalled that the current pope seemed to have had a very good relationship with the previous one. A trace of vexation appeared on his face but without giving him the opportunity to remedy this, Angel turned and left.

The celebration was really grand.

Sitting upon the pope’s seat that had been empty for seven years was Angel, pure and holy, like a deity. UaLqIg

Everyone was giving her gifts and congratulations but in Angel’s mind, she was thinking of other things.

Michael was the most sorry of the popes in history. He quickly took over the pope’s scepter, quickly held a celebration ceremony, and then was quickly captured by the demons.

The people only remembered how good he was as a saint but they did not remember what he had done while he sat in the pope’s position. There were even some that didn’t know that he had given himself up in order to have the demons retreat.

Angel found it laughable. She looked at a cardinal kneeling before her, reading a long poem and singing praises of God’s mercy and power as they expressed their loyalty to the pope. ENdS9r

She was not at all moved by the scene but she still forced herself to have a devout expression.

Angel thought, these people were really bored.

The celebration lasted a long time. By the end of it, the sky was already completely dark.

Angel bid farewell to the crowd and returned to her abode. P9NQm0

There was already hot water and clean clothes prepared at the bathtub.

Angel went into the bathroom. She saw the scepter in her hand, wanting to throw it onto the floor——She should have respectfully put it on a special wooden frame but Angel didn’t want to do that. She felt that there was no need to do so at all, there was no God watching her anyways. And that so-called reverence was even more of a joke.

Just as Angel was thinking so, she suddenly noticed a shadow in front of her. She raised her head and her entire person froze.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Angel thought that she was hallucinating, like she did many times in her dreams. She saw a man in a white robe with blond hair, blue eyes, and a noble temperament. With an elegant voice, he called her, “Angel.” xARFc0

Angel’s tears fell at once. She asked, “A-are you Michael?”

Chen Liguo looked at her crying appearance and was a little sad as well, so he nodded.

Angel said, “I thought that I was dreaming——” Then she saw another person in black standing next to Michael. They had a beautiful devilish face. Both his eyes and hair were black and the air of darkness surrounded him.

Angel said, “He is the hateful demon that took you away? Are you being coerced by him?” ZklIVp

Chen Liguo sighed in his heart. “Angel, I am doing very well. Don’t worry about me.”

Angel was silent for a moment before she said sadly, “Michael, I’m not a child anymore.” The implication was, you don’t have to continue using these words to fool me.

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How could he be doing very well? A pope with a demon, who would believe that he was doing very well?

Chen Liguo’s lips moved slightly. He wanted to give some examples of his good life but after thinking for a long time, he couldn’t open his mouth. 4AxnzL

Contrary, it was the demon who spoke. He said, “Little girl, how do you know that your Pope isn’t living well?”

As he said this, he turned his head and put his hand on Chen Liguo’s head, then kissed him heavily on the lips.

Angel was stunned. She stared at the two men who were kissing deeply in front of her and shrieked, “You are actually forcing the pope to do this kind of thing——”

When the kiss was over, Chen Liguo’s breath was still unstable but anyone could see the resistance in his expression. hxankC

“No!!!!” Angel thought she was going crazy and said, “You damned demon!” She raised her scepter to attack the demon.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The demon looked at her and stretched out his hand, snapping his finger in the air.

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“Ktlr lr ws atlcu.”Ktf vfwbc rjlv. “P bcis mjwf tfgf yfmjerf ws yfibnfv yjys lr abb ybgfv.” eA VMd

Jtfc Olueb rjlv, “Efifjrf tfg.”

Ktf vfwbc rqgfjv tlr tjcvr, “Cr ibcu jr rtf vbfrc’a jaajmx wf, P’ii ifa tfg ub.”

Chen Liguo sighed, and said, “Angel, calm down a bit.”

How could Angel calm down? Her tears fell vigorously and her expression had lost her usual indifference and was full of resentment and anger instead. 4tu85V

Chen Liguo said, “Listen to me once, okay?” His tone was somewhat helpless but even if he and Angel teamed up, they probably wouldn’t be the demon’s opponents.

Angel nodded slightly.

Upon seeing this the demon withdrew his magic.

However, the first thing Angel did after she could move was to throw her scepter onto the ground. She said, “There is no God at all. It’s all a lie——Michael Daren, in this world, there is no god!” Ko Pi3

The demon was still stabbing knives and said, “To be exact, there is no God of Light, am I not God?”

Angel gave him a hateful look.

“And.” After the demon spoke, he looked at Chen Liguo’s back thoughtfully. “Whether there is a God of Light or not could still be deliberated.”

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“If there is, then he should go to hell.” Angel said coldly. “His subjects suffer persecution yet he was indifferent. I won’t believe in such a god.” F1G7yl

The demon laughed heartily when he heard this but Chen Liguo cried, “Angel.”

“Michael Daren.” Angel looked at Chen Liguo.

“Angel.” Chen Liguo said, “I don’t want you to do anything for me. I just want to see you live happily.”

Angel pursed her lips but her expression told Chen Liguo her answer: She was not happy and she didn’t want to live as Chen Liguo said to. ijGogb

Chen Liguo looked at Angel and said to the system in his heart, “…… I think I can explode at any time.” He saw with his own eyes the big red zero on Angel’s head.

The system said faintly, “Go ahead and explode. If the demon is exploded to death, who knows, maybe her progress bar will become full.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo: “Ai, adolescent girls.”

System: “……” 6S dvj

“Since we’re done looking at old people, it’s time to go.” Playing with Chen Liguo’s golden hair with his hand, the demon said, “Come on, dear.”

“Don’t take Michael Daren away——” From Angel’s appearance, she probably really wanted to rush up and strike the demon’s head but the gap of their strengths made her dare not act rashly. She said, “Please, don’t take him!!”

When the demon heard Angel’s plea, he laughed very evilly and said, “Your Michael Daren, begged me the same way at that time.”

Angel and Chen Liguo’s faces were pale. D0Zk51

The demon said, “Begged me to not treat him like that, begged me to not take him away.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Angel was already thoroughly dumbfounded.

However, the demon didn’t give her the chance to respond. He picked Chen Liguo up and left Angel’s home in a flash.

Chen Liguo didn’t say anything in the demon’s arms. His eyes were somewhat dimmed, it seemed like he had suffered a severe hit because of what the demon had said to Angel. nvTRf0

The demon said, “Dear, don’t be sad, I am doing it for her own good.”

Chen Liguo sneered.

The demon said, “Don’t you think that it would be more appropriate for her to completely give up hope on saving you?” As he spoke, he gently kissed Chen Liguo’s blond hair.

The demon liked all the holy things on Chen Liguo, from his blond hair to his heels, even those beautiful white wings. He simply itched to lick Chen Liguo from head to toe——Even though he had already done so. 6W3bvx

However, this sort of thing, he wouldn’t feel bored no matter how many times he did it.

The demon said, “Time will prove just how right I am.”

Chen Liguo just took it as the demon farting.

The demon stroked Chen Liguo’s hair and asked, “Is there anywhere else you want to visit? Let’s go together, it’s not easy visiting the human domain.” oNQakO

Chen Liguo didn’t say anything.

The demon was accustomed to Chen Liguo’s silence and said, “Or, we can return today.”

Chen Liguo looked tired. It seemed like the matter with Angel during the day had hit him too hard.

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The demon sighed in his heart and did not continue talking with Chen Liguo anymore and started flying off towards the demonic realm. 2upWFX

Angel watched the demon leave with Michael. She couldn’t do anything, like a pathetic bug, whether it was crushed or not depended on the mood of others.

After Michael left, Angel stayed alone in her bathing room for a long time. She looked at the scepter in her hand and once again felt despair. Even if she had powerful magic, she could not protect the people she wanted to protect.

“I will save you, Michael.” Angel thought foolishly as she gazed towards the direction that Chen Liguo had left in.

After returning to the demonic realm, the demon didn’t bring Chen Liguo back to the temple, but back to his residence in the demonic realm. 7wdNpG

Chen Liguo had originally felt the shackles on his divine power weaken but in the end, the demon pulled him onto the bed for a tumble and the shackles became stronger.

It had to be said, in a certain matter, Chen Liguo and the demon were already very coordinated. The demon was very clear about Chen Liguo’s body and his own physical strength was astonishing. Every time when they finished, Chen Liguo felt like he would be killed in bed.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After coming back from the human domain, the demon caught Chen Liguo and played for no less than seven days. Finally, Chen Liguo felt that he was almost going to become crippled and trembled all over at the sight of the demon.

However, the demon found Chen Liguo’s appearance cute and said, “Baby, I really want to fuse with you.” 8Advey

Chen Liguo’s entire body was covered with ambiguous traces and several bite marks were nibbled onto his wings by the demon and at this moment, they were furled together with the demon’s.

Chen Liguo’s eyes were half-lidded as he gasped slightly, unable to respond to the demon’s words.

The demon said, “Do you like it here, or the temple?” When he asked this, he thought that Chen Liguo would not answer but he did not expect Chen Liguo to raise his eyes and say, “Here.”

The demon kissed Chen Liguo happily and said, “Baby, you really have good taste.” xnRLWS

And thus, the place that Chen Liguo was imprisoned changed from the temple to the demonic realm.

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The demon set a boundary over the whole building. Chen Liguo was able to walk around the entire building at will but could not go out or use divine power.

The demon said to Chen Liguo, “Don’t run away, or you’ll regret it.”

At first, Chen Liguo tried to take the chance and escape but as a result, when he was caught by the demon his entire person almost went mad. vikeRm

The demon forced out his wings then plucked out several of his feathers, tore them apart and stuffed them into Chen Liguo’s indescribable parts. Finally, their wings were overlapped and they did something indescribable.

For the first time, Chen Liguo had an emotional breakdown. When the demon had said that his wings were his belief, he had thought that he was joking. But after that, he discovered that the demon really wasn’t joking.

It was the truth. When the feathers entered his indescribable part, his entire body became very strange, it was like his soul was being touched by someone’s hand or arm.

In all, Chen Liguo became foolish. He constantly shrieked pleas but this time, the demon was very unfeeling and watched as Chen Liguo fell apart without the slightest intention of stopping. O7ma6u

He said, “What did I tell you before?”

Chen Liguo could only continually promise “I won’t ever run again——”

The demon said, “Repeat the words I said before.”

Chen Liguo could only cry and repeat but the demon wasn’t satisfied and evilly said, “Repeat it in earnest and seriously a hundred times, then I’ll let you go.” HpxeFm

Chen Liguo felt that the demon was serious and could only cry on one side and repeat on the other. He even began to resent that he hadn’t fainted yet.

In any case, those days were the most anguish days that Chen Liguo had after coming to this world.

After everything was finished, Chen Liguo didn’t even dare to cover himself with a blanket. Or it could be explained that if the demon lightly touched him with his finger——Just a slight touch, it could make his body……

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The demon loved this appearance of Chen Liguo’s very much. He looked at the trembling Chen Liguo and kissed his bright red lips, saying, “Do you remember now?” 2o4BQC

Chen Liguo who was delirious still nodded his head.

The demon said, “En, good.” Only then did he let Chen Liguo off completely.

Chen Liguo breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and went to sleep with his mind in a whirl.

When Chen Liguo woke up again, he opened his eyes to a round blood moon hanging outside the window. The blood-red moon looked very beautiful in the pure black sky filled with stars. TC AF8

The demon’s voice came from behind Chen Liguo, “How come you’ve woken up now?”

Chen Liguo didn’t make a sound.

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The demon reached out towards Chen Liguo’s waist and gently brought him into his arms.

Chen Liguo’s entire body jolted when he was held by him but the demon said, “Not touching you, don’t be afraid.” MvSK9Z

Only then did Chen Liguo relax his body. In fact, his mind was still muddled right now and he could hardly think of anything. However, his body already had a conditional reflex towards the demon and whenever the demon touched him, he could feel his body tremble.

“In another few days, it will be the Blood Moon Festival in the demonic realm.” The demon drew his lips to Chen Liguo’s ear and said softly, “At that time, come and see it together with me okay?”

Chen Liguo listened quietly.

The demon pressed his lips against Chen Liguo’s earlobe and said, “It’s just like the New Year’s Day in your world.” F6gz p

Chen Liguo heard this sentence and remembered the New Year’s celebrations in his original world. Frankly, he didn’t like celebrating New Year, nor did he like going home. For every holiday, it took several months before he could see that person again.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo closed his eyes and sadly found that he still remembered the face of that man clearly.

The mood between them was rarely quiet and peaceful like this.

The demon did not toss Chen Liguo again and Chen Liguo very quickly fell asleep again. eEDSGj

After this incident, Chen Liguo did not attempt to escape again——That feeling was truly terrible. Every time, Chen Liguo felt like he would be directly stimulated to death but his body survived against reason.

The next day, Chen Liguo’s mind finally recovered its processing speed and he said, “Tong-er, long time no see.”

Tong-er: “…….” It and Chen Liguo had not spoken to each other for more than a week, this meant that Chen Liguo had carried out indescribable acts for no less than seven days.

The system could currently recite the Diamond Sutra backwards. It felt that after a few more days, it could try to translate the Diamond Sutra into twelve different languages. DYsQ 0

Chen Liguo asked, “Did you miss me?”

The system thought, ‘I want you to die.’

Chen Liguo said, “Baby-er, why aren’t you speaking?”

The system was silent for a bit more and then said, “Angel’s destiny completion degree has increased……” 5YGLfs

Chen Liguo was stupefied. This entire week, he was completely in a sort of: ‘Who am I, where am I, and what am I doing’ state. He completely hadn’t expected that Angel’s destiny completion degree would go up.

The system was also very very confused. It said, “And the rise is very average……”

Chen Liguo: “So why?”

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System: “How would I know?!” hUuMDs

One person and one system looked at each other in dismay, profoundly feeling the fickleness of the world.

Chen Liguo couldn’t understand and was too lazy to think. He got up from bed and walked to bathe bare butted. His blonde hair did not reach his waist when he arrived but now, it reached his bottom. It was estimated that after a long time, it would drag on the floor.

Just as Chen Liguo was washing, the demon walked in without knocking. He looked at Chen Liguo bathing and the next thing he did was to take off his own clothes without a word and then entered the water with Chen Liguo.

“Baby.” Kissing Chen Liguo’s shoulder from behind, he asked, “What are you thinking about?” mNnqPZ

Chen Liguo was quiet for a moment and then said, “I want to cut my hair.”

When the demon heard this, he was stunned, but quickly reacted. Chen Liguo had just recently become a god and did not understand some things relating to divinity. So he said, “Your hair represents your divine power, are you sure you want to cut it?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo: “…….” Oh, ‘s like this o.

The demon said, “How about leaving it? I like it.” In truth, gods could choose to control the length of their hair but because he had suppressed Chen Liguo’s divine power, Chen Liguo could only leave his hair long. pzb2FE

But the demon had to say, every time they were on bed, Chen Liguo’s beautiful blond hair gave him a lot of interest.

After washing, the demon took Chen Liguo to eat.

Although their bodies no longer needed the supplication of food, the action of eating had become fun. In any case, Chen Liguo quite liked it.

The dishes were all delicacies from the demonic realm. Some insects looked weird but tasted really good after being cooked. Especially this round cocoon. After eating it, the outside was crispy and the inside was tender. There was a strong milk taste. It was very delicious. mrnD8v

Chen Liguo ate without any physiological burdens.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The demon actually ate less than Chen Liguo. He ate just about enough and said, “That Angel caused a big event in the human realm.”

Chen Liguo paused when he heard this. “What event?”

The demon said, “She developed a new kind of magic.” HnvLZa

Chen Liguo: “…… What?”

The demon clapped his hands and a screen of light appeared before Chen Liguo. On the screen was Angel in a black robe. She waved her staff and countless rotten skeletons emerged from the ground.

Chen Liguo’s entire person was stupefied. He thought that if Angel’s lover didn’t die, then she would not walk onto the path of a necromancer, but why had she invented necromancer magic? And the most frightening thing was, the system had told him that Angel’s destiny completion degree had risen.

Chen Liguo: What kind of damnable thing is this ah——” QfXeuV

The system said, “I want to know too——”

Chen Liguo: “Why has her completion degree gone up?”

The system said, “I want to know too——”

Chen Liguo said, “Can you stop yelling at me——” C2Dhg

The system said, “No! Can! Do!”

One person and one system yelled at each other in Chen Liguo’s mind. Chen Liguo expressed to the system that he had a deep suspicion that it had mistaken what Angel wanted, she didn’t want world peace at all, she just wanted to peacefully study her magic.

The system scolded Chen Liguo for a bout without the use of dirty words, saying that their detection couldn’t have gone wrong.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Chen Liguo said, “Then how can you explain Angel?” HVx2fl

The system couldn’t reply.

In any case, both of their minds were a bit clouded. Chen Liguo had been done a bit excessively and the system had seen mosaics a bit excessively.

After yelling for half a day they weren’t able to yell out a reason. The system said in frustration, “I don’t have a good feeling.”

Chen Liguo said, “Me too.” emAWSu

The system said, “So, self destruct, okay?”

Chen Liguo: “……”

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The system said, “The pain factor has already been set to zero for you!!!”

Chen Liguo said, “System, is it really alright for you to want your host to explode every day?” N KYkv

System: “…… Explode or not?”

Chen Liguo said, “You have to give me some benefit ah.”

The system said, “Play however you want in the next world!”

Chen Liguo thought about it and felt that this deal was a bit of a loss for him because he was already casually playing now, why wait for the next world? So he decided to use a roundabout tactic and said, “How about this, wait till I talk to Angel and see what she really thinks……” CldPIZ

System: “……” You big asshole.

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The big asshole Chen Liguo decided to cheat the lovely and pure system.

The demon watched as Chen Liguo stared off into blank space in a daze and didn’t have any intention of intervening.

It wasn’t until the light screen was turned off that Chen Liguo asked mutely, “Why is it like this?” Why has Angel walked onto the path of a necromancer? sl4WdF

The demon said lazily, “How would I know?” Even if I do know, I wouldn’t tell you.

Chen Liguo’s heart was dreary and as if remembering something suddenly, he turned to look at the demon and shouted angrily, “You did it on purpose!!”

The demon smiled.

Chen Liguo said, “You took me to see Angel on purpose! Right?!” VwHfWe

The demon said, “Dear, how could I have done it on purpose? It’s not as though I would know that she would invent such dark magic.” A spell that couldn’t even be invented by the demons was invented by a human, how interesting.

Chen Liguo said, “You want her to live in hatred——You succeeded.”

The demon’s expression was apathetic as he let Chen Liguo vent his emotions.

Chen Liguo stood up and directly flipped the table, turning and leaving. PYypqx

The demon looked at the sight of his back and let out a sigh.

Chen Liguo didn’t return to the room but went to the roof.

Those of the dark race in this building all recognized him but didn’t dare look him in the eye——The demon was the king here, no one dared to have any thoughts about the king’s loved one.

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Moreover, their king had never found anyone else. This blonde haired and blue eyed, handsome and arrogant God of Light was their king’s first companion. mZRKlp

The wind on the roof was very strong and blew Chen Liguo’s clothes, making them whistle. The blood-red moon cast a somewhat red light over the entire demonic realm but the people of the dark race didn’t care. The night was their party time and they roamed the streets in a bustle, seeming like they were full of love and hope.

To some extent, the demonic realm and the light continent were similar.

The dark race had their own world. Perhaps the biggest difference between them and those of the light continent was that they were much more irritable——Chen Liguo often saw them fight on the streets and then get taken away by the law enforcers of the demonic realm.

Two big men, after fighting, were escorted away with their heads hanging dispiritedly. It gave people a sense of discrepancy. wUZRTl

The demon did not come to find Chen Liguo and Chen Liguo stood on the roof until dawn.

Then Chen Liguo returned to the room, feeling like he was acting a lot like a little teenage girl who got into a fight with her boyfriend. He asked for advice from the system, wondering if there was a better way to express his anger.

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The system told him as gently as water, “Silly child, you can still self-destruct ah.”

Chen Liguo: “……” Having a system that tells its host to self-destruct every day, can I complain to a relevant department? eCNGBa

The system said, “Not exploding then don’t talk nonsense!”

Chen Liguo said sadly, “You’ve changed a lot.”

System: “……”

Chen Liguo said, “In the last world, in the last last world, you didn’t tell people to self-destruct.” Cure J

The system was quiet for a moment before saying, “Because in the last world, in the last last world, you didn’t have this function ah.”

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Chen Liguo: “…… And if I did?”

System: “I would definitely have persuaded you.”

Chen Liguo: “…………” ykYvxh

Chen Liguo saw through the system’s thoughts and said, “You acting like this, will make it very easy to see mosaics, you know that?”

System: “…..”

Every day they mutually harmed each other. Every time they had to compare who hurt the other more before ending.

He returned to the room. The demon had already gone to bed. His mood was quite bad and the horn on his forehead had come out——This only appeared when the demon’s mood couldn’t be controlled. xdBd R

Chen Liguo sat on the bedside and fell into a daze.

The demon seemed to wake up and said, “Good morning.”

Chen Liguo was silent.

The demon said, “Today is the Blood Moon festival.” uzBPvQ

Only then did Chen Liguo remember that today was the day that was just like New Year’s Day.

The demon said, “Let’s celebrate together?”

Chen Liguo sat there like a solidified statue. The demon sighed again. He hugged Chen Liguo from behind and kissed him on the neck. He said, “Let’s go.”

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The streets were very lively. Chen Liguo and the devil arrived at the square. DlVf5E

There was a huge fire tower in the center of it. It seemed to have been constructed by something special and burned fiery red flames.

The demon said, “These are dragon bones and when lit with fires, can burn for a hundred years without going out.”

Chen Liguo asked, “How many dragons do you have?”

The demon said, “However many we want is however many there are.” D2bRni

Chen Liguo hadn’t thought that he would still be so vigilant and would not reveal the strength of the demonic realm.

The demon said, “Let’s not talk about that stuff today, okay?”

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Chen Liguo pursed his lips and looked at the high spirited people of the dark race in the square, he asked, “What are they waiting for?”

The demon said, “Waiting for the show…… There’s still a while, would you like to try some snacks from the demonic realm?” BgH7UC

Chen Liguo didn’t speak.

The demon took his hand and brought him for a stroll around the streets for a while, buying him a wild mess of snacks and food. Among it was a screeching eyeball, no matter how Chen Liguo stared at it he couldn’t swallow it down.

The demon bit one and said, “This is a sort of plant. The taste is great.”

Chen Liguo still didn’t eat it. OK0nLs

The demon found it funny. Then, he put one in his mouth and fed Chen Liguo mouth to mouth.

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Chen Liguo furrowed his brows and chewed. After biting into it, he found that it tasted a bit like the deep-fried yogurt in his old word. It was crispy on the outside and sweet and succulent on the inside.

The demon asked, “Tastes good?”

Chen Liguo didn’t respond. oViQI8

The demon licked Chen Liguo’s lips and said, “So sweet…… Let’s go, the show is about to start.”

So Chen Liguo was led by the demon back to the square to see the greatest performance of the year in the demonic realm. He absolutely didn’t expect that the first New Year’s he would spend in this world would be with mister demon.

The Author Has Something To Say:

You guys are too talented okay? Calling Orange Saliva baby hahahahaha. Dying swan Chen Liguo, Saliva baby Orange. weBVLR

Thank you darlings for the mines, grenades, and rockets lalalala. Happy oh. Special thanks to the handsome ghost, WantToEatShitWithoutSayingAWord. Hhhh this name.

Translator's Note

Chen Liguo said 想 (think/want) 我 (me) which means to miss me, and the system thought, 想 (think/want) 你去死 (you to die)

Translator's Note

噢,酱紫噢 — Oh, so it’s like this, but in slang.

Translator's Note

炸酸奶 — different from deep fried milk

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    The demon pressed his lips against Chen Liguo’s earlobe and said, “It’s just like the New Year’s Day in your world.”

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