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Perfect DestinyCh30 - Adieu, my love


Translator: StormFrost
Editor: TempestDemon

Handsome Broken Legged Little Military Advisor [17] W2krdU

On the third day of June, it was advisable to marry rather than travel.

Chen Liguo woke up early, but when he woke up, Yan Jingyi was no longer with him.

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In neither an urgent nor slow way, Chen Liguo dressed and washed and then waited for Yan Zhiyao to arrive.

When the sun rose in the sky and it was almost noon, there was a knock on Chen Liguo’s door. He put down his book and invited the person in. oplMn1

Yan Zhiyao pushed open the door and came in, her face tense. She said, “Ji Daren, let’s go.”

Chen Liguo nodded slightly.

Yan Zhiyao did not dare delay either. This opportunity was snatched from Yan Jingyi’s marriage and there was only one opportunity for others to relax their custody of Chen Liguo. Once they missed it, there would be no other chance.

Chen Liguo was pushed out of the door by Yan Zhiyao, only to find that the palace servants were missing. aSetmp

Yan Zhiyao saw Chen Liguo’s surprise and laughed sarcastically, “The Emperor’s wedding, the people below would naturally celebrate. Right now they’re probably having delicious foods and good drinks.”

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Chen Liguo nodded to show that he understood.

Yan Zhiyao gnashed her teeth in anger and said, “I even thought that person was somewhat sincere towards Daren, I didn’t expect him to keep Daren in custody on one side and marry another woman on the other.”

Chen Liguo’s expression was dim. “The Emperor’s wedding, shouldn’t it be a good thing?” JQivl4

Yan Zhiyao said indignantly, “I am dissatisfied on behalf of Daren!”

Chen Liguo shook his head, then said, “Let’s go, let’s not talk about the past.”

Yan Zhiyao stopped when she heard these words.

As Chen Liguo was pushed away by Yan Zhiyao, he found that there was no one in the palace where he was kept. He distinctly perceived a strange sense of something unwell, and his eyelids jumped up. He hesitated. “Zhiyao…… Why is there no one here?” LOEfGR

Yan Zhiyao said, “His majesty specially arranged a feast for the people here. It just became noon now, surely they’re in the middle of eating the feast.”

Chen Liguo frowned. “Why do I feel that something is not quite right.”

Yan Zhiyao said, “Daren, don’t worry, I have already planned everything.”

Just as they spoke, they had arrived in a remote place and met the man who came to pick them up, Yan Zhiyao’s husband, the imperial bodyguard whose name that Chen Liguo did not yet know. UFl83C

The imperial bodyguard was evidently very nervous as well. He said, “You’ve come out?”

Yan Zhiyao nodded. “Let’s hurry.” She then turned to Chen Liguo again and said, “Daren, it’ll be hard on you.”

Chen Liguo said, “It’s of no importance.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The imperial bodyguard listened as he filled a cart full of wine jars. He said, “Daren, please hide in the cart. We’ll push you out.” 3Uzrhg

Chen Liguo nodded his head and said okay.

When the imperial bodyguard saw that Chen Liguo agreed, he picked him up and carefully put him into the cart’s interlayer.

After disguising the cart again, the three people went on the road.

It was the Emperor’s wedding, it would be reasonable to say that the palace would be bustling with noise and excitement. Yet at this moment, as the three traveled down the road, the number of palace servants seen could be counted with one’s fingers. 6d7kqW

Chen Liguo was a little nervous as he lay in the cart, and he said, “System, I’m so nervous, what should I do?”

System: “Take deep breaths.”

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Chen Liguo: “……” He found that the system truly was reacting less and less.

After a few moments of silence, Chen Liguo quickly recovered his state of mind and began to crackle and rattle again, chatting with the system. The system was overwhelmed by his words and thought about how to go back to headquarters to let the Research and Development departments study a shielding function. lg Z8I

In this way, they traveled all the way to the palace gate and the imperial bodyguard took out the pass which had already been prepared and handed it to the guard.

The guard looked at the pass, then at the imperial bodyguard and Yan Zhiyao. He nodded and said, “Go ahead.”

The three of them were relieved, and the imperial bodyguard pushed the cart out of the palace door……

Chen Liguo waited quietly in the cart. When he heard that they were out of the palace door, he thought in his heart that it was alright now. 978nBK

The small cart went straight ahead. He didn’t know if they were too nervous, but after leaving the palace gate, Yan Zhiyao and the imperial bodyguard didn’t say a single word. Until the small cart stopped, it was completely silent.

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When the cart stopped, the compartment where Chen Liguo lay was also opened. He was held by his shoulders with two hands and slowly pulled out of the cart.

At first, Chen Liguo thought that the person holding him was the imperial bodyguard, but when he saw the face of the person clearly, he took a breath of cold air.

Yan Jingyi was dressed from head to toe in crimson wedding clothes and looked at him with what was a smile yet not a smile. Although he was smiling, there was no smile in his eyes, instead, it was cold and frightening. He said, “Ziqing, what are you doing here?” j41d2W

Chen Liguo looked around and did not see Yan Zhiyao or her husband…… Presumably, they were also seized by Yan Jingyi. He sighed and said, “Don’t make things difficult for them.”

Yan Jingyi said, “Make difficult for who?”

Chen Liguo said, “When all is said and done, she is your sister.”

Yan Jingyi’s voice was as cold as ice. “Sister? I don’t have such a sister, humph……  Ziqing, am I not treating you well? Why do you want to run away?” Rk0lXz

Chen Liguo blinked his eyes, suddenly calculating his thoughts. He laughed grimly and said, “Your Majesty the Emperor is going to be married, for what are you still keeping this disabled-person for?”

Yan Jingyi was the justified party, but when asked this by Chen Liguo, some embarrassment and helplessness appeared on his face. “Listen to my explanation.”

Chen Liguo: “Alright, you explain.”

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Yan Jingyi held Chen Liguo firmly in his arms and whispered in his ear, “Even though I’ll be married to her, I won’t touch her.” dEbQ1F

Jtfc Olueb rjlv ilutais, “Ktfc P kbeiv ilxf ab jrx Tbeg Zjpfras lo sbe vb cba abemt atf Swqgfrr, tbk klii sbe rfaaif atf wjaafg bo atf tflg?”

Tjc Alcusl’r fzqgfrrlbc raloofcfv.

Jtfc Olueb ijeutfv rmbgcoeiis, “Prc’a la pera ilxf atlr, sbe ralii kjca ab xffq wf?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tjc Alcusl’r jmalbc bo tbivlcu Jtfc Olueb yfmjwf wbgf jcv wbgf obgmfoei jr lo tf kfgf agslcu ab xcfjv Jtfc Olueb lcab tlr bkc ybvs. Lf mifcmtfv tlr affat, rjslcu, “Snfc lo la’r ilxf atlr, P ralii kbc’a ifa sbe ub.” 4swcVe

Chen Liguo said a few ‘okay’s, his expression looked tired beyond endurance. He said, “Let me down, I won’t leave anymore.”

Yan Jingyi refused to let go.

Chen Liguo said, “Release Zhiyao, those two, I promise you, I will never leave again.” When he said this, there was a deathly stillness in his eyes, as though he had straightened out many things in his mind.

Obtaining Chen Liguo’s promise, Yan Jingyi should have been elated, but he couldn’t laugh at all. Not only could he not laugh, but his eyes became moist. D8p1Fa

He was the Emperor. If Ji Shang was a woman, he could marry him for a lifetime. But Ji Shang was a man and this was foreordained to be doomed, there was no way for him to give him status.

“Ziqing.” At first, Yan Jingyi was very angry when he knew Ji Shang was trying to run away. He even thought about how to punish Ji Shang. But when he was questioned like this, Yan Jingyi’s heart became empty and his original vigorous anger already dwindled.

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Chen Liguo seemed as though he were dead in his arms, his dull eyes open, his body motionless.

The palace servants beside Yan Jingyi urged him lowly, “Emperor, the wedding banquet is about to begin.” ankGJd

Yan Jingyi grit his teeth then bowed his head, kissing Chen Liguo’s lips.

The kiss was incomparably brutal and it wasn’t until Chen Liguo’s lips began to bleed that he let go. After the kiss, Yan Jingyi recovered his previous indifference and said, “Send Ji Daren back to his residence.”

Chen Liguo mumbled, “Don’t hurt Yan Zhiyao.”

Yan Jingyi said lightly, “I won’t hurt her. I want you to watch her give birth.” EFgpaG

Chen Liguo: “……” You’re too considerate, I like you.

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Yan Jingyi: “Only when you see her child, will your heart thoroughly and completely die.”

After he said that, he put Chen Liguo in a pre-prepared wheelchair and then turned away.

Chen Liguo looked at his back, silent like a statue. PUXlpw

The palace servant said carefully, “Ji Daren, let’s return alright?”

Chen Liguo was indifferent. “Return to where?”

The palace servant said, “Naturally to your residence.”

Chen Liguo grinned with bitterness. “If I say no, would you listen to me?” ml1yS3

The palace servant was embarrassed and pushed Chen Liguo in the direction of his residence nonetheless.

Having failed to escape, Chen Liguo wasn’t sad. He said to the system, “Look at my acting just now, how many points would you give me?!”

System: “Pass.”

Chen Liguo was angry: “Just pass?! With tears in my eyes, I watched Yan Jingyi’s expression of desiring to speak yet unable to, that dispirited back as he had turned around——If you don’t give me full marks, I will never let you off.” d5dUP3

System: “How will you never let me off?”

Chen Liguo: “Hee hee.”

The system quickly realized that it was wrong, moreover, this mistake was beyond reasonable limits. Chen Liguo really could never let him off, speaking in the consciousness is completely effortless. So when the system was tormented by Chen Liguo’s unending stream of nonsense and when felt that it was going to become deranged mentally, it finally changed its words out of desperation and said, “Give you a score of eighty-eight.”

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Chen Liguo: “Only eighty-eight?” RO3ZVM

The system said, humiliated, “The rest is sent in the form of 666.”

Chen Liguo was satisfied.

If the system had a face, one could absolutely make out despair on its face at this moment. Why was it that the host of other people’s families were so cute, but its family’s host was so hard to deal with?

Chen Liguo considered and weighed, then said, “I think that once Yan Zhiyao’s child is born, we can leave.” nLaM C

System: “It’s nearly time then.”

Chen Liguo said, “Is the next world already prepared?”

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System: “En.”

Chen Liguo: “Am I as beautiful as I am in this world?” 0nfX F

System: “Hehe, you will be very handsome.”

Chen Liguo was acutely aware of the implications of the system’s tone and he doubted, “You won’t deliberately mess with me, right?”

System: “I’m not that kind of system.”

Chen Liguo: “Really?” wnYgye

The system said sincerely, “Really.”

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But Chen Liguo just felt that the system was a bit unreliable. It wasn’t until he reached the next world that he realized that the system had deceived him. He really was handsome, but he was too handsome.

Yan Jingyi got married today and Chen Liguo had thought that he would certainly not come over, but in the middle of the night, he actually slipped over stealthily while drunk and lay next to Chen Liguo. He didn’t do anything and simply held him tightly.

Chen Liguo was heartless. He ate when he should and slept when he should, not affected by Yan Jingyi the least. The moment after he fell asleep, he even began to snore slightly in the middle of the night. xKEys2

Yan Jingyi, who was sleepless all night, watched Chen Liguo’s peaceful sleeping face with a very complicated mood.

The next day was another fine and cloudless day, Chen Liguo opened his eyes dimly and jumped in fright at the big face before him.

Yan Jingyi had dark circles under his eyes, his beard was stubbly, his eyes bloodshot. If it were someone who didn’t know and saw this, they would think that this dreg man was Chen Liguo……

Chen Liguo looked at Yan Jingyi’s appearance of severe sleep deprivation and inexplicably felt guilty. He said a greeting, “Good morning.” 6OTZUt

Yan Jingyi did not say anything, opened his mouth and took a bite of Chen Liguo’s chin.

Chen Liguo cried out an ‘ouch’, a bit aggrieved by the bite.

Yan Jingyi said angrily, “You heartless person.”

Chen Liguo: “……” Sorry, I shouldn’t have abandoned you and fallen asleep alone. iJvOkQ

Yan Jingyi sighed, as though there was nothing that could be done about Chen Liguo. He sat up and said, “Ziqing, don’t you care about my marriage the least bit at all?”

Chen Liguo changed his expression, he smiled indifferently, “Could it be that if I care about it, Your Majesty the Emperor will not get married?”

Yan Jingyi was silent.

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Chen Liguo said, “Things incapable of changing, even if the heart grieves, what use is it?” He said this indifferently, but there was a sadness behind his expression. Yan Jingyi noticed this out of the corner of his eye, his heart hurt as though it were forcibly pinched by someone. 84k6jB

Yan Jingyi whispered, “Ziqing, I——”

Chen Liguo interrupted him, faintly saying, “Is Emperor not going to court?”

Yan Jingyi said, “You wait for my return, I will tell you in detail.”

When he finished saying this, he got up and summoned the palace servants, dressed in court clothes and then left. r0Jvpa

However, when he left, he left for several months.

Chen Liguo later learned that Yan Jingyi’s Empress was the only daughter of the chancellor and was naturally very favored. Yan Jingyi’s hold of the throne was unstable and he urgently needs help from the court.

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Moreover, the Empress had been alone in the bridal chamber on the night she had married and thus learned of Ji Shang’s existence. After that, she threatened Yan Jingyi with her father’s influence and stopped him from going to Ji Shang.

The palace servants who watched over Chen Liguo were evidently more worried about this situation than Chen Liguo himself. wZ9LWK

At first, Chen Liguo missed Yan Jingyi a little, but he soon got used to it after——In any case, he still had his left hand and right hand these two boyfriends.

In the days of muddling along and waiting for death, Chen Liguo finally welcomed the birth of Yan Zhiyao’s child.

Yan Zhiyao’s labor went by smoothly and after the birth, it was discovered that it was a pair of twins.

Chen Liguo saw these two children and also saw that the progress bar above Yan Zhiyao’s head rise rise rise until it reached ninety-nine. tUV3L1

Yan Zhiyao said, “Ji Daren, will you name these two children?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

But Chen Liguo declined, saying, “It is improper for me to choose, it is better for you to choose on your own as husband and wife. Zhiyao, what else do you wish to accomplish?”

Yan Zhiyao smiled bitterly. “I already feel that I am very happy, just…… Ji Daren, I’m worried about you.”

Chen Liguo originally wanted to touch the girl’s head, but then he remembered that it was the ancient times and he was afraid that the action was improper. He said, “Zhiyao, I’m fine.” v7pIV5

How would Yan Zhiyao believe this?

Chen Liguo said, “I really am well.” Except for not having a sex life.

Yan Zhiyao cried lowly, saying, “Ji Daren, why, why must he treat you in this way?”

Chen Liguo: “…….” Alas, he really couldn’t explain clearly that he really is quite good. In any case, besides himself, everybody else believed that he was living miserably. JjHG0Q

Chen Liguo thought about it and said seriously, “Zhiyao, just like how the person who drinks it knows best whether the water is hot or cold, I am pleased with him.”

Yan Zhiyao was silent.

Chen Liguo said, “To be able to stay by him like this, I am very satisfied.”

Yan Zhiyao’s eyes widened as she listened. Evidently, she did not believe that Chen Liguo could say such a thing, but from looking at Chen Liguo’s expression, he did not seem to be faking it. vNIT6Z

Chen Liguo said, “So, don’t worry about me.”

Yan Zhiyao apparently didn’t believe it. She said, “Daren, do you really like him?”

Chen Liguo nodded, “Otherwise, why would I obediently be shut away by him all the time?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yan Zhiyao flushed red, “I, I thought it was for me.” IWYRfB

Chen Liguo said, “You don’t have to worry about my matters anymore. Didn’t you plan to go back to the countryside before? I will ask him to take you back in a few days.”

Yan Zhiyao said, “But, Daren, I am still worried about you……”

Chen Liguo pretended to be helpless and said, “What do I have for you to still worry about? Rather, it is I who needs to be worried about you.” He said this and fished out a hairpin from his bosom. “I wanted to give it back to you on your wedding day…… But…… Nonetheless, to give it to you today is the same.”

Yan Zhiyao saw that beautiful hairpin that had once belonged to her and her eyes widened. “Daren, where did you find it?” kvUdIj

Chen Liguo smiled gently, “I asked him to find it for me.”

Yan Zhiyao took the hairpin and put it in her arms carefully. She said, “Daren, are you really living happily?”

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Chen Liguo said, “Naturally I am living well.”

The two talked freely to their heart’s content about some entertaining anecdotes until Chen Liguo was exhausted and asked to leave. He knew that this was probably the last time he and Yan Zhiyao would meet, for the progress bar on the girl’s head had reached ninety-nine. 0zb1uQ

After returning to the palace, after being separated for months, Chen Liguo finally requested to meet with Yan Jingyi.

Yan Jingyi did not see him but sent a letter to ask what was wrong. Chen Liguo simply explained Yan Zhiyao’s situation to the effect that he hoped Yan Jingyi would send Yan Zhiyao back to her hometown.

Yan Jingyi agreed very simply.

Chen Liguo began to wait for the final day. QhjaB1

After Yan Zhiyao finished her post postpartum period of a month, she returned to the countryside, which took roughly a time period of half a year.

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In this half-year, Chen Liguo and Yan Jingyi only met once, but they did nothing and said nothing.

Although Yan Jingyi’s eyes were full of unspoken words, Chen Liguo did not remove his own eyes from the book in his hands.

When the moon reached the treetops, Chen Liguo opened his mouth to said dully, “The time is not early anymore, Your Majesty the Emperor should return.” bZP7u

Yan Jingyi asked him, “Do you want to leave, Ziqing?”

Chen Liguo said, “Not leaving anymore.”

Yan Jingyi appeared somewhat happy and said, “Wait for me.”

Chen Liguo looked at his back and felt an indescribable melancholy. He knew…… This parting, it was estimated to be unable to be fought against. 3RXYMz

Yan Zhiyao returned home, and the system prompted him that his completion had reached 100 percent.

At the time, Chen Liguo was lying in bed eating apples. When he heard this, he was so happy he almost jumped from the bed in joy, but when the joy finished, what followed after was an indescribable sense of loss.

The system thought that he was too deeply invested in this world. In fact, every host might participate too much in a world, which led to the situation where they did not want to leave. It wanted to say a few words of persuasion but found that Chen Liguo’s eyes were very strange, trained onto the cabinet.

The system thought for two seconds, and when it remembered what was in the cupboard, its face turned black. WvZ7hT

Chen Liguo: “Tongtong~~~”

The system gnashed its teeth. “The world is different, items cannot be carried over.”

Chen Liguo eyes brimmed with tears. “Didn’t you say that after completing several worlds, I can take some things that don’t influence the things of the world when leaving?”

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The system raged angrily, “So you want to take that??” o52zD7

Chen Liguo said with no misgivings, “Yeah.”

The system felt that it was going to be angered into insanity and said furiously, “Can you not bring something more meaningful?!”

Chen Liguo also became angry. “How is this meaningless?”

System: “……” YLy3az

Chen Liguo: “How many lonely nights did it spend with me!”

System: “……”

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Chen Liguo: “I’ve never seen such exquisite workmanship that feels so good!”

System: “……” B9dngf

Chen Liguo: “Even more it’s Hetian jade! It’s expensive!”

System: “……Forget it, just do as you like.”

That’s right, what Chen Liguo wanted to take away was the box of jade.

When Chen Liguo saw the system compromise, he smiled and said, “I knew that Tongtong is the best.” dp5QVi

System: “Hehe.”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

So Chen Liguo simply turned over and got out of bed, sitting in his wheelchair he opened the cabinet. Hugging the jade box in his arms, he laughed like a fool and laid back on the bed.

System: “……” It really couldn’t look upon this person anymore.

Chen Liguo held the box and waved his hand. “Go!” X0HERN

The system began to execute the conclusion of this world.

A moment later, with a ‘ding’, Chen Liguo felt his soul separate from his body. He looked down at Ji Shang’s body and said, “Goodbye, thank you.”

Then, was pulled into another world.

When Chen Liguo came to in the other world, the first thing he did was to look around for a box that should be conspicuous, but after searching for half a day, he found, there was no, no box. Do8dI

Chen Liguo interrogated, “System, where’s the box?”

System: “There seems to have been a mistake, I wasn’t able to bring it over.”

Chen Liguo: “……” Will I believe that it was due to a mistake?

System: “This is the truth.” h84cJP

Chen Liguo: “I want to lodge a complaint, I want to lodge a complaint!!!”

The system heard this and grinned in indignation in its heart. I haven’t lodged a complaint at you and you want to lodge a complaint at me!

Chen Liguo didn’t find the box and grieved. He felt a little sad and fell into a state of moodiness. He cried, “Fairy tales are all scams. You aren’t that system who loves me.”

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The system immediately pretended to crash and not hear. goYUaM

Chen Liguo sobbed a few times and suddenly thought of something. He said, “Hey, you didn’t bring it here, then isn’t that box in Ji Shang’s arms?”

System: “Yeah.”

Chen Liguo: “……” He really wanted to know, when Yan Jingyi sees Ji Shang’s corpse holding the jade box, just what sort of expression would he reveal.

The system saw that Chen Liguo was still tangled with the jade and quickly shifted the topic. “Are you still going to do the task?” ckNLJw

Chen Liguo: “Do do do do.”

The system quickly imported the information about the target into Chen Liguo’s head without delay, deeply afraid that he would once again think of things he should not think of.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Translator's Note

六六六 — 六 is pronounced similar to 溜 which is said to someone who did something awesome. Putting three together becomes an exclamatory sentence. But when texting people put 六 instead of 溜 as it’s easier and now it’s a thing.

Translator's Note

如人饮水,冷暖自知 — This is a Zen proverb which means that self-awareness comes from within or to know best by personal experience

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