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Perfect DestinyCh155 - AI locked up in those years


Translator: StormFrost

Editor: Misogi hDm51O


68’s full name was 687358.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Before entering the Pinnacle of Life project he had always thought that the world was beautiful. That there was harmony between living beings and that AI had AI rights.

But then he joined the Pinnacle of Life project and took on a mission with a person from earth. xgwlOG

The him at that time did not know what a human from earth meant, so he didn’t realize that all his colleagues were looking at him with sympathy.

With a heavy tone, the group leader cautioned him to be careful, be careful, and be careful.

68 innocently asked, “What danger can there be for an AI?”

The group leader’s data moved a little, but they said nothing and simply let out a heavy sigh.


68 did not understand what this sigh meant.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Many years later, when faced with his host 687359 would recall the afternoon that the group leader took him to meet said host. By then 68 could already smile and say, “Group leader I want to kill your entire family.”

Every malicious system had encountered a crappy host.

AI rights and protections were not that advanced back when 68 had taken on this project, so there were no mosaics no matter the scene. The day he met his host, his host was in the middle of stabbing someone. hv6I4R

A stab, another stab. The skinny little host held a knife and stabbed the sturdy man in front of him into a mess of pieces.

He warily started the conversation, “Hello.”

The host’s actions paused.

68’s voice trembled. “H-hello.” Their courses all told them that they had to treat the hosts politely. javrqJ

His host asked, “What are you?”

68 said, “I am 687359.”

The host did not respond.

68 lifted his courage and asked, “You, do you want to be strong?” KRZUmd

The host reached out and wiped away the blood on his face and showed an exaggerated smile. He said, “I do.”

68 always heard that the human smile was an expression of kindness. But somehow, he inexplicably shivered when he saw the host’s smile.

The host said, “My name is Zi Mao.”

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Zi Mao, what a strange name——68 who was coming into contact with a person from earth for the first time did not perceive the host’s strangeness. He was still earnestly thinking about how to complete the task. fcxLgZ

Although Zi Mao was also from earth, it was a different world. Here they possessed all kinds of strange powers. Some powerhouses could even cross the void and intervene with the system world——Of course, this kind of person was that of the legends and no one had ever seen such a powerful human before.

Ever since that day, 68 had a host called Zi Mao.

This Earth’s situation was very bad. There were no laws, no rules, and only the strong were respected. It was the darkest era.

Zi Mao’s life was very complicated. He should have been born into a family with superior conditions but due to a strange combination of circumstances, he became an orphan. kMtoh4

At the start, 68 had felt distressed for Zi Mao and told him, “Maomao, don’t be afraid, I’ll be your dad.”

When Zi Mao heard this they spat out the cigarette in their mouth and said with narrowed eyes, “En?”

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68: “Ah?”

Zi Mao said, “It turns out you asking me to call you 88 was for this reason ah.” TJCs5K

68: “……”

The misunderstanding started from that day on.

A long time later when 68 was pressed down on the bed Zi Mao still gently called him, “Dad.”

68: “Scram the hell out of here, I don’t have a son like you.” BwedLH

Of course, that was a matter far into the future. At this time 68 still told Zi Mao bedtime stories every day.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

68 said, “Once upon a time, there was a little mermaid…….”

Zi Mao said, “I’ve heard it already.”

68 flipped through the book and said, “Alright, then once upon a time, there was a princess as white as snow……” ogU5Z2

Zi Mao said, “I heard this already too.”

68 said a few more and Zi Mao said that he had heard them all.

68 was a little distressed and said, “Then what should we do, or you tell a few stories for me to hear?”

Zi Mao smiled coldly and said, “Alright.” yC7uG5

Then Zi Mao told the story about a driver who drove in the middle of the night then met a ghost and was chased and killed.

After 68 heard this, he was silent for a long time and then he weakly said, “Systems have no souls.”

Zi Mao smiled, his eyes narrowing. He said, “But humans do ah.”

68: “……” SGzNJx

Earth in the middle of the Dark Ages really was too terrible. On the first day that 68 arrived Zi Mao already stabbed three people to death in order to get food.

68 asked him why he needed to stab so many people.

Zi Mao said it was because he wasn’t full.

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68 said that this wasn’t right. Hh 7jy

Zi Mao said you could help me.

68 had thought that Zi Mao was asking him where to find food and was worrying about it when he heard Zi Mao say, “You can help me see who has more food, that way I can stab less people.”

68 was speechless at Zi Mao’s crooked ways but what Zi Mao said was very convincing.

And so Zi Mao brought 68 onto the crooked path in this way. f43lnG

68: “I think you’re being too cruel by doing this.”

Zi Mao: “Then how can I be not cruel?”

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68 thought about it and said, “How about you tell them a story before you stab them to death?”

Zi Mao: “…… Ghost story?” 2UoRZ0

68: “……”

Zi Mao felt that this inexplicable system 68 sometimes had a kind of laughable naivety. It made him unable to resist teasing him, to dye him black——possess him.

68 could provide Zi Mao with a lot of things: weapons, skills, tactics, but he could not provide Zi Mao food.

This point was recorded into 68’s notebook. He felt that when he returned he should bring this up to the group leader. His host was so emaciated because of long-term starvation. Otherwise he would definitely be able to grow strong and tall and reach the pinnacle of his life sooner. MhC6Od

Zi Mao had encountered a lot of things before he met 68.

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He had good looks, so when he was very young there was someone who had ill intentions towards him. However, after he had cut off the root of the man who tried to do it with him, no one dared take him lightly anymore——Zi Mao had only been five years old at the time.

Misery made people mature early.

The old man who adopted Zi Mao died when Zi Mao was six. Ever since then there was no one in the world who deserved his pity and care. At least, until 68 arrived. h9t13C

68 was a very lovely system.

He was naive, kind, and soft, just like hot food during winter. It fascinated Zi Mao.

Zi Mao asked him, “Don’t you miss your parents?”

68 was completely unaware and did not sense Zi Mao’s probing. He said, “I have no parents ah.” MI3ntG

Zi Mao asked, “Where do you live?”

68 said, “In a very very far away place.”

Zi Mao asked, “Can I go there to play?”

68 said, “You? Let me think about it. If you turn yourself into data, it might be possible.” 8rbPV7

Zi Mao gave a wee smile.

68 completely sold himself out. He had no reservations towards Zi Mao. After all, he did not yet know that Zi Mao actually had those kinds of thoughts about him.

Life was never easy.

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Before 68 arrived Zi Mao suffered small injuries every three days and big injuries every five days. Fortunately, his blood vessels gave him a strong self-healing capacity which allowed him to survive to this day. h1YPpu

Zi Mao’s life was much better now that 68 had come. 68 could give Zi Mao the best training methods and appropriate weapons——His injury frequency was therefore greatly reduced.

But 68 was still very distressed for Zi Mao.

The first time 68 saw Zi Mao get injured he had said, “Blow blow, if you blow blow it won’t hurt anymore.”

Zi Mao said, “It really doesn’t hurt anymore oh.” lKARBc

68 asked, “Really? Then I’ll blow a few more for you.”

And so Zi Mao heard this silly system blow ‘huuu huuu’ by his ears. Having seen a lot of people, Zi Mao was good at distinguishing people’s truthfulness and insincerity. He knew that this system was seriously caring for him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He found it interesting. He was actually being cared for by a string of data.

One person and one system stuck together and helped each other in difficulties like this. oTtDmZ

When Zi Mao was thirteen he began to grow in stature and went from 1.21 meters to 1.7 meters.

68 asked, “How did you grow so fast?”

Zi Mao replied, “Ate more.”

68 said, “Don’t grow too tall.” yQlY4i

Zi Mao asked, “Why?”

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68 said, “If you grow too high it won’t be easy to marry a wife.”

Zi Mao was silent for a moment. There was a very well-known tall man in the region. He was 2.7 meters tall and weighed more than three hundred pounds. When he walked it was as though the ground shook.

But this was not the reason why he could not find a wife. Ci8glN

Zi Mao thought, 68 probably didn’t know what the word ‘impotent’ meant……

Having assumed the role of Zi Mao’s parent 68 worried about if Zi Mao ate well, had warm clothes, how he could win a fight, and how he could bully back when he was bullied.

Zi Mao enjoyed everything. He asked 68 why he treated him so well.

68 said, “You are my host ah.” d31JUL

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Il Zjb jrxfv, “Lbra? Tbe klii yf atlr ubbv ab batfg qfbqif lc atf oeaegf jr kfii?”

68 said, “I will ah. When I go back I will certainly take on other tasks.”

Il Zjb abemtfv tlr vjuufg jcv rwlifv.

Il Zjb ugfk eq fzagfwfis delmxis. Qtfc tf kjr oloaffc tf olcjiis obecv atf bqqbgaeclas ab ifjnf atf kjrafijcv jcv wjcjufv ab gfjmt atf kbgiv bo atf eqqfg ragjaj. lhf8cU

68 exclaimed in astonishment when he saw the upper world. He said, “Your technology here is very developed ah. It’s almost the same as us.”

Zi Mao asked, “Do you like it here?”

68 said, “Like ya.”

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Zi Mao said, “One day, everything here will be yours.” Y9 6MH

When some people spoke, it was just for the sake of saying it. However, when certain people spoke, every sentence would be realized.

Zi Mao was the latter. He had ambition, strength, luck, and 68.

The upper world was much more complex than the lower world. All the best resources were brought here.

One day 68 and Zi Mao passed by a bakery. bnytYN

68 said, “Let’s go buy you a cake.”

Zi Mao asked, “Buy for what?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

68 said, “To celebrate your birthday.”

Zi Mao asked, “You even know what birthdays are?” tL3v4e

68’s tone was slow and soft. He said, “Of course I know. I checked before I came. Every human being has a birthday. Tomorrow is your eighteenth birthday, let’s celebrate alright?”

Zi Mao agreed, “Alright.”

The money they had was little and the cake they bought was not as big as Zi Mao’s fist. Zi Mao very earnestly ate it bite by bite while 68 sang birthday songs by his ear.

Zi Mao said, “You have to give me a birthday present.” 9FzLUp

68 asked, “What do you want?”

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Zi Mao said, “I want you to always be with me.”

68 promised. He had thought that ‘always be with me’ was in the capacity of a system and host. 68 did not know how greedy humans were.

Zi Mao slowly climbed up in the upper world. 7GoEy6

He had many friends and many enemies.

Some of his friends fell in love with him, saying ‘Zi Mao, I like you, would you be willing to be with me?’

When Zi Mao heard these kinds of words he would always calmly laugh then even more calmly refuse.

The ones who confessed were both men and women. After being rejected some would be sad and angry from embarrassment. Uc2RY6

However, Zi Mao’s attitude was always consistent.

His friend asked him if there was someone he liked.

Zi Mao answered, “Yes.”

His friend wanted to ask more closely but could not get any answers. PUWQn0

Also unable to get an answer was 68. 68 asked, “Maomao, who in the world do you like? Why won’t you tell me?”

Zi Mao replied, “Just won’t tell you.”

68 asked, “You don’t like me anymore?”

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Zi Mao said, “Me not telling you is not liking you?” 6tpBMh

68 said, “That’s right. They all say that good friends will tell each other everything.”

Zi Mao thought about it then said, “Then I don’t want to be good friends with you anymore.”

Because of Zi Mao’s words 68 ignored Zi Mao for several days. No matter how Zi Mao teased him he had a cold appearance.

In the end, the turning point that destroyed the cold war was Zi Mao receiving a serious injury. VdThEm

Zi Mao lay on the ground with a sword stuck in his stomach. When he was almost unable to go on, 68’s wailing voice rang out. He cried, “Zi Mao, don’t die ah, you have to hold on ah, hold on.”

Zi Mao’s eyes were at half mast. When he heard 68’s words he forced the corner of his mouth to crook up.

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68 said, “Hold on ah, I’ll let you be the Dad in the future!”

Zi Mao: “……” This 68, ever so able to destroy the atmosphere. 5J0423

In the end, Zi Mao did not die. He got through it and became even stronger.

The look of his enemy who had cut him down was full of astonishment when he was killed by Zi Mao. He asked, “How can it be? How can you still be alive?”

Zi Mao slowly pushed his dagger into his heart and said, “Because of love ah.”

When the enemy heard Zi Mao’s words they only thought that Zi Mao was taunting him——After all, who didn’t know that Zi Mao was cold blooded and had supported himself alone. How could this kind of person love? h1GbHR

Zi Mao did not explain. He watched as his enemy lost their last breath and asked 68, “68, do you think that I’m cruel?”

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68 mumbled, “Cruel? Why are you cruel? It was them who acted against you first…..”

Zi Mao suddenly thought. If 68 had a body that would be great. If 68 had a body, he could rub 68’s head and see his expressions.

After this serious injury Zi Mao caught the attention of his family. JOMIQK

Zi Mao’s family was a famous family in this world. The descendants of the direct bloodline were incomparably precious. It could be said that from small to big, each received the best resources and the best education.

But Zi Mao was different. Zi Mao grew up from the garbage dump. He didn’t know what brotherhood was called let alone care about his so called relatives.

However, when all was said and done, the arm couldn’t twist the thigh and Zi Mao was forcibly taken back.

Zi Mao looked at his parents with an indifferent expression. His mother cried and called him, “Ming Xuan.” 81CXYb

Zi Mao said, “Who is Ming Xuan.”

His mother said, “It is the name I chose for you.”

Zi Mao said, “My name is Zi Mao.”

His mother echoed, “Zi Mao?” dAO5pj

Zi Mao smiled and said, “Because when I was picked up I was small like a cat, my face was still purple.”

His mother’s crying became even worse, his father also had a distressed appearance.

Zi Mao said, “Why do I feel like they’re so fake.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

68 had been silent the entire time and only now quietly whispered, “Be careful, they aren’t sincere.” NSVCnB

Zi Mao remarked, “Oh?” 68 rarely told him whether people were good or bad and generally only warned him when there was danger.

68’s tone was very dissatisfied. He grumbled, “Their heartbeat doesn’t even race a little.”

Zi Mao suddenly wanted to laugh.

Zi Mao’s mother was still wiping her tears, saying that it wasn’t easy for this child to come back and she would definitely be good to Zi Mao. 5bpgH8

Zi Mao’s gaze changed and his tone softened. He said that he had a bad time outside and was glad that his parents were able to find him.

Zi Mao’s mother’s expression was filled with faint delight.

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Zi Mao looked at her gaze and sneered in his heart.

In the next few days Zi Mao’s expression increasingly softened, as though he had already fallen in love with this family. 645Mfe

However, 68 was very unhappy and spoke bad things about Zi Mao’s parents and brothers every day.

Zi Mao said, “Are you afraid that I’ll be snatched away?”

68 refuted, “Hmph, as if I’m afraid of you being snatched away.”

Zi Mao asked, “Really not afraid?” cDHTZn

68: “Hmph, not afraid at all.”

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Zi Mao asked again, “Really not afraid?”

68 said, “Just a little little bit scared la.”

Zi Mao heard his words and the smile on his face deepened. 1pN0Ur

A month later the people in the family seemed to have let their down guard against Zi Mao.

So one night Zi Mao seized and opportunity and escaped from the family.

After escaping he wisely chose to hide his whereabouts.

As Zi Mao expected his family started an unbridled manhunt against him the day after he had escaped and even offered a huge reward. Lhf6Xe

Something unusual happened, so there must be something wrong. Although Zi Mao did not understand the key points, he knew that his family capturing him wasn’t anything good.

Sure enough, Zi Mao learned the truth a few years later.

It turned out that his family had to offer a direct descendent as a sacrifice to their ancestors every ten years and he who had not grown up within the family was regarded as the sacrifice.

It was a pity that Zi Mao had no attachment to his family and promptly escaped. SHD5gh

When 68 learned about this he rained curses upon Zi Mao’s parents mainly. The foul words being used silenced Zi Mao.

After Zi Mao smoked a cigarette he asked, “Who did you learn these words from?”

68 said, “Your good brothers ah.”

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Zi Mao asked, “Which good brothers.” KsczHr

68 answered, “A lot ne……”

Zi Mao narrowed his eyes.

Then Zi Mao gathered his good brothers for a chat one day and 68 never heard swearing ever again.

After the time with the family, Zi Mao’s route of familial love was completely severed. o4VMDO

His family became his enemies and 68’s importance became even more prominent.

Zi Mao said, “88, if you leave I’ll become an orphan.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

68 patted his small chest and seriously promised, “It’s all right. Baba will love you for a lifetime.”

Zi Mao thought about it and felt that this conversation seemed strange. QF4qi8

However, this was not important because Zi Mao was already used to calling 68 88.

Growing up like this, 68 accompanied Zi Mao to see the world.

Good people, bad people, touching stories, terrible accidents. When Zi Mao became stronger and stronger, 68’s heart became more and more hollow.

He felt that this was not normal——He was obviously a system with no feelings, why did he feel lost? eQuLVp

However, 68 could not find the answer here with Zi Mao.

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The speed at which Zi Mao became stronger was simply terrifying.

There was a goal he believed he had to accomplish in his mind, so even if there was a mountain before him he only thought of how to level it.

68 wanted Zi Mao to become stronger and stronger but also felt sad as he became stronger. For the stronger Zi Mao became, the sooner he would have to leave. NesDdm

68 said, “I’m a little sad.”

Zi Mao asked, “What are you sad about?”

68 said, “I don’t know. I feel like I am unable to help you with anything anymore.”

Zi Mao said, “As long as you’re here I’ll be very happy.” sxXHDK

68 said, “But I have a problem.” 68 recently caught a strange BUG. He could not contact headquarters nor see how Zi Mao was doing. This BUG made 68 feel very depressed because he felt like he was becoming more and more useless.

Zi Mao said, “Be good, don’t think so much.”

68 felt unwell at heart and wondered if Zi Mao also disliked him, causing his attitude to be so perfunctory. But little did he know that Zi Mao’s behavior was just because of his guilty conscience.

Several hundred years passed in the blink of an eye. When Zi Mao was strong enough to break through the void 68 suffered his biggest crisis since he started working. lKda k

He found that the BUG that prevented him from contacting HQ had upgraded and he had been practically unable to receive headquarter’s care in about a month.

Zi Mao asked 68 what was wrong.

68 honestly told Zi Mao the situation.

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Zi Mao commented, “Oh, so it’s like this oh.” rCE1px

68 said, “That’s right…..”

Zi Mao suggested, “How about you sleep for a while?”

68 wanted to say, ‘I am a system, what sleep ah’ but before the words left his mouth he sunk into a drowsy sleep.

68 had a dream. He dreamed that he had become a mosquito and was slapped to the ground by someone. After being slapped down he was also crushed by two feet. indVRx

Being wronged in his dream 68 harrumphed.

Then he woke up. When he woke up he thought that he got a BUG.

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68’s perspective was usually top down and 360 degrees around Zi Mao. But when he opened his eyes he actually saw Zi Mao right in front of him.

Zi Mao was looking down at him smiling broadly. BVs NX

68 asked, “Zi Mao?”

Zi Mao answered, “88.”

68 asked, “What happened to me?”

Zi Mao said, “I gave you a surprise.” nlib7S

68 was confused.

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Zi Mao said, “88, I like you.”

68 almost responded, ‘Son, I like you too’ but he quickly perceived that things were not as optimistic as he thought.

He had transformed from data into a person, from data into a person, into a person, a person, person. z5rlA

68: “Your mom’s a prostitute.”

Zi Mao: “…… Don’t swear.”

68: “Fuck your father.”

Zi Mao was a little helpless and said, “Okay.” oS7dg1

This day ended this profanity coming from 68’s mouth. From this day on, 68 never again said to Zi Mao: Fuck your father.

When he was fucked, 68 was in a very bad mood. He cried to Zi Mao to return his 1 and 0s to him.

Zi Mao said, “Doesn’t your body look very good?”

68 cried, “I had six 0s in a row, it was extremely auspicious.” Imv2Ze

Zi Mao: “…..”

68 said, “Give them back to me.”

Zi Mao suggested, “Maybe tattoo some on?”

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With tears in his eyes, 68 asked, “Tattoo where?” 8fAqMl

Zi Mao thought about it and said, “On my body…..”

Only then did 68’s mood turn as he laughed.

And so a few days later Zi Mao gained a bunch of tattoos on his arm, a string of 000000. Zi Mao’s subordinate said, “Boss, how come you tattooed six eggs?”

Zi Mao: “…… My wife likes it.” aHbnA9

His brother asked, “Boss, when did you get a wife? Sister-in-law’s taste is rather heavy ah.”

Zi Mao remembered the look in 68’s eyes as he caressed his arm and said nothing.

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Although 68 got his beloved 0s, turning from a system to a human was still a big hit for him.

68 said, “Turning into a human isn’t anything good, change me back.” Ebd3X8

Zi Mao refused, “I won’t, how is turning into a human not good? You can eat the food you had always wanted to eat.”

68 thought about it and then, while aggrieved, said, “But my bum hurts.”

Zi Mao: “…… Then did you feel good?”

68 said, “But after feeling good my bum hurts ah.” eyWcC6

Zi Mao: “…… I’ll take you to play the virtual game you wanted to play?”

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68 asked, “After playing my bum won’t hurt?”

Zi Mao: “…..”

The sound of quarrelling came from Zi Mao’s room that day. B6Sghf

Some did a fine deed indeed and eavesdropped. The next day it was spread that their boss seemed to have hidden a young child.

Zi Mao’s subordinates expressed that they did not expect him to be this kind of boss.

The body Zi Mao chose for 68 was made by himself. He had the appearance of a teen between the ages 18 or 19 with a baby face, looking very cute.

After looking in the mirror 68 told Zi Mao that he didn’t want this body. 5etnHM

Zi Mao asked what kind of body he wanted then.

68’s gaze swept over the crowd then he pointed at one of Zi Mao’s subordinates.

That subordinate was 1.92 meters and weight two hundred pounds. He was covered with muscle from head to toe.

Zi Mao: “…..” Oi9CfP

68 said, “I like this kind.”

Zi Mao: “…..”

68 said, “Our deputy leader 13 said that this kind body is the best to look at.”

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Zi Mao had heard about 68’s group leader and deputy leader a lot before but for the first time Zi Mao felt a hint of resentment against 68’s organization. h7Bs0d

Zi Mao looked at his subordinate’s appearance and felt that he really couldn’t speak.

68 said, “Didn’t you say what you love is my data? If I change my body you won’t like me anymore?”

Zi Mao was silent for a long time before he finally bounced out a sentence, “Your bum will hurt even more in his body.”

68’s eyes widened, “Why?” 7gjNBq

Zi Mao said, “Because it’ll be too tight.”

68 asked, “How do you know that he’s too tight?”

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Zi Mao admired 68’s ability to grasp the key points. He said, “He said it himself.”

68 thought about it and felt that he hurt enough already, so he reluctantly accepted Zi Mao’s explanation. AfzFDx

Zi Mao’s subordinates were present throughout the entire discussion between the two. They felt very complicated about the discussion between their family’s Boss and Sister-in-law about the tightness of their chrysanthemums and even felt unmatched admiration towards their sister-in-law.

Zi Mao had interacted with 68 for a long time and knew that 68 had a somewhat weird streak but he never expected that a 68 who turned into a person would be so difficult to deal with.

68 cried and threw a fit for two days then finally accepted reality and began his journey of being a human.

68 said, “I want to eat this dish.” tY6m7T

Zi Mao said, “You will get inflamed.”

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68 said, “I won’t.”

Zi Mao said, “Your behind will burn.”

68 thought about it and said, “Then wouldn’t it burn your JJ?” E9eKn7

Zi Mao: “…..”

Everyone else at the table looked as though they would spew their food out.

Zi Mao’s mood was very bad, so the whole group spent a month drinking porridge——Except for 68. 68 ate lavish meals all day long until he eventually got constipated.

When he cried and said that he was bleeding, Zi Mao said, “Who told you to eat so much spicy food.” lGbCYH

68 said, “But I wasn’t poked ah, why am I still bleeding even if I haven’t been poked ah.”

Zi Mao slapped the table and said, “I haven’t poked you into bleeding.” He was extremely gentle every time and there was practically never any blood, only some redness and swelling.

68 said, “Oh, so it’s like this oh. Then since I’m already bleeding you can’t poke me.”

Zi Mao: “……” Is this your plan? SyK1Aj

The 68 who turned into a human wasn’t as easy to deal with as Zi Mao had imagined.

Zi Mao said, “You weren’t like this before.”

68 gnawed on his drumstick and vaguely responded, “A son won't dislike his mother for being ugly.”

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Zi Mao: “…..” rQe7pA

Zi Mao’s group knew that their leader was a hen pecked husband. Their sister-in-law firmly subdued their leader while their leader had nothing he could do about their sister-in-law.

Someone asked Zi Mao why he liked 68 so much.

Zi Mao asked, “Do you need a reason to like someone?”

That person said, “Of course you do.” bQZCKe

Zi Mao took a drag from his cigarette then said, “Then I like his cheap look.”

That person: “……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sometimes Zi Mao would ask 68 if he wanted to go back and 68 would say, “I do, would you let me go back?”

Zi Mao said, “Won’t.” 8gOqxA

68 sighed and said, “You unfilial son, even fucking your father ah.”

Zi Mao said, “Dad if you leave I’ll become an orphan.”

68 looked as though he went through the ups and downs of life. He said, “Alright, give me a cigarette.”

Zi Mao asked, “When did you learn to smoke?” ODd9fb

68 said, “Never learned, isn’t this preparing to learn?”

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Zi Mao looked at 68 profoundly. The first cry, then fuss, then jump from a cliff situation that Zi Mao had imagined never came to pass. The chains and the room that Zi Mao had prepared to imprison 68 in were never used. The only things that were used were the condoms and lubricants next to the bedside table.

Zi Mao asked 68, “You don’t want to escape?”

After hearing this 68 put on a serious appearance and said, “Won’t you become an orphan if I run?” twFX1i

Zi Mao had nothing he could say in reply.

68 said, “Son, Dad won’t abandon you.”

Although 68 said this, headquarters still came knocking on the door.

68’s group leader’s first words after contacting him were: Are you still alright? What did he do to you? We’ll get you out immediately. NUQbeC

There was a system who had been held captive by their host before, and sparing no effort they managed to rescue them out.

68 was not the first system to be forcibly abducted by their host, nor was he expected to be the last.

68 replied, “Ai, I’ve been living pretty well ah.”

Group leader: “…..” Oq8uFi

68 said, “You told me that this is a good job back then and I actually believed you.”

Group leader: “…..”

68 said, “Fuck your father.”

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Group leader: “……” Who did you learn this from? 4IbrzH

68 said, “Alright, don't BB anymore, say what you want.”

Hearing 68’s words the group leader remembered that system who used to always add the sound ‘Ne’ at the end no matter what they said.

The group leader said, “…… Don’t talk anymore, come back?”

68 replied, “As if I’d go back.” 12byUB

The group leader asked, “Not coming back?”

68 said, “If I go back will you help me raise my son?”

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The group leader felt that 68 was broken somewhere. He sighed and asked, “You’re really not coming back?”

68 said, “Not going back.” VjQLKT

The group leader thought about it and didn’t speak anymore.

68 thought that the group leader had given up but suddenly felt the world go dark.

Being forcibly removed from his body 68 almost swore: One stuffs me into a body, another pulls me out. Are you all unable to ask me for my opinion first?

And so Zi Mao who came back from outside saw an icy corpse. LinzbQ

Others did not dare breath. It wasn’t until Zi Mao asked what was going on that someone said, “As soon as we came back we saw sister-in-law……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zi Mao coldly said, “All out.”

Everyone quickly rushed out.

Zi Mao sighed lowly and bent down to hold 68’s body. He said, “No one can think about taking you from me.” cqDJb0

68 who was taken away was very unhappy. He discovered that his six 0 data pack had actually been changed.

The group leader said, “Your original data pack has already been destroyed.”

68 said, “Give me back my six 0s.”

The group leader asked, “Is the main point your six 0s?” 0PGWEM

68 said, “Eight 0s is pretty good too.”

The group leader had nothing he could say in reply. He found that 68 had been more or less damaged by the host…..

Upon his return to headquarters all of 68’s acquaintances came to visit him.

Deputy leader Thirteen asked, “68, are you alright?” UK5T3e

68 looked at Thirteen and asked, “Leader, do you really think that big fellows are the best looking?”

Thirteen answered, “That’s right!”

68 sighed, “Ai.”

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Thirteen asked, “What are you sighing about?” WcKewh

68 said, “Sure enough he deceived me.”

Thirteen did not say a word. Actually, every time he chose a body for his hosts he never chose big stalwart looking men……

68 who was cheated by the world still lived in his own dreams.

The group leader came to find 68 again and said that if he wanted to return to Zi Mao he had to make an application and go through the procedures. 1dKtMS

68 said, “Alright, I want to go back. I miss my son a bit.”

Group leader: “……” What on earth did you go through.

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Then 68 began his application.

However, before the application went through, Zi Mao came over. OpL9vS

68 didn’t expect that he could actually turn himself into data. He looked at Zi Mao with eyes full of stars. He said, “Maomao, you have a lot of zero egg eggs ah.”

Zi Mao: “…… Is this the focal point?”

68 said, “My application is still being processed. I planned on finding you after it finished ne.”

Zi Mao asked, “You still plan on coming back?” NmMj5u

68 asked, “If I don’t come back do you plan on finding a step father?”

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Zi Mao sighed.

68 said, “Son, don’t be afraid, Dad won’t abandon you.”

Zi Mao’s mood was very complicated. E5Wtlk

Zi Mao was now essentially visiting the relatives. A while later the team leader came to look for 68 and saw Zi Mao.

The group leader asked, “You can turn yourself into data??”

Zi Mao answered, “That’s right ah, you all have a lot of BUGs.”

The group leader was silent for three seconds. Then he wearily said, “Oh, then you two chat.” yz0bW2

Not long later the group leader quit. No one knew why the group leader quit except 68.

Only, 68 had already returned to his body at that time and started to play with Zi Mao.

Zi Mao was very glad he followed 68 back to headquarters. When he saw the body 68 chose for himself he really felt that his eyes were going to be burned blind.

68 failed to enter the body he chose and his mood was not beautiful. evM94J

Zi Mao invited him to eat a few grand meals and this bad mood was alleviated.

Zi Mao said, “You’re not allowed to leave. Leave once then I’ll □□ once.”

68 said, “You speak as though you won’t □□ if I don’t leave.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zi Mao: “Makes sense.” IGPH5d

Wearily, 68 said, “Ai, go fuck, go fuck, after fucking it loose it won’t hurt.”

Zi Mao: “…..” You’re really something.

Then Zi Mao fulfilled his wish and once again tasted the 68 feast he had been longing for.

68 laid on the bed, his stars swirling around his eyes. He said, “Ennnn, a bit left, a bit left, harder, don’t stop.” GdlozE

Zi Mao furrowed his brows and said, “If you cry again you’ll make me wilt.”

68’s eyes widened. He said, “Then let’s change to me □□.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zi Mao: “…… Baby you continue.”

Then 68 continued to cry en en ah ah, and Zi Mao continued to do fuck with knit brows. 9QPiA6

After returning to Zi Mao’s side, 68 never went back to the system side.

Sometimes Zi Mao would ask 68 if he missed life there.

68 said, “Laozi met you on my first mission after being born, what can I miss?”

Zi Mao remarked, “Oh.” YeAfHW

68 said, “Stop speaking. Son, come over here and let me have a kiss.”

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Zi Mao said, “Okay, Dad.”

Then this happy big hand held the small hand and the father-son pair went on their merry way, rushing towards a harmonious future.

The Author has Something to Say: WKLmkF

I originally wanted to finish but found that I still had 28,000 words to write. Full of despair, I cried and typed ten thousand words. Those who want to eat meat go to Hotpot girl Xizi’s Weibo.

Translator's Note

Purple Cat

Translator's Note

八八 — bābā sounds like bàba [爸爸] Dad

Translator's Note

好 — like in the capacity of having good relations

Translator's Note

鸣轩 — 鸣 Ming (Bird’s cry, voice/sound) 鸣 (Xuan) Tall/high

Translator's Note

八八 — 88 (but said meaning Dad)

Translator's Note

儿不嫌母丑 — From the phrase 儿不嫌母丑,狗不嫌家贫 roughly meaning a child won’t dislike their mother for being ugly, nor a dog their family for being poor

Translator's Note

别逼逼了 — something along the lines of cut the crap

Translator's Note

火锅少女西子 — It’s already long lost in the sea of data (I can’t navigate Weibo well) everything posted already is what has been found. Thank you @Zryuu for finding it

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