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My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn't Need Any ComfortingChapter 40


Chen Su suddenly turned to look at Qiao Shao.

Qiao Shao’s knees went weak, and he could no longer stand. KoePzd

What will I do now?

The high school life that he had worked so hard to grow accustomed to was now gone …

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He hasn’t even managed to adapt yet to the exam setting, he failed to get good results, and failed to escape from …

No, he’s okay, he’s fine. At worst, he’ll just change schools. But what about Chen Su? YNcpMw

It hadn’t been easy to build his confidence. Will the friendship he’d made after much difficulty end because of his deception?

And He Shen…

Qiao Shao was ice-cold, he felt that difficult to cast off fear.

To gain, to lose. XW41q5

Trust, betrayal.

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All along, he was unable to escape from his shackles.

On top of his bed, Wei Jiayu, who was from a different class, couldn’t see the group chat comments. He asked curiously, “Have they found him? Who is it?”

Chen Su had on a complicated expression and whispered, “Qiao Shao … is it you?” tvz4Mi

Qiao Shao was so keyed up that he couldn’t say a word.

Wei Jiayu, who finally understood clearly, was surprised, “Ah?”

Qiao Shao’s lips wriggled and his hands clutched tightly onto his mattress.

Who knew that Wei Jiayu would chuckle and say, “Hey, poor ghost, what’s going on with your father? Is it because he drank too much? ” 7Zm9bN

Qiao Shao was stupefied, and his confused thoughts were unexpectedly stabilized by this unfriendly remark.

Wei Jiayu propped his hands on his knees and looked at him. “Did he send out all your family’s entire savings in one breath?”

Qiao Shao: “!”

Blue Hair, you’re amazing! An absolute genius! Z5qdxV

Chen Su had suspected as much. At this moment, looking at Qiao Shao’s expression, he was even more certain. He stepped forward and patted Qiao Shao’s shoulder and said, “It’s okay. I’ll have my mother transfer the money to you. People will return the money, so no need to be worried. ”

Qiao Shao absolutely never thought of it!

There was also this method!

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This is it! The light at the end of the tunnel! vHwxJQ

Wei Jiayu looked at the pitiful sight he made and said, “No need to cry. They’re all your classmates’ parents. Once the teacher arranges it, they’ll return every penny for sure.”

He had already sent the news to Lou Xiao.  Given Qiao Shao’s absolutely pitiful appearance, he might cry at any time. All this time, Wei Jiayu had kept in mind the task the school tyrant had set him. If the little poor ghost cries, he must report without delay.

What ‘crying’? Qiao Shao almost laughed!

Chen Su continued to comfort him attentively. “Don’t worry, it’s okay. Fortunately, this is our parents’ group …” WCqc5Q

He explained to him word by word, reassuring him. Qiao Shao tried his hardest to manage his expression and stop the smile that was trying to bloom across his face.

Obviously, in Wei Jiayu and Chen Su’s mind, Comrade Da Qiao has been reduced to an unreliable roaring-drunk of a father who caused no end of trouble.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Coincidentally, it was mid-day, which meant that it wasn’t impossible for someone to be drinking after lunch. In addition, Qiao Shao’s poor person persona was so deeply rooted that no one would believe that his father would be a celebrity on the list of the top richest.

Without Qiao Shao needing to explain, it was all resolved this way! htDLz

It’s my old man’s fault. It can’t be helped if his reputation has been thoroughly ruined!

The group was much quieter since Old Tang said he would contact Qiao Shao’s father.

Qiao Shao wasn’t worried about this. It was impossible to get through to his dad using the phone number he’d left with Old Tang.

Even the phone call couldn’t get through. Comrade Da Qiao must be completely hammered! 8AsdUy

Chen Su and Qiao Shao spoke for a long time and Qiao Shao’s heart which had been taken for a rollercoaster ride had finally stabilized. The him right now really didn’t want to expose his family background. For one, he wanted to face some matters on his own, and for the other, he was afraid of hurting Chen Su.

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Once exposed, there would be no meaning to his coming to East High. He can’t run away again. He mustn’t let the people who love him dearly suffer, so he must rely on his own strength to stand!

Ktbeut Qfl Aljse “rjnfv” tlr ilof pera cbk, tf kjr jirb atf bcf ktb “xliifv” tlw. “Tbe’gf vjv’r gbjglcu vgecx. Gbfrc’a sbeg wbw mjgf?”

Qlat j rlcuif kbgv, atf bcmf mjiw Hljb Vtjb kjr revvfcis reywfgufv lcab atf ogffhlcu mbiv. M5xTgE

Lf mbeivc’a yfjg ab tfjg atja kbgv. Srqfmljiis lc tlr rajaf, ktfc tf’v pera reoofgfv rb wjcs eqr jcv vbkcr lc tlr wbbv, cb bcf wera abemt atlr fzagfwfis neicfgjyif qblca.

Chen Su looked at Wei Jiayu. “What do other people know of other people’s family situation? Qiao Shao’s mother may be at work, how can …”

He also has an unreliable father, so he had an intimate understanding of this matter.

“Qiao Shao,” Chen Su discovered that Qiao Shao was acting strange. “What happened to you?” pH37zs

Qiao Shao sat on the bed, his face drained of all color. Even his lips were faintly gray.

His eyes were wide, but were completely out of focus. He was staring blankly in front of him, as though he were possessed.

Chen Su was startled, and wanted to call out to him again, when the door opened and He Shen stepped in.

“He Shen,” Chen said immediately, “look at Qiao Shao, he suddenly …” ZTyBrd

“What did you say?” He Shen asked sharply.

Chen Su froze, and hurriedly said, “We just mentioned his moth–…”

Without letting him finishing his words, He Shen interrupted. “Okay, don’t mention this again.”

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He sat beside Qiao Shao and held him in his arms, his voice low, he called out, “Qiao Shao …” 6QwqSr

He called his name gently, patted his back, coaxed him carefully, “Don’t be afraid. It’s all right. Don’t be afraid.”

—–Shao Shao, don’t be afraid.

——Dad is here, don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid …

Qiao Shao awoke from the darkness. bd4y2A

He was sweating all over, and it was like he had been fished out from some watery depths.

He Shen felt relieved to see light return to his eyes.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Isn’t it just a few thousand yuan?” He Shen whispered warmly, “Why did you scare yourself like this?”

He gave Qiao Shao a ready excuse to cover up his real wounds. ix4BR9

Qiao Shao sobered up. He saw He Shen, and was surprised, “Didn’t you go home?”

They had lunch together. He Shen said he had something to do in the afternoon, so he’ll be going back home first.

He Shen did have something to do, but when he received Lou Xiao’s phone call, he immediately rushed over.

He glanced at all the commotion in the parents’ group, and together with Wei Jiayu’s message that Lou Xiao forwarded, wasn’t everything already clear as day? 63ypJ5

He hurried to Room 516 and saw the seemingly possessed Qiao Shao.

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This was not the first time He Shen had seen Qiao Shao in such a state, so he was much more experienced than Chen Su was.

He Shen said nothing about Qiao Shao’s loss of self-control just now. He said, “516 is my second home.”

When Qiao Shao came to his senses, he couldn’t remember anything about his episode. He rolled his eyes. “He tongxue, please have some dignity. This isn’t your room.” A MD6I

He Shen said, “This is Lou Xiao’s only in name. I am the actual occupant.”

Qiao Shao stared at him. “And who pays for the dormitory fees?”

He Shen thought for a while and said, “Hm, it seems like I do, actually.”

Qiao Shao: “……………………” gY80xa

Just what is your relationship with the school tyrant!

The two were already laughing and chatting, but the other two in the dormitory were still in shock.

Needless to say, Chen Su was completely scared by Qiao Shao just now.

Wei Jiayu couldn’t help but to look even more intently at Qiao Shao. K uOj2

But back to the main topic… Wei Jiayu looked at two people who were talking and laughing and wondered. Why didn’t Xiao Ge come?

Was he tied up so had Shen Ge come over and look at the situation?


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Why does it seem strange though? NriDnf

He Shen didn’t leave. After Qiao Shao fell asleep, he sent Wei Jiayu and Chen Su a WeChat message. The general content was that something must have happen to Qiao Shao’s mother. He’ll be triggered every time it’s brought up so try not the mention it.

Even if he hadn’t told them, Chen Su and Wei Jiayu already understood.

Wei Jiayu sighed in his heart—this little poor ghost’s situation was extraordinarily miserable.

Chen Su lay in bed, looking at the ceiling, thinking— uWMyse

His father was a drunk rascal, and something has happened to his mother. No wonder Qiao Shao was so thin and small. Ai, Qiao Shao really was much stronger than himself. At least, he still has his mother and younger sister. Qiao Shao though…

How could Qiao Shao have known that when he woke up, not only did his poor person persona become more stable, but he also acquired a substantial ‘pity buff’…

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He sent a message to Qiao Zongmin and explained to him the entire story.

Comrade Da Qiao had finished his meeting and took a look… SkA7Y9

“Chen Hao!” General Qiao roared at his assistant to come.

Assistant Chen meekly said, “President Qiao, it’s my fault.”

In fact, this matter couldn’t be blamed on Chen Hao. How could he have known that the young master had gone to an ordinary high school and that he was pretending to be poor? How could he have known that when President Qiao said ‘low-key’, he meant as low as dust?

Qiao Zongmin wasn’t really angry. He threw his mobile phone to him, and said, “A rascal, alcoholic, scandalously irresponsible and unreliable drunkard. That’s my new identity and you’re going to play it.” Nc7oy1

Chen Hao: “???”

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Never in his wildest dreams could Chen Hao, who has reached forty-three years of age by choosing to follow a solitary path, have imagined that there would come a day when he would become this kind of “father”!

Tang Yu arranged a chat with Qiao Shao’s “father.”

Looking at the man in front of him who, despite looking like a decent man, couldn’t get rid of the spirit of wine, Old Tang sighed in his heart.  Why must the tragedy of having a father like this befall such a good child? glwz y

Chen “the film emperor” Hao apologized. He took back the 8888 yuan he had sent out, and promised that he would never again act recklessly in the parents’ group.

Tang Yu said in earnest, “Mr. Qiao, high school is a turning point for children. I hope you will be more considerate of your son.”

Before Assistant Chen came, he drank half a bottle of Moutai, guaranteeing that his breath would stink of alcohol. “I will.”

Tang Yu nearly got second-hand drunk. “In short, I hope you will drink less …” 8xEnFk

Chen Hao gave a drunken hiccup and calmly said, “I never drink till I’m drunk.”

En, drunk people never ever admit that they’re drunk. Tang Yu looked at his big flushed face and thought that anything he said now would be of no use.

Poor little Qiao Shao, he will be sure to look after him well. Teacher Tang sighed.

The commotion regarding the red enveloped passed and though it’d been scary for some, no one got hurt. Qiao Shao also became something of a small celebrity in East High. His fame though might be better described as infamy. DYNKvw

On this day, the campus wall and forum were filled with hushed conversations–

“Class One really is full of talents. I heard that a student’s father drank too much and sent the family’s entire savings to the parents’ group.”

“Shit, how much was that?”

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“It’s actually sad, it was only a few thousand.” OUXN9i

“That’s kinda miserable …”

“Yeah, but it’s no wonder since his father’s like that.”

After a short sigh, the wind suddenly changed once again–

“Classmates! There is a descendant of Ou Huang in Class One!” e3GBkY

“Why do you say that?”

“A big red envelope worth a few thousand yuan was distributed to a group of one hundred and fifty people, and one parent managed to snatch two or three thousand!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“WTF! It’s Ou Huang in the flesh!”

“Might I be so bold as to ask who this student is? I want to ask him to help me draw my Gacha card!” HVsruU

“What ‘ask’? I’d like to pay obeisance and maybe some of that lucky aura will rub off on me.”

“Yes, yes, yes. I pray to Ou Huang to help me get Wu Zetian.”

“I pray to Ou Huang. Please let me get an ssr card.”

“I pray to Ou Huang, please let all the shine cards be mine.” D1ltGu

Seeing that it was now all ‘Oh Great Ou Huang, please get me XX.’, He Shen turned off his phone.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The students in Class One were all very calm and they didn’t talk about it much. After all, there was Chen Su’s matter from before, and they didn’t want to add any more pressure to Qiao Shao.

Whether you family condition was good or not, really wasn’t something one could just choose. Compassion and sympathy will only add to his distress. Pretending that they didn’t know anything was the greatest show of goodwill they could offer.

After guiding public opinion, He Shen tilted his head and looked at Qiao Shao. “Don’t you think it’s about time we settle our bet?” GmLjwQ

Qiao Shao was preparing the textbooks for the next class when he was caught by surprise. He said, “Ah?”

He Shen looked at him. “Did you forget?”

How could Qiao Shao ever forget?

It was just that he had lost so miserably that he was embarrassed to mention it. yW9pmd

“What do you want me to do?” Qiao Shao spoke in a low muffled voice.

He Shen muttered to himself for a moment.

Qiao Shao emphasized, “It must be something within my ability!”

He Shen looked at his cheek, and really wanted to say– 3Ut1pk

…En, no. That’s out of the question.

He Shen said, “Come over to mine this weekend.”

Qiao Shao: “?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He Shen cleared his throat and said, “Go to my place this weekend. This is my request.” yPYOst

Qiao Shao heard him, but he didn’t understand what he meant. “What kind of request is this?”

He Shen lay on the table and said lazily, “I’m so bored by yourself. So you should accompany me.”

Qiao Shao wasn’t reconciled. “Are you sure? This is too easy.”

“There’s nothing easy about it.” He Shen said. “If you go to my place. You have to listen to me. You have to do whatever I ask you to do.” UPb0R

Qiao Shao prudently asked, “What are you up to?”

He’s not going to ask him to cook, sweep or clean the bathroom, right? Because he really can’t do it.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He Shen glanced at him and calmly said, “Relax, I won’t make things difficult for you. At most, I’ll just ask you to share the bed, lift the tray to eyebrow level, to fly wing to wing, to live together until the white hairs of old age…”

Qiao Shao: “…………………………” OVuKUD

The author has something to say: Hahaha ~ Another complicated situation is going to come online ~

What the hell, of course, he won’t be exposed yet. If he was, that would be the end and it would be a bad ending to boot.



Translator's Note

Just a nice way to say that he’s single. =)

Translator's Note

Someone who’s won the best actor award

Translator's Note

A brand of baijiu, a strong Chinese liqour

Translator's Note

A term used online to refer to someone who’s very lucky especially at gambling or games of chance.

Translator's Note

In some video games, you get characters or items by drawing cards in a lottery.

Translator's Note

A card or character in a video game. This one:

Translator's Note

A strong card in a video game.

Translator's Note

These are all chengyu, Chinese idioms/sayings, that apply to married couples or sweethearts.
To lift the tray to eyebrow level means that a husband and wife treats each other with respect.
To fly wing to fly is to keep each other company and help each other advance.

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  1. Tbh I kind of wanted him to get exposed because now the situation became 100x more complicated. DX now it can’t be explained away by “I never said I was poor you guys just assumed and I didn’t know how to correct you” vs “I lied to you about every thing expect for my trauma”

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    On another note, He Shen proposes to Qiao Shao every day and Qiao Shao thinks he’s just joking. Wish we could see more of that angst beyond just the meaning of “Without Friday.” At their wedding, will He Shen change his username?

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