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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh024 - Rocard: Curse You Scott, Remain a Single Dog Forever!


Translator: Callis
Editor: Shiru

Rocard put away his light brain. He looked at the Marshal and saw him doing something he rarely did: looking at his light brain with a doubtful expression.  VpNdqF

Rocard’s eyes widened, then immediately took the opportunity to move closer and asked curiously: “Scott, what are you looking at?”

Perhaps because Rocard’s tone was too lively, Scott raised his head to glance at him but still answered: “Look at this. Doesn’t this seem a little familiar?”

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He couldn’t think of it, but Rocard might be able to make sense of the code. 

Rocard took a serious look through it and tried to recall. Then he quickly gave Scott a contemptuous look.  J8FGYr

“My dear Scott, you think that my memory would be better than yours?” How could Rocard remember something that Scott couldn’t? 

Looking at Rocard’s serious expression, Scott calmly closed his light brain and indifferently ordered: “For the joint military exercise in two months, you will have full responsibility for getting in contact with the garrison corps.” 

“……Fuck! Damn it, Scott, you can’t retaliate against me like this!”

After hearing Scott’s newest order, Rocard promptly exploded. 


They were all already busy as dogs from the First Military Academy’s yearly assessment this month and having to plan out the internships for the top three positions. He thought that after this was all done, he could finally get a vacation, have a meal, and take a stroll with his darling, and then finally do some shameful things.

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Scott’s impulsive order smashed all of his plans to pieces!

“Scott, I’m telling you, I’ll explode, I really will explode!” 

“Oh, just explode then.”  E ywfq


Damn it! If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t beat this fellow, Rocard would absolutely let this perpetually single dog Scott know that disturbing lovers would lead to retribution! 

The Marshal stood up, and before he left the room, he stopped by the door and continued to speak: “Send Wu Zimo’s information over to me as soon as you can.” After this, he ignored Rocard, who was ready to flip over a table, and returned to his office to work. 

“Fuck! Single dog Scott, Laozi curses you! May you never find your own guide!” Rocard pointed towards the already closed door. He valiantly cursed like a bull at the heartless Marshal.  3TwZpF

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Ying ying ying, my vacation flew away, I can only go and seek out comfort from my darling!” 

Lbkfnfg, Ebmjgv, ktb qgfafcvfv ab yf qlaloei jcv rbeuta bea Vlwj Lej obg mbcrbilcu, abemtfr, jcv xlrrfr, gfmflnfv j xcbmxbea ogbw tlr ojwlis’r uelvf. 

Ebmjgv kjr ilxf j vfofjafv gbbrafg, klat yijmx mibevr tjculcu bnfg tlr tfjv. Lf qea jkjs tlr iluta ygjlc, “Vegf fcbeut, yflcu j ojc bo atf wjif ubv Zjgrtji bg ktjafnfg lr atf kbgra!” 

Sitting on the sofa, Rocard opened up his light brain again, the display showing another one of the Marshal’s fans. He let out a sinister smile.  WIJc9a

“Heng heng heng, Xiao Mo Mo, if you complain, it’s your fault that you’re a fan of someone as heartless as Scott!” 

He muttered and fiddled around on his light brain, finally revealing a proud smile. He packaged up the thing he had been fiddling with, encrypted it, and sent it out. 

On Planet XT781, Wu Zimo, who was sitting in Bit’s mecha, suddenly shivered. He raised his head and rubbed his nose, whispering apprehensively: “Why do I suddenly feel the malice from the universe?” 

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“……” Fortunately, Bit was walking or else he would have staggered.  C2PYNJ

If Bit, a senior student, had been informed before that Wu Zimo, who was famous in the First Military Academy, was a cold and serious top-ranking genius student, then after this period of contact, his outlook would have definitely changed. 

Wu Zimo really was a genius. This was obvious just from seeing that he was able to alter and create a stronger Dimensional Zerg monitoring system in such a short amount of time. However, in other aspects……

Sure enough, he was still a child. En, as senior students, they ought to protect this ‘simple, honest, and naive’ child well! 

For example, by watching him closely and not letting him eat just anything, etc…… YrzQdd

Wu Zimo was unaware that everyone else had taken him to be an unruly child. As for his fellow classmates’ certain protective actions, he merely thought that Bit and the others just liked to look after people. 

“Xiao Mo Mo, what’s our next target?” Wu Zimo was studying the map again when Mocca opened the communications channel and asked about the next target in a casual tone. 

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Mocca couldn’t be blamed for being so relaxed and at ease. In fact, it wasn’t just Mocca, but all the members in his three teams that were also in a similar state of mind. 

The days following joining up with Wu Zimo’s team really were too leisurely. Nb2Kri

They didn’t need to worry about being surrounded by large groups of spider Zergs. What was more important was that, under Wu Zimo’s command, the groups of spider Zergs they had encountered were all either as strong as or slightly stronger than they were. 

In this way, not only could they accumulate points, they could also strengthen their combat abilities. Their experience when they first landed on Planet XT781 compared to these last two days were markedly different.

One was heaven and one was earth; there was no comparison. 

Mocca’s comrades acknowledged again that although Mocca was rather unreliable, he was lucky and had great vision. If it wasn’t so, then how could the three teams have run into Salah and thus a big golden thigh like Wu Zimo?  Sduwec

That’s right, Mocca had accidentally let slip that Wu Zimo was a big golden thigh that was to be held close, so they had privately teased him and likened him to a big golden thigh. It would only be sufficient if they held him tightly. 

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“Xiao Mo Mo?” When Wu Zimo heard Mocca’s nickname for him, he raised his head with a fake smile, looking at Mocca up on the screen. 

“……” Ying, clearly Wu Zimo was typically soft and cute, how could he suddenly be so imperious? How scary, how scary!

“Cough, cough, Wu Zimo, we’re waiting for the direction we should be going in.” Mocca, who had been silently threatened by Wu Zimo, coughed, then switched over to a more serious expression.  mZNEKz

Wu Zimo glanced at Mocca, whose gaze had become focused, and didn’t keep them in any more suspense. He shared the target’s coordinates he had found through the public channel. 

“There’s a group of thirty-five spider Zergs moving about here, not too many. You guys should be able to deal with them. However, if you can, try to take care of them as soon as possible. Don’t draw it out.” 

Wu Zimo paused, then sent out another set of coordinates and proceeded: “A hundred kilometers northwest from these coordinates, there is another group of spider Zergs. Even though it is a relatively small group of twenty, it would be a bit troublesome if the two groups managed to merge.” 

Wu Zimo’s words weren’t the least bit ambiguous, explaining the circumstances of the spider Zergs at the two coordinates.  GPt5LV

Upon hearing Wu Zimo’s words, Mocca and the others were excited, but even more amazed that Wu Zimo would know of the situation of spider Zergs so far away. 

Actually, when Wu Zimo sent the monitoring system, he knew what its range was when he installed it into their mechas. However, the target’s coordinates that Wu Zimo just gave out were too far away and couldn’t be displayed on the monitoring system.

Mocca and his teammates weren’t idiots. They understood that Wu Zimo must have even more incredible things on hand! 

There were envy and astonishment, but they weren’t greedy people. It was already very good that Wu Zimo was willing to send them this monitoring system free of charge.  JXtKFe

If they shouldn’t ask, then they wouldn’t ask. They were allowed to be curious, but as future servicemen of the Federation, they couldn’t be too curious. 

Mocca looked at the two sets of coordinates on the screen, his brows creased, and then suddenly asked: “Wu Zimo, you really believe that the spider Zergs can summon one another from so far away?” 

Mocca and the others had noticed early on that, unexpectedly, low-level Dimensional Zergs like the spider Zergs could summon its comrades. However, at the time, they didn’t care too much about it. 

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It was because on the first day that they landed on Planet XT781, they just happened to encounter a group of only five spider Zergs. With such a small number, it was barely enough to fill the space between their teeth. They fought and fought, then suddenly, another five spider Zergs popped onto their monitoring system’s display screen.  CkPrLh

At the time, Mocca had believed that it was because they were too close and their fighting had attracted the five spider Zergs’ attention. Mocca had only taken a slight note of it when the same thing happened in the next few battles. 

Mocca only realized when they exchanged information with Wu Zimo and the others. It turned out that the spider Zergs unexpectedly had a high-level Zerg’s ability, to be able to summon its comrades from long distances. 

Wu Zimo nodded, “Yes, but I don’t know how long their summoning range is.” 

It wasn’t clear for the low-level Zergs, but for the intelligent, high-level Zergs, the range of their summons could be measured in light-years.  p9wgHM

For this reason, when the Federation was fighting the Zergs, if they weren’t careful, they could easily find themselves surrounded by Dimensional Zergs. 

Wu Zimo wasn’t a Federation native, so he felt nothing but gloom towards the matter of Dimensional Zergs being able to summon their comrades. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was just like a video game. Right when they could finish off the BOSS, the moment that it was about to die, it broke out its technical ability and summoned its comrades. This really made one’s teeth to ache. 

Although Wu Zimo could receive the spider Zerg’s summoning signals, his hardware couldn’t measure them so he couldn’t determine the range of the spider Zerg’s summoning distance. Every time he looked for a target, all he could do was to be careful, be careful, and be even more careful, afraid of inciting a large community of Zergs to chase after them.  qbJd9x

Mocca understood and nodded. Even if he wasn’t sure, there was nothing they could do about it. Now that they had their next target, Mocca and Salah, as well as the sentinels responsible for fighting, meet to study their battle tactics. They placed special attention to their course of action in case a group of spider Zergs was summoned. 

Wu Zimo glanced over at Salah and the other’s meeting lowered his head and continued to study his map. 

While he was looking at the map, he thought about how it was already the fifth day of the yearly assessment. Although he had information about the distribution of spider Zergs on Planet XT781, it wouldn’t be strange for all kinds of unexpected things to happen in five days. In particular, some of the spider Zerg’s coordinates might have been shifted from its original location from students participating in the yearly assessment. 

Wu Zimo’s mind had been opened a little. The spider Zergs had the idea of coming together with their comrades, so taking the initiative to strike the students participating in the yearly assessment was also a possibility.  cGFJLi

Don’t think that Wu Zimo’s sudden epiphany was strange, the spider Zergs were the weakest of the Dimensional Zergs and could only instinctively hunt for their food. However, who could guarantee that the spider Zergs wouldn’t spontaneously mutate? 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The reason Wu Zimo was able to navigate the Internet unimpeded and become the Great God MO that everyone bowed down to was because his brain hole was large enough! He could think far enough! 

“Say, shouldn’t I go give the Marshal’s back door another touch?” 

Fortunately, Wu Zimo was only thinking this in his heart and didn’t say it out loud. Truthfully speaking, if he really dared to say it out loud, Bit, who was beside him, would be scared half to death by Wu Zimo’s formidable and assertive way of thinking.  ypWRlj

As for Wu Zimo, the moment the Great God MO thought of something, he’d put it into action. 

He lifted his head and looked towards the sky with a sinister smile on his face, his eyes revealing a calculating light. He schemed around those loyal to their purpose monitoring insects. 

In the words of Great God Mo, as long as there was a network, there was no place he couldn’t go!  

In this way, Wu Zimo’s boldness inexplicably leaked out! However, the monitoring insects used the Heaven’s Wrath Corps’ inner network, so if Wu Zimo wanted to give the Marshal’s back door another touch, it really wouldn’t be so easy!  0aNFb5

Marshal’s…back door… “ψ(`∇´)ψ

Bonus kofi chapter! one of many that I owe you all

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