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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh023 - The Ability the Great God Mo Displayed is Only the Tip of the Iceberg


Translator: Callis
Editor: Shiru

Salah waited until the violent pheromones in the air had thoroughly dissipated before rushing in front of Mocca, who had collapsed against Li Pengpeng’s side.  tuq0pf

“Mocca, Li Pengpeng, are you okay?” It terrified the others to see the seemingly fine Mocca suddenly erupt into a spiritual storm. They weren’t in battle, so how could there be a spontaneous spiritual storm? 

Even though Salah’s facial expression was still cold and indifferent, the concern in his gaze for Mocca was easy to see. 

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Mocca, who was the focus of everyone’s attention and leaning against Li Pengpeng, had a slightly depressed expression. Even so, he was happy with his team’s concern. 

But as for the cause of his sudden mania, if he said it out loud, he would definitely get beaten…… E25sYG

Mocca didn’t want to say it, but the people present wouldn’t let him go. At the same time, they glanced at Wu Zimo, who was curiously watching Mocca. 

There were a good number of ordinary people and guides in Mocca’s team, but the sentinels with strengthened senses that before Mocca fell to his spiritual storm, he was speaking with Wu Zimo. 

Humans were emotional creatures. Especially for sentinels, if someone dared to harm their partner, they definitely wouldn’t let the other go free. 

Salah felt that the few sentinels were rejecting and emanating a feeling of hostility towards Wu Zimo. His brows furrowed. He had also been present, and he knew that Mocca’s spiritual storm had nothing to do with Wu Zimo, but he didn’t know how to speak up. 

aZs8 l

Truthfully speaking, the reason actually did have something to do with Wu Zimo, but most of the blame fell on Mocca’s shoulders. 

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Even though Mocca had become dispirited from his spiritual storm, he could also sense the atmosphere between his teammates and Wu Zimo. He didn’t want them to chase a big golden thigh like Wu Zimo away because of a misunderstanding! 

That’s right, Wu Zimo, an ordinary person, had already risen to the ranks of a big golden thigh in Mocca’s heart. For the sake of the yearly assessment, he could only force a smile and explain.

“Cough cough, this has nothing to do with Wu Zimo, I just wasn’t calm enough……” bsiTYw

Correct, the truth was that Mocca, this child, was unable to keep his cool. Knowing that Wu Zimo had such a powerful system, he couldn’t control all of the beautiful fantasies in his brain. As a matter of fact, the result of such overstimulation was the sentinel’s spiritual storm. 


Really, the truth was often contrary to people’s expectations. 

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Then she stood up and walked away, not even glancing at Mocca, who had a miserable expression from being unexpectedly pushed away by his family’s darling. 

“Brother, one would not be in trouble had he not asked for it.” Wu Zimo saw that Mocca resembled Amah Rock as he watched Li Pengpeng’s back leave. He patted his shoulder without an ounce of sympathy. He continued to smile and then turned around to follow after Li Pengpeng, returning to the side of the campfire. 

The rest of the people followed as well, cheerfully chatting and abandoning Mocca, who had courted his own disaster. When they reached the campfire, they continued to eat and chat, as if nothing had ever happened. 

“…….” VbOd2M

Seeing that he had been abandoned by his own teammates, Mocca really wanted to shout at his leisurely chatting teammates: “I don’t believe that you guys could keep calm after hearing this piece of information!” 

The others were also especially excited, but with a bad example like Mocca nearby, their originally excited mood cooled down significantly. Naturally, when they sat back down by the campfire, no matter if they were sentinels, guides, or ordinary people, they all gathered by Wu Zimo’s side, encircling him and asking about the monitoring system in great detail. 

In the monitoring room up in space, Da Li was so angered by Mocca that his teeth ached. 

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Just now when they had seen that Mocca had undergone a spiritual storm, Da Li and the others had tensed up. Da Li and the others recalled that Mocca and his team’s innate talent really were outstanding in the First Military Academy.  qSrw6x

However, when they remembered that he had underwent a spiritual storm because he had been too emotional, even Carlia, who had looked upon him favorably, had flushed a little red. 

“This child’s resilience is too bad! He must be trained again!”

With Carlia’s words, for a while, the silly Mocca’s future would be filled with dark days that he wouldn’t dare to think back on. 

Regarding Mocca’s accident, Da Li pursed his lips, then relaxed. Most of his attention was focused on Wu Zimo.  jJB48

Lao Yu, who was sitting beside him, was even more excited. When Wu Zimo had nodded and admitted that he did indeed have a system that could monitor the spider Zergs over long distances, he was so excited that he jumped up and his eyes blazed watching Wu Zimo up on the display screen. 

Lao Yu was the ordinary person on Da Li’s team that handled the logistics. Information systems was his specialty.

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Although he hadn’t participated in the research for the spider Zerg monitoring system, when he received the responsibility of ensuring the safety of the students in the First Military Academy’s assessment, he specially went over the research for the monitoring system. The final result was something worthy of being produced by the Heaven’s Wrath Corps. Even if it was still a preliminary version, it was still very good. 

It was because Lao Yu had researched the preliminary monitoring system that he didn’t quite believe that Wu Zimo would have a Dimensional Zerg monitoring system that was even stronger than the preliminary one.  S6Hmlq

“Lao Yu, be a bit more aware.” 

Although Da Li certainly wasn’t like Lao Yu, he still understood the other’s excitement. It was rare to see any strong emotion on Lao Yu’s solemn face, but Da Li hadn’t forgotten his job and casually reminded the excited Lao Yu. 

“Captain, I understand.” Lao Yu restrained his emotions and nodded towards Da Li. Then he sent over a small monitoring insect over above Wu Zimo. 

Wu Zimo had no idea that his monitoring system had unexpectedly piqued the interest of Da Li and the others, members of the Heaven’s Wrath Corps.  uKNr1i

Actually, it was as Mocca said. They had already fought together once, and both sides accepted the other. Additionally, Salah and Mocca were cousins and had moral characters; they wouldn’t steal or engage in such activities.

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Truthfully, after knowing of Mocca’s wretched, two-faced treachery, Wu Zimo was happy to continue following this kind of bottom-line action, cooperating with such a wretched fellow. 

Wu Zimo sent over the modified monitoring system to the few sentinels, allowing them to install it into their mechas. As for Mocca, whom everyone had abandoned, seeing Wu Zimo be so generous, he eagerly came over, wanting a share. 

Wu Zimo, who was sending the monitoring system to Mocca and the others, was unaware of the monitoring insect above his head that had taken a section of the information about the functionality. Under such circumstances, Lao Yu also received a share of the altered monitoring system.  fnQGdE

Once he got the monitoring system, Lao Yu immediately single-mindedly focused on breaking down the code in the system. As he continued to observe it, his expression became more and more taut. Da Li’s team couldn’t help but look over at Lao Yu, confused. 

Waiting for a while until Lao Yu put away his light brain and lifted his head, Da Li finally opened his mouth and asked: “Lao Yu, what about it?”

“A genius.” Lao Yu looked at the ceiling of the monitoring room with glazed eyes. “He really is a genius.” 

The excited Lao Yu then fiercely grabbed Da Li’s hand, his entire body looked like it was glowing with vigor. “I had researched the original monitoring system, but when I looked at the code of Wu Zimo’s modified system, it was even more concise and accurate!”  HxFouy

After praising Wu Zimo, Lao Yu calmed down a bit, then showed a doubtful expression, gloomily mentioning: “That Wu Zimo really has talent, especially the code that he altered. There are a lot of areas that I don’t fully understand.” 

The others weren’t upset like Lao Yu was. As Lao Yu’s comrades, the members of Da Li’s team all knew of Lao Yu’s strengths. 

When he had the top achievements as an information systems major at the First Military Academy, he was specially recruited to the Heaven’s Wrath Corps by Marshal Alman. On his first day with the Heaven’s Wrath Corps, he was able to single-handedly break the Corp’s outer StarNetwork defenses in less than three hours.

Now, much of the Heaven’s Wrath Corps’ outer StarNetwork defenses was Lao Yu’s handiwork.  KXoOPd

What Lao Yu didn’t know was that in less than half an hour, Wu Zimo had stealthily opened a back door on the surface of the Heaven’s Wrath Corps’ outer StarNetwork and secretly downloaded information about the resources on Planet XT781. 

Because he was able to compile code that even Lao Yu couldn’t understand, Da Li attached even more importance onto Wu Zimo. 

Opening his light brain again, he packaged information about Wu Zimo’s situation and his altered code together and sent it to Rocard. 

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To Rocard, who had been taking a rare moment of leisure, seeing another message on his light brain wasn’t odd. During these last two days, because of the First Military Academy’s yearly assessment, Da Li only had to take note of students that they could properly cultivate before he sent it over. cdEfPJ

There wasn’t anything he could do about it. Who told Scott, the real person in charge, to be like this? Letting subordinates that didn’t dare to personally seek him out pass messages through Rocard whenever something came up. 

He only needed to think of this before his heart hurt. Back in the day, how could he be so blind as to just convince Scott to take him on as his deputy?! He only had himself to blame now that he was so busy that he wanted to die, unable to be sweet as honey with his sweetheart. 


Rocard, who thought that Da Li had found another good seedling again, noticed that this time, Da Li used the Heaven’s Wrath Corps’ encrypted inner network channel to send him a message. SUDiMy

They would only use the encrypted channel for important news. Rocard’s face lost its relaxed expression and he solemnly typed in his password, opening the message. 

After he finished skimming the contents of the message, his face had completely lost the leisurely expression it had before, understanding why Da Li would send this message through the encrypted channel. 

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Scott had finished talking to the President and returned at a perfect time. When he saw Rocard’s solemn face staring at the light brain, his eyebrows furrowed. 

“What happened?” For Rocard to react so seriously, he must have picked up on an important matter.  qztAnv

“You’ve returned, perfect. Look at the encrypted message Da Li sent.” Rocard tapped a few times on his light brain and forwarded the message to Scott. 

Unlike Rocard, the Marshal had a solemn and conscientious disposition, so his expression didn’t shift when he saw the message that had been passed through the encrypted channel. 

Only after he finished reading through the message’s contents was Rocard, who was very familiar with Scott, able to see that Scott’s expression had significantly deepened. 

“What do you think?” 9zjFY7

Scott didn’t give Rocard a response, but said: “Have the investigation team dig up everything related to Wu Zimo.” 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Yes.” Of course, Rocard understood what Scott’s plan was. At the same time, he sighed regretfully. Wu Zimo really managed to surprise him every time he popped up. 

While Rocard was contacting the Heaven’s Wrath Corps’ internal investigation team and telling them to search through all of Wu Zimo’s information, Scott was relentlessly looking through the code for the monitoring system that Wu Zimo had modified. 

There were hints of suspicion in the cold, silver eyes. There were certain patterns in the compiled code on the light brain that gave him a feeling of familiarity. However, try as he might, he couldn’t think of where he had seen it before.  YuFV2y

Phew, we’re finally getting more hints of Scott (੭ु。╹▿╹。)੭ु⁾⁾
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