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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh025 - This Hostility is Too Strong


Translator: Callis

When the four teams arrived at their target, there were thirty-five spider Zergs altogether.  gNEB9U

There were twenty-five mechas between the two teams, and the coordination between the two sides wasn’t as cumbersome as it was the first time. Right now, there was a sense of when to advance and when to retreat, and it absolutely couldn’t be seen that they had only been together for two days. 

Cooperating during the battle was easy, so that the twenty-five sentinels that were controlling the mechas were entirely free from worry. Sure enough, it was much better to work with those equal in strength than it was with those who were overconfident. 

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Separately, Wu Zimo, who was sitting beside Bit in his control cabin, continued on in his one-man operation.

Since he had honed onto the monitoring insects, Wu Zimo simply couldn’t not make the preparations, especially because the monitoring insects might be able to obediently poke a hole in a certain place for him.  HEGeD4

“The signal intercepting device needs to be strengthened, and we need to upgrade the Internet reception device. We also need to prevent it from retreating when it encounters a problem.” 

Using only the sounds that he could hear, he finished up the necessary preparations one by one. This was Wu Zimo’s one-man operation. His hands incessantly tapped on his light brain, at such a speed that even Bit, who was in the middle of battle, couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. 

Bit didn’t know what Wu Zimo was doing, but he knew that he must be doing something important. He glanced at Wu Zimo again and noticed that he was completely immersed in his own world. He thought for a moment, then used a private channel to connect to Salah and the others. 

Neither Salah nor Mocca were fools. The moment they saw Wu Zimo, they nodded in understanding.


The positions of the twenty-five mechas in combat were slightly adjusted. Bit, who was originally in the front leading the vanguard, slowly moved his mecha towards the back, indistinctly letting his comrade’s mechas protect them. 

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While Bit was piloting the mecha, he took care to make his movements smoother. He split his attention between the battle in front of him and Wu Zimo. 

Wu Zimo, who was using his own virus to attack the monitoring insects’ defense systems, had no idea he was being protected. Compared to his typical expression, Wu Zimo was like a different person, his face stretched taut and his eyes staring straight at his light brain. His lips were pressed together and shifted slightly every once in a while, mumbling things only he could understand. 

His hands tapped at the light brain more and more quickly. His dark eyes glowed with a very ambiguous light.  ET1NFt

In Wu Zimo’s spiritual sea, it was a mystery what Ares had sensed. It was rolling around on the soft underbrush before its body suddenly froze, then firmly rolled over again. It incessantly bounced over towards a certain person’s direction, its expression simultaneously shifting — — (≧▽≦)

Only Ares’ master, Wu Zimo, could see its display in his spiritual space. 

However, Wu Zimo’s attention had been fixed onto the code quickly scrolling down the light brain’s screen. While Ares was bouncing about in Wu Zimo’s spiritual sea, Wu Zimo’s spiritual strength suddenly increased, and became even more single-minded in his concentration. The movements of his hands became even quicker. 

Fortunately, Wu Zimo and Bit were the only two people in the control cabin. Bit was a sentinel, and under normal circumstances, sentinels could detect a guide’s special spiritual pheromones. nGQr 5

However, Wu Zimo wasn’t an ordinary guide, and with Ares’s innate abilities, when his spiritual strength increased, it just seemed like a vague feeling. Bit and the other sentinels and guides only believed that Wu Zimo’s spiritual strength was concentrated. 

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Up in the monitoring room in space, Da Li and the others spent most of their time observing Wu Zimo. There was nothing they could do about it; Wu Zimo’s talent was too shocking. Lao Yu, who was sitting next to Da Li and looking through the code, exclaimed every so often while he was looking through code on his light brain. 

There were very few people that could make Lao Yu, a former genius, sigh in admiration. One of these was the person who recruited him to the Heaven’s Wrath Corps, Marshal Alman.  BXcWof

While Lao Yu was engrossed in the program, Da Li and the others remained silent. 

“Lao Yu, you can’t wait until the assessment ends to study the data!” Xiao Ba finally exploded. It must be known that if Lao Yu wasn’t working, then all of his work would fall onto his head. 

There were only twenty people on Da Li’s team. Aside from two other people who were working in logistics, like Lao Yu, eighteen people were observing the several thousand teams that were participating in the First Military Academy’s yearly assessment. If they hadn’t been sentinels with enhanced senses, they would have had more work than they could have dealt with. 

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Because Lao Yu specialized in that data aspect of logistics, he bore much of the responsibility. Those monitoring insects operated under Lao Yu’s control.  MyluhV

Lao Yu glanced over with a depressed expression at Xiao Ba, then slowly spoke: “You wouldn’t understand.” 

“……” Fuck! If Lao Yu wasn’t an ordinary person, then he would absolutely let him know if he understood or not!

“That’s enough, don’t fight. Lao Yu, concentrate on your work. When the assessment ends in three days, you can directly go search for Wu Zimo.” Of course, the person who shouted to stop the two was Da Li. With the reminder, a look of shock appeared on Lao Yu’s face.

That’s right, it would be more convenient to directly seek out the person himself! This genius unexpectedly had times where he was dumb…… 6cSdKd

“Boss, the group of four teams have found another target.” 

Since Wu Zimo and Mocca’s teams met, they had been working together. Da Li and the others understood that the four teams had an alliance. Thinking of Mocca’s wretched plan, Da Li paused. He had nothing good to say about this; their alliance hadn’t violated any rules. 

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Actually, don’t mention Wu Zimo and Mocca’s alliance, there were many teams on Planet XT781 that had formed their own alliances. However, most of them weren’t as effective or efficient as Wu Zimo’s.

To have entered the Interstellar’s First MIlitary Academy, which of the youths weren’t arrogant? Moreover, many of them were children of influential families.  bxQZfj

Not every child of an influential family was as reasonable as Salah and Mocca. There were many whose temperaments were haughty and believed themselves to be invincible. As a result, even though these teams formed alliances, there were various sorts of problems that gave rise to hatred. 

In these alliances that were full of problems, it would be odd if they could effectively engage in combat against the spider Zergs. It was already very good if it wasn’t a situation of ‘you tug me, I pull you’. 

Of course, there were also teams whose performance really wasn’t bad. However, others couldn’t be compared to outstanding people like Wu Zimo and the others. 

The speed of the twenty five mechas in the alliance unexpectedly increased, letting Da Li and the others, who had had two days to get acquainted with their actions, know that they had found another target.  fWhw4B

“Boss, who do you think is really commanding everyone and seeking the targets within the four teams?” The four teams were able to coincidentally find groups of spider Zergs every time; don’t tell them that it was good luck. 

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Once would be good luck, twice would be good luck, but on the third time, it would be proven to definitely not be luck. 

However, because they couldn’t monitor the communications going in inside the mechas, Da Li and the others didn’t know who in that team was so difficult to deal with. Even though they didn’t know, they had a vague feeling that the person commanding the alliance’s operations ought to be Wu Zimo, the small fellow whose body was brimming with mystery. 

After these few days of observation, Da Li and the others also knew that the teams’ coordinated piloting was becoming increasingly good. Everyone in the monitoring room nodded their heads, satisfied.  5mgJNG

Every now and again, Da Li and the others would be struck by a sudden impulse to comment on the circumstances of the twenty five mecha’s battles. At this time, however, Da Li and the others noticed that the positions of the twenty five mechas in battle had shifted. 

“What’s going on with the mechas?”

Initially, they thought that the young students had thought of some new tactic, but after observing for a while, Da Li, who was a battlefield veteran, felt that something was off. 

“Why are they protecting that mecha? Did a problem occur?”  AdXdly

“Who is the pilot and the additional person sitting inside?”

Da Li had just asked, and Xiao Ba immediately answered, “The pilot is second-year mecha major Bit Li, and the other is Wu Zimo.” 

“Wu Zimo?” Hearing the name Wu Zimo, everyone felt an inexplicable, sudden type of odd feeling. Sure enough, in the next moment, there came a warning sound from the monitoring room’s network. 

“Lao Yu!”  JdIl6g

“Wait a moment!”

With the sudden warning, all of the sentinels in the monitoring room suddenly entered battle mode. Lao Yu, who was responsible for the network, quickly logged into his administrator’s terminal. Simultaneously on the large screen in the monitoring room, a string of strange red data appeared. 

“What is this?”

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Da Li and the others had learned about this, but they absolutely weren’t as proficient as Lao Yu.  m0jVa2

“There’s someone attacking our monitoring network!”


It was a disaster! Lao Yu’s words caused expressions of shock to appear on all of the present sentinels’ faces. Lao Yu’s own expression was tense as he was rapidly typing into the main control screen. 

Da Li and the others knew that they couldn’t disturb Lao Yu’s work at this time, but they didn’t remain idle. Da Li immediately gave orders: “Xiao Ba and the others, continue to observe the students in the First Military Academy’s assessment. Carlia, assist Lao Yu. If it can’t be fought off, contact, the Corps’ logistics field. b8aIzE


With Da Li’s orders, everyone quickly moved into action.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

At the same time on Planet XT781, Wu Zimo, who was using the code he compiled himself to attack the monitoring insects, knew that in doing so, he was alerting the people in the monitoring room. 

“Tsk, the fellow in charge of building the monitoring network’s defenses is also unexpectedly such a nuisance.”  EBXU1N

Wu Zimo was extremely careful when he controlled the virus and attacked the monitoring insects, but couldn’t endure Lao Yu, this seemling honest fellow, also knowing how to dig pits and ensnare people. 

So, Wu Zimo tripped up and let Lao Yu’s warning program sense that there was an external signal invading. 

“The network on Planet XT781 and the one at the First MIlitary Academy really are too different.” Wu Zimo quickly reacted, evading Lao Yu’s pursual. 

If he had been on the First Military Academy’s network, he would have long since broken away from Lao Yu, who had been unstopping on his trail. However Planet XT781 was incredibly far from civilization. If he wanted to invade the Heaven’s Wrath Corps’ network, the network that Wu Zimo invaded was luckily the monitoring insects’. DoxRr

In the hacking genius Wu Zimo’s opinion, the rank of this problem was on the difficulty level of ‘hell’. It really was too difficult. 

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“The network is too terrible, it really makes people anxious!” 

Wu Zimo led Lao Yu’s tracking procedures in an almost complete circle around the monitoring insects on Planet XT781 and still couldn’t shake the other off. He grit his teeth. “This is the only method left. Though I don’t know who you are, you’re definitely part of the Heaven’s Wrath Corps. Right now, I can only say ‘sorry’.”

Perhaps it was because Wu Zimo had been a hacker for a long time. In any case, hacking was a profession that strayed on the edges of the law. It was the same even if Wu Zimo had worked together with his country in his last life. He would subconsciously become very resistant if he was being chased by someone. Therefore, no matter what method he had to use, he definitely wouldn’t let the other catch him!  Rlfedd

Then, Wu Zimo used the golden cicada plan to disguise and wrap chunks of code he left behind him for the other to bite into. When the two touched, Lao Yu didn’t even have time to rejoice over having caught the little mouse who dared to attack the Heaven’s Wrath Corps before it exploded. 

Di di di! The warning sound for the collapsing network immediately rang out. Lao Yu’s proud expression still hadn’t fallen from his face and could only stare dumbstruck at the unceasingly flashing scarlet two English letters MO that shifted to a laughing Q expression

“……” Even if Da Li and the others didn’t know what had happened, upon seeing the ‘ha ha’ laughing Q cartoon on the large screen, it was the first time they didn’t know how to react. 

They were the sharpest members of the Heaven’s Wrath Corps. It was the first time they had been pointed and laughed at directly to their faces! The uncles couldn’t bear it and the aunts definitely couldn’t bear it!  byB5FK

They recorded this objective. Never, ever let them find the fellow who had jeered at them!

Having set off the other side, Wu Zimo grinned, downloading the materials he needed onto his light brain. Just as he prepared to open the files, he suddenly sneezed. 

“Achoo! Who’s talking about me?” 

Ares reappears! (⌒▽⌒) UaBKwP

Translator's Note

戳洞, can refer to hackers poking holes in security systems

Translator's Note

猥琐流 -> constantly harassing the other and consuming their resources

Translator's Note

金蝉脱壳之计 -> to vanish and leave behind an empty shell

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

叔可忍婶绝对不认忍 -> Adapted from the Analects of Confucius, generally meaning ‘If this thing can be tolerated, what other thing can’t be tolerated? This is the most intolerable thing!’

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