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A foodie’s friendship was very easy to obtain. Only a single delicious cake was necessary, and if that wasn’t enough, then just take out another one! SlwnfH

Li Pengpeng was a girl who was very good at finding topics to talk about, so very quickly, she and Wu Zimo struck up conversation about all sorts of things. While the two were speaking, Li Pengpeng may have intentionally moved the topic of conversation to Salah and Lyle.

Wu Zimo hadn’t reacted in the beginning, but when he saw that Li Pengpeng’s eyes glowed with the same understanding, he was speechless for a moment, then came to a realization.

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Cough cough, although Lyle and I only met at the First Military Academy, our friendship is very good. As for Salah, it was Lyle who introduced us.”

“Oh?” Hearing Wu Zimo speak of them like this, Li Pengpeng’s eyes immediately lit up, and she continued to listen attentively: “Do you know how they met?” LHa3Pe

“I’m not too sure.” As a good comrade, he wouldn’t speak of Lyle’s black history. “But I can see that the feelings between them are good.” Wu Zimo finished speaking and gave Li Pengpeng a smile that someone in-the-know would absolutely be able to understand.

As expected, Li Pengpeng wasn’t a slow person. When she saw Wu Zimo’s smile, her eyes shone even brighter. She almost grasped Wu Zimo’s hand and shouted: Good comrade!

Li Pengpeng turned her head to look at Lyle, who was in the distance, not paying any attention to them. She leaned closer to Wu Zimo, placing their heads closer together, and lowered her voice. “Salah had always been cold and indifferent to everyone. It wouldn’t be unusual for us brothers and sisters to be concerned, wouldn’t you say?”

Li Pengpeng had grown up with Mocca, so of course she was familiar with Salah. She had always treated Salah as a younger brother. It’s just that the younger brother’s expressions and temperament were completely cold, which made this elder sister very anxious.


She could hardly believe that she had seen Salah with his heart set on another young man today. It would be unusual if she weren’t curious.

Wu Zimo nodded towards Li Pengpeng, his eyes full of understanding. However, before he could speak, Li Pengpeng, who had been leaning close to his ear, was embraced by a strong pair of arms. Wu Zimo raised his head and faced a pair of eyes that seemingly smiling, but instinctively felt that those eyes were a bit alarming.


Big bro, you saw that I didn’t do anything. What kind of fierce expression of ‘catching someone coveting my family’s wife’ are you making?! n0msQk

Li Pengpeng wasn’t aware of the indignance in Wu Zimo’s heart, but merely noticed that the youth that she had just been chatting with suddenly freeze. She rolled her eyes, reached out, and smacked the arms around her waist.

“Don’t make a fuss, mind your own business.”

Having been interrupted by Li Pengpeng, Mocca immediately used a wretched and pitiful expression to look at her.

Towards Mocca, whose change of facial expressions was even faster than the national Sichuan Opera, Wu Zimo already had no longer the desire to explode in a fit of rage or curse. What dog food? He had already become accustomed to eating so much of it. zKuojV

That was odd!

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Cough cough, you two are already busy I’ll go check on Lyle and the others.” Wu Zimo expressed in a tsundere-like manner that he wasn’t a big lightbulb! Go ahead and scatter dog food around without any consideration! Let’s see how you scatter dog food without an audience!

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When Wu Zimo sat down, Mocca’s comrades teased him: “Haha, did Mocca kick you back over here?”

Although they had only met today, Mocca’s comrades were easy to get along with, so Wu Zimo didn’t mind being teased by them, and the corners of his lips twitched, “There’s too much dog food over there, and I’m not going to be a big lightbulb.”

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“Pfft, hahahaha!”

Wu Zimo’s words made all the people burst out laughing, simultaneously shortening the distance between the two sides. BfPXHd

“That’s not surprising. Mocca and Li Pengpeng have a high degree of harmonization. That’s why Mocca is this nervous about her.” This time, the person who spoke was a guide.

In the Interstellar Era, after awakening as a guide, a person could enter a specialized guide’s academy to learn about a guide’s abilities, or they could study at other institutions.

For the First Military Academy of the Interstellar Federation, the most famous institution in the Interstellar Federation, specially having a major for cultivating and teaching guides was no problem at all. If the original owner had awakened as a guide, there was a great chance that he would have transferred to this major in order to learn to control his ability as a guide.

Mocca and the three teams were always in the top three of the school year assessment, not because they were stronger than the others, but because they had three guides among the three teams. p7I8RB

Aside from Li Pengpeng and Mocca, who had harmonized early on, the remaining five were attached guides. Before they were exclusively bound to a sentinel, they could help their team members soothe their spiritual storms.

As a result, the sentinels of the teams dared to fight unrestrained and weren’t afraid of encountering spiritual storms.

Wu Zimo could tell if the other was a guide, a sentinel, or an ordinary person, but he knew very little about guides and sentinels. This wasn’t surprising; there was very little information about this on the public network.

So, when he heard of sentinels and guides harmonizing, Wu Zimo’s curiosity was piqued. fYBbNv


The guide who had just spoken was Xie Shu, a scholarly young man. Seeing Wu Zimo’s curious appearance, he smiled slightly. Harmonization wasn’t a secret, letting ordinary people like Wu Zimo wasn’t a problem.

“It’s a match between spiritual strengths.”

“Everyone knows that, when a sentinel awakened, their fives senses would be strengthened. As a result, during the war with the Dimensional Zergs, humans began to have an advantage.” i 4y29

“However, this strengthening isn’t without its cost. In the beginning, because no one knew of the guides’ existence, many powerful sentinels died not on the battlefield against Zergs, but because their spiritual strength grew too much. They couldn’t control the continuous spiritual storms. They were too strong, and it would fry their bodies and then they would die.”

“Even with a suppressing drug, it would only work for lower to mid-level sentinels, having little effect for higher-level sentinels. If they hadn’t fortunately noticed the existence of guides, the fighting advantage the humans had against the Zergs would have disappeared again.”

“Researchers had noticed that the higher the degree of harmonization and compatibility in spiritual strength between a sentinel and guide, the fewer spiritual storms that would occur.”

“The full degree of harmonization is 100% and the lowest is 0%. Above 80% would be considered a high degree of harmonization, while below 30% is a low degree.” lCrtRS

When speaking about the degree of harmonization, he didn’t know what Xie Shu was suddenly thinking of when he suddenly laughed. He didn’t make him wait, however, and continued: “There are rumors that stronger the degree of harmonization between the sentinel and guide, the stronger the sentinel’s desire for their own guide would be.”

Xie Shu paused, then lifted his head to give a teasing glance towards Mocca’s and Li Pengpeng’s direction. “Mocca’s and Li Pengpeng’s degree of harmonization is at 70%. Although it’s less than a high degree of 80%, it was enough to amaze people. So, when the two harmonized, they surprised those who wanted to see a good play. Then, there were all kinds of envy and jealousy.”

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While Xie Shu talked about the gossip between Mocca and Li Pengpeng, his comrades all covered their mouths and snickered. Wu Zimo, Lyle, and Liz, who were hearing this for the first time, all had the expressions of someone gaining new experiences.

So it was like this. For the ordinary Lyle and Liz, it was like a magical door had been opened. When they saw Mocca stick to Li Pengpeng like a piece of candy again, they were unfazed. t2fJlB

While a magical door had opened for Lyle and Liz, for Wu Zimo, the harmonization of a sentinel and guide was a pit! A super, heavenly pit!

It was unknown what Wu ZImo was thinking of, but he shuddered and weakly asked Xie Shu, “Is there a 100% sentinel-guide match?”

At Wu Zimo’s sudden question, the five guides sitting around and chatting were surprised, then gave off amused expressions. The one who answered Wu Zimo wasn’t Xie Shu, but another female guide.

“Hahaha, Xiao Mo Mo, that’s a very good question, but you think too much. Don’t look at the harmonization between sentinels and guides in such a way, even in the past thousand years, there had never been a 100% match, but there also had never been a 0% match.” LkjHcb

The little guide sister was not surprised that Wu Zimo would have thought of this. Many people weren’t familiar with the matters between sentinels and guides, and they would creatively think of the problem of the 100% harmonization.

“Haha.” When Wu Zimo received his answer, he laughed, embarrassed, and the amount of relief in his heart wasn’t small.

It was unbearable for the child who had been tormented by web novels. At first glance, he was protagonist material. According to the law of the protagonist’s halo, he would have had a large chance of having a 100% harmonization match with a sentinel.

That’s right, our Great God Mo was so confident that he thought of himself as the protagonist! AoOpwG

The sentinels in charge of finding food had returned. Wu Zimo saw that they were carrying the carcasses of creatures he had never seen before, but had been cleaned and tidied up. The campfire had been readied a long time ago, waiting for the sentinels to bring the food back.

Although they had prior information from Wu Zimo that the area was very safe and lacked spider Zergs, as a fourth year senior captain, Mocca was responsible for the safety of his comrades and his juniors. When he went on patrol with the leaders of the other two teams, he found that there was no danger in the area. Even the creatures here had become their lunch.

While everyone was cooking around the campfire, Mocca glanced at Wu Zimo every so often. If it was an ordinary person who was sneaking glances at him, Wu Zimo may not have been able to detect it, but Mocca was a sentinel. The meng egg in Wu Zimo’s spiritual space was very sensitive towards sentinels and guides.

Wu Zimo had no choice but to appease Ares, who was bouncing around the spiritual space, while rolling his eyes at Mocca. CIUf3d

I say that this husband is too petty! Wasn’t I merely talking to your family’s guide?! Did he need to keep watching him for so long?!

Mocca wasn’t aware of Wu Zimo’s misunderstanding at all, but quickly pulled back his gaze because how could Li Pengpeng not notice Mocca’s gaze? Like Wu Zimo, Li Pengpeng had also misunderstood Mocca and resentfully and sneakily pinched Mocca’s arm.

A certain someone’s arm was as hard as a piece of steel, so in the end, the result was that the person who ended up with a hurting arm was Li Pengpeng.

“I say, can’t you stop for a moment?!” paP65K

Aware of Li Pengpeng’s misunderstanding, Mocca immediately begged for forgiveness, “No, no, this time it really is proper business.”

It was a pity that a certain someone’s reputation was too bad. Li Pengpeng wasn’t convinced at all. Without any other options, Mocca could only shift his gaze towards Salah, who was sitting next to Lyle.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Not waiting for Salah to finish his meal, he called out to him, and then ran over, grabbed the scruff of Salah’s neck, and dragged him away.

“……” YRB4kb

Lyle, who was just about to hand Salah a meat skewer, could only hold the two skewers and watch as Mocca took Salah away.

He dragged Salah aside and, before he could speak, Mocca directly asked with a solemn facial expression: “Salah, shouldn’t you be honest with me?”


With Mocca’s headless and tailless behavior, it was fortunate that Salah wasn’t Wu Zimo, or he would have absolutely said to Mocca — cC7Ryu


Still more dog food (ノ>▽<。)ノ

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