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Marshal, Please Calm DownCh020 - Even If I’m a Foodie, That Doesn’t Mean I Like to Eat Dog Food!


Translator: Callis
Editor: Shiru

“Huehuehue.” kGw6t

Wu Zimo quickly glanced over the map again and suddenly gave off a movie villain-like laugh.

“If we let you, you’d just fight in a gang! Look, there aren’t more spider Zergs within a 500 kilometer range. It’s useless for you to call for help. Wawawawa!”

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Now, the disparaging Wu Zimo placed his hands on his hips and laughed at the spider Zergs that were vainly attempting to call their companions.

“……” 4Zb0le

Wu Zimo, who had said all that he needed to say, forgot that he wasn’t alone in the control cabin. Poor Bit, who had been frightened by Wu Zimo’s sudden spasm, almost got sliced by the spider Zerg in front of him. Fortunately, Laney was next to him and had been keeping an eye out, quickly raised his weapon to protect Bit.

“Bit, are you okay?”

“I’m okay……” Bit glanced at Wu Zimo from the corner of his eye and quietly replied to Laney.

“……” Wu Zimo, who had been laughing at the spider Zergs, also knew that he had just done a foolish thing. His face couldn’t help but flush.


He was glad that, aside from Bit, no one had found out that he had just spasmed!

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“Haaa, sorry.”

“It’s nothing.” Bit saw the shame on Wu Zimo’s face, and a trace of a smile passed through his tranquil eyes. He shook his head to focus on the spider Zerg in front of him again.

Ensured that the spider Zergs couldn’t call in more of its companions to add more chaos to the group fight, Wu Zimo ignored data collection for the time being. However, he didn’t completely disregard the data, thinking that he could study it when he had the time. He had noticed that the code that had been converted from the spider Zerg’s transmission was especially interesting. hnGrCZ

Only a technology recluse like Wu Zimo would find the data, that would make anyone dizzy, interesting.

Salah and the others were only responsible for five spider Zergs, and they already had prior one vs. one combat experience. Now, with six vs. five, the amount of time they spent fighting was shorter than before.

Soon, the five spider Zergs that they were fighting collapsed onto the ground, annihilated. Salah and the others didn’t remain idle. They immediately turned around, maneuvering their mechas so they could join Mocca’s fight.

When Salah and the others’ mechas joined the battle, they found that there were only seven or eight spider Zergs left on Mocca’s side. QlUuY9

Mocca and the others had 19 mechas, but there were 25 spider Zergs here. These spider Zergs were larger than the ones that Salah and the others had fought. It could be seen that their fighting strength was indeed very strong.

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Admiration of battle and of the strong was a common fault of all sentinels, especially towards Salah and other younger sentinels.

Qtlif Zbmmj jcv tlr afjw kjr olutalcu atf rqlvfg Ifgur, atfs vlvc’a obgufa ab xffq agjmx bo Vjijt jcv atf gfra bo atflg ecvfgmijrrwfc’r rlaejalbc. Vfflcu atfw olutalcu jcv gfagfjalcu, cba lc j teggs ja jii, atfs mbeiv afii atja atflg wfatbv bo olutalcu kjr nfgs foofmalnf, fzmfqa obg j ofk reqfgoieber jmalbcr. Dea mbcrlvfglcu atflg ijmx bo gfji mbwyja fzqfglfcmf, tjnlcu atfrf xlcvr bo reqfgoieber jmalbcr kjrc’a bea bo qijmf.

When Salah and the others joined Mocca, the corners of his lips pulled up into a smile. Intentionally or otherwise, Salah and the others were instructed to attack the enemies with more concise movements. boKPAu

Against 25 mechas, the seven or eight spider Zergs were just snacks on a dinner plate. Under Mocca and his team’s subtle retreat, the remaining spider Zergs died under Salah and the others’ hands.

The lives of the 30 spider Zergs had been thoroughly dissipated, and everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

“Salah, you’ve matured very quickly recently.”

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Although he had been praised by his cousin, Salah’s expression was still as cold and indifferent as ever. He was only warm whenever he was facing Lyle. Mocca had long since gotten used to his cousin’s cold attitude. With a good eye and as an overactive gossip, it was only natural that the first thing Mocca noticed was that there was something odd about Salah’s attitude towards his companion, Lyle. J 3emL

He covertly laughed. Just wait until the end of the assessment, he would definitely gossip with his aunt!

“What bad thing did you think about again?”

Sitting next to Mocca was a girl, neither a sentinel nor one of the many ordinary people, but a precious guide.

Of course, Mocca’s family wasn’t afraid of being unable to find a guide. It was just that this guide wasn’t chosen for him by his family, but one he had taken a fancy to in childhood. rSDeR5

That’s right, they weren’t just childhood sweethearts, but they were also lucky that had awakened as a sentinel and the other as a guide. After their match, the harmonization between the pair was at 70%.

When it came to this matter, it was impossible to say that the younger generations of other families weren’t envious of Mocca. At such a young age, he had obtained such a good wife.

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“No, I’ve only been thinking of you all this time, Pengpeng!”

Li Pengpeng’s face flushed. She feigned anger and glared at Mocca, who had clutched at his heart in an exaggerated manner, “Can you be a little more proper?!” ayv8CQ

“Pengpeng, when I think about you, how could it not be considered proper?! I am very proper!”

Fortunately, Wu Zimo didn’t see Mocca’s goosebump-raising behavior towards his guide, otherwise, he would have covered his identity as a guide even more tightly.

Sentinels were truly terrible to their family’s guide. Not only did he need to worry about his little chrysanthemum, but also if he would be driven crazy!

Wu Zimo and the others weren’t familiar with Mocca, so they were a bit baffled by the movements of Mocca’s mecha but didn’t ask about it. Only Mocca’s team knew that their captain was flirting with his guide again. 68Y9fJ

“Haa, it’s already past lunch time. Should we find a place to rest and eat?” Another member of the team spoke up. She understood that Mocca was currently very busy and didn’t want this small matter to disturb him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wu Zimo saw the girl on the screen, but saw that she wasn’t delicate at all. She was valiantly and formidably sitting in the control cabin of a mecha. Wu Zimo easily noticed that the girl was a sentinel.

In the Interstellar Era, both male and female sentinels were equally strong and powerful.

Wu Zimo silently looked at the girl, comparing his own body to hers. Distressed tears falling down, even if he was a guide, he was still male! He doubted his present physique was better than an ordinary girl’s. SYxGAW

Wu Zimo, who hadn’t received a detailed guide’s education, didn’t know that although male guides were weak, they definitely weren’t as weak as him.

There were only two reasons for this. One was that those who awakened as a guide had a different constitution, so they were already this weak. The other was that their mental strength was too strong that their body couldn’t support it. That was why there would be such a difference.

Wu Zimo, who was wholly ignorant about guide’s matters but was worried about his tender and lovely little chrysanthemum, was very lucky. He could use both reasons!
Wu Zimo didn’t know what his own situation was and didn’t have the means to investigate. When he heard this sister mention lunch, his stomach just so happened to grumble.

“……” Because of the public channel, everyone heard it. CGEPaq

Damn it! This master wants to flip a table!

“Haha, it’s getting late. If there’s anything to talk about, we can discuss it after we’ve eaten.”

That poor boy, oh. Wu Zimo’s friends’ gazes were full of distress.

The little boat of friendship could really flip on command. Looking at him like this, even if it were an aircraft carrier, he would still want to overturn it!
Wu Zimo exhibited his best skills, ignoring his friends’ gazes. He said with a tranquil and serene voice: “We can rest in the vicinity here then, there’s no sign of spider Zerg activity here.” tbHzUF

Mocca and his team didn’t know why Wu Zimo was so sure that there wasn’t any spider Zerg activity here, but when they saw that Salah and the others didn’t have any objections, they just went along and settled down on this place to rest.

Standing on the ground again, Wu Zimo stamped his feet. At this point, he could clearly see the appearances of the members of Mocca’s team.

The sentinels were busy arranging the rest tents and were out searching for food, while the other ordinary people and the guides were sitting between the mechas. Wu Zimo had once again run off to observe the spider Zergs again. Lyle and Liz, whom he had left behind, had no choice but to take charge of communicating with the other party. Neither of them were the type of person that liked to correct others, and they soon were well acquainted with the others.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Wu Zimo was aware that he had nothing good to say, but at the same time, he was very curious about the spider Zergs, or rather, he was very curious about the dimensional Zergs. J9HLEV

“Why can’t it be eaten?”

Well, Wu Zimo’s foodie soul was still roaring with passion, not the least bit defeated by reality.

“Er……” However, Wu Zimo’s muttering really frightened Li Pengpeng, who had been standing near him. Even her quantum beast couldn’t help but fix her horrified, jewel-like red gaze on Wu Zimo.

The quantum beast’s expression mirrored her owner Li Pengpeng’s, not knowing whether she should continue to approach Wu Zimo. NSIdyp

Wu Zimo turned his head and couldn’t help but stare at the quantum beast in Li Pengpeng’s arms. It wasn’t that Li Pengpeng’s quantum beast was very special, but ——
The quantum beast was a rabbit! A very plump, round rabbit!

Braised rabbit meat! The hungry person started to drool again.

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She didn’t know if it was because Wu Zimo’s expression this time was too overwhelming, but Li Pengpeng instinctively took a step back, feeling that the gaze Wu Zimo directed towards her was very strange.

“Erm, are you okay?” He6FWj

Cough cough, I am very okay!” Wu Zimo knew that he had lost his self-control and immediately reacted. He took the initiative to greet the guide he had taken a liking towards: “Hello, I am Wu Zimo.”

“Hello, I’m Li Pengpeng.”

Li Pengpeng had been scared by Wu Zimo initially, but now that she had taken another careful look, she saw that Wu Zimo was a child that had just matured into an adult. She didn’t know why, but when she saw Wu Zimo, Li Pengpeng felt a fondness akin to seeing a younger brother.

Li Pengpeng smiled slightly, then thought of something. She took out a pastry from her storage space that didn’t look very pretty, but had an especially fragrant aroma and handed it to Wu Zimo. jIYUXD

“You need to wait a little bit more to eat lunch. You can have this to fill your stomach a bit first.”

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“……Thank you.”

Being watched by such kind eyes from a young girl, Wu Zimo pouted a bit, but he could feel the other’s kindness. Besides, the pastry looked very delicious.
Wu Zimo would never brush aside the regards of a person who was kind to him. He smiled and took it from Li Pengpeng, and nibbled on it in front of her: “It’s delicious, thank you!”

“If you like it, that’s good. Next time, I’ll let Mocca prepare a few more.” W0tRj8

Yes, this pastry was one that Mocca, the wife spoiling maniac, had somehow managed to smuggle in. Truth be told, few people had the desire for good food during the assessment, with the exception of Wu Zimo.

“Ah, it’s Mocca’s?” Wu Zimo knew who Mocca was. When he heard that Mocca had specially prepared it for Li Pengpeng, it seemed that he couldn’t eat it very well anymore. He prayed that it wasn’t some kind of love snack.

“Don’t worry about him, he had prepared a lot of snacks for me. I don’t know how that fool had managed to grab so many snacks.”

With that one sentence, he was stuffed full of dog food. Wu Zimo expressed that he was not the least bit hungry anymore. sWXred

so…much….dog food (iДi)

Translator's Note

Shiru: I did not ask for this dog food

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