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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh24 - If that helps you sleep at night.


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As always, the live broadcast room of MengMao TV’s game anchor KK was very lively. The game anchor next door, Little Sword Fairy, deliberately came over to partner up, and the two anchors attracted countless of fans. gLYG4j

Those who had been around MengMao TV’s gaming section all knew that Little Sword Fairy had been around longer than KK by two years. However, once KK appeared, the pair quickly formed ‘a friendship between the generations’ and their relationship was pretty good. And as of right now, for KK to take the initiative to invite Little Sword Fairy during his period of soaring popularity, was proof of their good relationship.

When Little Sword Fairy appeared in the evening, the two fan bases merged into one, and the numbers in the live broadcasting room rose by nearly a million. Without needing KK’s introduction, Little Sword Fairy joked and said: “Good evening everyone, I am your beloved Little Jian Jian.”

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‘Little Jian Jian’ was a moniker that the fans of Little Sword Fairy had given him, and it originated from Little Sword Fairy’s live broadcasting style. From Little Sword Fairy’s voice, it was apparent that he was not very old, and the official information stated that he was twenty-four years old. His Mandarin was rather standard, but his tone of speech had its own individuality. In order to stand out amongst game anchors, having something distinctive about you was absolutely necessary, and Little Sword Fairy’s unique characteristic was being ‘despicable’.

To clarify, the description was not pretext to scold him; rather, it was merely used to describe his tone of speech. When he spoke, it was extremely base and exaggeratedly so, and when it was interpreted, it was particularly embarrassing. dLSAZl

Before he even finished introducing himself, there was a barrage of comments in the live broadcasting room.

【Ahhhhhh it’s next door’s Jian Jian!!】

【Long time no see— ah, no, that’s not right, didn’t we see you last week!!】

【Hmpf! What are you here for! Do you not want your live broadcasting room!】 SN k2t

Little Sword Fairy laughed: “Do you even need to ask that question? What do you think I’m here for, of course it is to raise the heat!”

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Kang Shengzhe snorted, and the sound was neither light nor heavy. “If you are trying to raise the heat like that, it’s useless. You should just mend your ways sooner and hug my thighs instead.”

Little Sword Fairy laughed out loud, climbing up the pole as he said: “Hug, hugging! Come here, let me touch to see if your thighs are thick enough, and if it’s robust enough to fully satisfy me.”

Kang Shengzhe scolded lightly: “Scram to one side.” I Etwd

Comments in the live broadcasting room rose from all direction.

【Ahahahhaha the shameless Jian Jian against the shameless KK.】

【The Battle of the Shameless has finally started.】

【Why do I suddenly feel like this is their way of showing affection.】 xzISke

【Ummmmm, I have a bold idea!】

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Game anchors joining doors was a norm; KK’s live broadcasting room would occasionally have anchors popping in, and Little Sword Fairy appeared the most. Their fans were long accustomed to it, and it was public knowledge that they had an intimate relationship. Additionally, it happened to coincide with the rot that was running rampant nowadays, and their fans often made jokes at their expense.

【Aljc Aljc, la’r ubbv atja sbe’gf tfgf! Po sbe vlvc’a gfaegc rbbc, sbeg BB kbeiv tjnf gjc jkjs!】

【Efmfcais, BB wfa j Vlrafg Oljcu! Gb sbe xcbk jybea Vlrafg Oljcu!】 6Ko8XL

【Jian Jian, did you feel a flash of green light above your head?】

【Hehehehe! Look! Is this the rumoured Hulunbeir Grassland?】

How could there be any disturbances or troubles in the live broadcasting community that he was not aware of? In fact, Little Sword Fairy had went out of his way to find KK just to make fun of him the moment the matter had blown up. However, he was very cooperative with the live broadcasting room as he feigned his surprise: “What! I only went back to my parent’s home for two days! KK, how could you abandon a wife who has been through the hardships of poverty with you!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ktf jmmerjalbcr Olaaif Vkbgv Mjlgs atgfk ja Bjcu Vtfcuhtf ofii bc vfjo fjgr. Lf ajqqfv bc atf wjamtwjxlcu yeaabc jcv rjlv: “Ofa’r qijs, lo sbe ibrf j ujwf abvjs, sbe’gf vbcf obg.” zj80tM

Jian Jian pinched his voice into that of a delicate and frail girl and fake sobbed a little before he said: “Hmpf, do you think I’m scared of you, I purposely want to… win, I mean win! I will definitely win! Don’t take away my big thigh, I want to hug it for another five hundred years QAQ.”

The live broadcast lasted for three hours, and the atmosphere in the room was always lively. Under their pair’s casual banter, their audience kept up a high level of energy. Furthermore, with KK and Jian Jian’s tacit understanding when they cooperated, they managed to pull n variety of tricks.

On the live broadcast screen, under Li Bai and Da Qiao’s cooperation, they harvested four kills.

The audience was extremely excited: 【666666!!!】 3IKsz7

【Honestly speaking, KK’s Li Bai is so upsetting that I can’t watch on.】

【This play was very domineering!】

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

【KKKKKK you are indeed the K I love!】

The process of the game went extremely smooth. In one night, KK played six games and there were four games where he had a triple kill, one where he attained a quadra kill and one with a penta kill. It was as if he had gained god’s assistance, and all the winds were in his favour. 3eY4FA

Although KK had always used a combination of entertainment and technique to put food on his table, the instances where he had numerous significant achievements and to this extent were few and far between. The fans shouted: 【Mother, KK, have you been toggling today! 】

【 Shocked! KK is suddenly so bold and powerful!】

【???? KK, did something good happen to you today?】

【His performance is like an explosion!】 DTRZ2x

Little Sword Fairy played three rounds of mages and three rounds of auxiliary. While his results were decent, it still lacked the MVP achievement that KK had. Little Sword Fairy said blankly: “Could it be that my return from my parents’ home has renewed your violent love for me, so you had to show off to me in order to gain my fierce adoration?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Kang Shengzhe was too lazy to refute and spoke in perfunctory manner: “If that helps you sleep at night. Right, what time is it?”

Little Sword Fairy said: “It’s almost 10:30.” Once he was done answering, he followed with another question, voice strange: “Why do I have the impression that you have been asking that question several times today?”

The live broadcasting room agreed with him: 【Yeah, yeah, yeah! I remembered it clearly, this is the fifth time KK asked that question! 】 34DidA

【What!!! There seems to be an inside story ah!!】

【Stupid K, what are you rushing to do!】

Kang Shengzhe laughed softly, and his magnetic voice in the live broadcasting room was capable of moving a young girl’s heart. “Nothing really, just playing games ah~”

【Playing games? En???? Are you going to continue broadcasting tonight!?】 odULk

【Ehhhhhh?! A sudden material benefit?】

Kang Shengzhe pretended not to see their comments, smiling: “Everyone, it’s time~ Although I am reluctant to part with all of you, but the today’s live broadcast ends here. Oh, and Jian Jian, your support isn’t up to par~ Compared to other people, you’re still lacking.”

The live broadcasting room was in a daze. 【Wait a minute! Didn’t you say you were going to play more games! If you’re not playing here, where are you even going!】

【How are you reluctant to part, why don’t I see any of it! You’re obviously very happy about ending the broadcast!】 aBOAZp

Kang Shengzhe kept smiling and when Little Sword Fairy sent an ok gesture to their private chat on WeChat, he ended the broadcast soon after. After closing his software and giving his workspace a sweeping glance, the time displayed on the phone screen was exactly half past ten.

Kang Shengzhe felt a little hesitant. When he ended the broadcast, he was in a good mood; but now that work was officially over, he was somewhat nervous. When he had asked earlier this morning, the person did not give him a definitive answer, and there was an equal possibility that she could be online or offline.

He switched to his minor account on King’s Glory, and【don’t want to move】went online. Once he was in the initial interface, Kang Shengzhe hesitated for a moment before he tapped on the friends’ interface.

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The avatar for【Little Angel Liang Liang】was greyed out, she was not online. 5EAkUD

Although he had made preparations in his heart, he could not help but feel disappointment when he saw the answer staring back at him. He leaned back against the chair and exhaled, feeling a sense of lingering loss.


Kang Shengzhe picked up his phone again. Just as he was about to log out, he stopped, and proceeded to place his phone on the side to keep the logged in status going. Then, he reached for the poetry collection he often read and started flipping it slowly.

He should try waiting, maybe【Little Angel Liang Liang】will come online soon. Ep3IiP

Kang Shengzhe’s gaze swept across the neatly printed text on the paper and then glanced at his phone from time to time. As time passed by with every minute and second, the time he spent looking at his phone gradually lengthened.

At 10:42, an invitation box suddenly popped out.

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【Little Angel Liang Liang】invites you to join a multiplayer ranking.

Kang Shengzhe stilled before picking up his phone in a hurry to press accept. However, at the moment of acceptance, the system gave a reminder: The game team has been disbanded. 2Yv59k

Kang Shengzhe: “…..”

Could it be that she invited the wrong person, so the team was effectively disbanded?

【Little Angel Liang Liang】… had no intentions of inviting him?

On his visage, an expression packed with endless scepticism emerged. Kang Shengzhe could not believe it, and he was filled with unspeakable melancholy and puzzlement. And when such an expression appeared on him – someone who could exude a strong sense of oppression with his tall stature and pretty appearance alone – it made him seem like a big child and it was quite pitiable. 9yQLHu

Kang Shengzhe remained motionless. At that moment, a new message from【Little Angel Liang Liang】was transmitted through the friends’ interface.

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[Little Angel Liang Liang]: — It’s a normal game, are you coming?

[Little Angel Liang Liang]: — There’s another friend, diamond.

Kang Shengzhe finally reacted and he replied in a haste: — Coming. PZxdG9

Very quickly,【Little Angel Liang Liang】sent a new game invitation, inviting him to join a normal 5v5 game match. Kang Shengzhe pressed accept and the interface loaded him into the room. Sure enough, there was another person apart from【Little Angel Liang Liang】who had the rank of diamond. Since there was a platinum gap between gold and diamond, they had no way of ranking together.

So it wasn’t that she invited the wrong person; she was worried that they could not queue together.

Kang Shengzhe breathed out a sigh of relief, only to realise that he had been extremely nervous before this. Now that he understood that there was a discrepancy in their ranks, the fact that their anticipated duo queue had changed into a three-man queue was no longer a tough pill to swallow.

Kang Shengzhe typed in the room: — Start. D0MU2o

However, there was no movement in the room, and the unknown person typed: — Give me a moment.


After extracting a promise to play the game together, the first thing Liang Chulin did was take advantage of the fact that he needed You Liangxing’s WeChat and added him. Once he did that, he logged into his game, satisfied. The game had added You Liangxing as his in-game friend automatically and successfully by virtue of the linked accounts.

When he entered team matchmaking room, Liang Chulin was surprised by You Liangxing’s in-game name. However, You Liangxing did not escape from the teasing by sheer luck, when he glanced at Liang Chulin’s name, he had nothing to say. 9SUh8t

The name Liang Chulin had in game was ‘Not a Primary School Student’.

This name, as compared to You Liangxing’s ‘Little Angel Liang Liang’, was even harder to comprehend. However, because both of their names were hard to explain in a few words, it was better for everyone involved that the names were not mentioned.

Then, You Liangxing pulled the aforementioned in-game friend【don’t want to move】in, and as he was about to start the queue, Liang Chulin said: “Wait a minute.”

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It was as if he was struck with a sudden strange idea. Expression brightening, he proposed: “Maybe I should pull my older sister in, she’s in Xingyao and she’ll be in the King’s division soon.” IyE9Nm

It was just a game, there was no need to dispute over it so You Liangxing replied, “Okay.”

Translator's Note

忘年交 (pinyin: wang nian jiao) – good friends despite a great age difference.

Translator's Note

Instead of the ‘Jian’ from his in-game Little Sword Fairy (小剑仙; Xiao ‘Jian’ Xian) which means ‘sword’, he uses the character ‘贱’ (pinyin: jian) which translates to being cheap or despicable.
Fun trivia: Google translated it as ‘little bitch’ and the translator almost fell off her chair giggling.

Translator's Note

Derived from the idiom of ‘wearing a green hat’ which means to made a cuckold of.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

风吹草动 (pinyin: feng chui cao dong; idiom) – lit. the rustle of the wind and leaves.

Translator's Note

He ying-ed.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Toggling: to activate and de-activate cheats and hacks while playing multiplayer games to avoid detection.

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