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Later, He Became A Royal HealerCh25 - Not a primary school student.


Since he received You Liangxing’s consent, Liang Chulin went on WeChat to message Liang Chuhan. Liang Chuhan was still at the university and she had yet to return home, so it was more than likely that she was still awake.

[Not a Primary School Student]: — Sis, are you there? ED8eKG

[Not a Primary School Student]: — Come play a match of King’s Glory! I met a super super super handsome guy today and we’re playing together. Can you support me, I want to perform well.

However, Liang Chuhan did not reply and Liang Chulin started feeling a little anxious and he continued typing: — Sis, please hurry, he’s really handsome and he’s from A University. Maybe you can get to know him in the future.

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Liang Chuhan was elegant and beautiful and blessed with a tall and slender figure. From an early age, she had always been a famous beauty in her school, and Liang Chulin and his older sister were extremely close. Under her influence, Liang Chulin studied liberal arts and he was even intending to apply to the university that she was in. Ever since he met You Liangxing, he kept thinking about letting the both of them meet.

After a while, there was still no movement from Liang Chuhan’s end. Unsure, Liang Chulin tried again: — Sis, are you asleep? bno04W

Liang Chuhan was not asleep. Originally, she was about to reply but once Liang Chulin brought up a handsome person from A University, her attention suddenly splintered off.

[Monthly Refreshing Breeze]:  — Not yet.

Liang Chulin was filled with energy again.

[Not a Primary School Student]: — Then hurry up and come online!


[Monthly Refreshing Breeze]:  — I am online.

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Liang Chulin was shocked, and returned back to the game to check, full of doubts.

[Not a Primary School Student]: — Ah? I don’t see it. Sis, do you have a bad network or something? Do you want to try and log in again?

[Monthly Refreshing Breeze]:  — It’s not that…. OyLxks

Liang Chulin was somewhat befuddled: — Then what is it?

It was not easy for Liang Chuhan to say it directly. She simply could not pour out the thoughts of a young lady to her own younger brother who was two years her junior and with a temperament of a child. Stewing over it, she chose not to divulge where the difference lied to Liang Chulin.

Make no mistake, she was online, but she was not on her main account. Rather, it was her minor account which had the same name.

The existence of the smurf account was known by very few people, and even Liang Chulin was unaware of it. The people who were in the know and also knew her in real life were limited to Liao Su and You Liangxing alone. Currently, she was logged into her smurf account, and when Liang Chulin came calling, she had been staring at You Liangxing’s game account, lost in a trance. NxbsUO

After the last time when they played games together, Liang Chuhan did not run into You Liangxing again. And since he left the school abruptly, her only means of getting in touch with You Liangxing was through the game.

But who would have known that she would be truly unfortunate; every time she went online, You Liangxing would be offline, and when You Liangxing went online, she would coincidentally be abse Thus, she could only stare helplessly at the last time of which You Liangxing was online.

However, as of now, it had been a few minutes since You Liangxing formed a team, but the game had yet to start.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Liang Chuhan could not help but wonder, was it because You Liangxing’s team was short of people? If he was short of people, would he invite her? g1nUhf

Vtf gfwfwyfgfv atja ktlif tfg qgfnlber qfgobgwjcmf kjr cba bearajcvlcu, la tjv jqais vlrqijsfv j vfmfca ifnfi bo rxlii jcv la rtbeiv tjnf dejilolfv tfg jr j nljyif afjwwjaf.

Jilculcu bcab atja rtgfv bo tbqf, Oljcu Jtetjc mbcalcefv kjlalcu klat jc fifnjafv tfjgayfja.

Ole Jtetjc vlv cba xcbk jybea atf atbeutar atja Oljcu Jtetjc tjgybegfv lc tfg tfjga yea tf kjr lcmgfjrlcuis jczlber, rb tf wfrrjufv tfg: — Vlr! Ktf bivfg ygbatfg bc ws rlvf lr delaf ubbv! Lf’r ajii jcv tjcvrbwf, jcv tf mjc wjxf uelvfr, rb sbe rtbeiv delmxis mbwf jt.

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[Not a Primary School Student]: — Let’s play together, you definitely won’t regret it. Come on! DVvbBd

Liang Chuhan hesitated before she finally replied: — Never mind, go ahead and play, I have something to do on my end.

A wave of disappointment rushed through Liang Chulin. He blinked his eyes, aggrieved, and gave Liang Chuhan a series of crying emotes.

[Monthly Refreshing Breeze]: — Be good, go on.

His attempt to invite his older sister ended in a complete failure, making Liang Chulin feel lost for a while. Letting Liu Chuhan and You Liangxing meet was but one of the reasons; more importantly, he wanted a sense of security. While he had a high rank, he was worried that he could not carry You Liangxing and the other silver division player alone. He was not certain about their skill level, and it was unavoidable that he would have no confidence in his heart. pyo39H

What if the both of them were particularly bad!

However, the words have already been said, and Liang Chulin had to preserve his reputation in front of You Liangxing, and he had hoped to rope Liang Chuhan into the game to ensure that. In accordance to his original plan, if a Xingyao-ranked player like Liang Chuhan was there, the games tonight would definitely be stable.

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Unfortunately, the calculations on the abacus failed, and Liang Chulin had no way out so he could only rely on himself. He exited WeChat and re-entered King’s Glory. Simultaneously, he looked at You Liangxing, lost as he said: Brother Liang Liang, let’s start.”

You Liangxing had some doubts: “What of your older sister?” Jvi3rU

Liang Chulin pouted, pitiful.  “She said that she had something to do, she’s not coming.”

After he said that, You Liangxing’s expression went through subtle changes. He looked at one of the players who were online on his list, [Monthly Refreshing Breeze].

Originally, You Liangxing wanted to invite Liang Chuhan’s [Monthly Refreshing Breeze] while he was at it, but now that he heard from Liang Chulin that she was busy with something, he retracted his hand and started the matchmaking process.

The game finally started. As You Liang entered the game, in the distant A University, Liang Chuhan sighed, disappointed. t5wO8M

The luck that brought people together has always been a curved and twisting road, and You Liangxing remained oblivious to its turns.

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After entering the hero selection screen with Kang Shengzhe and Liang Chuhan as a three-man queue, his mind focused on the game.

When he was picking a hero, You Liangxing first paid attention to what [don’t want to move] would pick. It was not a conscious decision; but he happened to glance at it.

【don’t want to move】chose the hero Guan Yu, another strong but mechanically challenging hero. hdN8TP

While You Liangxing felt like there was nothing inappropriate about the choice, Liang Chulin could not help but say: “Brother Liang Liang, he’s playing Guan Yu?”

In this match, none of them turned on their microphones. Only You Liangxing could hear the comment that Liang Chulin made, and the former casually responded with a hum.

Liang Chulin did not bother hiding his surprise, “Guan Yu is very difficult to play, and out of ten Guan Yu players, nine of them are pits, isn’t he…” Silver?

Liang Chulin swallowed the last bit before he could say it loud. He was not trying to discriminate against the player’s rank, it was just that he was extremely concerned about his choice of hero. If he was a novice, wouldn’t he be more assured if he picked a hero that was less challenging to operate like Kai? miwr3h

Running through his options, Liang Chulin settled on taking an output position before he scanned through the various mages and marksmen for his pick. At the end, he locked in the marksman Huang Zhong.

Looking at their team’s line-up, it was apparent that someone had already picked a marksman, but in normal matchmaking, most players were not as concerned about the team composition. They were more casual when choosing their heroes, and to say nothing of the fact that it was a match based on You Liangxing and Kang Shengzhe’s current matchmaking rating. As long as they could play well, the team composition would not pose much of a problem.

Currently, they had one in top lane, two marksmen, a mage and no one was playing jungle.

You Liangxing picked the jungling hero King Lanling. xlsSFq

Speaking of King Lanling, You Liangxing had a faint impression of it in his heart even though he had never played it before. If he did not remember incorrectly, Liao Su had shown him a video of an anchor, and that anchor had been playing King Lanling.

“Brother Liang Liang, are you playing jungle?”

You Liangxing nodded, and Liang Chulin asked: “Can you give me the first red?”

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In King’s Glory, the conventional way of playing was that the jungler would take the first red because they were responsible for catching people and they needed to level up fast. The first red and blue buff were very important resources. V15Ek8

It was not that Liang Chulin was unaware of this principle; but he promised to carry You Liangxing so he had decided that he needed to seize the absolute advantage from the beginning to suppress their enemies and carry the entire match.

You Liangxing said: “Sure.”

Liang Chulin was full of gratitude, “Brother Liang Liang! Don’t worry, I, I will do my best to carry you and let you win while lying down!”

Liang Chulin was very touched by the fact that You Liangxing had given up his red buff to him, and as for You Liangxing himself, he did not particularly care. ANRCxc

The red buff was not only available on their side of the jungle; Liang Chulin could have the one in the allied the jungle, he would take the enemy’s red instead. He simply nodded, with no desire to speak again.

The match officially started and everyone took their places. Since You Liangxing was giving up his red to Liang Chulin, he headed for the opponent’s jungle on his own.【don’t want to move】went straight to the top lane to wait for the minions to spawn.

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You Liangxing stopped in the bush that was closest to the buff, and the enemy hero Aki was busy hitting the red monster. As its health sank lower, the King Lanling that You Liangxing was controlling was ready to make trouble.

When the time came, You Liangxing readied himself to steal the red line, but a stroke of text appeared under his gaze. Without any rhyme or reason, Liang Chulin had sent a message to all chat. g9Ibrj

[Ally Huang Zhong] Not A Primary School Student: — Hahahaha, da ye took the red! I declare: this game is over!

You Liangxing: “……”

It was too unexpected, and it disrupted the time when You Liangxing was supposed to jump by a second. The one second difference costed him; the enemy Aki took the red buff without a hitch, and he happened to jump into the enclosure, and Aki had him in a ‘bidong’ position.

You Liangxing beat a sharp retreat. As he was running out, he broke the silence he enjoyed most, and asked through gritted teeth: “What are you doing?” QesVC4

Naturally, the question was directed towards Liang Chulin. Showing his teeth as he smiled softly, it looked rather intimate and cute, “I’m provoking them to arouse their fighting spirit.”

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You Liangxing: “…..”

You Liangxing glanced at the sentence he typed in the all chat again. No matter how he looked at it, he could not believe that a goody two shoes of a student like Liang Chulin would type something like that.

Liang Chulin explained: “Brother Liang Liang, people in games have always been like this. The personality that they display in the game is very different from how they truly are in real life, it’s very normal.” UrwQ X

As their conversation stopped, one of their opponents responded to Liang Chulin’s ‘provocation’.

(All) [Enemy Marco Polo]: — Mother— are primary school students on a fucking holiday again!!

(All) [Enemy Marco Polo]: — Little brother, go home and do your homework, ok?

At this moment, You Liangxing finally understood the meaning behind Liang Chulin’s in-game name, while Liang Chulin himself did not. He frowned and wondered: “Why do people keep saying that I am a primary school student, are they crazy? Didn’t I already change my name to say that I’m not a primary school student!” nbLja3

You Liangxing: “…..”

His muscles twitched and You Liangxing allowed himself two seconds to calm down before threw himself into the game. From the enemy’s jungle, he escaped with half his health but the enemy  Aki refused to let him go scot-free, and the top lane enemy hero also came to provide their support. You Liangxing ducked into the bushes, and he caught sight of the Guang Yu who was being controlled by【don’t want to move】to squat in the bushes.  Then, both of them jumped out simultaneously.

Guan Yu rode his high horse with a commanding presence, ramming Aki towards You Liangxing in a single collide. He casted his deceleration effect ability and swiftly tangled with her (Aki). They were both close combat heroes, and in a short period of contact, the death notification for Aki, at the hands of King Lanling’s entrapment and assault, sounded.

When Aki fell to the ground, dead, the red buff that she previously harvested appeared under the feet of You Liangxing’s King Lanling. W3rNSj

Although it was slightly late, the enemy’s red still landed in You Liangxing’s hands in a roundabout manner.

After seeing him cooperate with [don’t want to move], the enemy hero responded to their actions by running back to their tower. Guan Yu moved back to lane and King Lanling followed closely before he split ways and returned back to his jungle.

The second round of monster had refreshed, and at this stage, development was important.  The incident where You Liangxing and Guan Yu brushed past one another passed like this, and he continued to increase his economy. As he was clearing the monsters, he looked up to give Liang Chulin a glance, and both his hands were flying across the screen.

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Happy Valentine’s Day! fpaZEi

Translator's Note

关羽 (pinyin: guan yu) – history-wise, Guan Yu was a general serving under Liu Bei during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China and the time of the Three Kingdoms.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

黄忠 (pinyin: huang zhong) – history-wise, Huang Zhong is another general under Liu Bei, and he’s typically portrayed as an elderly man with a youthful disposition. Alongside Guan Yu, he’s one of the Five Tiger Generals.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

The hero is actually called ‘Ah Ke’, but I modified it to ‘Aki’.

Translator's Note

大爷 – ‘this old man’ (usually used to address an older man respectfully)

Translator's Note

Where one person presses the other person up against the wall.
Alternate phrasing: kabedon.

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