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Lord of End of WorldChapter 64


Gong Lixin quietly sat in the middle of Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo and no longer spoke, making Gong Xiangyi relieved. This younger brother of hers, was he serious? As long as she was with him, she would always be embarrassed.

“To enter the meditation state, you must first adjust your breathing, then slowly empty your mind and have your breathing be in harmony with nature. Your mind must reach an ethereal state if you want to enter a state of meditation. A little while after entering the meditation state, your sight will be focused on your inner self. The corresponding radiance of your ability will flash and your body will feel slightly warm, so don’t be surprised by that. Instead, remain in that state and when the meditation is over, you will find your body slightly more powerful and your energy very full.” Gong Xiangyi said this and closed her eyes to demonstrate. wMklyD

Gong Lixin listened to her breathing’s rhythm and secretly nodded in approval. This kind of breathing method is called natural breathing method. It’s a breathing method that best fits the needs of the human body and the laws of nature. It had a great effect on regulating the functions of various organs. Natural meditation was more useful for those who had internal energy in their meridian instead of their dantian, and it was more effective than Mingxian meditation.

It seemed that Gong Xiangyi does have more internal energy. No wonder her ability was stronger than Big Brother Lin’s and Big Brother Song’s. Gong Lixin lowered his head and stayed silent, even more afraid to open his mouth and bother the other two in their learning process.

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Song Haoran and Lin Wenbo also closed their eyes, followed Gong Xiangyi’s demonstration, and slowly emptied their heads.

There was a strong smell of perfume filling their nose and their closed eyes brought up the image of Gong Xiangyi’s luxurious room. It was a stark contrast to this devastated world which made Song Haoran furrow his eyebrows and his heart depressed. How could he empty his mind like this? H0Zekv

He suddenly opened his eyes and said with his deep voice, “Forget it. Now that we have finished learning meditation, we can go back and try it ourselves.”

Lin Wenbo was not disturbed by the fragrant aroma of the room, but he couldn’t stand still, his mind always thinking of one thing or another—like the image of Song Haoran taking the teenager into his arms and kissing his forehead, except his heart would surge forth and change the face of his friend to that of his own. He imagined his thin lips kissing the teenager’s smooth forehead.

His heart was slightly shocked, but his face didn’t show it. He slowly opened his eyes and nodded. “Okay, let’s go back and practice.”

Gong Xiangyi had to stop her meditation and frowned. “Well, if you don’t understand, come and ask me again. Right now, we can study how to use your abilities. It’s best to create a few practical and lethal moves. You can be considered a real master with your own special moves.” PY5k2D

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Listening up until now, and without waiting for Song Haoran to respond, Gong Lixin had straightened his back and solemnly retorted, “What you said is wrong. The power of fire ability users is not in how widespread their killing area is but in the fire’s temperature. Temperature is key to determining whether a fire ability user is strong or not. Big Brother Song, don’t listen to her, she doesn’t have the fire ability and will only mislead you.”

The last sentence was too straightforward and really didn’t give Gong Xiangyi any face. Gong Xiangyi trembled in anger. Why couldn’t he just listen to her? This was Song Haoran’s famous move in her last life. If Song Haoran thought up his special move, the result would be the same! She glared at the yoga mat below her without a word.

Song Haoran originally wanted to nod and agree to Gong Xiangyi’s suggestion but after listening to Gong Lixin’s words, his expression slightly changed and he was in deep thought. KSITlE

Gong Lixin saw that the other acknowledged his words, but still couldn’t completely grasp the concept so Gong Lixin simply extended his long index finger and directly demonstrated.

“Big Brother Song, the color of the flames represents their temperature and it also represents the power contained within it. The red flame can burn the human body, the orange flame can burn human bones, the golden flames can turn people into ashes, and the white flames can even melt steel.”

Gong Lixin thoroughly explained as he changed the color of the flame on the tip of his index finger while its size remained the same. As he kept talking, the temperature of the fire rose and the flame turned golden. When Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran finally couldn’t stand the heat, they moved to the far side.

Gong Xiangyi had no words to say and merely pulled at the yoga mat back and forth. 9ed6J1

“I can only release the golden flame right now. If you want to release the white flame to melt steel, your current level still needs to increase by two. A small spark, as long as the temperature is high enough, could incinerate anything instantly. At that time, if you use your fire ability, the place where you attacked will become a scorched earth, and the power of your ability will naturally be strong. The strength of fire is determined by the temperature of the flame, so Big Brother Song should now step up to practice to control the fire’s temperature and not study just any big trick.” The youngster showed off his own strength without reservation, the sound of his teaching voice hypnotizing Lin Wenbo and Song Haoran.

Song Haoran’s expression was that of surprise. He raised his hand to create a red flame as opposed to the golden flame on the teenager’s fingertip. The huge temperature difference was very obvious. Just imagine a flame that can burn people into ashes and was clearly powerful at a glance.

Song Haoran snuffed out his flame and was filled with a sense of enlightenment as he pondered.

Seeing that he understood, Gong Lixin waved his hand and the three small flames were taken back. Gong Xiangyi looked at Song Haoran, who was deep in thought, before looking at Gong Lixin who had a calm expression. The shock in her heart made her speechless for a while. She had a hunch that, inspired by Gong Lixin’s words, Song Haoran would certainly be more powerful than the one from her previous life. Who was this extraordinary youth in front of her? She was not sure anymore. yVbXpv

“I didn’t expect Lixin to become such a powerful fire ability user. I remember when you were a child, you’d be scared of fireworks. You never wanted to go near them again. Life really is unpredictable!” Gong Xiangyi reminisced as she observed Gong Lixin’s expression from the corner of her eye.

Gong Lixin turned his head and carefully searched through the original host’s memory. After a while, he replied, “I wasn’t scared of fireworks when I was a child. Actually, I loved to play with them when I was young!” He said with unmistakable arrogance.

Gong Xiangyi’s heart jumped and she smiled. “Yes, it seems that I remembered it wrong.”

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Lin Wenbo was stunned by the youth’s arrogance before laughing and reaching out. He squeezed the tender meat on his cheek and joked, “No wonder you’re a fire ability user. It turned out to be a result of practice.” 2K6AMP

After the words were said, he paused before asking seriously. “I’m a metal ability user. How should metal ability be used? Do you have any idea?”

“I’ve never experienced the ability before,” Gong Lixin waved the question off and seriously explained, “so how to properly utilize it remains unclear. I’ll need Big Brother Lin to think about it himself. If I end up talking nonsense, it will inevitably mislead Big Brother Lin and you’ll have to take a detour.”

His words were very objective and very realistic, but Gong Xiangyi misunderstood it as if he was making fun of her earlier attempt to advice. She ground her teeth and secretly injured herself.

Lin Wenbo was full of heartfelt feelings for the youth’s sincerity. His beautiful face was filled with obvious adoration and gentleness. 9bi tX

Gong Xiangyi saw his expression and her pupils contracted sharply, and her teeth were ground even more tightly together. Why is it that the people are the same as before, but everything is different now? Was it because she was arbitrarily changing her destiny? Sure enough, she made a wrong step and all is lost!

This heavy realization hit her heart, making Gong Xiangyi feel unhappy and her breath uneven.

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“I’ve taught you meditation. You guys go back and try to understand it. I’m feeling a little uncomfortable so go.” Feeling suffocated from the earlier realization, Gong Xiangyi opened the door.

“Lixin, let’s go.” Song Haoran, who was uncomfortable, had long wanted to leave the room. Song Haoran took Gong Lixin by the hand and left. As he exited the room, he reminded Gong Xiangyi to restore the room to its previous look. Unk7zM

Lin Wenbo walked to the door and looked back at her pale face. Gong Xiangyi, who was feeling suffocated, sighed and turned back into her room.

“Where are you feeling uncomfortable? I will take you to the infirmary.” He bent forward and reached for Gong Xiangyi’s arm.

“Don’t touch me!” Gong Xiangyi opened her mouth and shouted. As soon as she shouted, she saw Lin Wenbo’s face and her eyes showed deep remorse. She didn’t want to treat her lover like this, but she couldn’t control herself. Things were slowly getting derailed from her imaginary path and consequently, her emotions were gradually becoming out of control.

“I won’t touch you.” Lin Wenbo raised his hand and sighed. “Xiangyi, you can’t go on like this. Let’s find you a psychiatrist.” r6azjw

“I won’t go! I’m very well! Besides, it’s already the apocalypse, where are you going to find me a psychiatrist?” Gong Xiangyi crouched down, her peach-blossom eyes full of warning. A psychiatrist was best at tapping the dark side of a person’s heart. She must not let people know about her past.

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The two stared at each other helplessly. One looked up and watched the other for a long time. Nothing but dead silence filled the room. They didn’t know where to start as there was no longer any common ground between them. When they were together, apart from quarreling, they were silent, always silent. The deep love of the past seemed like a fragile bubble, bursting after coming face-to-face with reality.

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    For Xiangyi, I get the comfy bed but the perfume, carpet, flower are really over the top.I can understand why she wants to get comfy and honestly I think she deserves it. I mean she had warn her family and helped the military get ready for apocalypse. But considering the danger of being seen by others and might cause a riot in this already unstable condition…. well she either make it a little less luxurious or makes triple sure no one is able to enter.Can’t she sleep in her space??Thank you for the chapters release!

  2. Embora essa mulher seja cruel agora, acho que ela desenvolveu um trauma pesado no passado, a ponto de não aceitar a realidade atual, onde nada que ela experimentou aconteceu.

  3. As much as the novel slaps her down, I actually feel bad for Gong Xiangyi. She’s a rape survivor that never got any healing nor support.