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Lord of End of WorldChapter 65


Warning: :blobnosebleed:

When they left Gong Xiangyi’s room, Song Haoran felt a lot more at ease. He had come to terms with many things during the apocalypse. Suffering, hunger, and death, these were things he had to face calmly. When he saw such a luxurious residence, the feelings became unbearable. Two poems came to mind in such an instance: Zhumen wine smells bad and the road has frozen bones. d2NeVp

“Fuck, I don’t know what kind of thoughts goes on in Gong Xiangyi’s head all day long!” His face was black as he cursed.

“Big Brother Song, what’s wrong? Where did Gong Xiangyi hurt you?” Gong Lixin asked as he pulled his arm.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Lixin, do you think Gong Xiangyi’s room was beautiful? Do you want something like that?” Song Haoran felt that this was a great opportunity to educate the teenager. After thinking this, he asked the question.

“I don’t like it.” Gong Lixin shook his head without much thought and firmly added, “if you care too much about material pleasure, it will cause your downfall and then, you become unsuccessful in life. They will end up killing themselves sooner or later. Now is the apocalypse, and during this crisis, our primary task is to become strong so that we can protect ourselves, but also to protect the people around us as well. Big Brother Song, don’t envy her. Wait for me to further improve my strength in the future, and I can help you get what you want.” pE0Jek

After his speech, he broke away from Song Haoran’s hand and patted Song Haoran’s shoulder in comfort. Although he was the young master of the Underground Palace, since he was a child, he had always lived an ascetic life. In that way, he had gained superior strength. Therefore, he was very clear about what was necessary in life and what was dispensable.

Song Haoran was struck dumb. His face became a little bit sullen. He looked at the serious teenager and thought about how he had wanted to give the boy a political education class. However, he just felt ridiculous now. Something closer to the desire of his heart wanted to break through his chest.

While looking at the dark and deep eyes of the youth and his exquisitely pale face, Song Haoran suppressed his frantic heartbeat, voice hoarse as he playfully answered him, “I don’t envy her. From now on, Big Brother Song will count on you to live a good life.”

While that was the case, his heart that was still wildly beating wanted to give the best of the world to the youth and let him have it.


What he wanted was for the teenager to live in such a magnificent room, for the teenager to eat rare and delicious food, and for him to just be happy everyday. Suddenly, he was not so disgusted with Gong Xiangyi’s extravagance. As long as he had the ability, he also wanted the teenager to live that kind of life.

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“Count on me!” Gong Lixin’s eyebrows showed his determination as he patted his thin chest. After a few more years, he would be able to protect all the people around him.

Song Haoran laughed, his eyes shining with a strong and firm brilliance. He held the youth’s hand and was reluctant to let go.

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Song Haoran didn’t hesitate nor doubt him and went with Gong Lixin back to his room.

Looking at the room that contained nothing but a bed, a wardrobe, a deck, and a chair, Gong Lixin nodded with satisfaction. He took his shoes off and climbed onto the bed before waving to Song Haoran. “Big Brother Song, take your clothes off.”

Song Haoran was preparing to sit next to the boy when he heard the other’s instruction. His body became stiff for a moment before he hesitantly asked, “why?”. INFbK2

“I will tell you about which meridians are within your body and which have the major roles in releasing your ability.” He explained as he reached out and helped Song Haoran to pull up his T-shirt.

“I’ll do it myself.” Prying off the young and delicate fingers of the teenager from him, Song Haoran’s brows and lips scrunched up in discomfort. Although they were of the same sex, the thought of the teenager seeing his naked upper body made his body heat up.

Suppressing this mysterious feeling in his heart, he took off his black shirt covering his upper body, revealing his muscled chest.

Gong Lixin looked like usual as he pointed to the important point on his body and gently traced the meridians connecting these large points with his fingertips. He seriously explained the rules and functions of the meridians one sentence at a time. He was so focused, he didn’t realize that his fingertips were brushing over the other’s body. DVl2Fc

At first, Song Haoran could still seriously listen to a sentence or two while barely suppressing his rising body temperature. But when the teenager started describing the meridians of the upper body, he straightened his belt and fixed his pants before turning to the fingertips brushing against him. When the semi-hard bulge was not visible, he finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He grasped the hand of the young boy that give him both pleasure and pain.

“This is a sacred connection. It’s the connection between you and the body.” Gong Lixin’s unfinished words were blocked by Song Haoran’s rude action. He looked up at him in confusion, but saw his red face and veins beating at his temple, making his expression very ugly.

“Big Brother Song, what’s wrong with you?” He turned his head and looked ignorant.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Song Haoran gritted his teeth and couldn’t speak for a while. He was secretly anxious inside. He wanted to press down his gradually rising erection. Under the gaze of the teenager though, not only there was no softening, but it only became harder and harder. 509l86

“Damn!” Song Haoran cursed and wanted to get up and avoid his sight. He didn’t dare let the teenager see his ugly state. From the day he saw the other’s perfect body in the clubhouse, he seemed to have been under some kind of curse. From time to time, he always remembered and even reminisced about it. Even when he forced himself to forget countless times, he just couldn’t.

“Big Brother Song, wait.” Seeing that the other quickly swelled up and created a big tent in his pants, Gong Lixin was stunned and pulled Song Haoran’s hand as he was about to get out of bed.

“Big Brother Song has to relieve himself.” He blinked and said the truth.

Song Haoran didn’t dare look at the boy’s expression. His heart was ashamed and he was trying to shake off the boy’s hand. But he froze on the spot with the boy’s next words. sOJ KM

“I will help you, you’ll be fine.” Gong Lixin seriously said with concern and comfort. In his last life, whenever someone wanted to relieve themselves but didn’t want to go all the way, he always helped them out and his experience increased with it. He didn’t even think twice about helping Song Haoran.

Song Haoran, who was embarrassed, was frozen in shock. The gentle and delicate fingers slipped into his pants and gently gripped his most private place. The other’s fingertips brushed over the top of his swelling and pressed into the opening.

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“Ah!” A violent current spread throughout his body. Song Haoran looked up and licked his dry lips. Sweat dripped from his forehead and fell on his bronzed muscular chest.

Seeing that his caress was effective, Gong Lixin directly pulled off the other’s pants and liberated the behemoth hidden beneath it. During the whole process, the movement of his hands didn’t stop and the rhythm went up and down. 0HTBcV

“Damn! Lixin, stop!” Song Haoran had a fine sheet of sweat coating his body, making his bronze-colored skin look like it was covered in tar, making him look even sexier. He whispered, trying to reach out and stop the boy’s movements, but instead, he made the boy fall down, pressing him under his body. His lowered head was close to the delicate face of the boy and their noses brushed against each other.

The room heated up quickly as if the air was burning around them.

Song Haoran frowned. Sharp eagle eyes stared at the teenager’s face with a look of forbearance and pain on his face. He wanted to stop, but his body involuntarily moved in the palm of the other’s hands. He wanted to open his mouth and stop the teenager from playing with fire, but his slightly opened thin lips let out nothing but gasps and moans. He couldn’t do anything and could only look at the person under him, the fire in his eyes containing boundless cravings.

“Feels good?” Gong Lixin smiled and asked in a low voice. His clear eyes didn’t have any hint of love whatsoever. ZpftQF

Song Haoran’s body became stiff and he wanted to swallow the teenager whole. The lack of enthusiasm was like a bowl of cold water pouring over him, extinguishing his own enthusiasm. He stopped all of his movements and leaned down over the boy, buried his head in the boy’s warm neck and gasped heavily.

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He wanted to look at him, but didn’t want to go all the way. The reason why was clear. If Lixin’s eyes were dyed with the same burning passion, he may have eaten him up without hesitation! But Lixin was not. If he continued on, it would be an insult to Lixin. He was a terrible person who did such a terrible thing to a minor!

Song Haoran, what spell are you under!? Wake up! He repeatedly said those words in his heart as he did not dare look up and see the expression of the person under him.

“Big Brother Song, how come you became soft before you relieved yourself? Are you sick?” Gong Lixin, who was still holding onto Song Haoran’s softened private place, inquired with worry. VKNC2

I’m sick? Who are you talking about? Song Haoran suddenly looked up. The young man, with his forehead furrowed, eagerly looked at his private place and his own heart felt very weak. Lixin was still a child. Although he had matured a lot recently, he was still a child and knew nothing! Right then, Song Haoran clearly recognized this fact and couldn’t help but feel lost.

Maybe he should stay away from him and simply find a woman. Although this thought came across his mind, his feeling of heavy loss immediately shadowed his heart, and all his struggles became futile. The mere thought of leaving the boy left him little more than heartbroken. Life was hard enough as it is, when would he have the state of mind to find a woman? In this world, Lixin’s meaning to him was something that no one could replace! He wanted to stay with Lixin until the end of his life.

Thinking up until here, it was as if Song Haoran’s mind was struck by lightning as he froze on the spot.

Perceiving his sudden stiffness, Gong Lixin slightly lifted his upper body and was about to ask, but heard Lin Wenbo’s footsteps gradually approaching the door. qbSjg

“Big Brother Song, clean yourself up. Big Brother Lin is coming.” He whispered as he pushed Song Haoran’s chest.

“Hmm? Alright.” Song Haoran recovered from his shock and looked at the young man underneath him, trying to hold himself back from sucking those pink lips. In the end, he held himself back, afraid of scaring the youth and be alienated by the other. Finally, he could only retreat to the next best thing as he devoutly pressed a heavy kiss on his mouth.

“Lixin, grow up soon! Big Brother Song will wait for you for two years, alright?” Hiding in the depth of his eyes was a strong love as he rubbed the young man’s delicate cheeks.

“Okay!” He thought that Song Haoran meant about becoming strong to enjoy his life from their earlier conversation. He nodded and answered confidently. N6DaY4

Although he knew that the teenager was still ignorant and his answer didn’t include the meaning he was expecting, Song Haoran was still satisfied, so he smiled and stood up to quickly get dressed.

Wuxian: I can’t believe this actually happened. *stares at the distance with a lost gaze*


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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