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If You Don't Fall in Love, You'll DieCh28 - How to Describe a Fussy Finicky Person?


Translator: tiredpotats

Editor: Amaris 8lJ1ny

Ye Chen was angry from shame and said, “Why the fuck should I do that!?”

The death system said, “Why did you ask me that?”

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“That day……” Ye Chen sincerely asked, “Ren Jing wasn’t drunk, was he?”

The death system answered, “He obviously wasn’t. He didn’t even drink in the first place. Otherwise, how was he able to drive you home? Drunk driving is against the law!” eGjnid

Ye Chen asked again, “He was driving his own car?”

Death system said, “That’s right, he even had his assistant go back first.”

Ye Chen, “!!!”


Death system, “No need to lament on it that much. That day, Ren Jing was absolutely sober. He sent you to the door of your house, but you couldn’t find the key to the door. You were fussing around anxiously. Ren Jing helped you search for it, but it couldn’t be found even after you searched for a long time……”

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Ye Chen was left dumbfounded and said, “But isn’t the door unlocked with fingerprint!?”

The death system said again, “Which was why you couldn’t find the key even if you were beaten to death.”

He was just drunk, wasn’t he? Then why did his IQ dropped so much!? 6IVyJL


The death system continued, “Since you couldn’t get in, Ren Jing asked if you wanted to go back to your parents’ place, but you insisted on not going back, saying that you would be spanked if you went home after being drunk like that, that your butt was going to ‘blossom’ upon being spanked……”

Ye Chen, “……”

The death system added, “Ren Jing also suggested to send you to Gu Xi’s place, but in the end you whined that you wanted to go to a hotel. He made reservation by phone, yep, to reserve the presidential suite.” hjKeX8

Ye Chen really couldn’t remember any of these.

The death system continued, “Then, Ren Jing sent you to the hotel. In the end, you began to cry as soon as you entered the room. You were weeping buckets that you were out of breath.”


Ye Chen was so embarrassed he wanted to die, then he asked, “How could that be? Why did I need to cry?” Mah8Q

“Who knows? You acted as if you’ve been wronged by the heavens. Ren Jing asked you about what happened, but you wouldn’t say anything, you just kept on crying. After you were done crying, you yelled that you wanted to have a bath.”

“Ren Jing filled up the bath for you, then you stripped yourself naked. Upon getting into the bathtub, you shouted that the water was too hot, so Ren Jing put cold water in. But then you yelled that it was too cold, so he put hot water again, but you shouted that it was too hot again. Do you know how to describe a fussy finicky person? Just look at yourself.”

Ye Chen, “……………………………………………………………………”

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The death system cleared its throat and said, “Later on, you made Ren Jing wet all over that he slipped. You were still quite generous, wanting to support him. But in the end…… You were on top of him.”

Ye Chen gasped then said, “S-s-stop it!”

The death system said again, “To tell you the truth, for him to have been able to endure for such a long time, Ren Jing is truly a gentleman.”

Ye Chen’s face burned in an instant, then he asked as he stumbled on his words, “R-Ren Jing, he……” vofOW9

“That’s right, he must have liked you since long ago.”


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Ye Chen stayed quiet, then he finally said after a long time, “But, we didn’t know each other well. We also were never in touch before, and I always avoided him.”

The death system was quite curious so it asked, “Why did you always avoid him?” t2bVyp

Ye Chen admitted frankly, “If you compare oneself with others, you’ll understand.”

The death system’s eyes turned white as it said, “So your so-called annoyance was because you were green with envy?”

“More… or less. He is taller than me, more handsome than me, and his acting skill is much better than mine…… He’s also young in age, something which I’ll never be able to get anymore throughout my life. For me to be jealous over him is something normal, right?”

The death system said, “Looking at you now, you seem to be a bit promising!” atEJ e


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Ye Chen was still confused and asked, “How could he like me?” They hadn’t mingled with each other in the past.

The death system responded, “Why don’t you just ask him?”

Ye Chen, “……” JrhEVT

Saying it is easy, but how would he have the face to ask such a question?


The death system laughed, “Yohohoho. Random mission, let Ren Jing sleep in your lap for one hour, the reward is one life point.”

Ye Chen curved his lips. TcByd

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The death system said, “You’re so insensible. Can’t you tell that he really need sleep? Can’t you just let him sleep in a more comfortable position?”

Tf Jtfc ojlcais rjlv, “Vb sbe’gf ‘gfwlcvlcu’ wf cbk?”

Ktf vfjat rsrafw rjlv, “Vtbeivc’a sbe atjcx sbeg vjvvs? Tbe vjgf defralbc wf lcrafjv!?”

Tf Jtfc kbeiv ilxf ab glq atf rsrafw jqjga klat tlr tjcvr. rOcin5


Tf Jtfc kjr j ilaaif mbcoilmafv. Ktf vglnfg ja atf ogbca (bo atf mjg) kfgf ibbxlcu rafjvlis obgkjgv, vglnlcu rwbbatis jcv rafjvlis, cba ibbxlcu yjmx lc atf rilutafra.

It seemed like no one would know what would occur here.

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Ye Chen poked Ren Jing again, but he was still fast asleep. wWUC5l

Ye Chen whispered, “Ren Jing?”

Ren Jing’s eyelids didn’t move at all.

He slept very soundly. Ye Chen thought that it was probably because he had slept very little last night, so he had to be really tired now.

Ye Chen couldn’t help but feel a bit distressed. Ren Jing looked like someone at the top at a glance, something that millions of people wouldn’t dare imagine to be, but the amount of blood, sweat and tears behind that (achievement) was beyond one’s imagination. H4apK7

There was no such thing as a free lunch. If you didn’t work hard, what would you get in return?

The world had always been cruel yet fair.

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Ye Chen lightly sighed, then he moved Ren Jing a little. OhTpvR

Ren Jing’s body collapsed, and Ye Chen let him sleep on his lap without much trouble.

The car was very spacious. Even though Ren Jing wouldn’t be able to stretch his legs out, this position was much more comfortable than him leaning his head against the window.

At first, Ye Chen was looking out of the window earnestly, but as he looked, he couldn’t hold back anymore. He moved his sight around and finally looked down, landing his gaze on Ren Jing’s face.


He was really good looking. It was as if he was the brightest star twinkling in the most beautiful night, always shining so dazzlingly.

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What was more fortunate for him was, this star was now almost within his reach.

Ye Chen curved his lips, his smile was as sweet as honey.


The car arrived at its destination 20 minutes later. The driver waited quietly for three minutes, then he found that Ye Chen was still silent. He panicked, then immediately sent a distress signal in the WeChat group, “What should I do!? We’ve arrived at the hotel, but the boss is still not awake, his darling also seemed reluctant to wake him up. What to do now??”

Before anyone could reply, he added, “*Important point* Boss is sleeping on his darling’s lap *important point*”

The group immediately exploded. “What the hell are you yelling for? Let the boss sleep for a while more. Didn’t you know that he didn’t sleep at all last night?”

The people on the back row were giving likes to this statement. Vyn0wC


The driver cried then said, “Don’t tell me, I’m a third wheel here?”

“That’s your honor.”

“Your honor.” JNh IC


The driver, “……”


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Ye Chen was actually a bit embarrassed. He knew that the car had stopped, but the mission he carried still had 40 minutes left to complete. If he got out of the car, Ren Jing was definitely going to wake up. There was no way he could put Ren Jing back on his lap again and have him sleep for 40 minutes. That would be…… Too shameful to be done! IDzmgk

Therefore, he would rather keep on pretending that he didn’t know the car had stopped, stayed as they were, and let Ren Jing sleep for a whole hour.


These 40 minutes were really making things difficult for the driver.

He shouldered the great task of reporting to the WeChat group all the time, the great task of adjusting the car’s temperature, and he was also being forced to eat tonnes of dog food. The main point was to keep smiling no matter what happened. AjnBdI

In the last five minutes, Ren Jing moved a little.


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Ye Chen’s heart tightened. He couldn’t let all his previous efforts go to waste!

He hurriedly patted Ren Jing as if lulling a child to sleep. Just then, the driver took a look into the rear view mirror, and yep…… He swallowed down around 100 million tonnes of dog food. te4yHr

Ren Jing fell asleep again. Ye Chen let out a sigh of relief.

The death system said, “Hang in there, there’s still three minutes left.”

Ye Chen thought inside his heart, ‘It’s not a problem.’

But he should not raise a flag, or an accident would certainly happen. YzSuT


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After keeping still for three minutes, Ren Jing suddenly opened his eyes.

Ye Chen was left dumbfounded.

Ren Jing’s eyes were still out of focus. It took him quite a while to be fully awake. But he immediately reacted to what was going on. y0VH a

Ye Chen said hurriedly, “Sleep for a while more!”

Ren Jing said, “You’ll be too tired if I do.”

Upon saying so, Ren Jing was about to get up, but Ye Chen anxiously kept him down.

Ye Chen said, “I’m not tired, so you should sleep some more!” Oh come on, just three more minutes, okay! uYq6wF

A trace of a smile could be seen in Ren Jing’s face. He stretched his hand out and pulled Ye Chen down, then kissed his lips.

Ye Chen was surprised by the sudden kiss.


The driver covered his eyes for his dear life, leaving only a slit in between fingers to secretly sneak a glance or two on the rearview mirror onto these two——Ahhh, why did he as a straight guy have to sit here and be forced to swallow all the dog food by these two men? But the point was, the dog food tasted very sweet and delectable! 7vrKtY

After kissing Ye Chen, Ren Jing was unable to go back to sleep anymore.

Ren Jing got up, then he looked at the time and said, “I slept for so long.”

Ye Chen was about to cry as he said, “Not that long.” It really wasn’t that long, it was just three minutes short QAQ!

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Ren Jing kissed him again, then said, “There’s going to be a dinner party in the evening, how about going with me?”

Ye Chen was disoriented, he asked, “Is it appropriate for me to go?”

Ren Jing replied, “Very appropriate.”

Ye Chen’s sharp ears turned a bit red as he said, “Alright then.” IJOrVM

Ren Jing stated, “I’m going upstairs to take a bath. Would you like to go back to your room and sleep for awhile?”

Ye Chen replied, “I’d like to.”

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Ren Jing said to the driver, “Drive to the underground carpark.”

The driver immediately responded, “Understood.” c8U6FH


When the car went into the basement parking lot, Ye Chen still didn’t know what was going on until he got off.

Ren Jing asked, “Are your legs numb?”

Ye Chen, “……” h3cIK

“Don’t move.” Ren Jing bent down and picked Ye Chen up.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ye Chen, “!!!”

Ren Jing assured him softly, “It’s alright, no one is going to see us.”

T-the problem isn’t about being seen or not, it, it is aboooooutttt……!!! vhR60q

Death system said, “This is really too shameful to be seen.”

Ye Chen, “……”


Ren Jing held him up quite easily. Ye Chen was so ashamed he felt he could die, but he still couldn’t stand steadily. Since he had to stay motionless and be a pillow for almost an hour, his legs were so numb that he wasn’t able to move them. HfpGtW

Luckily for him, no one was there indeed. The elevator also went up quickly. When they got into the room, Ren Jing laid Ye Chen down on the sofa.

Ye Chen didn’t dare to look at him, and all that he could say was, “I’m alright, I just need to relax for awhile and the numbness should be gone.”


Ren Jing said, “I’m going to take a bath first.” tnow4I

Ye Chen replied, “Alright.”

Before he left, Ren Jing said again, “See you later.”

Ye chen responded casually with a grunt.

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He stayed in the room for awhile. He felt terribly hot, yet the air conditioner wouldn’t cool the heat down, so he went to take a bath. Afterwards, he couldn’t wear the clothes he wore anymore, so he changed into one of the ones Ren Jing bought for him today.

In fact, as he was putting them on, there was a vague thought inside Ye Chen’s heart, ‘I probably,.. certainly,.. definitely couldn’t have picked out the same clothes as what Ren Jing would wear, right?’

After all, they bought 89 sets for each of them, so it should be nearly impossible for them to wear the same thing without any prior communication!

Ye Chen turned confident with that thought. But the moment he went out and saw Ren Jing… 6zAiUb


The Medusa’s head on his white T-shirt wasn’t that conspicuous.

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Ye Chen lowered his head to look at himself……

They really were wearing the exact same clothes!!! otDCRx

Ren Jing smiled as he said, “What a coincidence.”

Ye Chen said, “It…… Really is a coincidence.”

The death system said the same thing again, “This is really too shameful to be seen.”

Ye Chen retorted with resentment, “Don’t look, then!” niZLql

Death system laughed, “Hahaha.”

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Just how despicable could its laugh become!?


Ye Chen wanted to say, ‘Let me change my clothes……’, but Ren Jing already held his hand and said, “Let’s go, it’s almost time.” LQyG2B

Would they really attend the party like this!?

Ren Jing said, “Don’t worry, they’re all my acquaintances.”

Ye Chen was feeling nervous as if he had to confess to the whole world.

But seeing Ren Jing being that happy, he didn’t have the heart to go against his wish. 25O1q3

It should be alright…… Being like this.


The moment Ye Chen and Ren Jing went out together, the ‘great butler’ Yang who had always been well-known for his facial paralysis couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows and incidentally made an ‘oh-ho’ sound inside his heart.

Ye Chen was very jittery throughout the journey as if he was going to go to the civil administration bureau to get a (marriage) certificate. ocwrxB

Ren Jing was smiling throughout the journey like he had gotten himself a wife and was bringing him home.

The driver and Yang Shen who were (sitting) in front were really pitiful. Each of them were clearly married, how did they feel like they were tortured single dogs instead?


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When they arrived at the restaurant, they got off together. Ye Chen counted the people there and was surprised by the number of acquaintances he could see here. 5IxHVT

Yu Xingzhe was very surprised to see Ye Chen, he called out, “A Chen?”

Ye Chen was also surprised to see him and asked, “You’re also having a meal here?”

Yu Xingzhe immediately noticed Ren Jing who was standing beside Ye Chen in a split second.

——He noticed Ren Jing was wearing match-ing-out-fit with Ye Chen. XFp1I7

Author’s note

The author has something to say:

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Hahaha! Happy (Chinese) Valentine’s Day, darlings!

President Yu: I’m not happy!!! wydgRm

The wind is so strong that we couldn’t hear what’s being said above.

I’d like to thank Astupidcat for the nutrients bottle, and also to a lot of terrifying girls! I’m really happy that you supported the official edition! Smooches to you! Don’t spend too much, though!

I’m so happy to receive a long review yesterday! I’d like to give THE SCRATCH a big smooch!


Translator’s note

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I’m… Terribly sorry for the super late update… Again orz. It was me being too slow (again), sorry (〒﹏〒). I’ll try to work things out so that I could update earlier for the next chapters!

Also, I think I made a mistake regarding previous chapter’s title… Don’t kill me pls the death system is saying it very vaguely so TvT… I think, instead of  the system telling YC to ‘try to mess with RJ’, it’s more into ‘try getting drunk (again)’, which is bringing the flashback and stuffs. Sorry for the confusion! (´;︵;`)

That aside… BRIDAL CARRY OMG;;;; Also the whole mat-ching-out-fit thingy is so funny I swear x’D. And oh, the pitiful driver… BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, THAT CLIFFY WITH YXZ HHHHH…… vbcxo

Well, that’s it for this week~ See you next week, take care! Smooches~ (*^3^)/~♡

Translator's Note

The raw actually said that the people on the back row were giving ‘+1’ ‘+10086’, which I believe is a way of Chinese people to show that someone agrees with another person on the internet. Here’s a link to Baidu Zhidao regarding this matter~

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