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If You Don't Fall in Love, You'll DieCh29 - Chen Chen, My Treasure.


Translator: tiredpotats

Editor: Amaris siRhJP

Ren Jing greeted Yu Xingzhe.

Yu Xingzhe stared back and forth at Ren Jing and Ye Chen three times. Finally, he pursed his lips as he asked, “You guys are together?”

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Ye Chen felt a little embarrassed being asked that. It felt like he had brought his ‘boyfriend’ home to meet with his parents while wearing matching outfits. Even if he tried not to care, he still cared.

Ye Chen kept quiet. Ren Jing was the one who replied in his stead, “Chen Chen told me that you’ve known each other for a long time. Since he’s also my friend, he came together with me.” HbaPI3

Chen Chen! Friend!!


Yu Xingzhe exploded like a firework. He stared at Ye Chen, his thin lips slightly curved. It was obvious that a furious storm was brewing inside his heart.

It was the first time Ye Chen had ever heard Ren Jing called him by that nickname…… fwur1A

Um, t-th-thi-this is really too embarrassing!!

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But now wasn’t the time for him to think about this. He had to calm Yu Xingzhe down first.

Yu Xingzhe was definitely bursting with rage. Ye Chen understood, understood really well, because Gu Xi also flew into a rage when he thought that Ye Chen had liked Ren Jing.

Putting himself in Yu Xingzhe’s shoes, Ye Chen felt that Yu Xingzhe’s outrage was for no other reason than him feeling very dissatisfied for having the truth concealed from him. If one of them was going to suddenly get married one day without telling Ye Chen first, he would definitely flare up right where he was. y0moik


Ye Chen finally opened his mouth and said, “Let’s go inside.”

The three of them brought their assistants along respectively. If all of them were to go in at once, it was going to cause a congestion!

Go inside? Yu Xingzhe would rather grab a knife to cut people down! 6ddcnU

Fortunately, someone arrived. It was Director César. He was a middle-aged man with a long beard, a little stout, but he looked very friendly. He laughed cheerfully and said, “You’ve arrived, huh? It seems that I’m late.”

Ren Jing responded, “We’ve just arrived, too.”


The moment César saw Ye Chen, his eyes brightened up and said, “This is…?” Do5eZc

Ren Jing introduced them to each other. Then, César asked with a suave voice, “Are you two……?”

Ren Jing just gave him a cryptic smile. He looked at Ye Chen whose gaze was as if he was drowning and became aware that Ye Chen was very embarrassed, so he said considerately, “Let’s go inside first.”

Yu Xingzhe, “!!!”

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He was almost fucking blinded! Vx9o8Q

But Yu Xingzhe somehow endured. Even though he had an irascible temper, he wasn’t a 17- or 18-year-old teenager anymore, he wouldn’t snap just because he was irritated. Although his heart was dripping with blood right now, he could handle it. He didn’t show what he was feeling,  just a cold face.


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There weren’t many people in the party, but they were familiar with Ren Jing as well as Yu Xingzhe.

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Ye Chen felt quite at ease. The people here had EQ of one hundred and eighty. It didn’t matter whatever Ye Chen’s status might be, they were very polite and considerate to him just by looking from the way he and Ren Jing dressed. 1ftcd5

Ren Jing didn’t show it openly, but it could be seen through small details that he absolutely cared for Ye Chen.

It seemed that he had always been on the look out for Ye Chen: when Ye Chen’s sight darted here and there, he immediately knew that Ye Chen was looking for black pepper sauce, thus he passed it to his reach.

No one would’ve noticed such small details, but Yu Xingzhe saw them clearly.

He ate the steak as if he was about to tear apart a living cow. Don’t talk about the taste, Yu Xingzhe was feeling like a fire was burning in his throat! 1BujIi


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Yu Xingzhe picked up a wine glass and swigged down half a glass. Unfortunately, it didn’t calm down the raging fire and made it more vigorous instead.

Ren Jing looked at him and smiled as he stated, “President Yu has such a good liquor tolerance.”

Yu Xingzhe replied, “It’s still nothing compared to the great movie king Ren Jing.” C6QiHb

Ren Jing shook his head and said, “I’m not that good, I got drunk even if I just drank a bit.”

Yu Xingzhe said, “No need to be so modest. I’ve heard that Movie King Ren wouldn’t get drunk even after drinking thousand cups of liquor.”


César added jokingly, “Yu, you better not provoke Ren, his liquor tolerance is really impressive!” 2JEn97

Yu Xingzhe put on a foxy smile and said, “A thousand cups of wine are not too many when drinking with close friends. It’s rare for us to gather like this in a joyous occasion, so let me start by treating you guys to some bottles of good wine.”

He called the waiter and ordered four bottles of six-figure red wine.

Ye Chen’s heart thumped for a moment, then he called out, “A Zhe……”

Yu Xingzhe raised his brows and responded, “Call me brother.” T1465u

Ye Chen, “……”

Yu Xingzhe waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing, forget it. Just use the way you address me when we’re younger. I’m too lazy to tease you.”

The level of this teasing was pretty high, subtly showing (their) intimacy in what were said and left unsaid.

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Ren Jing’s expression remained unchanged, then he said with a steady voice, “Since President Yu is in the mood, it’s better for me to respectfully accept than to courteously decline.”

Ye Chen promptly looked at him and said, “You just drank this afternoon!”

Ren Jing responded, “No worries.”

It could be seen clearly that Ye Chen’s eyes were filled with anxiety. He was really worried, since Ren Jing had already drunk two bottles of wine at noon. And now, he was about to drink one more bottle. This was going to ruin his health! rcJpSP

Yu Xingzhe’s heart was tingling so much he felt he could die, then he said indifferently, “No need to flaunt that much. If you can’t drink, then don’t drink.”

These words were insinuating something.

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Ren Jing didn’t say anything. He only lifted his hand, beckoning the waiter to pour the wine. eo6srd

Ye Chen, “Hey……”

What was the matter with these two? And what was with this belligerent atmosphere!?

Others were finding this situation very interesting. This was how it looked like from their point of view: Ren Jing and Ye Chen were in love, they were very affectionate with each other; Yu Xingzhe was Ye Chen’s close childhood friend, they had a good relationship. Yu Xingzhe was probably in ‘big brother’ kind of mood, thinking he would need to scrutinize Ren Jing out.

President Yu: Son of a bitch! H9KnpD


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From these rowdy jeering onlookers’ point of view, this dinner was ‘happy and harmonious’. In the end, both Yu Xingzhe and Ren Jing were absolutely drunk.

But these two were ‘highly experienced’, so even though they were drunk, it didn’t show in their faces. They seemed unaffected.

Unfortunately, when the party came to an end, President Yu needed to be supported by his assistant until they got into the car. As for Ren Jing, he held Ye Chen’s hand on their way to the car. The instant they got into the car, Ren Jing pushed Ye Chen down to the seat and kissed him several times. moeFpV

Ye Chen was being kissed so many times that he felt he could be drunk. He muttered under his breath, “R-Ren Jing……”


Ren Jing was really drunk. He embraced Ye Chen, his voice as soft as cotton candy as he said, “Chen Chen.”

Ye Chen’s trembled upon being called like that. vk18xM

Ren Jing said again, “My treasure.”

Ye Chen. Looking at his name, everyone could tell that he was ardently loved.

Chen had the meaning of a precious treasure.

Father Ye and mother Ye treated their only son like a treasure. But actually, there was someone else who also treated him like a treasure at the tip of his heart. 20GSWH


Ye Chen’s face turned bright red, his heart felt so sweet like it was filled with honey.

“Ren Jing……”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He was about to say those three words on impulse. Rdm08o

But then, Ren Jing whispered, “Please don’t leave me.”

Ye Chen was startled.

The death system let out a sigh.

Ye Chen thought he might have misheard what Ren Jing said. u6lXnU


“What did Ren Jing just say?”

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The death system replied, “Please take him home.”

Ye Chen curved his lips and said, “If you could be trusted, a sow would be able to climb trees.” mIEkd3

Death system, “Haha.”


Ye Chen looked him over again and noticed that Ren Jing had closed his eyes and fell asleep.

He slept very peacefully and soundly, but he was holding Ye Chen’s hand tightly. It seemed that he wouldn’t loosen his grip even in his sleep, as though if he let go even slightly, this treasure which had been within his reach would be something he could only watch from far away. fvVwAh

Ye Chen’s heart softened, then he kissed Ren Jing on his lips.

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Death system said, “Look at you being fidgety. If you want to kiss him, just kiss.”

Ye Chen, “Shut up!”

The death system added, “Don’t say I didn’t remind you that your random mission hasn’t been completed yet.” cJXsp1


Certainly, Ren Jing only slept for 57 minutes during the daytime, there was still three minutes left for him to complete the mission.

Ye Chen carefully let Ren Jing rest on his lap. He lowered his head to look at Ren Jing, his eyes and lips filled with traces of smiles.

Let alone three minutes, he would be willing to stay like this even for three more hours. OXsgHW

More! Spoilers! MORE!!!

Yu Xingzhe being a complete kuudere absolutely overbearing and confessed to Ye Chen in the next chapter.
Ye Chen’s next daily mission: Making things clear with Yu Xingzhe in front of Ren Jing.
Many, many misunderstandings chapters forward.



Translator’s Note

No author’s note = time for potats’ useless, lenghty and annoying TL note that is! f6vyRr

Quicker release? Never heard of that. potats finally stacking chapters (not really tbh)? Bruh, did I hear that right? Probably not.

That aside, I hope you enjoy this chapter! It’s the shortest one I’ve done until now to be honest, with only 2k+ words. Regardless, this chapter gives me all the feels ksksksksk. The rivalry between YXZ and RJ is so thick in this chapter… And YC’s the only one who have the slightest idea about that xD (oh my dear dense boi, pls wake up already, I beg you!!!). RJ is clearly jealous, yet he remained that calm and ‘sweet’… AND HEY, WHAT’S WITH THAT “SAYING THREE WORDS ON IMPULSE”!?!? I don’t want to jump into my own conclusion, but maybe, just maybe… Could I have my hopes high for this one PLS??

*coughs* Anyways, I’ve made a goal on my ko-fi again, and I offer sponsored chapter! Please do take a look if you could~

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

That’s it for this week. See you later, take a good care of yourself! InlKSZ

Translator's Note

The raw actually said four words, which is, according to my guess… ‘我喜欢你‘? And in English, it would be ‘I like you‘, so three words that is. I don’t want to jump into conclusion that quickly yet, but… Maybe, just maybe…?

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