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It’s Actually Not Easy Wanting to be a Supporting Male LeadChapter 9.10


Translated by Eve

Edited by Juurensha, Sora Ug3d8

Fashion Mix’s EP album sales, Huo Ke’s withdrawal from the band, the new album’s preparations, etc.—while these series of stories continuously made the front page of the music, and even the entertainment news outlets, Director Zheng Bin’s newest television series also joined in the fight for most sensational news.

The stills, the makeup photos, the movie trailer etc.; wave after wave of teasers were put up. The fine, gorgeous props and costume, the elegant and magnificent set and special effects, the handsome actors and beautiful actresses—there was also the director’s own good reputation. All of this made the masses look forward to this television show with a certain degree of anticipation. Furthermore, riding on the wave of Fashion Mix’s recent popularity, although it was obviously just small supporting roles, Sui Yuan and Huo Ke received widespread attention. However, between these two people, Sui Yuan was gaining much more attention.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Because he needed to withdraw from the group, Huo Ke very rarely appeared on the news as a member of Fashion Mix. Instead, he quietly filmed yet another television series. On the other hand, Sui Yuan was always by Eason’s side. Even though he was not the focus of the reporters or the fans, and did not try to make himself noticeable, 8 or 9 out of ten of the videos and photos of Eason would also include him. Moreover, his interactions with Eason were intimate and natural.

Fans have always extended their love to what their idol loves, so this fair-skinned and adorable youth, Sui Yuan, would obviously be no exception. Basically, whether it was Fashion Mix’s fans or Eason’s personal fans, all of them showered Sui Yuan with a considerable amount of attention and love. In addition, Sui Yuan’s role, Yue Minghui, was originally the role that Huo Ke played, which made him a celebrity overnight in the original plot. If acted well, it would definitely attract a lot of attention. Therefore, when Sui Yuan’s photos of him in makeup and costume, as well as the stills on set were released, the commotion it caused was not inferior to that of the main cast. GPeZRX

In the photos of him in makeup and costume, the youth was dressed from head to toe in white sportswear and had a pure and childish air. Although his gaze was a bit slow, he looked a bit like he was at a loss, making him all the more cuter. In the stills, he was held in lead actor Le Sen’s arms—one was firm and strong, the other soft and supple; one was enigmatic and profound, the other was naive and innocent. Clearly, the two people were two extremes, but they came together extremely well. They were inseparable. From them came an affection and warmth that was just like that of a pair of brothers, or father and son, making people unable to take their eyes off of them.

Of course, these few stills also attracted the attention of a certain female community that liked to roam about on the internet, boldly shouting “Older brother gong x younger brother shou is really meng!”

Although Sui Yuan and Le Sen’s ‘older brother gong x younger brother shou CP’ was dug out, it was based only on a few photos and thus did not attract much attention. But unexpectedly, quite a few Fashion Mix fans and Eason’s fans saw this and the thought that ‘compared to him being with Le Sen, we feel that Li Kun x Eason is much better, what to do QAQ’ suddenly sprouted.

The fans were always people of action. Since they though this, they naturally subconsciously began to seek proof. I h0HM

Sui Yuan and Eason were inseparable during promotional activities. In addition, Sui Yuan was not conscious of the fact that he was the recipient of public displays of affection. Meanwhile, Eason was always the one to initiate PDA. Therefore, what seemed to be fairly normal photos gradually stood out as conspicuously brilliant, naked proof of the fans’ CP: sitting on his shoulders, hugging, tender expressions, affectionate smiles, Eason tidying up Sui Yuan’s hair that was messed up into a sorry state by excited fans, straightening out his clothes….

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This series of photos, when looked at from a friendship point of view, seemed to be full of tenderness. From a romantic point of view, it was blinding to the eyes of single dogs. Although the majority of fans who weren’t rotten continued to maintain the currently widely accepted idea that this was just friendship, the number of fujoshis climbing the wall wasn’t small. The fans of this CP unexpectedly grew while the main characters in said CP were unaware. Even fujoshis not involved in the entertainment circles were attracted and joined this fandom. This group of fujoshis expressed that, although the songs were really good, they weren’t really fans of the stars. They were purely here because the photos and videos of the two’s interactions were too meng and too blinding, making people cry yingyingying while unable to free themselves. So, they straightforwardly joined the CP fandom.

With regards to this, Eason only smiled wordlessly. He even secretly added fuel to the fire. As for Sui Yuan, he was completely oblivious to it.

After all, although it wasn’t his first time in a modern world. Last time, Sui Yuan’s identity was a dog, so he completely didn’t have the habit of browsing through Weibo like that of any other modern person. As such, he definitely did not understand this ‘internet culture’ and this unusual ‘rotten culture’. Even if he occasionally came across it, he didn’t react at all. He was so ridiculously slow that he made people immensely frustrated. vs0k4Z

Of course, perhaps even if he did know, he probably wouldn’t care. To be exposed as a homosexual was a catastrophic, world-ending matter to other celebrities, but it had zero effect on Sui Yuan. Maybe he’d even think that this ‘bad reputation’, and his sorry figure withdrawing from the entertainment industry amidst everyone’s hateful shouts was a good thing that complied with the plot….

So, when Sui Yuan and Huo Ke promised to go to the wrap party together, and Huo Ke discretely raised this question, Sui Yuan was only surprised for an instant before calming down. He wasn’t frenetic or worried at all.

“…Are you really not worried even a little bit?” Seeing Sui Yuan’s appearance made Huo Ke feel a bit incredulous, “Although it’s just the product of the CP fandom’s passion, to tell the truth, you and Eason are really going too far with your actions in public. You can still use the excuse that you’re just good friends with good feelings between the two of you to cover up your actions as you sit there upright, denying the rumours now. However, you can’t guarantee that sharp-eyed people with hidden motives won’t find out eventually. After all, you two are real lovers, and paper can’t cover a flame. Moreover, the two of you are too lazy to even cover it up! This is way too dangerous!”

Although the other’s tone and appearance didn’t seem too friendly, Sui Yuan could see that Huo Ke’s warning and reminder was sincere. It was just that there was no indication of this kind of thing happening in the plot, so Sui Yuan was completely unaware that he was supposed to be much more restless and uneasy. gahIVC

Sui Yuan blinked, expression pure, “Eason Ge said that he’d handle everything.”

“I’ve really had enough of you! What is this? Helping people count the money after you’ve been sold?!” Huo Ke gnashed his teeth, feeling resentful for Sui Yuan for failing to meet expectations yet again, “You trust Eason so much, but aren’t you afraid that he’ll drag you into the mud?”

“En,” Sui Yuan smiled and nodded, voice soft but not hesitant at all, “I believe in him.”

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Huo Ke had always struggled in the entertainment industry such that he was already obsessed with excelling and having everyone’s eyes on him. Huo Ke wanted to recklessly climb his way to the highest summit; he wouldn’t let himself be a failure again after having been lucky enough to be granted a rebirth from heaven.

Huo Ke had thought of the possibility of there being a deep affection between himself and Le Sen before—even though he knew that, no matter if it was in his previous life or in this one, his love towards the other would be unrequited. Le Sen only saw him as a talented junior, a kindred spirit, and good friend. He also wondered if Le Sen would be able to accept the love of another guy, or if he could love another man himself.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, even if the two of them being together was a delusion, Huo Ke had never even imagined wanting to let the world know of this relationship. He only hoped that they could maintain their feelings for each other in secret and appear friends on the surface. Even if he wanted to announce it, he’d wait until after the two of them were old and had retired with great success and recognition. NEWs16

This didn’t mean he was cowardly and selfish—no one wanted to have to date in secret and have to fool other people. Only, he had no other choice. This was him protecting himself against current society. It was for the sake of himself and the other party as well.

Huo Ke has never thought that this kind of thinking was wrong, but he had to admit that at this very moment, he really did kind of admire Sui Yuan’s unconditional love and trust in Eason.

——Perhaps, it was because I couldn’t do it, so Eason was finally pulled away by Sui Yuan’s deep dedication and love, and ended up falling in love? Huo Ke mocked himself.

Work kept them busy. They had to maintain a distance in front of the camera, and they were always on the edge for fear of being discovered by reporters. All of this made the two people grow apart and become alienated, depleting the feelings they had between them that hadn’t been very profound to begin with. Only, to make Eason, who had previously warned Huo Ke to be careful, renounce his desire to conceal their feelings and agree to lay their emotions bare in broad daylight, Sui Yuan was really capable. VNBTln

Only, if their love was resolute to the point where he would put his future prospects at stake, why did the two of them break up in his last life? Huo Ke tried his best to recall any first signs of their disharmony, but couldn’t grasp even a single hint.

“Perhaps you’ll one day regret this and think that the current you was detestably stupid,” Huo Ke sneered. As a ‘prophet’ who knew that this couple wouldn’t last, he didn’t know if he was looking forward to that day, or if he wished that that day would never come.

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Huo Ke loathed Sui Yuan and wished that he’d have a chance to enact righteous vengeance on him. However, at the same time, he pitied and sympathized with him this time and didn’t want to see this pure and naive youth, who had fallen deeply in love and was attracted to Eason like a moth to  flame, fall from grace and become that vicious, merciless, two-faced person he had been in his last life.

——Perhaps his withdrawal had changed the relationship between Eason and Sui Yuan and may even avert their future breakup? drAUe8

“…I’m sorry,” Sui Yuan looked down, lightly biting his lower lips, his eyelashes faintly quivering, tone several shades more apologetic, “I know that Ah Ke Ge doesn’t believe in Eason Ge because he betrayed your feelings. I also know that…although I didn’t intend to, I came between the two of you. The fact that Ah Ke Ge hates me is understandable. But…I really love Eason Ge and want to be with him forever. I believe that no matter if it’s me or him, no matter what we come across, we definitely will never betray one another.”

“Suit yourself,” Huo Ke replied impassively. His expression however was full of grief, as if he wanted to cry, “People are allowed to dream. Moreover, this has nothing to do with me. The fact that I even warned you can be considered extreme benevolence on my part.”

“En,” Sui Yuan’s eyes and mouth curved as he smiled, “Regardless, thank you so so much, Ah Ke Ge.”

Huo Ke couldn’t help but avert his gaze, secretly cursing that Sui Yuan was becoming more and more bewitching. Being faced with this whole-hearted smile, he unexpectedly couldn’t help but blush, his heart beating wildly. F9X5ay

Afterwards, the mood in the car relaxed. The two people chatted casually about one another’s work. The conversation was both natural and pleasing. They chattered right up until they arrived at the hotel where the wrap party was being held.

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The atmosphere in the hotel’s private room was already fervent. There were many actors there already sitting and chatting with the production team. The rest were scattered around–the majority of them were ones in supporting roles and had ended filming early like Sui Yuan and Huo Ke.

Huo Ke discretely swept his eyes around the room. He was a bit disappointed when he noticed that Le Sen had yet to arrive. He greeted people while discreetly asking about Le Sen. He found out that the other had an interview scheduled and would only arrive later.

The popularity of the new EP turned Sui Yuan and Huo Ke, who had entered the cast as nobodies, into very hot and exciting goods. They naturally received an enthusiastic welcome from most of the people there. Director Zheng Bin took the lead to express his goodwill and very ‘regretfully’ congratulated them on their EP’s great success. He thought it was ‘a great pity’ that Fashion Mix had made an unexpected recovery because this meant that those outstanding new actors he found couldn’t come and dedicate themselves to the acting industry as he had wished. aOMBnp

Once Zheng Bin took the lead, the topic of conversation between the members of the production crew and Sui Yuan naturally was all-about the new EP and the new album’s preparations. They discretely tried to find out if he would continue to act as well.

Huo Ke was injured and had retired from the band and would therefore become an actor. This piece of information that had long since hit the news was naturally known to all. Although this was terrible enough, everyone was afraid that Sui Yuan would also come to take his share of action in the acting industry. After all, in the eyes of the majority of people, Sui Yuan was much more menacing than Huo Ke.

Moreover, these two band members had already dipped their toes in acting. Did this mean that Eason would also decide to change careers? In the new EP’s MV, Eason’s acting skill was also worthy of praise. He was complimented as a talented actor by no small number of famous directors and veteran actors. It attracted a group of fans, who just wanted to watch the world fall into chaos, to cry and beg their idol to try out acting, and cultivate that ‘supernatural’, beautiful and high quality ‘Emperor Aura’.

Eason’s popularity was currently exceptional. If he were to enter the acting industry, the acting scene would be rendered into a dangerous, bloody massacre. Would these small name actors, who had been in showbiz for several years yet failed to make a name for themselves, even be able to survive?! ZW4iQM

Fortunately, things weren’t as terrible as they had imagined. Sui Yuan indicated, with a fair amount of certainty, that he wouldn’t continue acting. Furthermore, Eason also wanted to single-mindedly concentrate on music and didn’t have any sort of intention to try out acting.

Everyone sighed a breath of relief at the same time and couldn’t help but be even more cordial. Since their interests no longer in conflict and they were no longer competitors, then naturally, it’d be best to be as friendly as possible with him.

They ate, drank, and chatted idly about work. An hour easily passed. When the door to the private room was opened once more, Le Sen, who many people were secretly waiting for, arrived with his assistant. He immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

As the unanimously agreed upon number one in the acting industry, Le Sen naturally was more popular than Sui Yuan and Huo Ke. Everyone stood up successively, enthusiastically but respectfully greeting him. Sui Yuan naturally was no exception. He felt that Le Sen had glanced at him during the first moment in which he had walked in. However, the other man hadn’t even waited for him to smile and nod in greeting before he averted his gaze, looking like he was in a difficult situation. RAvO96

For a moment, Sui Yuan was startled.

As an outstanding actor, Sui Yuan had already gotten very good in deducing someone’s every concealed meaning and emotion from their every move, unless he met someone who had extremely high acting abilities like Zhao Xihe.

Although Le Sen was called the Film Emperor, his acting ability and his ability to control his emotions was obviously a grade lower than that of Sui Yuan. Thus, Sui Yuan could easily discern that the other felt nervous, anxious, perplexed, and avoidant, yet was also baffled by these emotions from the first glance.

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Although he couldn’t hide it from Sui Yuan, he could trick everyone else. Le Sen was also an expert, so his behaviour was extremely normal. Aside from the assistant who constantly used a complicated and conflicted gaze to flicker between Le Sen and Sui Yuan, there seemed to be no problem. fdYSD0

But sometimes, to appear too normal would also seem a bit abnormal.

When it came time to greet Sui Yuan, Le Sen very ‘normally’ treated him ‘fairly, without additional favour’. But this kind of treatment, compared to his meticulous consideration to the cast and crew prior, unexpectedly appeared cold and rejecting.

Sui Yuan felt that he probably unconsciously offended this ‘senior’ somehow. Although he felt a sense of loss, he didn’t mind it too much. After all, he didn’t need anything from Le Sen and he’d never wanted to develop an intimate (?) relationship with the other actor.

Even the slow Sui Yuan felt that something was off, so there was no way that these folks who were all people with extensive experience in the entertainment industry, wouldn’t also notice. 3avyxt

Towards this, many people rejoiced a bit at Sui Yuan’s misfortune. After all, when they were filming, Le Sen’s careful consideration of Sui Yuan truly made people extremely jealous. Even though they couldn’t show it on their face, they felt it deeply in the depths of their hearts. Now, seeing that Sui Yuan and Le Sen had ‘a falling out’, even if they didn’t know the cause, it was still so thrilling that they rejoiced and wanted to spread the word. Even though they knew that the two people wouldn’t tear into one another in the public eye, some people couldn’t help but imagine this scene.

This made Huo Ke, who was next to Sui Yuan, also feel a bit happy. Huo Ke liked Le Sen. Even if he was the Virgin Mary, seeing the man he liked treat another with more gentle consideration would still make him envious and unreconciled.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Regardless of what caused Le Sen to change his attitude, Huo Ke hoped that this change would persist until the relationship between him and Le Sen progressed a step.

Moreover, this was probably not a difficult thing to do. After all, after the wrap party, Sui Yuan will completely cut ties from the acting industry and will never have the opportunity to meet with Le Sen again. Ww0vn3

Even if Sui Yuan was good-tempered and never minded the attitudes of the original inhabitants of the worlds, being enveloped by these expectant gazes full of schadenfreude, he also couldn’t help but feel a bit unhappy.

The only thing, aside from the plot that could get him to get off his high horse and make him curry favour was Zhao Xihe. No matter how he looked at it, Le Sen was not included in that scope. Therefore, Sui Yuan, who had never bothered with acting warmly towards someone who treated him coldly, very naturally withdrew from the crowd that surrounded Le Sen and walked to the side, with an bold air that said “seeing that you rejected me, I also feel disinclined to pay attention to you.”

Thus, he also ended up overlooking Le Sen’s obscure apologetic expression, full of distress, his internal struggle and his frustration that he used to watch Sui Yuan from behind.

After he mingled around as he was expected to, Le Sen could finally breathe a sigh of relief. He chose a corner to sit down. At this moment, his mood was evidently not very good. Even the gentle smile that he had maintained on his face couldn’t be upheld any longer. His whole person emitted an unapproachable air. 3uSmcI

Everyone exchanged glances and dispersed one by one, afraid that they’d have the bad luck of stirring up Le Sen’s emotions. In case they offended him while trying to flatter him, who could they go cry to?! So, at this time, the only one with the courage to approach was Director Zheng Bin.

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“What’s wrong?” Zheng Bin held a glass of wine and nudged Le Sen with his elbow, “Who provoked you? Did the interview not go smoothly?”

“No,” Le Sen shook his head, his tone flat, “Everything’s great. What’s up?”

“What’s up? Shouldn’t I be the one asking you this? Your mood is obviously not right,” Zheng Bin said helplessly. rJL1Y

“I’m feeling peachy,” Le Sen glanced at Zheng Bin, emphasizing his words. However, when these words were said with that appearance of his, it only made it even more obvious to the point where he couldn’t be any more obvious.

“Fine, fine, fine! You’re feeling great!” Zheng Bin compromised, gesturing with his hands.

As Le Sen’s longtime friend, Zheng Bin naturally knew just how tight-lipped the other man was. If he didn’t want to speak, then even the Eighteen Torture Techniques of the Manchu and Qing Dynasties wouldn’t be able to draw it out. He would absolutely be a great spy!

“Fine, we won’t talk about this anymore. Let’s talk about Li Kun—” Zheng Bin didn’t notice that when he said this name, Le Sen’s expression instantly stiffened, “How did Li Kun offend you? Why are you suddenly so cold towards him?” eLWkNZ

“Cold? Was I?” Le Sen lowered his gaze, swirling the glass of wine in his hand. He absent-mindedly replied, “I felt that my attitude is quite normal? I treated him as I treat everyone else.”

“You’re not wrong about that. However, it’s really different from how you treated him on set,” Zheng Bin shrugged, “No matter if it’s regarding people or things, sometimes comparison makes things obvious.”

“Actually I feel like I treated him with too much enthusiasm on set. I was a bit too out-of-line,” Le Sen replied indifferently, “So I planned to rectify that a bit.”

“…That’s also right,” Zheng Bin tilted his head in thought. He felt that Le Sen’s attitude towards Sui Yuan was indeed enthusiastic, as if they weren’t a pair of senior and junior actors who were working together for the first time. Even he felt the same, “That child’s personality is good; he’s quite cute, he’s talented, has good future prospects, has an infectious enthusiasm…one would unconsciously want to take care of him. Only, isn’t your reaction a little excessive?” ucN0fY

“I just suddenly don’t want to take care of him. It’s not a major issue,” Le Sen lowered his head to take a sip of wine. From head to toe, he emitted the message that he didn’t want to continue talking about this matter.

Although he didn’t get the answer he wanted, Zheng Bin knew that he should quit while he’s ahead.

He looked on helplessly at Sui Yuan, who was at the other side of the room and seemed to not care about Le Sen’s change in attitude. Zheng Bin sighed inside and changed the topic with a tight smile.

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

——Since he couldn’t act as the peacemaker…he would watch on as a simple spectator! Although he sympathized with the innocent, rejected Sui Yuan, Zheng Bin cared more about his old friend Le Sen’s feelings. oKUBTJ

——He just hoped that Le Sen would not come to regret his actions today….

…No, isn’t that weird? Why would he say ‘regret’? It was clearly nothing big, and completely wasn’t major to the point of making him feel ‘regret’, right? Zheng Bin shook his head, feeling that he probably drank a little too much today….

Juurensha: oh come on, talk to Huo Ke, Le Sen! Stop moping!


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